Should Guys Expect their Educated Wives to be Virgins?

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Naveen said:   1 decade ago
No today world is revolving around sex. So we did not except a girl to be a virgin whther she is educated or not.

Khushboo said:   1 decade ago
ya we cant expect a girl or a boy shoud be virgin before marriage

Abhishek said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, In my thinking virginity depends on circumstanses around you because as we know very well in developed counrty like America more than 80% girls have sex before 17 years but in India it should be 10-20%. So its depends on your environment & you too..Thanking you..!!

Naga said:   1 decade ago
My opinion is be honest and gain honest..

Ankit said:   1 decade ago
You can't expect girls to be virgin...because in the present world a 10 year boy or a girl nows what sex is? And when it comes about chatting on sex, it brings a different kind of feeling and your concentration to the topic...So, cant expect anyone to be a virgin, today!!

Avaneesh said:   1 decade ago
I don't expect virgin girl because this time the love is a national game and sex is also a part of this game. It does not matter that the person is educated or not but the deciding factor is their moral values. It depends very much on the parents, society and her wish to be modern

Siva said:   1 decade ago
According to our nation, both boys and girls are should be pure and act very discipline in their age of teen and so far.Because our traditional ancestors written this sentence to be follow till the earth stops revolving. Everything has changed and we changed, So please be a genuine and well-personified person. Keep loving people.

Phani said:   1 decade ago
I do support all of you my dear friends but i expect my girl to be a virgin. let us be an optimist and honest to ourselves and then carry that projection onto our partners. A girl will have the same or more knowledge regarding sex as of a male personality has, so there is an equal chance for both males and females to carry their virginality or to loose it.Choice is ours, so let us be the best for the choices we make in our life's.

Aman said:   1 decade ago
I would like to say as we are going towards modernization sex became normal thing. it was hidden in past. I think it will doesn't effect anyone that their wife is version or not. We should be loyal in present. We shouldnot keep sex as a humour its normal thing of daily life as food. Virginity not depend on education its totally depend on our thinking. At last, I would like to say " virginity is not an dignity it is just lack of opportunity"

Divya said:   1 decade ago
Hai friends, I do agree with all your points, but what I feel is that virginity is not only in sex, its a heart factor. A person must be virgin by his/her heart too..and not only by thier body...I wish to be a honest and truthfull partner to my boy.

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