Should Guys Expect their Educated Wives to be Virgins?

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Vivek said:   1 decade ago
I expect my wife to be virgin. I don't feel any wrong in that. I'm a virgin & I believe, their lies a emotional bonding when true lovers lose their virginity to each other. I don't oppose premarital sex, but I strongly demand monogamy. I won't be physical with my girlfriend until we're sure that we are getting married. Only men can know the pain they feel when they know, they not only hero to their girl & she already got the greatest & ultimate pleasure love can give from someone else.

Umesh said:   1 decade ago
Rather than looking for a virgin, you should see the mentality of your partner. If he/she is pure (of your opinion in this regard) from his heart/mentality, then he/she is virgin for you.

Shephali said:   1 decade ago
Virginity has no relation with education. A person is virgin or not depends totally on his/her choice. As a matter of fact a human mind cant be always guided by rules and regulations. Sometime he/she looses his/her virginity out of necessity or out of circumstances or emotional outburst. Doctors say sex is one of the best ways to overcome depression and stress.

In our rapidly modernising society it is impossible for anyone to be completely out of tension and stress. People have also become open regarding there relationship issues. Compatibility problem has increased. People try there best to find out the perfectness all around. And for carrying out such things they have developed their own measures. And sex is one of these measures.

So I think epecting a girl to be virgin, whether educated or not, is a wrong.

Niraj said:   1 decade ago
Virgin. It is god term. But in which way we are employing it on our wife is important. In my view she should be virgin from her thinking, feeling about other people. In a physical sense we cant expect anything. Listen friends body is just like a soil and it will became soil after death.

Vijay said:   1 decade ago
I am not sure that a guy should expect her educated wife to be virgin. Sexual feelings, situations becomes a part of college and day today life. The rate of being sincere in such situations becoming getting down. This is not only for girls but for guys also. So, whatever happens in pre-married life is not that much important rather than how you receive your partner after marriage.

Jay gupta said:   1 decade ago
Everything in this world is changing so fast that no one thinks of virginity. It has become as the part of our life and to be honest. I think I'm not going to get virgin girl in this moving and modern world. And same is applied for the girls too, they should not think their partner to be virgin.

SaranyA said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, in my point of view, A guy can expect his wife to be virgin. There is nothing wrong. Some of my friends said that in this modern world, we can't expect a girl to be virgin. But whatever maybe the people around you or whatever may the surroundings, we should have self discipline. Having premarital sex and reasoning it's because of modernized world is not good. Chastity is important and we must be truthful.

Divya said:   1 decade ago
Hai friends, I do agree with all your points, but what I feel is that virginity is not only in sex, its a heart factor. A person must be virgin by his/her heart too..and not only by thier body...I wish to be a honest and truthfull partner to my boy.

Aman said:   1 decade ago
I would like to say as we are going towards modernization sex became normal thing. it was hidden in past. I think it will doesn't effect anyone that their wife is version or not. We should be loyal in present. We shouldnot keep sex as a humour its normal thing of daily life as food. Virginity not depend on education its totally depend on our thinking. At last, I would like to say " virginity is not an dignity it is just lack of opportunity"

Phani said:   1 decade ago
I do support all of you my dear friends but i expect my girl to be a virgin. let us be an optimist and honest to ourselves and then carry that projection onto our partners. A girl will have the same or more knowledge regarding sex as of a male personality has, so there is an equal chance for both males and females to carry their virginality or to loose it.Choice is ours, so let us be the best for the choices we make in our life's.

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