Should GD be Part of Campus Placements?

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Supriya said:   6 months ago
Group discussion should be part of the campus placement, However, final selection should be based on the cumulative result of all assessments, because if a candidate does well in other selection parameters except GD, it also shows candidate ability.

Skallu said:   2 years ago
I like technical rounds but I'm not selecting Group discussion. Every company provides group discussions and then technical ones.

Kashyap Rao said:   3 years ago
GDs at the best should be used as a tie-breaker between two candidates if all their credentials are matching. But, I've seen companies keeping GD as their first round, which is simply beyond my comprehension. It makes absolutely no sense. Just because a person can speak well, doesn't mean s/he can actually work accordingly. Moreover, it makes no sense to screen candidates based on their GD performance and then call them for Technical Interview. It's like first polishing material and then cutting it. Makes no sense. I think that the entire campus recruitment process is a sham. It very largely depends on how you present yourself and luck as well. IMO, there should be a GATE exam before placements, and students irrespective of their branch can take up any GATE subject exam. Based on the job profile, students should be screened based on their GATE score and given preference. Only then, will the whole process make sense and be transparent.

Vijay said:   3 years ago
GD should not be made compulsory at least for a technical interview, because it has got nothing to do with checking a person's knowledge on a particular subject that's not technical. Of course, communication skill will be developed if the person starts working with a team in the company. Besides that, there is no use in conducting a GD. Sometimes GD's also conducted to eliminate mass bunk of students which won't be required in a technical interview because there won't be many candidates left after the technical round to conduct a GD. So, unless It's not a technical interview there is no point in conducting a GD.

Asmita Jena said:   5 years ago
According to me, GD should be a part of campus placement. The students will get more interactive. They can share their ideas with other people. GD shows that how a student is updated with the current trends, how he is able to handle the situation, how he is able to lead the group. He becomes realistic. And the best thing about GD is that students get selected on their talent basis. It is totally faring process to eliminate the students who are not deserving for the position in the job.

Thank you.

Santosh Ku. Badatya said:   5 years ago
Yes. Gd should be Part of Campus Placement because every company has some mission and vision. So During the time of GD company looks for the thinking power of person, Communication skill and ability to take leadership qualities. So that after requirements company can get better candidate who will be able to take responsibility of mission and vision.

Lastly, I would like to say that as we know in our life.

Everymoments has some learning things. So, GD is the way where we can learn the communication skill and leadership qualities by listening, speaking and participating.

Thank You.

Annu said:   5 years ago
GD is one of the best because they show your knowledge talent and other skills also.

Pallavi Rajput said:   5 years ago
GD should not be considered in CAMPUS process as an eliminator round because sometimes it demotivates student when they performed well but they are not selected. It is true that GD is useful to check the soft skills of a person But according to me when a person enters an organisation and see the organisation culture, a person gradually molds himself/herself according to work and organisation culture. It comes with practical experience.

Bharati said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone, so our topic name is should group discussion be part of campus placements. In my opinion, GD must be part of campus placements. Because GD is a powerful screening device. The panel can judge many candidates at a time so it saves time. Also, a candidate's leadership qualities, how he/she supports other's opinions in the sense overall personality of the candidate can be identified.

Akash dubey said:   5 years ago
According to me, GD should be done because it will check several qualities of the candidates that make him/her different from the crowd.

Now there are also some candidates who are very good at technical as well as practical skills who do not have very good and fluent English so they are discarded in the very initial phase that is something hurting those candidates.

The companies have to check their views not their Grammer or fluency if his thoughts are good they have to consider those candidates.

May if he improves his/her English during the job he/she will be very beneficial for the company.

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