Should GD be Part of Campus Placements?

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Kashyap Rao said: (Jul 2, 2021)  
GDs at the best should be used as a tie-breaker between two candidates if all their credentials are matching. But, I've seen companies keeping GD as their first round, which is simply beyond my comprehension. It makes absolutely no sense. Just because a person can speak well, doesn't mean s/he can actually work accordingly. Moreover, it makes no sense to screen candidates based on their GD performance and then call them for Technical Interview. It's like first polishing material and then cutting it. Makes no sense. I think that the entire campus recruitment process is a sham. It very largely depends on how you present yourself and luck as well. IMO, there should be a GATE exam before placements, and students irrespective of their branch can take up any GATE subject exam. Based on the job profile, students should be screened based on their GATE score and given preference. Only then, will the whole process make sense and be transparent.

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Vijay said: (Apr 21, 2021)  
GD should not be made compulsory at least for a technical interview, because it has got nothing to do with checking a person's knowledge on a particular subject that's not technical. Of course, communication skill will be developed if the person starts working with a team in the company. Besides that, there is no use in conducting a GD. Sometimes GD's also conducted to eliminate mass bunk of students which won't be required in a technical interview because there won't be many candidates left after the technical round to conduct a GD. So, unless It's not a technical interview there is no point in conducting a GD.

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Asmita Jena said: (Aug 24, 2019)  
According to me, GD should be a part of campus placement. The students will get more interactive. They can share their ideas with other people. GD shows that how a student is updated with the current trends, how he is able to handle the situation, how he is able to lead the group. He becomes realistic. And the best thing about GD is that students get selected on their talent basis. It is totally faring process to eliminate the students who are not deserving for the position in the job.

Thank you.

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Santosh Ku. Badatya said: (Aug 17, 2019)  
Yes. Gd should be Part of Campus Placement because every company has some mission and vision. So During the time of GD company looks for the thinking power of person, Communication skill and ability to take leadership qualities. So that after requirements company can get better candidate who will be able to take responsibility of mission and vision.

Lastly, I would like to say that as we know in our life.

Everymoments has some learning things. So, GD is the way where we can learn the communication skill and leadership qualities by listening, speaking and participating.

Thank You.

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Annu said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
GD is one of the best because they show your knowledge talent and other skills also.

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Pallavi Rajput said: (Jun 20, 2019)  
GD should not be considered in CAMPUS process as an eliminator round because sometimes it demotivates student when they performed well but they are not selected. It is true that GD is useful to check the soft skills of a person But according to me when a person enters an organisation and see the organisation culture, a person gradually molds himself/herself according to work and organisation culture. It comes with practical experience.

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Bharati said: (May 27, 2019)  
Hello everyone, so our topic name is should group discussion be part of campus placements. In my opinion, GD must be part of campus placements. Because GD is a powerful screening device. The panel can judge many candidates at a time so it saves time. Also, a candidate's leadership qualities, how he/she supports other's opinions in the sense overall personality of the candidate can be identified.

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Akash Dubey said: (May 2, 2019)  
According to me, GD should be done because it will check several qualities of the candidates that make him/her different from the crowd.

Now there are also some candidates who are very good at technical as well as practical skills who do not have very good and fluent English so they are discarded in the very initial phase that is something hurting those candidates.

The companies have to check their views not their Grammer or fluency if his thoughts are good they have to consider those candidates.

May if he improves his/her English during the job he/she will be very beneficial for the company.

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Sanjay said: (Mar 20, 2019)  
Hello everyone, we are presented here to discuss about GD.

Yes, GD is very important in campus placements. Because it identifies the person having thinking abilities and problem solving. A person having dare to talk everyone in any situation they are step up to reach goal. In GD we are sharing our thoughts also. Every company wants that's freshers.

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Jignesh Chauhan said: (Dec 22, 2018)  
As per my view, Gd should be part of the interview by which he comes to know how the person expresses his idea and showcase his communication skill but toward Technical section, only communication skill is not sufficient person also should have sufficient knowledge of field so. It never to be compulsory or there is no elimination in gd in specially technical interview.

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Sruthi Subramanian said: (Dec 19, 2018)  
Yes, because in my point of view, the recruiter should know about the candidates about there way of expressing their own ideas and thoughts because communication plays a major part in every sector. If a person is eligible to express and understand the thoughts of others then the Selection process will goes on and the person seems to be eligible for that sector also.

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Swati said: (Oct 6, 2018)  
In my point of view, GD should be a part of campus placements because it helps to know about us like, our communication skills, our confidence level, our body language so on, so, it is the major parameter of communication skills which is considered by campus placements. Also, we can represent our view or opinion in front of everyone.

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Pramod said: (Sep 25, 2018)  
In my opinion, GD should be a part of campus recruitment because is helps HR to know the confidence level of candidates, communication skills, knowledge about current affairs and how he can express his views!

As we all know nowadays we have to work on projects and teamwork! Good communication skills help us to make a good bond with our team workers, so we can explain them without any conflicts.

Although technical skills also very important! If a person does not have any knowledge! He/she cannot help the company so we should make a balance.

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Yogesh Mangal said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

GD round for campus placement is depend upon for which job it is considered. For a web designer it is important to have a knowledge of web designing rather than communication skills. GD is used to evaluate a person how he explain a thing in a group, how his communication skills is.

And for a web designer it is important that he has knowledge of his field. There should not be eliminate that person who is not able to speak in group but he has knowledge of that field for which he is hiring.

Thank you!

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Neerja said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
No, it should not be a part of technical placement, I am totally disagree with is, a person is strong enough in web designing and he is not skilled enough in speaking, if company is searching for web designer, that what is need of searching a person who is skilled in oration it should be compulsory in marketing, as an anchor, n etc where speaking skills are needed.

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Harsh Agrawal said: (Aug 13, 2018)  
Yeah, Gd should be part of campus recruitment. But I should be taken a bonus one not a compulsory GD helps to predict how a person think toward a particular thing what is it approaches the thing whether he can find creative idea fr the problem to be solved. GD is imp for example if you have a mango and you can't able to eat then there is no meaning of mango in your hand. Just like you have the knowledge and you are not able to deliver than it has no meaning. But one thing should be considered. If a person is good in communicating thing related to its technical and at the same time he is a little bit bad in doing other communication than it should be considerable.

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Priyadharshini said: (Aug 8, 2018)  
GD is important in interview. Because when the GD is conducted the candidates creative answer for the particular question will help the HR to analyze about the person.

We can come to know how he is communicating in the group.

Eventhough the peson has practi al knowledge he must be able to work in a team and explains about his project to the team members and communicate his idea.

If he is open in communicating with people the conflicts will not arise.

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Devansh said: (Jul 27, 2018)  
Absolutely not. I am talking about technical jobs. Eliminating candidates based in the initial stages just because he wasn't able to cut-off other people in between is just ridiculous. Technical jobs don't need you to debate with other people. It doesn't need you to cut off other people while they are speaking. Rather it requires you to be good with your technical skills and there is absolutely NO relation between TECHNICAL skills and COMMUNICATION skills. A lot of people who even have good communication skills are unable to bag the opportunity to say because GD's are more like arguments/fights rather than a sophisticated debate.

I don't think that they should be used in technical jobs. Maybe for marketing and sales, they might be okay but not for technical.

I think a lot of tech companies have dropped GD but still those who haven't should also do the same.

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Mayur said: (Jun 25, 2018)  
Yes, GD should be a part of campus placement it helps to find out the qualities of a person like comm skills thought process critical thing leadership supporting nature and boldness.

Gd helps to find out a person which is capable to do a job in better a way.

Gd may used to find out the hidden quality of a person.

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Mayank Agarwal said: (May 12, 2018)  
Hello friends,

I am Mayank as far as.

I concerned Gd must be the part of camps placement it helps to identify the leadership skills, communication skills as well as teamwork of the candidate. Nowadays every organisation works on the basis of a project which includes various members where it is most important to coordinate with the team members for which they require good communication skills as well as teamwork. Further I want to enlighten that GD shows the knowledge of the candidate about the current affairs as well as his/her opinion on that. It is true that in this process the candidates who have good technical skills get eliminated but in today scenario you cannot work without having good communication skills because in that if you are not good in communication so you can not explain your point to you juniors or superiors. So it should be part of campus placement.

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Richu said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
Acoding to my point of view, GD should be a part of campus placement. It is shows the students knowledge, leadership quality, and express own views. It is easy process to select the students which are able or not for next round. It is because so many students are not perform in gd but they have better skills. Thanks.

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Dsk said: (Apr 9, 2018)  
Hi Everyone,

GD is necessary and it is to be conducted before the final round.

The Point We identified Are.

1. Boldness and knowledge (One who starts the GD is the person Who clearly knows the topic and also he doesn't have any fear to face the crowd).
2. Confident Level.
3. Communication Skills.
4. Listening skill (It is very important so it is easy to reply fast to the opponent).
5. Time Management (You shouldn't talk too much, your Point Should be Short and Accurate).

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Gaurav Suresh Patil said: (Apr 5, 2018)  
Well, the scenario is it doesn't matter if it is part or not. The mandatory skillset & a mindset that is needed in working that's what is needed today & all the students whether it is management guy, bsc or technical we are framed & we are shaped throughout our lifestyle in such a way that we can accept new things really quickly. It was used to be a time when students were called by companies to take interview, but today because everone wants to do engineering & do study the competition has increased so much that the same kind of capability & potential can be found out in 1000 students so nobody is precious nowadays, if you don't want to go its ok there are 999 students as similar as you which can get a job, so all these things gd, aptitude are the methods to shortening the list of students so that the interviewer doesn't get bored while taking interview. That's it.

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Azmi said: (Mar 1, 2018)  
Yes, GD should be the part of campus placement because GD gives a basic idea to HR people, how broadly student can think and how well he/she deal with that. GD must be a part of campus placement but it should be considered as bonus points not as essentially/compulsory. Because no one can predict the capability of the student only on communication skills. A student has good communication skills not guaranteed that he also good in technical skills and vice versa. So in my point of view, it should be part of the campus placement but not for Elimination.

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Suraj Gupta said: (Feb 24, 2018)  
Hello everyone. I think GD should be made mandatory. But it should not be an elimination round because everyone cannot master everything. People not better in communication does not mean they can perform a task given to them.

So, overall score in conducted tests, gd and interview should be considered & not only gd.

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Utkarsh said: (Jan 25, 2018)  
Hi, I'm Utkarsh.

I suppose that GD should not be the mandatory one because we have some people whose speaking skills are not so good but still they can perform better in pressure unlike those who have better communication skills. There are some people who don't like to interfere or being interfered by anyone in between they are saying something so most of the GDS end up with fight or losing temper of the candidates. Some people are in there to interfere only they don't have any strong opinion of there own but they depend on the opinions given by others and correct themselves as they have their own opinion.

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Jsharma said: (Jan 11, 2018)  
I think that GD should not be a part of campus placement as interview is sufficient to know about the confidence, speaking skills, personality and knowledge. GD is only a part of the drive to filter the lots of candidates for the interview.

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Nikhil Doohaan said: (Jan 6, 2018)  
G. D is a way to filter out candidates on a bulk basis.

GD should be made compulsory during placements.

I would like to strengthen my argument by providing the picture of the work culture in a company, M.N.C's in particular.

People don't work individually rather they work in groups as teams.

Now, if an HR recruiter hires a person without filtering the candidates via GD round.

He would bring a person who is not capable of understanding the strength of a team.

Now you may ask how this would affect the company?

At this point, I would like to mention that if a certain task is assigned to the person in the lime light, he might not be able to handle the social pressure or peer pressure.

SO, basically, GD is conducted in order to access a candidates team skills and to access his skills under pressure.

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Jyoti said: (Dec 28, 2017)  
Yes, because GD helps a candidate to increase his her knowledge. He will be aware of the current events. Thus help him to inc his knowledge.

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Omkar Rajmane said: (Dec 24, 2017)  
Yes, GD must be a part of campus selection. Many of us thinks that some people with good communication skills, fluent English and interpersonal skills will get the job instead of them who have good technical knowledge, but with less fluent English and also poor communication skills. Actually this is not the case. GD is only the part of selection criteria, it's not for final selection. This is also right that you must possess both communication skills and technical knowledge to manage company and those who are at selection panel know already about this situation. So in conclusion GD should be a part of campus selection.

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Divya said: (Nov 28, 2017)  

GD should be the part of Campus Placements. GD will declare the capacity of the person and how he/she is communicating with an another person and it's shows that the English skills of the person and also Leadership Qualities. It's shows the Behaviour and attitude of a person.

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Anil Pandey said: (Nov 23, 2017)  
Hi friends,

According to me, the GD should not be as last elimination round of campus recruitment because in GD we focus on communication skill, the way of convincing people, knowledge about the current affair. All are running behind communication skill and attitude but we are forgetting that these things are secondary and additional things but your technical knowledge towards your field is most important. You can't grow your company with the candidate who only has communication skill and less technical knowledge.

One can improve his/her communication skill after getting the job also by training workshops. But if we eliminate only based on this criteria so it is our loss. Because "Life is a learning process".

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Rahul Kumar said: (Nov 10, 2017)  
Hi friends.

It's my opinion GD should be a part of campus placement. Because that helps known about the students communication skills and knowledge aggregation leadership and confidence level so GD should be a part of campus placement.


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Shiwani said: (Oct 29, 2017)  
According to my point of it should be depend on for what job you are hiring a person. Like if you are hiring a person for a technical job then it shouldn't be there because he may not be good in communication but he must be good in technical. You can take a technical round for that.

Apart from that if you are hiring a candidate for a corporate world then you should take gd as a selection process. Because in corporate world your focus, communication, listening, team work, leadership skill will matter.

So according to me it depends on the job profile.

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Moumita Majumdar said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
I think gd is important in any type of interview process because it reflects the ability of a candidate that how confident he can share his thoughts and express his point of view. Group discussion indicates how good our communication skills, leadership skills. In work place, we need to communicate with others as we must work as a team. In technical job also he or she may be asked by some nontechnical questions and that time he or she must be getting ready to give an answer of that question properly. Discussion on a given topic among 15 or more students gives us confidence and reduces shyness.

At the end, I would like to say that gd is important also it is true that gd is not the only judging parameter that indicates a student is good or not. But to get confident on ourselves we need concentrate both on our relative job skills and communication skills. All the best everyone for your career. Thank you.

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Ayush Kuamr said: (Aug 28, 2017)  
Yes, GD should be also the part of a campus selection gd reflects the capacity to identify that person who profounds in communicational skill or not that it indicates the act of living, act of doing any work, attitude, or etc.

But now there is a big question arise here that "is only gd dime a dozen to choose any candidate to the job" I think the answer is " no".

Because in my point of view it is only important to take a job in private sectors because in private areas there is a big place of soft skill that is GD because a big work in private that how to communicate a person, how you give profit to your company.

But if we talk about technical job mainly government EG: ISRO, DRDO, NTRO, RRCAT, BARC, SDSC, or any research center job here technical knowledge keeps significant role and here a most important thing is that, have you kept technical knowledge or not.

So mainly in technical jobs technical knowledge is a primary thing and after that gd keeps the secondary thing.

But yes, If I talk about private jobs where I have to do counter work then here gd keeps a big significant.

So, in last I will say that according to the requirement that is according to the nature of job GD is necessary.

Thank you.

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Adil Khan said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
According to my opinion, gd should or should not be the part of campus it's all depends on the profile of job if the job is technical so there is a no need of GD because in technical job our first preference is technical skills and secondary is communication skills because of secondary we can't we reject anyone if the job is nontechnical so communication skills is more important.

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Mishra Sh said: (Aug 5, 2017)  
In my point of view, group discussion is really helpful for people to improve their speaking skills, leadership skills, communication skills as well. But GD should not be the part of campus placement only, it should be made compulsory in school also because many of students who have not done gd previously for them it is very difficult to express their thoughts. For an introvert gd is the hardest phase of an interview.

Gd is really important to get rid of consciousness.

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Divya said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
I think that not only in campus placements but also in schools, it should be made as an extra- curricular activity so that students can be helped more at the time of their interviews and campus placements. It is an easy way of judging the communication skills effectively of every member participating in GD as we cannot judge the communication skills of a person in a small talk or interview.

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Aishwarya Ratnam said: (Jul 18, 2017)  
I think communication is one of the most eccentric factors in itself. Now the topic begins that is gd a functional segment of campus placement? In my view, it's "yes". I think gd is a big plus of recognising an unusual Dexter of a person. It really makes up a candid choice. Gd provides us to deal with various standards. Gd reflects the communication skills, tech skills, personality stuff. I think these are the requisite features for working in an institution.

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Praveen said: (Jul 17, 2017)  
Yes, it should be a part of campus placement because it shows have you any leadership quality or not, Communication skill or not.

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Kinnera said: (Jul 8, 2017)  
Yes, GD should be made mandatory in campus placements. GD enables people to select the better candidate. It helps to test not only the knowledge but also the listening skills, leadership qualities, initiation and team work capabilities which are necessary for the job seekers.

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Swathi said: (May 9, 2017)  
Yes, as per my view, GD is important. However, prioritisation should depend on the process for which they are gonna hire. If it's for BPO definitely they should possess great comms. If it's technical related they should be tested with their tech skills first.

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Anshika said: (May 6, 2017)  
GD should be a part of campus placement, by GD recruiter can check student's communication skill, how they express themselves, their positive attitude, leadership quality, talking manner etc & it is also helpful for students also they express their thoughts in right way.

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Niranjan said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
To add on in favour of GD should be a part of campus placement because it shows the candidates presentability in between and also shows that how well you are presenting your thoughts in front of your opponent and how much you are attracting or convincing everyone about your thought.

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Shubham Jain said: (Jan 23, 2017)  
In my intelligent opinion gd should be part of management interviews. It helps candidate speaking skills, instant decision making, negotiation skills. Sometimes we are given unexpected topics, then our mental capacity is also checked.

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Akshada said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
GD Should part of campus placement because GD shows your thinking style, positive attitude about that topic. How can you express yourself in companies and team also? It also shows how to tackle any situation. It job even though they are not educates. It shows knowledge about that topic. If any one is opposite to your views then what is your reaction towards that person.

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Charan said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
In my opinion, GD should be a part of campus because so many students studied their graduate in their mother tongue, but communication skills are most important nowadays but so many having technical skills but due to GD effect so many are loose their chances in their interviews.

So GD should be the next to technical round.

If he has technically perfect means company reaches higher levels then he will improve the communication skills automatically.

But GD should compulsory be a part of campus.

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Sushma Kumari said: (Dec 30, 2016)  
In my opinion, GD should be a part of campus placement. Recruiter gets to know about candidate like leadership quality, communication skills, wide knowledge. Gd improves myself that how to interact with people, how to put any ideas in proper way so other person agrees with my point. In any job company, we can see most of the time we interact with consumer. And also we talk with seniors they want to know our opinion. If we have no quality to express myself then this is bad for me and company.

I would like to say that gd teach me how to express yourself in the front of boss, seniors and your colleague.

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Daivik said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
GD can be a good option to select cadets but not best. If we compare GD at college placements or some recruitment places to the person who are sitting at higher position discussing India's problem and reached a common consensus by taking every person opinion for improvements equally but at college level cadets are thinking about their job only try to participate in GD create fish market doesn't reach consensus or proper views exchanging thus it fails but at national level it works very efficiently.

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Achu said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
Of course, GD should be a part of the campus placements, otherwise, all the training I have made will be useless.

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Sulthana said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
Yes, As per my opinion GD be a part of placements. In GD we can identify the persons speaking skills capacity. Because in any field the person wants to improve themselves by expressing their own ideas. In GD we can know about the person confidence, braveness from their voice.

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Shubhangi said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
Yes, it should be. In the group discussion, the recruiter gets to know more about the candidate, about their personality, their leadership skills, how they put forth their ideas and listen to others without judgment. With technical skills, the person should have the ability to express themselves else there is no use of that knowledge. The company pays you for your skills, talents. So rather than giving them excuses one should work on their soft skills.

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Anmol Singh said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

Accorinig to me GDs should be the part of campus placement but there is no language barrier because the main motive of GD is checking the confidence level, a student can speak in front of the group of people or not. Some students are not well in English due to their diff medium of basic education but still they are better in knowledge about their core subject. So my point is GD should be carried on but with any language barrier.

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Imran Khan said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
Yes, I agree that GD plays a pivotal role in analysing the communication skills of the individual. It should be made compulsory for all the campus placement because whenever we get placed into a company we will have to deal with people more than with machines. And in this scenario, the power of communication will benefit the individual. Sometimes one has to negotiate, convince, communicate in such scenario one must be good in communication no matter how good you are in technically sound. Without communication skills, it would be almost impossible to climb up in the hierarchy of the company.

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Kshitij Gupta said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
No, I think GD should not be the part of campus placement for engineering student as some of the person have very good technical knowledge but can't get a chance to express his or her knowledge. If we want to check the communication skills and leadership quality of a person then we have a personal interview round where we can check all the quality of a person.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Sep 30, 2016)  
Yes, GD should be a part of campus placements because it helps companies to judge the candidate's communication skills, leadership, quick decision making, knowledge in the field. But sometimes students don't have broad knowledge in other fields so they are not able to speak up in GD and GD is the round taken at the beginning of any interview process which makes the candidate out of the competition at very beginning even if he/she has technical knowledge in their field. So I think GD should be a part of campus placements but topics should be relevant to their field.

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Suresh said: (Sep 30, 2016)  

Because with the help of GD HR can judge the following quality.

1- Leadership quality.

2- Communication skill.

3- Knowledge about any field.

4- Instant decision-making property.

5- Good solution.

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Just said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Do you want to show your English communication skill than GD is very important?

GD is important in an interview. GD is shown the talent of the candidate.

Thy know that he/she can able to work for them.

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Hitesh said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
In my opinion, GD should not be part of campus placement because of some of the student technically very smart but they can't expose their self in front of peoples. Sometimes irrelevant topics are given in the placement drive some of the students have not broad knowledge but they have good knowledge of their field.

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Manish Sharma said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
It should be a part of the job. Because it's the only way by which we can improve our communication skill.

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Abhishek Garg said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
Good Evening,

The topic for discussion is Should GD be Part of Campus Placements?

"Words have a lot of Power"- Using goods words is very important for to give an impression.

But much more important is how to use this good words in a proper manner and that's what we called COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Having good communication skills is very necessary.

So, I totally agree with GDs should be Part of Campus Placements. It really helps Company judging students who are having good communication and confidence.

The company obviously will be wanting the students having good communication skills, So that after joining.

That student can handle the company and the employees can communicate to their customers`and brings the project to the company.

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Jitendra Kumar Mahto said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
GD is a part of communication skills and the not learning part which improve when we are meet the great man with the discussion. So, GD is very important because it part of campus placement.

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Amit said: (Aug 20, 2016)  
Yes. GD should part of placement. One can improve his/her communication skill after getting the job also by training workshops. But if we eliminate only based on this criteria so it is our loss. Because "Life is a learning process".

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Surya Prakash Reddy said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
Definitely, because each one has their own ideas and thoughts. To express their ideas regarding an issue GD's are must. Through GD's one's communication skills are tested. How do approach to a problem can also be justified? Their body language and the way of speaking and accent can also be understood in GD. So, without GD it is a waste to conduct placements.

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Stark said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
Hi fellas,

To all of you who think it is a essential part of hiring process, tell me one thing did you attend your GD just like that without any preparation.

If yes, the basic goal which GD is supposed to satisfy is not fulfilled in real life scenario is different and totally unexpected. One more thing I am from Chennai, I was allowed to speak only in English in GD whereas in Northern India you are allowed to speak in native language (Hindi), and again another factor which is neglected in all of the GD, "language".

Finally I like to finish it of by saying that GD should not be a part of hiring process rather an hands on experience should be encouraged.

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Shamli said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
Yes, I think GD should be part of campus placements because it shows your views towards any topic, your personality and the way you present things in front of people effectively. It also shows your ability to talk in a group impressively having eye contact with every group member and having the capability to listen to other's ideas and views. These things are so important in knowing that person's character to place him or not because nowadays there is a tough competition in campus placements so many more activities are taken to get best of all students from campus placements.

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Ram said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

In the way, everyone knowledge is about regarding GD. But some people knows about the topic they can't explore outside. They felt in confusion in that time why because they don't know how to start. We can learn technical things in one day but communication skills we can't. So communication is very important.

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Radhika said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
Yes, I completely agree with the topic. GD's are very important because you get to learn a lot from them. You improve your communication skills, listening skills etc. Later, you won't face much difficulties in dealing with group projects.

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Neeraj said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
I would like to share my opinion on given topic. GD should not be a part of company process. An aim of GD to know the person communication skills well or not? The useful of GD is checking the candidates thinking innovation skills and knowledge about the environment skills.

The negative of GD is someone is very talent in technical skills but the same time their feeling uncomfortable. At that time they do not speak.

GD there are various qualities checked.


Thinking power.

Communication Skills.

Listening skills.

The behavior of sitting and speaking.

A way of express their view.

And we know ENGLISH language also. So improve our communication skills m.

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Ab37 said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
Yes, GD should be part of campus interviews because the interviewers can know about our communication skills, the way we speak, our behaviour while talking with others and knowledge on current affairs, command on society since they feel that one should need such skills apart from the subject they have.

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Isha Pandya said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
Hi friends,

According to me, the GD should not be as last elimination round of campus recruitment because in GD we focus on communication skill, the way of convincing people, knowledge about current affair. All are running behind communication skill and attitude but we are forgetting that these things are secondary and additional things but your technical knowledge towards your field is most important. You can't grow your company with the candidate who only have communication skill and less technical knowledge.

One can improve his/her communication skill after getting the job also by training workshops. But if we eliminate only based on this criteria so it is our loss. Because "Life is a learning process".

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Jomat said: (May 30, 2016)  
Hi Friends,

GD is carried out to understand the communication ability of the candidate in this process we may not give focus to the people who have good basic in Technic. They may fail communication but they will be good in their technical knowledge. This is the major issue we may face during GD in Campus Placement.

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Chetan said: (May 24, 2016)  
As an individual, I think that GD is to judge the speaking ability of a person.

And GD also plays a very vital role to know the image/ideology of society in the eye of that men. When he/she try to give his/her view at that time they want to explore themselves and they speak from the heart what they thought.

GD is also helped us to know the thinking ability of that person.

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Rajeev Sharma said: (Apr 1, 2016)  
According to me, GD brings about the leadership qualities rather than the managerial and technical, mentality, experience qualities.

The group discussion is an integral part of the selection process in higher education and campusing. It is also an important tool of students.

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Ppu said: (Mar 23, 2016)  
GD is a good tool to judge the communication skills of a person. It tells the recruiter about how well they can interact with different people in different scenarios and get their viewpoints agreed upon. It tells about the general knowledge of a candidate- how well informative a person is about day-to-day happenings. It checks how expressively can a candidate put forward his viewpoints.

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Abc said: (Mar 23, 2016)  
GD should not be a part of campus placements.

GD brings about the leadership qualities rather than the managerial and technical qualities. More aggressive and dominating people dominate over the whole GD and can get selected even though if their managerial skills are poor.

This is the main reason why most of the IIMS, the most prestigious b-schools, are removing GDs from their selection process.

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Rana Rikita said: (Mar 17, 2016)  
GD is better because of that we can know the thoughts and we can know the thinking of the people.

Because of GD people can speak between many people and person can overcome his problem of speaking in between public.

GD is a good process if a company wants to choose the correct candidate because a company can know and check the thinking ability of the candidate.

GD is good if a candidate wants to leave a good impression on company, Interviewer. Company get to know that this person's thinking ability is of which level.

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Chitra said: (Feb 21, 2016)  
Hi friends,

I think GD is good process for recruitment but it should not be filtering process. It checks communication skills your attitude, confidence level, behavior, way of speaking etc. And these all things are important for good employee but in spite of all thee things some students are afraid of GD they can't speak well in front of people but technically they are superb so the interviewer should judge the student not only with GD but also also with his/her interview also.

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Kartik Khatri said: (Feb 5, 2016)  
Hey friends, my name is Kartik, as far as I am concerned group discussion should be a part of an interview because there is a bundle of people who are knocking the door of the panels for limited jobs so it is the only way to panels that separating the cream out from the bunch of aspirants.

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Chandan Singh said: (Jan 8, 2016)  
GD is a process to check the communication skill of any student who participant in campus drive but it is not a necessary process because some student are strong in technical but they fell uncomfortable in GD.

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Ramu said: (Nov 22, 2015)  
In my opinion GD is important to some extent to select a person. If a person having only good communication skill is not enough for any job. GD should always be known topics then only we know how is his point of view, how he take things in a better way. These days most of job seekers are mainly afraid of GD and JAM sessions in interviews because most of them graduate from regional language. It will definitely affect those guys who are pursuing graduation from regional language.

In my opinion if GD conducted at the final level of interview there is a chance company may not loose the skilled person. What companies did with the person only having communication skills without technical skills. No company in the history survived only having persons with communication skills. Finally what I want to say is GD should not filtering process.

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Saran Kumar P said: (Nov 11, 2015)  
Hi Friends,

In my opinion, GD can be a part of selection process, but should not a filtering process.

Many students who are strong in their technical domains lack in their communication skills, this would not help them to expose their valuable and precious thoughts in front of others.

To showcase anyone talent, Communication skills plays a vital role. GD not only helps to share one's valuable thoughts and ideas regarding the subject but also helps in building a good team player and team leader which are essential in today's scenario.

So, its important that GD should be a part of selection process.

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Dhruti said: (Oct 28, 2015)  
Hello friends,

I would like to add my words GD is an important part of campus recruitment because as an individuals candidate are able to put there point of views & also check that how candidate can stands for there words till the end of the discussion as after some of the others opinion candidate are feel like if there words are true or not.

So, it shows that how much you are confident about your words no matter whether is it right or wrong. Its all about your level of confidence for what you say.

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Kiran said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
My opinion is GD should not be a part of company process.

Aim of GD is to know whether a person communicates well or not? If the job profile is pure technical what is the need of communication skills there.

Suppose if we take an example of Abdul Kalam Sir, First time when he was searching for a job he got rejected for lack of communication skills this is written in wings of fire but he is missile man of India and president of India. It means if the profile is purely based on technical no need to search about communication skills.

Communication skills are required convey the information. However that comes with one or two years experience in the company. Why I am saying like this is in India many students are studied their elementary education in their mother tongue. Though they have talent they are poor in communication skills.

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Minal said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I would like to share my opinion on given topic. I agree that if someone who's communication skill is not so good but he is technically strong it may consider as he not right for job, but by GD we can share our thoughts expressively and it shows our team building capabilities. Coin has always two sides, someone take it as positive way and someone take it as negative way.

Thank you.

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Minal said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I would like to share my opinion on given topic. I agree that if someone who's communication skill is not so good but he is technically strong it may consider as he not right for job, but by GD we can share our thoughts expressively and it shows our team building capabilities. Coin has always two sides, someone take it as positive way and someone take it as negative way.

Thank you,

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Minal Marathe said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
I think GD only shows only our communication skill it is showing how much practical knowledge we are having about our field. So, it should not be part of campus replacement.

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Shubh said: (Aug 14, 2015)  
In my opinion, GD should not be a part of selection because GD shows only communication skills it doesn't shows that how knowledge you have in technical field?

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Vishwajit said: (Aug 7, 2015)  
First of all I am strongly agree with you. According to me GD must the be part of the recruitment process. Why because it is the best activity that not only reflects your knowledge but also the your communication skills much more. It will give the brief information regarding your leadership, how you convince someone. And how you present yourself in front of others that is when you are working with your teammates.

If the recruiting company is related to the management or marketing field then your command on the language is of more importance. If suppose the company is related to the technical field then technical related GD should be there. The technical subjects like "should all the automobiles have ABS (antilock braking system) or not".

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Tarun said: (Jun 27, 2015)  
Hello friends,

I think GD should be a part of placement procedure but only to some extent.

Like in technical or core companies should not involve GD in their placement process as they need knowledge and technicians not a person who can only talk in public because some peoples are introvert who can talk with people comfortably when they have no fear and when they are familiar with those people to whom they are talking to.

On the other hand in consultancy companies too it should not be given that much weight age as is given to the personal interviews and their skill should be tested there only.

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Rakesh said: (Jun 19, 2015)  
I feel that it is a good practice where people with good communication skills are required. But when it comes to their knowledge it might result in loss of an intellectual person. Sometimes people have a bunch of knowledge but the stage freight hinders them from entering into a good company. So if group discussion is eliminated such people will be more confident and the company will also not loose a techno-maniac.

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Nadhinikrishanan said: (Apr 22, 2015)  
In my opinion every thing has positive & negative thoughts. As the same the useful of GD is checking the candidate's communication skills, thinking innovation skills and knowledge about the environment skills.

The negative of GD is someone is very talent in technical skills but that time their feeling uncomfortable. At that time they does not speak. So they are eliminate.

I think GD is not important for the selection of job because the company lose the good technician.

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Niroja said: (Apr 21, 2015)  
I think it has a positive impact because it is one of the way to judge a candidate is skilled in communication and whether you posses leadership quality and adjust with the stranger. If the person is not expressed your ideas the GD is not help for your job.

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Sadhana Singh said: (Apr 3, 2015)  
I think good should remain in campus but it should not be the final decision to consider an applicant's talent and other virtues.

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Kriya Soni said: (Mar 19, 2015)  
I am in against because some people has a knowledge about technical field but communication skills is poor. So those guys has not right to do job in any company, where GD is compulsory.

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Ravi said: (Mar 12, 2015)  
Hello friends.

Our topic is "Should GD be a part of campus interview".

Yes I agreed with this topic only on the basis of that company like marketing and management. And also those companies who are connected with the foreigners.

Because in GD there are various qualities checked.

Way of express their view.
Communication skill.
Listening skills.
Behavior of sitting and speaking.

These all qualities should be endowed in any person if he wants to be a part of MNC. Because there many employees will meet from different states and country. And we know English is a common. So communication skills matters a lot.

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Deepak said: (Feb 9, 2015)  
The reason behind GD is to check knowledge and most importantly communication.

Taking GD for campus placement has become fad. Companies which require technically proficient people should put more emphasis on technical knowledge not on good communication. Because many intelligent people who are good in technical knowledge get sidelined by people who are good communicator but not equally good with technical knowledge.

So GD should be conducted depend on profile. If the demand of a profile is communication then GD is must.

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Kalyan said: (Jan 2, 2015)  
GD is a mean of checking how well an individual would be able to work in a team. Since every individual needs to work in a team in any Software Company, it is very important to know whether the candidate would be able to mingle and move along with the other members of his team.

Also group discussions are a part of the selection process because, it is a part of every employee in his work field to attend meetings, discuss brief ideas and showcase their project development, and GD's help in knowing the capacity of the individual to attend such meetings.

But when it comes to purely technical companies like electronic or chemical core companies group discussions should not be a part of the selection process as technical knowledge is not communication skills, instead it is subject knowledge.

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Lavanya said: (Dec 21, 2014)  
In my point of view GD is not necessary for technical oriented jobs, because technical jobs have more technical knowledge on their respective jobs only. But marketing and finance and customer support jobs must have communication skills, leader ship qualities, team working skills. If the companies (for technical positions) want to conduct GD for filtering the candidates they should conduct after technical interview.

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