Secularism has become a Tool to Justify the Wrongs done by the Minorities

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PARIJAT said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone.

I totally support the subject matter of this discussion. Talking about India, with the passage of time secularism in India is becoming like an irrelevant term inscribed in the Indian constitution. It has started acquiring "no purpose" to be written in the constitution. It seems the real meaning of secularism i.e. "equality on the basis of caste, creed and religion", is completely reversed. India has become a huge storehouse of atrocities based on religion. Mental and physical tortures, honour killing etc are chief examples of crimes based on the religion of a person.

Coming to the minority section, a very burning issue that can be sighted is the crimes done on Dalits. Unnecessary restrictions, harassment, lynching etc on Dalits, have grabbed the news headlines these days. They're even put behind the bars because of their minority status. Why do such incidents occur? Is this what we call secularism? Dalits are considered the lower section of the society. They're given a low status. By who? yes, by the society. So from these incidents isn't it crystal clear that the meaning of "secularism" is completely distorted? Of, course yes. Secondly, we can also see another discrimination i.e.discrimination against innocent Muslims in India. It's true that the Hindu religion dominates India. But again, keeping in mind that India is secular, it also means the other religions apart from Hinduism also should have a respectable place in our country. But the picture is different. We see innocent Muslims being beaten to death publicly or arrested for no satisfactory reason. Why? Because they're not Hindus.

In a nutshell, I can say that using secularism to judge minorities, is an issue which can demolish the dignity of our country at a global level, in the future. It will erase the atmosphere of brotherhood. But should we blame only we people for this? No. The lawmakers, the politicians, the entire government should also be equally blamed. There are persons who are running the country, making efforts to make India a global superpower, but, at the same time promoting the notion of making a "one-religion" country. Hence it is a shame that the eminent freedom fighters who worked so hard to frame the constitution and promised to abide by the preamble, are indirectly disrespected.

Abhay said:   7 years ago
Secularism in itself does not justify any action or inaction of any individual, group or Government. It is a principle. Just like water, whichever colour you put in it, that will be its colour. Unfortunately, the irony in India is that we being a secular country have a minority too! Strictly sticking to the definition of Secularism, there is no differentiation between 2 individuals. Neither by religion, faith, caste creed nor sex!

As such, existence of the word "minority" for a group of people simply defeats the idea of secularism! And therein lies our problem. The rulers or politicians have always called the lesser number of followers of a faith or religion as minority! If by Law, all people are regardless of their faith or religion, where does the word minority come in?

This minority word is the invention of vote-bank politics! And thus the vote greedy politicians encourage the people to get divided into minority! A handful few of these people then use the word "Secularism" as a defense, offense and at times a phrase to glorify themselves.

Yes, Secularism is a tool! Misused by politicians and a handful of minority to conduct their black deeds.

A Srinivas Rao said:   7 years ago
Secularism means.

1. Fundamental rights for every people in the country will be same.

2. There is no law or felicity which is given to a particular community or religion.

3. There should be no reservation schemes.

4. Voting should not be based on religion or state.

We just called our nation is the secular country but it is a non-secular country we broke all fundamental laws of secularism. If we would be followed all fundamental laws of secularism then it would definitely be a tool to justify the wrong done by the minorities. But today India is not a single country, a country which is made by so many states with the different culture. India is not just divided into different states but people of India has also divided. All people in India occasionally think we are Indians such as (15 Aug, 26 Jan, Gandhi Jayanti etc) and rest of the day we only think about out state where we belong. Britisher ruled the country by dividing rule but after independence, we are still dividing our self from big nation to a small state.

Srikrishna said:   1 decade ago
The interpretaion of secularism is made in India differently based on the impact of the two biggest political parties. The INC which falsely shows itself to be so called secularistic. And BJP which is unindfull about being an hindu party.

The word secularism was incorporated with some noble ideas in the comstitution of India but they doesnot seem to materialising and so in the real society where a common man lives secularism has limited meaning of talking about caste, religion in whispers when people are around and hating one another internally by keping shut under the name of secularism.

So secularism a has made the people powerless instead of empowering citizens. Practically the society of India is not ready to incorporate secularism into its principles where people of different caste and creed live together.

The political parties are at their best in proving one another at fault for supporting on particular community.

Unless the word is not understood correctly it will not help in having a just society.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, this is Ajay Kumar.

Today my topic is secularism has become a tool to justify the wrong done by minorities, first of all, we have to about the secularism which means that no one of our nations can be discriminated on the basis of race, caste or, religion all have to treated equally to each other. But now things are very different and even we can say that India is no more secular country nowadays peoples are discriminated on the basis of their caste, religion etc main reason of the discrimination in India is politics. And also if a person is caught doing some illegal activities and they caught by doing this and when judiciary will punish him or her then they use to tell that they are punishing because they have come from minorities section. So, I think in point of view secularism becomes a tool to justify wrongs done by minorities.

Thank you.

Kaushlendra Shubham said:   7 years ago
According to me, Yes. Secularism has become a tool to justify the wrongs done by minorities. Because the mindset of people is going change. The actual means of secularism is equality among all people in terms of religion, casts, justifying and education etc. But now a day we people forgot those things and India is becoming a non-secular country. There are people who do unlawful acts and when they are punished by judiciary then they say that "they are punished because they are from minor religion even after India being a secular country".

Hence, In conclusion, Minorities uses secularism as a tool to justify the wrongs done by them. It should not be there, therefore, the government should have to think about it and have to do some.

Sachin said:   9 years ago
Hello Friends.

It is written in the Indian constitution that India is a secular country that means each and every religion is treated equally, there is no disrespect given to any caste. But as the time is passing the mindset of the people is also changing. Some group of people think that they have been ignored or they are not getting the facility with respect to some other group or caste. I think they might have a problem with reservation system.

In that case they attempt to do violent act or intended action to threat people. As India is a democratic country also each and every person has a right to say or protest against the law so this would be a reason why some people has been doing wrong things to justify on some matter.

Sarvani said:   1 decade ago
Secularism mean something like right to do anything of our choice without a discipline. As our nation follows secularism we are so feeding and serving criminals, terrorists and many mavoists even though it is a shameful case, but we are in a position that even not to create harm to an ant like. So the dangerous evils like kasab and afjul guru are still alive today. This is more encouring other criminals to do unethical practices. Not only considering on terrorists from other nation, internal we have many like satyam scam ramalinga raju who followed unethical practices, in our poloticians there are many recently. We have to create awareness and have to eradicate it.

Yedhusree said:   4 years ago
Secularism is the freedom to practice and follow our believes. We cannot think of India without this provision since it is the land of thousands of believes and practices. When religious and cast railings exist, we cannot think about peace and integrity since it is not very pragmatic. Neither we cannot think about demolishing these practices. What we need is to sustain this secularism without exploitation. Secularism is not a considerable latitude for the minorities to embezzle the freedom they are given. Religious background of a person should not hold back the govt from taking action against the perversities they commit in the society.

Priyanka Paul said:   10 years ago
Secularism does not mean one can do any thing by giving the religious sake. It means equality in the key elements for living, justice, education etc. But our minds are so much restricted concerning this matter that we can not think it beyond religious aspect. Many offenders get rid of punishment for their unlawful tasks by giving the sake of religion, but we we should practice the true nature of secularism which means equality in both justice and punishment for wrong. If in a secular country one have right to go with their own choice in religion. Advantages then they must b equally punished for their offends.

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