Secularism has become a Tool to Justify the Wrongs done by the Minorities

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Siva said:   1 decade ago
Secularism is the word means free to talk, rights to rule everybody. It is the matter to make the people do anything they think. It happening in India, everyone taking more advance(terrorists,politics and in every department). It totally shrinks the development of the country. So the secularism is wrong.

Shivaji said:   1 decade ago
secularism means no consideatation of religion in public matter , education & civil rights secularism looks all people as simply human being not as belonging to a particular religion when u are justifying wrong doing whether by majority or minority your are not being secular.India is going soft on IM,SIMI their killing of innocents is punishable by method adopted by israel against terrorist outfit in gaza but istead of doing that everyone is talking of hidus being terrorist which are retalaitory actions by someone pushed to the edge

Srikrishna said:   1 decade ago
The interpretaion of secularism is made in India differently based on the impact of the two biggest political parties. The INC which falsely shows itself to be so called secularistic. And BJP which is unindfull about being an hindu party.

The word secularism was incorporated with some noble ideas in the comstitution of India but they doesnot seem to materialising and so in the real society where a common man lives secularism has limited meaning of talking about caste, religion in whispers when people are around and hating one another internally by keping shut under the name of secularism.

So secularism a has made the people powerless instead of empowering citizens. Practically the society of India is not ready to incorporate secularism into its principles where people of different caste and creed live together.

The political parties are at their best in proving one another at fault for supporting on particular community.

Unless the word is not understood correctly it will not help in having a just society.

Prakash said:   1 decade ago
Secularism justify wrong doing when a person or a group do unlawful act and when judiciary gives them punishment, then they protest by saying that, "they are being targeted because they are from minor religion even after India being a secular county".

Also there are some stringent law pertaining to people who misbehave or abuse minority. In this case people of minority creed demand action under such law to revenge any body.

Sarvani said:   1 decade ago
Secularism mean something like right to do anything of our choice without a discipline. As our nation follows secularism we are so feeding and serving criminals, terrorists and many mavoists even though it is a shameful case, but we are in a position that even not to create harm to an ant like. So the dangerous evils like kasab and afjul guru are still alive today. This is more encouring other criminals to do unethical practices. Not only considering on terrorists from other nation, internal we have many like satyam scam ramalinga raju who followed unethical practices, in our poloticians there are many recently. We have to create awareness and have to eradicate it.

Priyanka Paul said:   10 years ago
Secularism does not mean one can do any thing by giving the religious sake. It means equality in the key elements for living, justice, education etc. But our minds are so much restricted concerning this matter that we can not think it beyond religious aspect. Many offenders get rid of punishment for their unlawful tasks by giving the sake of religion, but we we should practice the true nature of secularism which means equality in both justice and punishment for wrong. If in a secular country one have right to go with their own choice in religion. Advantages then they must b equally punished for their offends.

D.R. Ajudia said:   9 years ago
India being a secular country, each and every individual of the country may practice or follow any religion residing in all lands among INDIA.

But, the involvement of religion must not be there in any of the social, judicial matters or the matters which may be bringing lose to our nation.

The involvement of religion in these matters will be like not understanding the real meaning of secularism.

Sachin said:   9 years ago
Hello Friends.

It is written in the Indian constitution that India is a secular country that means each and every religion is treated equally, there is no disrespect given to any caste. But as the time is passing the mindset of the people is also changing. Some group of people think that they have been ignored or they are not getting the facility with respect to some other group or caste. I think they might have a problem with reservation system.

In that case they attempt to do violent act or intended action to threat people. As India is a democratic country also each and every person has a right to say or protest against the law so this would be a reason why some people has been doing wrong things to justify on some matter.

Uday said:   9 years ago
Secularism is the principle of separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries.

M S Alam said:   9 years ago
Secularism simply means, no religion in this country will influence any decision of government in India. Simply we can say our constitution has given freedom to all religion followers but it should not come in the way of law of land.

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