Satyam Scandal would Impact Foreign Investments in India

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Chandrasekhar.meruvu said:   1 decade ago
Hi! friends.

Yes I agree that satyam scandal would definitely impacts foreign investments in India. We had heard lot of sayings from our childhood those are words followed according to our fulfillment.

1) As to check the rice whether it is boiled or not we check one of it.

As per above saying satyam scandal would definitely impacts foreign investments in India.

2) It is not possible to break bundle of sticks if only one stick from a bundle is removed out.

As per above saying we will sure recover from these because remaining 99% companies are performing well.

But I am pretty sure that foreign companies thinks thousand times before investing for projects in India.

Finally I want to say that instead of depending upon foreign investment, if we (as youngsters) had to work hard to develop our country and also further we can invest our projects in other countries (I mean they must wait for our investment, not we).

Thank you.

Jimit said:   1 decade ago
Yes friends. Satyam scandal, such a stain for India. Foreign invester loose trust on idian companies cz of this satyam scandal. But according to my point of view, when ever one thing published in the news paper, the effect of that is being live in human being jst for a week. At this day, 22nd feb, 2012. No one cares about satyam scandle, even they forget the name also. So, my meaning to say is, forget the past and live in present. Yaa this thing is also for the foreginors. Indian economy is not affected by this scandal, and this true, no one cares what happend in the past.

Indian economy suggest the higest values of sensexs, gold, silver. Today sensex is 18500. What this suggest?is there a recession time?no ofcource not. So, forget satyam, focus on present. Thats it. Thnks.

Madhuri said:   1 decade ago
Considering SATYAM just happens to be a carbon copy of the Enron scandal, we have to but just wait patiently before all turns around again. Sure, Satyam had its bad position, but then again, its previously earned reputation isn't so small that it be forgotten.

Satyam happens to be one of the major stake-holding companies in the market, and in due course it will show its bounce back.

And also now that Mahindra and Mahindra have taken over, and its entire Top management Reshuffled, its only a matter of time that investors begin to believe in the company again.

and as per FDI, it will continue to flow in no matter, because, we can see through statistics that even when Enron had its moment, It did not impact the economy as much as that of the scandal itself.

Priya said:   1 decade ago
A big Hello to all my dear Friends!

This is a splendid topic to discuss upon. As far as I think, as a ocean is made up of small small rivers so it does not matter if one of the rivers has separated from others it won't affect the ocean flow.

SO no doubt that Satyam Scandal was a huge dismal for our economy but we can not judge the performance of our economy on the basis of performance of only one company.

Today we see a lot of foreign Direct Investment is being done in retail sector as government has allowed 51% FDI in retail sector recently and many other likewise measures.

So I would say at the end that Foreigners can freely come, invest and can make large profits in our economy.

Preeti said:   1 decade ago
According to me Satyam scandal have brought disgrace to our nation. But investor do not see only these scandal and ignore years of service we provide by completing their projects on time. There are many other good companies that provides best services then even their countries in their nation for e.g TCS, WIPRO etc. That is also true that investors will think a lot before investing. But I think India need to develop itself to such an extent that these corruption do not affect its economy and become independent of foreign investors and there is a long mile to cover this journey. Really we need honest employees who work not toward their benefits but for whole nation along with them.

Mamta Prajapati said:   1 decade ago
Yes I am agree with given statement because every investor wants only profit but after this satyam scandle their trust in Indian companies will not be same. It will force to investors to think about before investing but in a same direction many other giant companies are making more profit for the Indian economy. Here this point is also considerable that there is not any country which is completely free from the curruption.

In a list of curruption india's position is 87th, so we can say India is at much better place then any other big countries. Now growth of Indian economy is such a satisfactory because India is called emerging developing country.

NIKHIL SUKHWAL said:   9 years ago
Yes, exactly Satyam scandal leave the black spot on Indian economy but now we have so many rules and regulation to solve this type of problem.

Now people invest in India just because they are feel secured to invest. Like SEBI, CRISIL and many regulatory bodies are working good. To secured investment of foreigners. Just take a example of SAHARA PRAMUKH. He also cheated investors but SEBI. And other regulatory body take stringent steps to cover all amount from Sahara group only.

So we can't say like now investment in India is not secured. Yes they all are not good for foreign investment but some how recover it also.


Palash Basu Roy said:   1 decade ago
Satyam s scandal had some effect on the news head lines but over all Indian economy is not effected. India is still a hot spot for foreighn investment and foreighn company knows that very well. It is a fact that for one company, s mistakes the whole sector is not giong to suffer, and facts say so like company, s like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, COZNIJENT ETC BELONGING TO THE SAME SECTOR ARE DOING PRETTY WELL.

ONE MAJOR fact why India is a hot spot for investment. It is much cheaper to hire say 50 Indian trained engineers by a foreing firm in India than bringing the same number of employees from their same country.


Dev said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree that satyam scandel creats a negative impact on our reputation and definately it force to FII to think twice before investing in India I would like to explain it with the help of a situation if an investor want to invest in India so he or she is in 50- 50 situation so investor go with against investment because therer many other options like china, we are emerging market and in good position thats why FII comes in India because everyone [investor] are looking 4 profit but scandels like satayam can decrese the FII no can determine it impact or not it may be more if satayam not do this.

Harshith said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends ! This is a wonderful topic to discuss upon.

Yes , it's true that the Satyam Scandal has brought a lot of disgrace to our nation . Certainly , the foreign investors would think twice or thrice while investing huge money in our country . But I don't think there would be great impact on these investments .

It's a well-known fact that , in this scenario of global meltdown , next to China , India is recovering well due to its strict trade policies . So naturally , the debt-trapped countries should invest what they have in our country , as it is comparitively profitable & safer.

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