Satyam Scandal would Impact Foreign Investments in India

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Faruk said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone, I would also like to make some points on this topic.

1. Even a developed country like America west through scams in the past then why not in India and its a developing nation.

2. To attract FI we must provide them a better level playing field. "An ease of doing business is what Foreigners investers (FI) needs nowadays.

Bhagavath said:   7 years ago
India is more valuable than other countries the best infrastructure in India is very well.

NIKHIL SUKHWAL said:   9 years ago
Yes, exactly Satyam scandal leave the black spot on Indian economy but now we have so many rules and regulation to solve this type of problem.

Now people invest in India just because they are feel secured to invest. Like SEBI, CRISIL and many regulatory bodies are working good. To secured investment of foreigners. Just take a example of SAHARA PRAMUKH. He also cheated investors but SEBI. And other regulatory body take stringent steps to cover all amount from Sahara group only.

So we can't say like now investment in India is not secured. Yes they all are not good for foreign investment but some how recover it also.


Mahi said:   10 years ago
Guys basically foreign investment materialized only to boost their product, establishment in another country, stride on their image profile and of course for the huge profit. Therefore satyam or other scandal only can aware foreign companies, to take proper analysis before investing. So in my point of view satyam did not predispose any negative idea on investors.

Megha said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends,

According to me, though satyam scandal has put a black mark on Indian status before other foreign countries, but we should also not forget about the other companies that are doing well in our country in providing services to the foreign countries. Bad work by one company cannot spoil the status of other countries that are doing well in our country. One cannot blame others even if only one person is bad.

Hence, the point is satyam scandal doesn't effect the foreign investments as foreign companies also have trust on other service providing companies of India.


Madhusudhanan said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, I'm Madhu. When Sathyam scam came out, there was still many investors invested their money in India. Because they know mistakes are common. And the main thing is Indian money market is one of the most powerful one in the world. Although it reflected for a week, it became normal.

Rose said:   1 decade ago
Hi everyone! Am Rose.

Yes, Satyam scandal do impact on our Indian economy, but still, now a days, everyone forgot about this and many foreigners are investing in India. Everyone commit mistakes. The thing is that to realise those mistakes and not to commit again. Many foreign investors do trust our INDIAN companies like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS etc. , So, personally I feel that though its a black mark then, now its not.

Thankyou. :).

Priya said:   1 decade ago
Yes. It's true that Satyam scandal is biggest blotting on the honesty of Indian company but investors must think about other booming companies who are free from these scandals. For the mistake of one person we can not blame the whole community. Yes, it have a little bit effect which will go by time.

Anoohya said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion ITS A BIG SHAME TO THE COUNTRY IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET WHEN THE SATYAM SCAM CAME OUT because satyam gained a nice reputation in the IT Sector. This situation made the investor to think while he waste invest in the Indian markets. India lost its face world widely.

Government from now has to take proper measures to prevent the same situation to happen.

Preeti said:   1 decade ago
According to me Satyam scandal have brought disgrace to our nation. But investor do not see only these scandal and ignore years of service we provide by completing their projects on time. There are many other good companies that provides best services then even their countries in their nation for e.g TCS, WIPRO etc. That is also true that investors will think a lot before investing. But I think India need to develop itself to such an extent that these corruption do not affect its economy and become independent of foreign investors and there is a long mile to cover this journey. Really we need honest employees who work not toward their benefits but for whole nation along with them.

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