Role of Engineers in Disaster Management

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Subinay said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone.

The role of an engineer always plays a vital role in creating a thing or re-establishing it. The way of thinking of an engineer is a little bit different from other normal people. They help to study the situation or the structure affected they can direct many valuable possible ways to get rid of that situation.

SURESH said:   2 months ago
I am a metallurgy student; I have knowledge of testing materials and their failures. Nowadays, there are many NDT techniques that can talk about the conditions of the materials, and it is used to tell the life of metals and concrete. Which are building blocks of any structural thing in present life. If we use them, we can prevent the disasters of collapsing buildings, bridges, etc. And the metrological department tells us about rain and natural disasters.

All the things are invented by engineers.

Hitendra samediya said:   2 months ago
According to me, engineers play the main role in disaster management. In nowadays, people use smartphones, laptops, pc or other things and these things make human life easy and These things are made by engineers so I think engineers are detecting disaster management.

Nandani Gupta said:   3 months ago
Engineers play a crucial role in disaster management by designing and implementing infrastructure that can withstand disasters, developing early warning systems, and creating technologies to aid in rescue and recovery efforts. They contribute to planning, response, and recovery phases, aiming to minimize damage and save lives.

Harsh shrivastava said:   3 months ago
Hello, everyone. Today's topic delves into a critical aspect of disaster management: the role of engineers. Engineers play a pivotal role in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from various types of disasters. Engineers contribute their technical expertise to assess vulnerabilities in infrastructure, design resilient structures, and develop systems that can withstand natural and man-made disasters.

Their role starts even before a disaster occurs. Engineers participate in risk assessment and mitigation planning, identifying potential hazards and proposing measures to reduce their impact. And when a disaster strikes, engineers are essential in the immediate response phase. They help assess damage to buildings, bridges, and utilities, ensuring that emergency responders can access affected areas safely. Moreover, engineers are involved in the restoration and rebuilding efforts post-disaster. They design structures and utilities that are not only functional but also incorporate lessons learned to enhance resilience.

Thank you.

Karuru Aswini said:   4 months ago
I think engineers play a very important role in disaster management.

As nowadays technology is increasing very much. So engineers can predict the disaster and they can give some instructions to get rid of them.

Anu said:   4 months ago
Yes, there is the role of Engineers in Disaster Management.

Because nowadays most of the engineers are invented to make our life easy with the computer technology things.

The civil engineers disaster the places and create the new buildings so that distasting has occurred.

Mechanical engineers are making so many vehicles that lead to pollution in the environment. They were invented for our purposes but that only makes the world disaster.

When we wake up at night we all depend on only these engineer things.

Technology is increasing day by day nowadays we are able to look before a disaster happens in a particular area and the measure should be taken before the disaster and natural disaster.

So, I conclude that there is a role for engineers in Disaster management.

Shrishti Trivedi said:   4 months ago
Hello everyone,

In my opinion-.

A) Role of the Engineer is a disaster because humans are the ones who play the role of engineer and they have both two types of things in mind -Disaster, Creator. They decide which role they have to play.

B) But there should be some restrictions and rules for playing the role of engineer.

Then only it will become less disastrous.

C) having a great knowledge of hacking then people start misusing it. So, it is safe for normal humans because data is not safe of them.

D) As many people are getting trolled they suicide this is why due to the role of an engineer they take out a number of that person and start trolling so it is bad.

E) On one side the country is becoming advanced and on the other side, disasters are going on.

F) So, I think there should be some restrictions and rules for becoming an engineer.

Thank you.

Chhoto sahu said:   9 months ago
The software Engineer role is the most important in our life. Because they are inventing new technologies. Like as Applications, Websites, Apps and more etc. Everyone is aware and feels secure, because of artificial intelligence. Nowadays we can learn everything like History, news, tutorial etc.

Bhanuteja said:   2 years ago
Role of the engineer in disaster management.

Engineers reflect the intellect of a country, an engineer is exposed to various disciplines of science like electricity, magnetism, mechanics, computing, etc. He is a production unit by himself, when he attempts to create a new product while doing so he must keep in mind various disastrous that can occur in case of any misconception.

Disasters can be human, material, economic or environmental. Once occurred will leave a large impact on the lives of people.

For example;

1. Incident of leakage in LG polymers at Vishakapatnam,

There was a leakage of styrene gas at 3 o clock in the morning, which spread the whole city and has taken many lives. The engineers would have been well informed of the leakage issues and apt troubleshooting processes.

2. Bhopal gas tragedy,

This issue is well known all over the country, leak of iso-cyanate led to a disastrous situation where people have to leave their homes and the area was not fit for living for a prolonged period of time. It has affected soil, air, water in that area.

There are various examples as such, if an engineer is well informed and cautioned about the disasters and educated on disaster management it can help in lessening the impact of the disaster. Few disaster management techniques can be,

1. Regular inspection of the working condition of equipment, proper shutdown.

2. Knowing the climate changes, regularly following the updates of the weather forecast.

3. Performing rigorous tests at lab scale for various combinations possible before implementing at large scale.

4. Implementing stances like zero waste, on site wastewater treatment, treatment of acid sludge's etc.

5. Regular checks on assets and liabilities and regular formulation of income and balance sheets, can hamper the risks of economic disasters.

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