Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

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Rashmi Roy said:   1 decade ago
A human body has head, hands, legs, eyes, ears etc. When a problem occurs at any 1 part of our body, we take medications or operate that part. Do we separate it completely from our body unless its carcinogenic stuf?our country is our motherland. We are already divided on the basis of states, religion, caste, culture & numerous other unnecessary reasons. Now are we planning to make microscopic divisions?regional blocs cant be the ultimate solution. The only solution is to check corruption from the lowest till the highest level that don't let the flow of money reach its destination!

Venkat said:   1 decade ago
In every nation there are different types of religions, cultures, . E. T. C even though all of the people following different individual nationalities, The common resources (natural) are used by the people. The disputing nationalities can may suffer in future through the resource availability. There are several ways to resolve the problems of regional blocks. We have to get different existing nationalities which are like territories, even then those people are facing different problems, There is alternatives behind on this.

Nabanita said:   1 decade ago
My friends my views are a little different. Creating regional blocs does not challenge the nation's integration and unity. We have 28 states and 7 union territories, that is not a threat to INDIA.

Our country is so beautiful in its culture and the rich heritage shown by each state. There is and was never a competition about whose culture is the best.

In a family, like you have healthy disputes amongst the siblings, even our country has that some times.

With the regional blocs each one has its own identity and it shows their pride of having a diverse culture.

It is a boon for our nation not a bane.

Jinu said:   1 decade ago
Should be threat for India. If there are regional bloc there should be religion bloc also. So the fight will be common there to save their own culture and habits. If some enters there with some different thoughts, conflict there should be. So while consider some states in south area that will be totally different from other areas like east, north.

Sayantani said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree that it is a threat and that also very much specific to India. To begin with we need to keep it in mind that being a multi-regional country somewhere or the other it was on the card. Coming to the question of threat, it will make the country weaker than ever. If we consider the time of our independence there also we got divided in two regions hence two independent nations were born- India Pakistan. And now we can see all these troubles is being caused because of that.

The more regional division means more groups to fight among themselves which ultimately deprive the country from peace and progress, as the saying goes "United we stand divided we fall".

To wrap up I would say that this is not IPL that we can enjoy the healthy competition, this is something involves our very own nation and its future. Regional blocks can create new problems only and to make out solution we have to work as a nation.

Angika said:   1 decade ago
Let's keep corruption aside for a while and focus on the problem like regionalism and cast-ism. The problem is not new one but from many decades it persists. No matter how much we are educated or aware but still 95 percent of population are having soft corner for the person who is from their cast or region. Britisher's had ruled us by the divide and rule policy. And history is repeating itself. The politicians are tactfully dividing us for their own benefits.

We need to understand that we are Indian first. And we should not support any individual who is dividing and favouring the division.

I don't think that the existing states should be divided to maintain the law n order. Every state is well equipped and having lot of fund to tackle any situation. Politicians are in favour of making new seats as they want to be the ministers and can fill there pockets and account with lot of money.

Katkam said:   1 decade ago
The rise of regional blocks representing particulars areas give rise to narrow thinking confined to their regions or development. Names of regional blocks indicating the linguistic division of the people are not only harmful to the region but also integrity of the country. Election Commission is approving the names of dividing the country into small units for example Telugu Desam (Telugu country). It is not understandable how that name has got clearance from Election Commission. In Tamil Nadu also there are many parties representing regional blocks. So unity and integrity of the country is at stake like how water war are being fought by States expressing selfish interests bypassing other states interests. Political parties are gaining selfish interests exploiting regional disparities. The Central Govt should take some subjects as union matter like Electricity and Irrigation. These matters of Electricity and Irrigation must be used for the whole parts of India such as where irrigation and electricity is deficient from the surplus states. Election Commission should ban regional parties. Instead national parties should be encouraged. The nomenclature of parties are such that indicate the division of the country into pieces. Unified Laws will be implemented throughout the country.

Yashoda said:   1 decade ago
Yes I do agree . For instant the state with majority resources might not be willing to share . Hence this will cause inter state disputes and threaten the independent nation

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