Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

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Adah khan said:   7 years ago
I think language never divides us. It is just a medium of instruction. But on another side our religious thinking divides us. Please search and you will find that never ever a single war is fought between Hindus and Muslims on the basis of religion. In Islam Jang-e-Azeem etc war was fought between two ideologies. One group claim that they ate Muslim but they don't believe in Muhammad, and other groups claims that they are Muslims and they are firm supporter of Muhammad. Thus these two ideology lead toward war between them. However, both claim themselves as Muslim.

In Hindus, it is also a fact that Ravan was a Hindu and back of Shivaji but due to his wrong ideology he fought a war with Bhagavan Ram.

Thus think that nobody is responsible for differentiation whether it is language, religion, or caste etc but only and only our ideology and at modern times even a well-educated person also acts as a robot. We are misused by our politicians. They let remain an area poor for their own sake. And also develop it for their benefits and gain profit.

So I don't think that states should be made because a new state can be formed but territories can't be decreased and population what's about it.

Eswar said:   10 years ago
As my concern dividing the state is good. "Divide and Rule ".

India there are 28 state and controlling these 28 states from the center is really difficult.

Same as in AP also there are 23 districts and controlling these districts are also difficult.

Jivi said:   10 years ago
There was no one country called India. We united and fought independence together to protect our culture/heritage/language and to achieve growth. There was a movement for separate state for SC/ST separate country for south etc. But all this were resolved by promising following two aspects.

1. Reservation.
2. Linguistic based states.

Now if you tell both of the above are not required then it is breaking the earlier agreements. Banning regional parties are non-democratic. If you think all these are.

Problem try to achieve under democratic framework.

Strengthen the national parties by reducing politics and treating every state/cast equally without discrimination. When people becomes matured enough to think above cast and above region and respect and love each other the solution automatically will come.

Jivi said:   10 years ago
It is not India is divided into many regional states. But India is formed by uniting different linguistic groups/race. We integrated on mutual understanding framework which is defined in the constitution. Our's federal system. If you don't divide states based on language then you can't unit. Unity will come by following our constitutions and understanding our duties more than our rights. Most of the Indian think about their rights. But one major duty respecting regions comes then most problem will be solved.

First let us understand what problem will be there if you don't divide based on language. First thing language is most important. Otherwise we can't communicate and our life won't progress. If my language is x but my capital is in region why and most of powerful people belongs to region y, then I can't communicate and I need to undergo discrimination.

Then to resolve following frameworks are worked out.

1. States will be formed based on language.

2. But There will be a common language which is nothing but hindi. Every state will Learn hindi in same time when other state people migrates then they need to respect local language and learn it.

3. But later, south part felt english is can be common language. So hindi and english become a common language.

After this we came to common agreement and most of the regional state (except tamilnadu) showed enthusiasm to implement hindi as common language (national language is not right word, According constitution all are national language).

Now let us understand current situation and problem.

1. Linguistic states performed better. But hindi speaking states failed to perform and they started to migrate heavily on other states. Main reason to fail is most of Political power stayed with hindi speaking and they become non-accountable. We started to convince ourself that we all are Indian. Main time we forgot that each state is accountable for the resource they had and they need to perform.

2. After migration people showed reluctant to learn local language which is the important reason to bring disharmony in to the framework. We forgot our duty as Indian to respect local culture/language and become bully to convince local people that hindi is a national language. Respect for implementing hindi is not encouraged but when small issues related to language happened those are given more importance instead of encouraging good things.

3. Some point central govt started to please some linguistic states and did not encouraged/supported who implemented hindi as common language.

4. Some states students needs to learn 3 language and some states needs to learn 2 language. This is a discrimination.

Solution (My personal view) :

1. Each state has to develop and should have a goal to improve the people conditions.

2. We should achieve migration needs between states for skillful people not labor worker. Migration for skillful people required to achieve Indian growth. Migration for labour shows unequal growth and wastage of states resources.

3. Every states need to implement 3 language system. Migrants should learn local language as third language. This should not be considered for awarding rank will be considered for passing. There should not be discrimination between central and state. If you tell migrants which does not stay for long time end up learning more language is problem then village people learning hindi as a third language is also same. I assume migrants has more income and can support tuitions. So when Village counterparts can take challenge of learning hindi why can't others.

4. After all these some state can become reluctant to implement hindi as common language. In this case states which are implementing hindi as common language must have grace mark/reservation in central govt job.

5. Final and most let us all perform duty of respecting local language when we migrate. Then we have right to migrate. Our constitution has given rights to move to any state and mean time it also asked to respect local languages.

6. If resource creates disputes. Make it national resources.

7. Create environment such that each states has good number of migrants from most of other states, so that no state can afford to have a dispute. This calls for development in each states.

Bunty said:   1 decade ago
Dear All,

I feel the subdivision of existing states should not be encouraged without proper analysis and research on the underlying reason. This is because, there are certain states that that very big in size for administrators to manage them efficiently. This often leads to negligence to certain regions within to state and mismanagement of allocated resources. Examples being, Telangana in AP, Gorkhaland in WB etc.

But again, there are rising forces that demand division of states on the basis of culture, religion and language. These forces should be opposed vehemently as these are the brainchild of hypocritical politicians with malicious motives. Such divisions can lead to rivalry between states, fight for central resources, affect the national integrity as a whole.

Hence, I propose that IAS officers should perform a thorough research and investigation before arriving to any conclusion.

DOLLY said:   1 decade ago
This is true that increase in regional states is a problem but only if it is done for some religious disputes or selfise motives. But it is also true that India is a big nation. In order to achieve rational growth of india, regionalisation is important. For example- uttar pradesh is a large state. It is very difficult to concentrate on all parts of this state equally by a single CM. Thats why government was thinking to divide this state into four small parts in order to ensure overall development of UP.

Dibya said:   1 decade ago
As per my concern I want to add my point that is regional division is required in the nation because country like India there are 28 state and controlling these 28 states from the center is really difficult and if we do that many bias will happen like doing partiality for a state and to control each and every state and every district and every villages is really difficult.

For an example I can say if a tuition sir will teach 28 student in a group and a individual sir will teach to a student. So which one will be efficient.

As a whole I am not saying to divide the country I an saying to dividing the responsibility and creating the challenges in the nation so that our nation will be develop so that we will not trust upon a single person or a party and here if we separate then the term corruption will be reduce.

Megha said:   1 decade ago
According to me, regional blocs surely leads to disintegration of the country, especially a big one like ours, INDIA. A new region will surely think only about for their people welfare not for the welfare of our whole nation. This selfishness of a particular region will surely lead to disintegration of our country.

Hence, we should oppose this idea of regional blocs as it will cause more harm than benefit.

ABC said:   1 decade ago
Being a cosmopolitan country, India has a great diversity of people and the cultures followed by them. Thats what differentiates India from the rest of the world.

Of course the rise of regional blocs pose a serious threat to the country. Welfare of the people should always remain a paramount but the political parties try to DIVIDE AND RULE the state by bifurcating it. This selfish motive eventually leads to many conflicts among the people resulting in interstate disputes thus threatening the nation and depriving it from peace and progress.

I would like to conclude by saying that we should be proud to say that "WE ARE INDIANS RATHER THAN SAYING I AM A HINDU OR SIKH OR CHRISTIAN".

Rahul said:   1 decade ago
Dividing states and then creating more states is the main agenda of regional parties and they just bank on that. During elections these kind of parties try to coerce governments to fulfill unjustified demands for getting their support as we have seen many times in recent years.

There may be a few cases where the regional parties have done something for their society, but most of them only fool people for votes and then make merry, leaving the common man suffer irrespective of their class, language or religion.

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