Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

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Adah Khan said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
I think language never divides us. It is just a medium of instruction. But on another side our religious thinking divides us. Please search and you will find that never ever a single war is fought between Hindus and Muslims on the basis of religion. In Islam Jang-e-Azeem etc war was fought between two ideologies. One group claim that they ate Muslim but they don't believe in Muhammad, and other groups claims that they are Muslims and they are firm supporter of Muhammad. Thus these two ideology lead toward war between them. However, both claim themselves as Muslim.

In Hindus, it is also a fact that Ravan was a Hindu and back of Shivaji but due to his wrong ideology he fought a war with Bhagavan Ram.

Thus think that nobody is responsible for differentiation whether it is language, religion, or caste etc but only and only our ideology and at modern times even a well-educated person also acts as a robot. We are misused by our politicians. They let remain an area poor for their own sake. And also develop it for their benefits and gain profit.

So I don't think that states should be made because a new state can be formed but territories can't be decreased and population what's about it.

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Eswar said: (May 9, 2014)  
As my concern dividing the state is good. "Divide and Rule ".

India there are 28 state and controlling these 28 states from the center is really difficult.

Same as in AP also there are 23 districts and controlling these districts are also difficult.

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Jivi said: (Apr 18, 2014)  
There was no one country called India. We united and fought independence together to protect our culture/heritage/language and to achieve growth. There was a movement for separate state for SC/ST separate country for south etc. But all this were resolved by promising following two aspects.

1. Reservation.
2. Linguistic based states.

Now if you tell both of the above are not required then it is breaking the earlier agreements. Banning regional parties are non-democratic. If you think all these are.

Problem try to achieve under democratic framework.

Strengthen the national parties by reducing politics and treating every state/cast equally without discrimination. When people becomes matured enough to think above cast and above region and respect and love each other the solution automatically will come.

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Jivi said: (Apr 18, 2014)  
It is not India is divided into many regional states. But India is formed by uniting different linguistic groups/race. We integrated on mutual understanding framework which is defined in the constitution. Our's federal system. If you don't divide states based on language then you can't unit. Unity will come by following our constitutions and understanding our duties more than our rights. Most of the Indian think about their rights. But one major duty respecting regions comes then most problem will be solved.

First let us understand what problem will be there if you don't divide based on language. First thing language is most important. Otherwise we can't communicate and our life won't progress. If my language is x but my capital is in region why and most of powerful people belongs to region y, then I can't communicate and I need to undergo discrimination.

Then to resolve following frameworks are worked out.

1. States will be formed based on language.

2. But There will be a common language which is nothing but hindi. Every state will Learn hindi in same time when other state people migrates then they need to respect local language and learn it.

3. But later, south part felt english is can be common language. So hindi and english become a common language.

After this we came to common agreement and most of the regional state (except tamilnadu) showed enthusiasm to implement hindi as common language (national language is not right word, According constitution all are national language).

Now let us understand current situation and problem.

1. Linguistic states performed better. But hindi speaking states failed to perform and they started to migrate heavily on other states. Main reason to fail is most of Political power stayed with hindi speaking and they become non-accountable. We started to convince ourself that we all are Indian. Main time we forgot that each state is accountable for the resource they had and they need to perform.

2. After migration people showed reluctant to learn local language which is the important reason to bring disharmony in to the framework. We forgot our duty as Indian to respect local culture/language and become bully to convince local people that hindi is a national language. Respect for implementing hindi is not encouraged but when small issues related to language happened those are given more importance instead of encouraging good things.

3. Some point central govt started to please some linguistic states and did not encouraged/supported who implemented hindi as common language.

4. Some states students needs to learn 3 language and some states needs to learn 2 language. This is a discrimination.

Solution (My personal view) :

1. Each state has to develop and should have a goal to improve the people conditions.

2. We should achieve migration needs between states for skillful people not labor worker. Migration for skillful people required to achieve Indian growth. Migration for labour shows unequal growth and wastage of states resources.

3. Every states need to implement 3 language system. Migrants should learn local language as third language. This should not be considered for awarding rank will be considered for passing. There should not be discrimination between central and state. If you tell migrants which does not stay for long time end up learning more language is problem then village people learning hindi as a third language is also same. I assume migrants has more income and can support tuitions. So when Village counterparts can take challenge of learning hindi why can't others.

4. After all these some state can become reluctant to implement hindi as common language. In this case states which are implementing hindi as common language must have grace mark/reservation in central govt job.

5. Final and most let us all perform duty of respecting local language when we migrate. Then we have right to migrate. Our constitution has given rights to move to any state and mean time it also asked to respect local languages.

6. If resource creates disputes. Make it national resources.

7. Create environment such that each states has good number of migrants from most of other states, so that no state can afford to have a dispute. This calls for development in each states.

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Bunty said: (Feb 18, 2014)  
Dear All,

I feel the subdivision of existing states should not be encouraged without proper analysis and research on the underlying reason. This is because, there are certain states that that very big in size for administrators to manage them efficiently. This often leads to negligence to certain regions within to state and mismanagement of allocated resources. Examples being, Telangana in AP, Gorkhaland in WB etc.

But again, there are rising forces that demand division of states on the basis of culture, religion and language. These forces should be opposed vehemently as these are the brainchild of hypocritical politicians with malicious motives. Such divisions can lead to rivalry between states, fight for central resources, affect the national integrity as a whole.

Hence, I propose that IAS officers should perform a thorough research and investigation before arriving to any conclusion.

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DOLLY said: (Jan 5, 2014)  
This is true that increase in regional states is a problem but only if it is done for some religious disputes or selfise motives. But it is also true that India is a big nation. In order to achieve rational growth of india, regionalisation is important. For example- uttar pradesh is a large state. It is very difficult to concentrate on all parts of this state equally by a single CM. Thats why government was thinking to divide this state into four small parts in order to ensure overall development of UP.

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Dibya said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
As per my concern I want to add my point that is regional division is required in the nation because country like India there are 28 state and controlling these 28 states from the center is really difficult and if we do that many bias will happen like doing partiality for a state and to control each and every state and every district and every villages is really difficult.

For an example I can say if a tuition sir will teach 28 student in a group and a individual sir will teach to a student. So which one will be efficient.

As a whole I am not saying to divide the country I an saying to dividing the responsibility and creating the challenges in the nation so that our nation will be develop so that we will not trust upon a single person or a party and here if we separate then the term corruption will be reduce.

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Megha said: (Dec 19, 2013)  
According to me, regional blocs surely leads to disintegration of the country, especially a big one like ours, INDIA. A new region will surely think only about for their people welfare not for the welfare of our whole nation. This selfishness of a particular region will surely lead to disintegration of our country.

Hence, we should oppose this idea of regional blocs as it will cause more harm than benefit.

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ABC said: (Dec 18, 2013)  
Being a cosmopolitan country, India has a great diversity of people and the cultures followed by them. Thats what differentiates India from the rest of the world.

Of course the rise of regional blocs pose a serious threat to the country. Welfare of the people should always remain a paramount but the political parties try to DIVIDE AND RULE the state by bifurcating it. This selfish motive eventually leads to many conflicts among the people resulting in interstate disputes thus threatening the nation and depriving it from peace and progress.

I would like to conclude by saying that we should be proud to say that "WE ARE INDIANS RATHER THAN SAYING I AM A HINDU OR SIKH OR CHRISTIAN".

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Rahul said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
Dividing states and then creating more states is the main agenda of regional parties and they just bank on that. During elections these kind of parties try to coerce governments to fulfill unjustified demands for getting their support as we have seen many times in recent years.

There may be a few cases where the regional parties have done something for their society, but most of them only fool people for votes and then make merry, leaving the common man suffer irrespective of their class, language or religion.

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B.VIJAY.BHARGAVA said: (Oct 9, 2013)  
First why should it happen? INDIA is not a playground! This is true, INDIA is a country where the birth of many inventions took place, even the basic 0 number also took place in India. The people of India must be wise, such that even if any problem comes they have to solve without causing any harm to rest of nation and our natural resources. But recent telangana issue is causing a lot of transport problem which is a sad news by which trains are running by diesel instead of electricity. Also sad news for business people for which they have to stop their business which causes a lot of DISTURBANCE IN THEIR LIVES. We need to be in such a way that we should solve the problems positively.

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Ankush said: (Sep 29, 2013)  
The topic of discussion is justified. India is known for its variety in culture, languages and customs. Rising of the regional blocks will cause harm to culture.

Majority lies with hindus and other caste people will not be treated equally if there is steep rise in the formation of regional blocks. Resources will not be shared and that would harm the integrity of India.

Rise in Regional blocs threaten the unity and integrity of country.

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Sanjay Akhouri said: (Aug 23, 2013)  
Rise of Regionalism will lead to fragmentation of core culture of the country with which it has been bounded since independence. Each Region or ism does have its own interest hence there is every possibility of conflict of interest if such ism is encouraged or promoted at one level or other. Binding force will gradually eroded and thus the country would be exposed to external risk on social, political and economic front besides sovereignty of the country.

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Sanjay said: (Aug 15, 2013)  
According to rise of regional blocks threat our nations integrity. India is country of diversity. Each region of India has different culture, language, religion so these diversities are preserved by integrity. Our constitution gives privilege to every person to fight for own rights. Many politicians are trying to create small regional block for their personal benefits they don't think about national integrity they only about their pocket money and get higher position and ministry. If think about own people they should try to reduce corruption from their state. Regional blocks produce redistribution b/w people of these two blocks.

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Adi said: (Jul 9, 2013)  
Hi to all, in my point of view is that regional block is happens necessary to independent nations because now a days all states in India are having several problems like corruption, molesting, robbery and even more were happening. But all in the India most of these kind of incidents were happening on Delhi. Because all are knows about now a days the sex harassment were happening there only as I heard about that in newspaper. But also some of were happening in south India also. In these year fuming about sex was increased about harassment and molesting cases were but we have take stern decisions about that. But in present definitely regional blocs are raised and its threaten independent nations and its premise like India.

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Albert T Abraham said: (May 26, 2013)  
HHi, to me for all this our foreign policy is responsible that means we made a 3 front which exist, then we made out ourself as very peace seeking and tolerant country. These basic aspect of our country has made us to be worse country in world when it comes to our foreign policy as well as other countries policy towards our nation. The other aspects are our internal problems like Corruption, State Wise population, distribution in Ration, . , poor health policy (in states like AP, UP and other north eastern states. ,) , poor planning in all sectors ie without any vision eg pwd road made then comes the pipeline then sewage. Then dig in for making up the electric line underground. Other thing is all the LAW written only for poor. Politics.

All these things directly or indirectly affects our nation and policies.

God Bless Republic Nation Of India.

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Swetha said: (Apr 12, 2013)  
Hi friends, this is swetha. As far as my concern regional division is not all required at present. India has been properly divided and different states are ruled by different political parties, India has to take steps to make the country developed nation. There are many issues to be solved in India such as corruption, women harassment, terrorism, inadequate public healthcare, an so on, government of India should take certain measures to stop all these things. Definitely at present if rise in regional bloc done then definitely independent nation like India will be threatened.

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Gourav Singla said: (Apr 7, 2013)  
In my view, there should be Regional blocs but not the Religion blocs. Religion blocs tend to divide one religion human being from another caste. While Regional block is necessary to maintain their region from corruption and any other problem. Let say, I am a north Indian, I may not handle or understand the issue of South India. For that a block from south India has to stand against it. But when it comes to an common cause, all India should stand UNITE.

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Ankita Agarwal said: (Feb 6, 2013)  
Creation of regional block implies carving out an area out of the country based on the culture of the people of that area, the languages they speak and the customs they follow.

India is a secular country and is known all over the world for its varied culture, customs, etc. It is this unity among the Indians that separate the country from the rest of the world.

Dividing India into regional blocks would certainly hamper the very preamble of our constitution which talks about national integrity. New states may face numerous problems of terrorism, water, electricity distribution, etc.

The political parties supporting creation of separate states on the basis of religion, etc. Actually have selfish motive. They are following the policy of divide and rule which, as history testifies has had a demeaning effect on the Indians.

Having said that, we cannot ignore the fact that there may be certain groups within a state which might feel that their interests is not significantly represented. For example, the Gorkhas in northern West Bengal are demanding a separate state based on this very argument. However, rather than dividing the state, the government might come out with better prospects.

One such measure may be to take steps to improve quality of living of such people, provide them better education, healthcare, etc. Besides, as advocated by Subash Ghising (the leader of National Liberation Front for Gorkhland) , the particular regions can be given special status under schedule 6 of the Indian constitution. This would not only resolve the problem of the so called "neglected communities", but would also maintain the unity of the nation.

If the supporters of regional blocks can take every steps to create a separate state, they could also fight for improving the conditions of these communities, thus making them a part of our very own country "India".

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Amit said: (Jan 30, 2013)  
In recent times the feeling of regionalism is being infused by the politicians to harvest their selfish ambitions. The results have been catastrophic. Divided states like Jharkhand and Chattisgarh have naxalite presence, moreover the revenue of the state is affected, newly formed states have power, water sharing issues hence leading to more animosity between the people of the state than it was before. Hence regionalism should be strictly boycotted and a stringent laws should be passed making sure that non abiding politicians who promote regionalism face severe punishment.

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Sam said: (Jan 20, 2013)  
India is a democratic country. Where all sorts of people lives irrespective of background caste creed etc. According to my point of view its we human only who had categorized them self into assorted religion. When a newly baby is born he or she doesn't knows that to which religion he belongs to its we human who who used to differentiate and assigned him to one particular religion. As a human we all must have one thing in the mind that RELIGION UNITS IT NEVER DIVIDES But as the India is now under the affluence of corruption which results in promotion of discrimination hat-redness etc so definitely Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India. So in order to reduce the menace of this we must create the awareness among the people of brotherhood national integrity through mass campaign advertisement etc.

Thank you.

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Sabita Oram said: (Dec 5, 2012)  
Yes rise of regional blocks threatens our nation. India is a cosmopolitan nation. Here people from different religions live together. Britishers ruled our nation for several years and they had the opinion that "divide and rule ".

Now we are suffering from the same situation and politicians are following the same thing.

So we should be develop awareness among our community and should keep the integrity between us.

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Pragya said: (Oct 16, 2012)  
Yes, I think rise of regional-blocs-threatens independent nations like India. As India is a good example of national integrity where people from different castes and religions used to live together happily. But British started ruling over India by divide and rule through religions. And now a days, politicians are applying the same rule resulting in the situation for regional blocs. But the rise of regional blocs will destroy our unity and integrity. So, there is a need to create awareness among society people and should be encouraged to maintain integrity, otherwise its threatening effect will be seen on independent country like India.

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Wizard said: (Aug 22, 2012)  
I do agree with the fact that regional blocs threaten nation like India.
-Firstly there must be a clear knowledge about region & religion.
-Secondly in an independent nation unity is what should prevail.
-Thirdly regional blocs might unite a region or two but our unity as an Indian takes a back seat.
-Fourthly its regional blocs which is the cause behind the economic difference between states.
-It was this regional blocs which led to the north-eastern indian running away from west south states.
Therefore in my opinion India should be looked Upon as a country & regional blocks should not be allowed to creep in.
It is unity as a country which makes one feel like home & not blocs.

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Champ said: (Jul 9, 2012)  
Regional block is good if it is use in positively. If there is not any regional block then we will fail to save culture and heritage. For example I am from non-Hindi speaking state so it is my duty to save our mother tongue and use it as much as possible Because Indian government is imposing Hindi on us. It is very difficult to develop equally in a large country like India. If there is any regional block to deal this issue then we should support it for the interest of our nation. Because our body can not work properly if you do not take care of any part of the body.

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Prabha Bisht said: (May 20, 2012)  
Rise or regional block is threaten only if it happens negatively. A regional growth can lead to competition and over all development of state.

Central government sometime over look the state developments so its here regional development can play a good role.

India is huge country so working smoothly of a country as whole gets difficult. Where as if its decentralized and taken as a block d progress becomes easier.

Imagine you have to run a company as whole it will be difficult for you to do everything alone. But if you divide and delegate work in proper way it mite get easier.

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Satyajeet said: (May 8, 2012)  
Regional power are part of the federal structure but the union is not able take them all along because of their selfishness for their state people. They ignore the national requirement. There are many incident states are fighting for water, power, even land dispute among themselves which allows the anti nationals like naxals, terrorism and corruption to flourish.

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Naresh Reddy said: (Apr 23, 2012)  
India is a linguistic country. In India there are lot of states having there different castes, creed, culture and education (up to S. S. C). The major problem is language. I am andrapradesh I don't know tamil, marati, gujarati. etc. Also the regional parties also divided India. National parties also tie up with regional parties and they decreasing the value of nationalism. Regional parties demanding national parties today.

Every one tell I'm Indian and afterwards tell the state.

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Divya said: (Mar 21, 2012)  
I think India is a country take strength of unity, where all diffrnt religion nd language people lives. But by this narrow mind thinking which is genarlly nd usually provide by polytician to achive only nd only there profit can destroy our country strength like some time ago our country was bird of gold. As so on by spread this narrow mind thinking which breaks family mothr son relationship which is most most lovely relationship tht can also harm our country nd some time after like tht peoples will call India was taking strenght of unity : (so please go ahead this narrow type thinking what we get to spread this only nd only heart breaking : (.

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Ashwini said: (Mar 16, 2012)  
I think when we go in for such regional division based on the topography it would be better. When we explore the various opportunities in that area and work towards development concerning each area then we will be able to grow in the regional level as well as the national level and national and international trade will improve. The only limiting factor will be everyone should work for improvement rather than personal gains.

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Neha said: (Feb 20, 2012)  
I dont think cretion of regional blocs will effect nationalism as far concerned it should be done taking in view emotional aspect of people of that particular region.

Dividing the region will surely ease the governace and development aspect.But the feelings of that regional people should not get hurt.Before dividing any region goverment should tell people the actual reason as well as good effects of it.If any person has land which is going to be included into division, it should resolve the matter faithfully.As well as it should take care of anti social elements also.

According to the convinience of public, it should divide the land.

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Esha said: (Feb 11, 2012)  
I think creating regional blocs is something we really don't need now and don't have to do now. We are alredy divided in a wide range. It was britishers who started the trend of "divide and rule" and now our very own politicians are taking it forward. The point is we all know that what politicians are doing with our country. We cannot change them or lets say there basic instict for greed. But what we can definately do is we can change our society by putting our never ending contribution against corruption and all the odds that really really need our attention.

To summarise I would say regional blocs are a very big threat to our country if we are welcoming it, but it is really not a threat if we are confident about ourselves and our beleif in unity. Stand united. Stand strong.

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Abhik said: (Jan 25, 2012)  
Yes I agree that it is a threat and that also very much specific to India. To begin with we need to keep it in mind that being a multi-regional country somewhere or the other it was on the card. Coming to the question of threat, it will make the country weaker than ever. If we consider the time of our independence there also we got divided in two regions hence two independent nations were born- India Pakistan. And now we can see all these troubles is being caused because of that.

The more regional division means more groups to fight among themselves which ultimately deprive the country from peace and progress, as the saying goes "United we stand divided we fall".

To wrap up I would say that this is not IPL that we can enjoy the healthy competition, this is something involves our very own nation and its future. Regional blocks can create new problems only and to make out solution we have to work as a nation.

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Nithin said: (Jan 17, 2012)  
Guys, is there any need for our Nation to have more regions? If there are more regions, political issues will devolop, corruption increases. Unity among the people will be affected badly. Regional feelings will be increased which is the big threat for india's devolopment. India will be among the devoloped nations list only with the weapon of "unity" not by anything else.

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RAHAVI said: (Dec 18, 2011)  
Our country is already facing a lot of problems like corruption, terrorism etc. We must first go behind Anna Hazare to solve these problems. Now there is no point in thinking about religion blocs. Its a waste of time. Be proud to say that "I AM AN INDIAN RATHER THAN SAYING I AM A HINDU OR MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN".

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Vaibhav said: (Dec 17, 2011)  
According to me, our country can be strenghthen only by proper management by Government & unity of people within a country. Instead of breaking our country furthermore into number of states, one shall make our country people united to fight against crisis in India like terrorism, corruption, price hikes etc & to include them in main stream of national progress.

Progress, Prosperity of nation doesn't depend on language, cast of people, only thing matters that people in nation are united & having positive attitude towards national growth.

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Pankaj Singh said: (Nov 1, 2011)  
Suppose yours view is generalized,eventually leading to the disintegeration of India into as many states as per the demand on regional,religion,cultural or on economic basis. now will that would be a testimony to a secular country,or an epitome of integrity as a nation?would it not be a slap on the face of all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us to live and breathe in the free air? is it not our responsibility to come out of our cocoon of regionalism,culturalism and all those ..ism and think in terms of unity. no matter where we live let not forget that we are indian,and moving one step ahead let us live for the betterment of humanity. politicians only eye their self interest,afterall who does not want to become a chief minister of a new state and loot our country in yet a different way.

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MS Khan said: (Oct 16, 2011)  
I don't think so. Regional blocs due to change of culture and its importance can be created. We are living in 21st century and we should look at the problem for that point of view. Few years before we have created new states in form of Uttranchal, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. The mass of these area were different from the whole state dut to cultural differences, language, development etc. Due to creation of these new blocs we have seen a significant improvement and development which were earlier not visible being with the bigger state like UP, MP and Bihar. The govt has money but do not have resources at state level to get the job done. Now samller state will have their own reqmt and which will be met with great enthusiasm. The undevloped area of Chattisgarha and Jharkhand has noticed devlopemnt in field of infrasturcute, medical facilities and education which were earlier deprived of these facilities. These new states have almost no differences with the state from whom they have fell apart. Now the Telangana problem has come up which should be delath with the same frame of mind. The telangana people have not received the development as like rest of the Andhra Pradesh. The area being costal is neglected and also is differenct from rest of the AP keeping in vies the cultural background. the creation of Telangana will not be a problem if the issue is finalised amicably. The separation of state is not a major problem but the problem is a firm command in the centre to look after the affairs and have a co-operation with state govt. Since we are republic of India and follow one constitution there will be no problem unless of until we are devied on the base of religions as was done by British when they created India and Pak.

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Prateek Mishra said: (Oct 6, 2011)  
Friends I think that dividing states on linguistic basis will solve most of the problems in India like corruption, unemployment, and will provide equal opportunity to all.

This will make central government more stronger to administer the state government and by this all initiative and steps taken by central government will go to needy people.

And the question of division among our people the first and only identity we have is that we are Indian and I don't think that we need another identity.

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Sumana said: (Aug 16, 2011)  
Rise of regional blocks should not be encouraged at all. Ours only identity that we are Indian. India is a secular country where people belongs to different religion, cast, society live together. We are already divided our country on the basis of religion. Just we are repeating the history again. Politicians from different region are encouraging to create regional blocks in order to fulfill their own interest. Creation of regional blocks means hampering national integrity. Dividing the country into regional blocks isn't a solution to regional disparity. Every issues can be solved by discussing the same at national or at state level but but not at the cost of unity.

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Rashmi Roy said: (Jul 25, 2011)  
A human body has head, hands, legs, eyes, ears etc. When a problem occurs at any 1 part of our body, we take medications or operate that part. Do we separate it completely from our body unless its carcinogenic stuf?our country is our motherland. We are already divided on the basis of states, religion, caste, culture & numerous other unnecessary reasons. Now are we planning to make microscopic divisions?regional blocs cant be the ultimate solution. The only solution is to check corruption from the lowest till the highest level that don't let the flow of money reach its destination!

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Venkat said: (Jul 15, 2011)  
In every nation there are different types of religions, cultures, . E. T. C even though all of the people following different individual nationalities, The common resources (natural) are used by the people. The disputing nationalities can may suffer in future through the resource availability. There are several ways to resolve the problems of regional blocks. We have to get different existing nationalities which are like territories, even then those people are facing different problems, There is alternatives behind on this.

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Nabanita said: (Jul 2, 2011)  
My friends my views are a little different. Creating regional blocs does not challenge the nation's integration and unity. We have 28 states and 7 union territories, that is not a threat to INDIA.

Our country is so beautiful in its culture and the rich heritage shown by each state. There is and was never a competition about whose culture is the best.

In a family, like you have healthy disputes amongst the siblings, even our country has that some times.

With the regional blocs each one has its own identity and it shows their pride of having a diverse culture.

It is a boon for our nation not a bane.

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Jinu said: (May 21, 2011)  
Should be threat for India. If there are regional bloc there should be religion bloc also. So the fight will be common there to save their own culture and habits. If some enters there with some different thoughts, conflict there should be. So while consider some states in south area that will be totally different from other areas like east, north.

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Sayantani said: (May 6, 2011)  
Yes I agree that it is a threat and that also very much specific to India. To begin with we need to keep it in mind that being a multi-regional country somewhere or the other it was on the card. Coming to the question of threat, it will make the country weaker than ever. If we consider the time of our independence there also we got divided in two regions hence two independent nations were born- India Pakistan. And now we can see all these troubles is being caused because of that.

The more regional division means more groups to fight among themselves which ultimately deprive the country from peace and progress, as the saying goes "United we stand divided we fall".

To wrap up I would say that this is not IPL that we can enjoy the healthy competition, this is something involves our very own nation and its future. Regional blocks can create new problems only and to make out solution we have to work as a nation.

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Angika said: (May 6, 2011)  
Let's keep corruption aside for a while and focus on the problem like regionalism and cast-ism. The problem is not new one but from many decades it persists. No matter how much we are educated or aware but still 95 percent of population are having soft corner for the person who is from their cast or region. Britisher's had ruled us by the divide and rule policy. And history is repeating itself. The politicians are tactfully dividing us for their own benefits.

We need to understand that we are Indian first. And we should not support any individual who is dividing and favouring the division.

I don't think that the existing states should be divided to maintain the law n order. Every state is well equipped and having lot of fund to tackle any situation. Politicians are in favour of making new seats as they want to be the ministers and can fill there pockets and account with lot of money.

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Katkam said: (Apr 29, 2011)  
The rise of regional blocks representing particulars areas give rise to narrow thinking confined to their regions or development. Names of regional blocks indicating the linguistic division of the people are not only harmful to the region but also integrity of the country. Election Commission is approving the names of dividing the country into small units for example Telugu Desam (Telugu country). It is not understandable how that name has got clearance from Election Commission. In Tamil Nadu also there are many parties representing regional blocks. So unity and integrity of the country is at stake like how water war are being fought by States expressing selfish interests bypassing other states interests. Political parties are gaining selfish interests exploiting regional disparities. The Central Govt should take some subjects as union matter like Electricity and Irrigation. These matters of Electricity and Irrigation must be used for the whole parts of India such as where irrigation and electricity is deficient from the surplus states. Election Commission should ban regional parties. Instead national parties should be encouraged. The nomenclature of parties are such that indicate the division of the country into pieces. Unified Laws will be implemented throughout the country.

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Yashoda said: (Apr 28, 2011)  
Yes I do agree . For instant the state with majority resources might not be willing to share . Hence this will cause inter state disputes and threaten the independent nation

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Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

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