Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

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Neha said:   1 decade ago
I dont think cretion of regional blocs will effect nationalism as far concerned it should be done taking in view emotional aspect of people of that particular region.

Dividing the region will surely ease the governace and development aspect.But the feelings of that regional people should not get hurt.Before dividing any region goverment should tell people the actual reason as well as good effects of it.If any person has land which is going to be included into division, it should resolve the matter faithfully.As well as it should take care of anti social elements also.

According to the convinience of public, it should divide the land.

Esha said:   1 decade ago
I think creating regional blocs is something we really don't need now and don't have to do now. We are alredy divided in a wide range. It was britishers who started the trend of "divide and rule" and now our very own politicians are taking it forward. The point is we all know that what politicians are doing with our country. We cannot change them or lets say there basic instict for greed. But what we can definately do is we can change our society by putting our never ending contribution against corruption and all the odds that really really need our attention.

To summarise I would say regional blocs are a very big threat to our country if we are welcoming it, but it is really not a threat if we are confident about ourselves and our beleif in unity. Stand united. Stand strong.

Abhik said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree that it is a threat and that also very much specific to India. To begin with we need to keep it in mind that being a multi-regional country somewhere or the other it was on the card. Coming to the question of threat, it will make the country weaker than ever. If we consider the time of our independence there also we got divided in two regions hence two independent nations were born- India Pakistan. And now we can see all these troubles is being caused because of that.

The more regional division means more groups to fight among themselves which ultimately deprive the country from peace and progress, as the saying goes "United we stand divided we fall".

To wrap up I would say that this is not IPL that we can enjoy the healthy competition, this is something involves our very own nation and its future. Regional blocks can create new problems only and to make out solution we have to work as a nation.

Nithin said:   1 decade ago
Guys, is there any need for our Nation to have more regions? If there are more regions, political issues will devolop, corruption increases. Unity among the people will be affected badly. Regional feelings will be increased which is the big threat for india's devolopment. India will be among the devoloped nations list only with the weapon of "unity" not by anything else.

RAHAVI said:   1 decade ago
Our country is already facing a lot of problems like corruption, terrorism etc. We must first go behind Anna Hazare to solve these problems. Now there is no point in thinking about religion blocs. Its a waste of time. Be proud to say that "I AM AN INDIAN RATHER THAN SAYING I AM A HINDU OR MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN".

Vaibhav said:   1 decade ago
According to me, our country can be strenghthen only by proper management by Government & unity of people within a country. Instead of breaking our country furthermore into number of states, one shall make our country people united to fight against crisis in India like terrorism, corruption, price hikes etc & to include them in main stream of national progress.

Progress, Prosperity of nation doesn't depend on language, cast of people, only thing matters that people in nation are united & having positive attitude towards national growth.

Pankaj singh said:   1 decade ago
Suppose yours view is generalized,eventually leading to the disintegeration of India into as many states as per the demand on regional,religion,cultural or on economic basis. now will that would be a testimony to a secular country,or an epitome of integrity as a nation?would it not be a slap on the face of all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us to live and breathe in the free air? is it not our responsibility to come out of our cocoon of regionalism,culturalism and all those ..ism and think in terms of unity. no matter where we live let not forget that we are indian,and moving one step ahead let us live for the betterment of humanity. politicians only eye their self interest,afterall who does not want to become a chief minister of a new state and loot our country in yet a different way.

MS Khan said:   1 decade ago
I don't think so. Regional blocs due to change of culture and its importance can be created. We are living in 21st century and we should look at the problem for that point of view. Few years before we have created new states in form of Uttranchal, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. The mass of these area were different from the whole state dut to cultural differences, language, development etc. Due to creation of these new blocs we have seen a significant improvement and development which were earlier not visible being with the bigger state like UP, MP and Bihar. The govt has money but do not have resources at state level to get the job done. Now samller state will have their own reqmt and which will be met with great enthusiasm. The undevloped area of Chattisgarha and Jharkhand has noticed devlopemnt in field of infrasturcute, medical facilities and education which were earlier deprived of these facilities. These new states have almost no differences with the state from whom they have fell apart. Now the Telangana problem has come up which should be delath with the same frame of mind. The telangana people have not received the development as like rest of the Andhra Pradesh. The area being costal is neglected and also is differenct from rest of the AP keeping in vies the cultural background. the creation of Telangana will not be a problem if the issue is finalised amicably. The separation of state is not a major problem but the problem is a firm command in the centre to look after the affairs and have a co-operation with state govt. Since we are republic of India and follow one constitution there will be no problem unless of until we are devied on the base of religions as was done by British when they created India and Pak.

Prateek Mishra said:   1 decade ago
Friends I think that dividing states on linguistic basis will solve most of the problems in India like corruption, unemployment, and will provide equal opportunity to all.

This will make central government more stronger to administer the state government and by this all initiative and steps taken by central government will go to needy people.

And the question of division among our people the first and only identity we have is that we are Indian and I don't think that we need another identity.

Sumana said:   1 decade ago
Rise of regional blocks should not be encouraged at all. Ours only identity that we are Indian. India is a secular country where people belongs to different religion, cast, society live together. We are already divided our country on the basis of religion. Just we are repeating the history again. Politicians from different region are encouraging to create regional blocks in order to fulfill their own interest. Creation of regional blocks means hampering national integrity. Dividing the country into regional blocks isn't a solution to regional disparity. Every issues can be solved by discussing the same at national or at state level but but not at the cost of unity.

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