Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

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ABC said:   1 decade ago
Being a cosmopolitan country, India has a great diversity of people and the cultures followed by them. Thats what differentiates India from the rest of the world.

Of course the rise of regional blocs pose a serious threat to the country. Welfare of the people should always remain a paramount but the political parties try to DIVIDE AND RULE the state by bifurcating it. This selfish motive eventually leads to many conflicts among the people resulting in interstate disputes thus threatening the nation and depriving it from peace and progress.

I would like to conclude by saying that we should be proud to say that "WE ARE INDIANS RATHER THAN SAYING I AM A HINDU OR SIKH OR CHRISTIAN".

Bunty said:   1 decade ago
Dear All,

I feel the subdivision of existing states should not be encouraged without proper analysis and research on the underlying reason. This is because, there are certain states that that very big in size for administrators to manage them efficiently. This often leads to negligence to certain regions within to state and mismanagement of allocated resources. Examples being, Telangana in AP, Gorkhaland in WB etc.

But again, there are rising forces that demand division of states on the basis of culture, religion and language. These forces should be opposed vehemently as these are the brainchild of hypocritical politicians with malicious motives. Such divisions can lead to rivalry between states, fight for central resources, affect the national integrity as a whole.

Hence, I propose that IAS officers should perform a thorough research and investigation before arriving to any conclusion.

Swetha said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, this is swetha. As far as my concern regional division is not all required at present. India has been properly divided and different states are ruled by different political parties, India has to take steps to make the country developed nation. There are many issues to be solved in India such as corruption, women harassment, terrorism, inadequate public healthcare, an so on, government of India should take certain measures to stop all these things. Definitely at present if rise in regional bloc done then definitely independent nation like India will be threatened.

Jivi said:   10 years ago
It is not India is divided into many regional states. But India is formed by uniting different linguistic groups/race. We integrated on mutual understanding framework which is defined in the constitution. Our's federal system. If you don't divide states based on language then you can't unit. Unity will come by following our constitutions and understanding our duties more than our rights. Most of the Indian think about their rights. But one major duty respecting regions comes then most problem will be solved.

First let us understand what problem will be there if you don't divide based on language. First thing language is most important. Otherwise we can't communicate and our life won't progress. If my language is x but my capital is in region why and most of powerful people belongs to region y, then I can't communicate and I need to undergo discrimination.

Then to resolve following frameworks are worked out.

1. States will be formed based on language.

2. But There will be a common language which is nothing but hindi. Every state will Learn hindi in same time when other state people migrates then they need to respect local language and learn it.

3. But later, south part felt english is can be common language. So hindi and english become a common language.

After this we came to common agreement and most of the regional state (except tamilnadu) showed enthusiasm to implement hindi as common language (national language is not right word, According constitution all are national language).

Now let us understand current situation and problem.

1. Linguistic states performed better. But hindi speaking states failed to perform and they started to migrate heavily on other states. Main reason to fail is most of Political power stayed with hindi speaking and they become non-accountable. We started to convince ourself that we all are Indian. Main time we forgot that each state is accountable for the resource they had and they need to perform.

2. After migration people showed reluctant to learn local language which is the important reason to bring disharmony in to the framework. We forgot our duty as Indian to respect local culture/language and become bully to convince local people that hindi is a national language. Respect for implementing hindi is not encouraged but when small issues related to language happened those are given more importance instead of encouraging good things.

3. Some point central govt started to please some linguistic states and did not encouraged/supported who implemented hindi as common language.

4. Some states students needs to learn 3 language and some states needs to learn 2 language. This is a discrimination.

Solution (My personal view) :

1. Each state has to develop and should have a goal to improve the people conditions.

2. We should achieve migration needs between states for skillful people not labor worker. Migration for skillful people required to achieve Indian growth. Migration for labour shows unequal growth and wastage of states resources.

3. Every states need to implement 3 language system. Migrants should learn local language as third language. This should not be considered for awarding rank will be considered for passing. There should not be discrimination between central and state. If you tell migrants which does not stay for long time end up learning more language is problem then village people learning hindi as a third language is also same. I assume migrants has more income and can support tuitions. So when Village counterparts can take challenge of learning hindi why can't others.

4. After all these some state can become reluctant to implement hindi as common language. In this case states which are implementing hindi as common language must have grace mark/reservation in central govt job.

5. Final and most let us all perform duty of respecting local language when we migrate. Then we have right to migrate. Our constitution has given rights to move to any state and mean time it also asked to respect local languages.

6. If resource creates disputes. Make it national resources.

7. Create environment such that each states has good number of migrants from most of other states, so that no state can afford to have a dispute. This calls for development in each states.

Champ said:   1 decade ago
Regional block is good if it is use in positively. If there is not any regional block then we will fail to save culture and heritage. For example I am from non-Hindi speaking state so it is my duty to save our mother tongue and use it as much as possible Because Indian government is imposing Hindi on us. It is very difficult to develop equally in a large country like India. If there is any regional block to deal this issue then we should support it for the interest of our nation. Because our body can not work properly if you do not take care of any part of the body.

Naresh Reddy said:   1 decade ago
India is a linguistic country. In India there are lot of states having there different castes, creed, culture and education (up to S. S. C). The major problem is language. I am andrapradesh I don't know tamil, marati, gujarati. etc. Also the regional parties also divided India. National parties also tie up with regional parties and they decreasing the value of nationalism. Regional parties demanding national parties today.

Every one tell I'm Indian and afterwards tell the state.

Angika said:   1 decade ago
Let's keep corruption aside for a while and focus on the problem like regionalism and cast-ism. The problem is not new one but from many decades it persists. No matter how much we are educated or aware but still 95 percent of population are having soft corner for the person who is from their cast or region. Britisher's had ruled us by the divide and rule policy. And history is repeating itself. The politicians are tactfully dividing us for their own benefits.

We need to understand that we are Indian first. And we should not support any individual who is dividing and favouring the division.

I don't think that the existing states should be divided to maintain the law n order. Every state is well equipped and having lot of fund to tackle any situation. Politicians are in favour of making new seats as they want to be the ministers and can fill there pockets and account with lot of money.

Amit said:   1 decade ago
In recent times the feeling of regionalism is being infused by the politicians to harvest their selfish ambitions. The results have been catastrophic. Divided states like Jharkhand and Chattisgarh have naxalite presence, moreover the revenue of the state is affected, newly formed states have power, water sharing issues hence leading to more animosity between the people of the state than it was before. Hence regionalism should be strictly boycotted and a stringent laws should be passed making sure that non abiding politicians who promote regionalism face severe punishment.

Gourav Singla said:   1 decade ago
In my view, there should be Regional blocs but not the Religion blocs. Religion blocs tend to divide one religion human being from another caste. While Regional block is necessary to maintain their region from corruption and any other problem. Let say, I am a north Indian, I may not handle or understand the issue of South India. For that a block from south India has to stand against it. But when it comes to an common cause, all India should stand UNITE.

Pragya said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I think rise of regional-blocs-threatens independent nations like India. As India is a good example of national integrity where people from different castes and religions used to live together happily. But British started ruling over India by divide and rule through religions. And now a days, politicians are applying the same rule resulting in the situation for regional blocs. But the rise of regional blocs will destroy our unity and integrity. So, there is a need to create awareness among society people and should be encouraged to maintain integrity, otherwise its threatening effect will be seen on independent country like India.

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