Rise of Regional Blocs Threatens Independent Nations like India

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Sanjay Akhouri said:   1 decade ago
Rise of Regionalism will lead to fragmentation of core culture of the country with which it has been bounded since independence. Each Region or ism does have its own interest hence there is every possibility of conflict of interest if such ism is encouraged or promoted at one level or other. Binding force will gradually eroded and thus the country would be exposed to external risk on social, political and economic front besides sovereignty of the country.

Sanjay said:   1 decade ago
According to rise of regional blocks threat our nations integrity. India is country of diversity. Each region of India has different culture, language, religion so these diversities are preserved by integrity. Our constitution gives privilege to every person to fight for own rights. Many politicians are trying to create small regional block for their personal benefits they don't think about national integrity they only about their pocket money and get higher position and ministry. If think about own people they should try to reduce corruption from their state. Regional blocks produce redistribution b/w people of these two blocks.

Ashwini said:   1 decade ago
I think when we go in for such regional division based on the topography it would be better. When we explore the various opportunities in that area and work towards development concerning each area then we will be able to grow in the regional level as well as the national level and national and international trade will improve. The only limiting factor will be everyone should work for improvement rather than personal gains.

Neha said:   1 decade ago
I dont think cretion of regional blocs will effect nationalism as far concerned it should be done taking in view emotional aspect of people of that particular region.

Dividing the region will surely ease the governace and development aspect.But the feelings of that regional people should not get hurt.Before dividing any region goverment should tell people the actual reason as well as good effects of it.If any person has land which is going to be included into division, it should resolve the matter faithfully.As well as it should take care of anti social elements also.

According to the convinience of public, it should divide the land.

Nithin said:   1 decade ago
Guys, is there any need for our Nation to have more regions? If there are more regions, political issues will devolop, corruption increases. Unity among the people will be affected badly. Regional feelings will be increased which is the big threat for india's devolopment. India will be among the devoloped nations list only with the weapon of "unity" not by anything else.

Divya said:   1 decade ago
I think India is a country take strength of unity, where all diffrnt religion nd language people lives. But by this narrow mind thinking which is genarlly nd usually provide by polytician to achive only nd only there profit can destroy our country strength like some time ago our country was bird of gold. As so on by spread this narrow mind thinking which breaks family mothr son relationship which is most most lovely relationship tht can also harm our country nd some time after like tht peoples will call India was taking strenght of unity : (so please go ahead this narrow type thinking what we get to spread this only nd only heart breaking : (.

Jinu said:   1 decade ago
Should be threat for India. If there are regional bloc there should be religion bloc also. So the fight will be common there to save their own culture and habits. If some enters there with some different thoughts, conflict there should be. So while consider some states in south area that will be totally different from other areas like east, north.

Satyajeet said:   1 decade ago
Regional power are part of the federal structure but the union is not able take them all along because of their selfishness for their state people. They ignore the national requirement. There are many incident states are fighting for water, power, even land dispute among themselves which allows the anti nationals like naxals, terrorism and corruption to flourish.

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