Regional languages in India are fading out in today's world.

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Bishal Dikhit said:   5 years ago
From my point of view, the regional language is not getting paid rather it teaches us to solve all the other difficulties, like nowadays in order to get placed somewhere, we need frequent English communication skills, as we have to work with all other people belonging to other languages. So it doesn't mean regional language get faided, but made us a multi-language machine, which can adjust according to the load requirements but the full load speed is the regional language ever.

Gopi said:   5 years ago
Regional languages are like a mother, with which everyone will be more comfortable. It is born from our culture. Learning English is important to communicate to all parts of the world. But our knowledge should not be weighed in terms of speaking English as it is also just a language - a common language we can say. 'we cannot judge a book by its cover ' in the same way we cannot judge a person's knowledge, decency or dignity from their language but in recent days importance to our local languages is decreasing. While the rest of the world is admiring India's culture and values we are running away from it. We should protect our roots in our regional languages.

Raushan Kumar said:   6 years ago
I think regional language is not faded away in today's world.

In the present time, industry and Organisations want a common language that is English.

Some people know Tamil some people know Gujarati some people know Marathi so there is a barrier in talking with each other so English is a common language to communicate to each other so I think regional language didn't fade away but it takes place in the English language to communicate each other if there is a language barrier.

If you go to a foreign country and if you are speaking in Hindi they don't understand you but if you spoke in English they understand, reason behind is the language barrier so in day to day life the English language much communicating in organisation or any company but because of this I think regional language didn't fade away.

Shreya said:   6 years ago
Yes, the regional languages in India are fading out. Bcs now a time parents also send their childers in yhe english medium school. And in professional area english is mandatory language. So any job english is requirded. And no opportunity for other language. And people also think that if you can speak better enlish so you are inteligent. But not true.

Vennela T S said:   6 years ago
Yeah, our regional languages are fading away because of the psychology of India. So many people think that if a person speaks English he is very educated, brilliant, standard and a rich Person if you speak regional languages people think your not educated and you are a local middle-class person which is not at all a truth. No one cares about the knowledge someone has how much brilliant they are, they only see the language that a person speaks its the psychological effect. We have to be proud of our religion language we should have some respect.

Arunima said:   6 years ago
Yes, the regional languages are fading out because the pressure of learning and speaking eng is so much that neither parents nor the children are being encouraged to speak their regional languages. According to me regional lang should also being given importance acceptance as we should not forget our culture and should cherish what we are.

SABARNA said:   6 years ago
Hi, I am SABRNA. I am going to discuss the topic.

Yes, regional languages in India are fading out because in the professional area everyone is using the international language English and some time Hindi. Now, these two languages become the main language.

Guardians also prefer the English medium school compare to regional language medium school for the admission of their children.

For cracking the interview in private IT sector communication skill through English is essential.

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