Regional languages in India are fading out in today's world.

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Anand said:   11 months ago
So as we all know in today era our regional language fading day by day we give the preference to the western culture. Like the English language in India childern learn English language first instead of regional because the mind set of Indian people is if he or she speak well English than he or she is well educated they will be successful.

That is the reason of fading regional language over other language.

Akas sorate said:   1 year ago
Hi I am Akash,

Yes, reginal languages in India are fading out due to everyone giving preference to western culture and tradition. We are not give important to regional language as like to English language. We are turning to teach our child English first to understand rather than regional languages. This would be reducing our love towards regional languages.

Satyam said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Regional languages in India are fading out because of our mindset and lack of quality and interest in these languages. We don't give much importance to our languages. These are choices, people make in their daily life or mostly:

1. We prefer English schools over regional medium schools.

2. We prefer Hollywood, Korean, and German movies over Indian Cinema.

3. In every organisation's post, English is compulsory. If you don't know English then go for the position of labour.

4. India needs an common language (which every person needs to interact with other parts of our country). That language is one and only English.

There are many more such examples. If we talk about why we are choosing or doing this then the answer will be quality.

English Schools are way more well maintained and have better quality than other regional schools. Our Indian Cinema produces good quality movies very rare. Those who don't know English watches the dubbed foreign movies but still prefer to watch foreign over Indian. Most entrepreneurs rise from well-educated families or well-developed areas and if that entrepreneur comes from under developed family or a lower-middle-class family then they have to adopt English to compete in the market.

If we observe then it kind of becomes a vicious cycle.


Mukund said:   2 years ago
India is a country of diversity, so no wonder we have got lots of Regional languages, like Bengali, Gujarati, Malyalam etc.

Since we were a British colony in past, so every part of India is influenced by English and with globalisation more and more people prefer to speak in English as it is also required in professional life and everything on internet is primarily in English. So people are shifting more and more towards English instead of their own Regional language.

However, I strongly believe most people prefer to speak in their regional language at home.

Harsh said:   2 years ago
Indian govt start providing new language learning facilities and languages like (English, German, French) due to which they are stopping funds for the regional schools instead which they think off that it will help in development but instead of introducing new well affiliated schools which are providing languages like German, French govt could go for investing funds in regional schools which could overwhelm students to depicted and dedicated towards their culture and also India could develop with this also.

Ian said:   2 years ago
I am not familiar with Indian culture, so I am not sure what languages do Indians speak. As far as I know, dialects are spoken by ethnic minorities and the older generation. However, due to globalization, children nowadays are deprived of their chance to learn native languages since English as an international language is attached significant importance in schools. This means that students lack opportunities to communicate with native language speakers. Therefore, I think that the traditional dialects may fall into disuse in the new future because the younger generation can no longer understand them.

Priya said:   2 years ago
India is a country of regional languages but facing current situation there is a great need of knowing English as it is used over worldwide since, every countries has it's own regional language so English is becoming common language for communication as there is requirement of common language for business and building all connections or abroad studies. But also regional languages should be known it depicts our belonging and there is no shame in knowing two or three languages.

Deepti arya said:   2 years ago
Yes, it's true that a country like India which is known for various regional cultures and languages is adopting western culture including western languages as the youth of the country wants to explore the world, they prefer to have the knowledge of worldwide language rather than regional language and on the other side, there is more scope and opportunities has been given to the people who know English or Hindi than the people who know the only regional language. So, in my opinion, it's the market demand to have the knowledge of international language so that the businesses can grow worldwide.

That is why the parents want their children to adopt or learn the international language to compete in the world.

But, I believe that regional languages represent the diversity of our country so we should also give importance to regional languages so that in future it will not fade away forever from our country.

Narinder Kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am giving my views about the given topic.

In modern times, English becomes essential for us, nowadays all official work is done in the English language. It impacts adversely on regional languages. Regional languages are fading out due to the impact of Western culture and our education system. Some schools are totally English and regional language is optional to learn. In today's world, a man is known by his language and person with good knowledge of English and good speaker is consider educated. Youth is preferring English to the regional language. No doubt English is essential if we want to live in today's world with respect but we should not forget our regional language it's very important to know our culture and religion.

Thank you.

Dnyaneshwar said:   2 years ago
Hi everybody,

As we all know that, India is the country having very rich and vibrant past. We have lots of heritage behind us. Many rurals ruled over Indian land and put their impact here. In India so many native languges are spoken by peoples and these numbers near about 1652 languages are spoken according to one of the census. Each language has its own history behind as per evolution steps from very ancient time. However, despite countless regional languages and their abundance in terms of spoken and written literature, they are fast fading out in today's world. There are many regional languages that have been long forgotten and are not spoken anymore.

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