Regional languages in India are fading out in today's world.

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Ans said:   4 years ago
Yes, I think our regional languages are fading out. There are many reason of it.

If we want to learn any technology then firstly we have to learn English, other than that English is an international language it is the only way to communicate with people from different countries.

If we talk about our country, there is diversity in language that's why there should be one language through which we can communicate with them so English is important to learn.

Nowadays parents talk to their children in English due to this today's children donot know anything about the mother language.

If the mother tongue is eyes then English is spectacles so we should focus on our mother tongue and the government should also focus to promote our mother language.

Supriya said:   5 years ago
Hi, I'am SUPRIYA. I'll tell why regional language is fading out in today's world.

People think it's prestige when we speak in English but when we speak in regional language like Kannada they think it's not worth for us as we have studied in convent schools but we love our language in Foreign countries like Japan, America people have using Kannada songs but in India people ignore us when we speak in Regional language. We should be proud when foreigners speak our language but in reputed we should speak english specially at times of interview as it is very necessary to get the job for our future living.

At last, I end by saying English is just a language not knowledge but regional languages are our emotions. Thank you.

P. Sravana Manogna said:   4 years ago
At present regional languages are fading why because we are giving much priority to other tongue than mother tongue. If we imagine mother tongue as our eyes and other tongue as our spectacles without proper eyes what's the use of spectacles. Day by day in our schools and colleges. Our regional languages are fading. My request is first learn mother tongue as our honourable vice president always bother about mother land, mother tongue. So firstly we have to bring awareness about mother tongue as we know it's importance then after we have to give priority to other tongues.

Samhitha said:   5 years ago
I think it's true. Regional languages are fading in our country. The first thing I would like to mention is the international language, English is the one which is spread all over the world for global communication. After enhancing the mobile networks like 4G, India stuck to the net communicating in English leaving their mother tongue. And the second thing is the new generation who are presently in schools are made to learn English first and then other languages. The third thing family members also speak English with their children despite their mother tongue. But I conclude we should not loose our own languages. We should balance both.

Krittika upadhyay said:   4 years ago
India is a country where people with different communities reside together, which we call unity in diversity. But according to me it is not possible to learn all the different languages being spoken by people of different community. So, there must be a common language "English" that is being spoken by many Indians and "Hindi" as our National Language. Yes, it is also true that for the sake of learning "English" speaking in "English" people become less conscious about their Regional Languages and accordingly our regional languages are fading out.

So, I agree with the fact that due to modernization and in this developing world people are less concerned about their regional languages, also they feel ashamed of speaking in mother tongue in front of others but on contrary with their family they feel very comfortable in speaking in their mother tongue and also love to watch movies, other shows on TV in their regional languages.

So, I think people should keep their mother tongue in their heart and respect it beacause our all emotions are attached through our mother tongue.

Satyam said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Regional languages in India are fading out because of our mindset and lack of quality and interest in these languages. We don't give much importance to our languages. These are choices, people make in their daily life or mostly:

1. We prefer English schools over regional medium schools.

2. We prefer Hollywood, Korean, and German movies over Indian Cinema.

3. In every organisation's post, English is compulsory. If you don't know English then go for the position of labour.

4. India needs an common language (which every person needs to interact with other parts of our country). That language is one and only English.

There are many more such examples. If we talk about why we are choosing or doing this then the answer will be quality.

English Schools are way more well maintained and have better quality than other regional schools. Our Indian Cinema produces good quality movies very rare. Those who don't know English watches the dubbed foreign movies but still prefer to watch foreign over Indian. Most entrepreneurs rise from well-educated families or well-developed areas and if that entrepreneur comes from under developed family or a lower-middle-class family then they have to adopt English to compete in the market.

If we observe then it kind of becomes a vicious cycle.


Mukund said:   2 years ago
India is a country of diversity, so no wonder we have got lots of Regional languages, like Bengali, Gujarati, Malyalam etc.

Since we were a British colony in past, so every part of India is influenced by English and with globalisation more and more people prefer to speak in English as it is also required in professional life and everything on internet is primarily in English. So people are shifting more and more towards English instead of their own Regional language.

However, I strongly believe most people prefer to speak in their regional language at home.

Neha said:   5 years ago
Yes, I agree to this topic. Most of the people especially millennium, think ashamed of speaking their regional language in front of others. They think English is the only language through which we can get status and fame. Even foreigners also speak in their regional language, then why can't we Indians speak proudly. English is just a language like all other languages. But English is necessary for corporate world to communicate with other country. Most of the people know English language, therefore we should know English language also but should not feel ashamed in speaking our regional language, through which our emotions are attached.

Thank you!

Indresh Yadav said:   3 years ago
According to my point of view, Regional language is must for each and every citizen as far as language is concerned. Learning any language is not bad but at the same time forgetting our regional language is a sin because the language which taught us how to talk with our mother, language which taught us in our childhood how to say mother and father, that language has special space in our heart and we as Indians have great feelings for mother and for our country. So, it's not wise to forget our regional language, apart from it we can learn an international language. Forgetting our regional language at the cost of an international language is worst.

Divyasree said:   3 years ago
There are 22 recognized languages in India, however there are thousands of languages spoken in India, some of them already fade away and some are about to fade. We are very diverse we have different languages so It's quite difficult to learn all the regional languages. We have our national language as Hindi to communicate with people from different parts of the country. In case of higher education or to learn any new technology or job we need some international language to communicate. As majority of the population in the world speak English it's obvious that we are concerned about English, and it does not mean that we neglect our regional language, we are giving a bit more importance to international language because of the social environment. In order to learn some language, mother tongue lays the foundation.

In my view, the primary education should be more emphasized on mother tongue at the same time government should make certain norms in today's education to secure regional languages from fading away. We have to make children realize the importance of the regional language.

As we are the second most populated country we can make some initiatives to make our nation independent on our own languages. For example today we have translator on keypads so that no only English spoken person can operate technology, any regional spoken person can operate. So there is lot of scope for future generations to relay the regional languages so that creative ideas and innovative things can come up at the same time the language can live long by giving lot of opportunities.

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