Regional languages in India are fading out in today's world.

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P. Sravana Manogna said:   4 years ago
At present regional languages are fading why because we are giving much priority to other tongue than mother tongue. If we imagine mother tongue as our eyes and other tongue as our spectacles without proper eyes what's the use of spectacles. Day by day in our schools and colleges. Our regional languages are fading. My request is first learn mother tongue as our honourable vice president always bother about mother land, mother tongue. So firstly we have to bring awareness about mother tongue as we know it's importance then after we have to give priority to other tongues.

Meghna said:   4 years ago
Hello guys.

The answer would be a 50-50 as there are some languages which are fading out and the same are studied as a part of the syllabus.

For example; if we take Sanskrit as a language, how many of them from this can tell they know this language, I bet just 10 to 15 % people know the language perfectly with the grammar but what about the rest.

No one will have the answer that they know this language.

As in our culture, Sanskrit is called the Mother of the Language and we know how really we study this language. Now I feel this is just a name of language like French, Chinese, Hindi. No one will study this as it has somewhere lost its importance. Now the young generation is attracted towards new languages like French, German and other.

So the whole point is it's us on one the importance of language depends.

If you can just google, please search in which countries Sanskrit is made a part of the syllabus. I can answer you will be finding 1-2 countries except for India and whereas today we still have options to choose while we have to study in the. So this was just one example there are such many. I thought to emphasize the mother of the languages as it will be the best example and remember guys all languages are equally important as our culture teaches us to respect every culture, language and caste and creed.


RV Jyothi said:   4 years ago
I am not sure if the regional languages are completely fading out. They still are some areas in every region following their cultural heritage and giving their language a recognition it deserves. For example, in AP/Telangana we have the Telugu language but it is not made compulsory at English medium schools. Hence no one is compelled to learn it as it is an optional language for us. So we could learn Sanskrit or French as a second language. It should be made mandatory for it not to fade away at least communication is required it not reading or writing of the regional language.

Rashi said:   4 years ago
No! Absolutely not. Regional languages are not fading out. Every community had their own languages and they are too good at meaning it. Though English is a techy language one needs to nail what professional remains professional n what personal remains personal. Do people change their language for jobs & others?

It's always their mother tongue which helps them to form Civilianity with another person in society. Because not everyone knows this English. But truly & sadly Indians are most obsessed with English culture and eng language.

Krittika upadhyay said:   4 years ago
India is a country where people with different communities reside together, which we call unity in diversity. But according to me it is not possible to learn all the different languages being spoken by people of different community. So, there must be a common language "English" that is being spoken by many Indians and "Hindi" as our National Language. Yes, it is also true that for the sake of learning "English" speaking in "English" people become less conscious about their Regional Languages and accordingly our regional languages are fading out.

So, I agree with the fact that due to modernization and in this developing world people are less concerned about their regional languages, also they feel ashamed of speaking in mother tongue in front of others but on contrary with their family they feel very comfortable in speaking in their mother tongue and also love to watch movies, other shows on TV in their regional languages.

So, I think people should keep their mother tongue in their heart and respect it beacause our all emotions are attached through our mother tongue.

Punith R said:   4 years ago
Hi all,

In my opinion, I would like to say that regional languages are not fading out in today's world. Because our mother tongue should be in our heart and for the sake of professional we have to be aware of English.

In IT sector, we can't talk in our mother language, where there will be people who don't know more than few languages, so English is the international language and professional lag and everyone know this language, and also for an interview in IT sector will be done through English, not in your mother tongue.

Samhitha said:   4 years ago
I think it's true. Regional languages are fading in our country. The first thing I would like to mention is the international language, English is the one which is spread all over the world for global communication. After enhancing the mobile networks like 4G, India stuck to the net communicating in English leaving their mother tongue. And the second thing is the new generation who are presently in schools are made to learn English first and then other languages. The third thing family members also speak English with their children despite their mother tongue. But I conclude we should not loose our own languages. We should balance both.

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Of Course, the regional languages are fading in today's world. Because we are in technological world. So we are talking in official languages. So regional languages are fading in India. Because only we are speaking with family and friends in regional languages. So other times we are speaking English language. So, the regional languages are fading in today's world.

Shilpi said:   4 years ago
Well this is not true. We can't say that the regional languages in India are fading out in today's world. It depends upon the region we live in and people we interact with. In the job field, education field and diiferent types of field we interact with different types of people from different corners of the world. So, everybody is not able to understand every language. Therefore mostly english is considered as the standard language and people got habituated with it. But when it comes to interact with the people of same region, we just follow our regional language.

India is the land of different languages and regions and we Indians know, respect it and very proud of it.

Thank you.

Bhanu said:   4 years ago
Hi All,

I am Bhanu and I am proud of my mother tongue or my state's regional language Odia.

It depends upon those community of people whether their regional language is going to fade or not. Isn't it? Respect and follow your own culture will won't let you language to fade. However People of ancient India was respecting their culture and ancestors, Sanskrit extinct and a lot of languages came to the picture.

Papua New Guinea is a country having around 800 languages. They follow one language called "Pidgin" invented by them as English is more difficult to understand and speak for them. Not only the country wants to communicate or civilized like other country but also suffering to keep their umpteen tribal cultures. So It is a human being's nature. They want to be developed and civilized.

So do not get worried about the extinction of any languages whether it is ancient or modern. In fact, A language could not be completely extinct. It will replicate or convert to any other language like how Sanskrit is today. So finally the whole world is trying to communicate in one common language which was not possible before 200 years ago. It is a time to be relished that all people can communicate with each other. We do not want any language barriers to come in between humanity.

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