Regional languages in India are fading out in today's world.

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Narinder Kumar said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am giving my views about the given topic.

In modern times, English becomes essential for us, nowadays all official work is done in the English language. It impacts adversely on regional languages. Regional languages are fading out due to the impact of Western culture and our education system. Some schools are totally English and regional language is optional to learn. In today's world, a man is known by his language and person with good knowledge of English and good speaker is consider educated. Youth is preferring English to the regional language. No doubt English is essential if we want to live in today's world with respect but we should not forget our regional language it's very important to know our culture and religion.

Thank you.

Ans said:   4 years ago
Yes, I think our regional languages are fading out. There are many reason of it.

If we want to learn any technology then firstly we have to learn English, other than that English is an international language it is the only way to communicate with people from different countries.

If we talk about our country, there is diversity in language that's why there should be one language through which we can communicate with them so English is important to learn.

Nowadays parents talk to their children in English due to this today's children donot know anything about the mother language.

If the mother tongue is eyes then English is spectacles so we should focus on our mother tongue and the government should also focus to promote our mother language.

Sakshi Priya said:   3 years ago
Yes, Regional languages are fading out in India. Its main reason is today's education system and the youngsters too. Because youngsters are more interested in western culture and forgetting their own culture. English is the highly prioritized language for reading, writing and speaking all over the world. It is necessary to learn English as we can communicate all over the world if we know English. Professionally English is necessary to learn. And for society and culture, our regional language should be necessary. As that's our identity. That is one of the things to represent our culture. As we know in history we were ruled by the British for a long time. They left India physically but mentally also we are ruled by them.

Supriya said:   5 years ago
Hi, I'am SUPRIYA. I'll tell why regional language is fading out in today's world.

People think it's prestige when we speak in English but when we speak in regional language like Kannada they think it's not worth for us as we have studied in convent schools but we love our language in Foreign countries like Japan, America people have using Kannada songs but in India people ignore us when we speak in Regional language. We should be proud when foreigners speak our language but in reputed we should speak english specially at times of interview as it is very necessary to get the job for our future living.

At last, I end by saying English is just a language not knowledge but regional languages are our emotions. Thank you.

Tanya Khandelwal said:   4 years ago
Yes, I also think that regional language is going depleted day by day because western language is coming nowadays most of this generation is learning English, French, Spanish Chinese as these languages are mostly used in the world but Hindi or any other regional language is no of use. Because if we see in GD and interview citizens have to speak in English instead of Hindi and nowadays English determines the knowledge of person weather is intelligent which is so bad.

If this is going then the day is not so far where our coming generation will not know any Indian language.

According to me, we should learn a foreign language but along with that, we should preserve our Indian languages also.

Shilpi said:   5 years ago
Well this is not true. We can't say that the regional languages in India are fading out in today's world. It depends upon the region we live in and people we interact with. In the job field, education field and diiferent types of field we interact with different types of people from different corners of the world. So, everybody is not able to understand every language. Therefore mostly english is considered as the standard language and people got habituated with it. But when it comes to interact with the people of same region, we just follow our regional language.

India is the land of different languages and regions and we Indians know, respect it and very proud of it.

Thank you.

Gopi said:   5 years ago
Regional languages are like a mother, with which everyone will be more comfortable. It is born from our culture. Learning English is important to communicate to all parts of the world. But our knowledge should not be weighed in terms of speaking English as it is also just a language - a common language we can say. 'we cannot judge a book by its cover ' in the same way we cannot judge a person's knowledge, decency or dignity from their language but in recent days importance to our local languages is decreasing. While the rest of the world is admiring India's culture and values we are running away from it. We should protect our roots in our regional languages.

Dnyaneshwar said:   3 years ago
Hi everybody,

As we all know that, India is the country having very rich and vibrant past. We have lots of heritage behind us. Many rurals ruled over Indian land and put their impact here. In India so many native languges are spoken by peoples and these numbers near about 1652 languages are spoken according to one of the census. Each language has its own history behind as per evolution steps from very ancient time. However, despite countless regional languages and their abundance in terms of spoken and written literature, they are fast fading out in today's world. There are many regional languages that have been long forgotten and are not spoken anymore.

Neha said:   5 years ago
Yes, I agree to this topic. Most of the people especially millennium, think ashamed of speaking their regional language in front of others. They think English is the only language through which we can get status and fame. Even foreigners also speak in their regional language, then why can't we Indians speak proudly. English is just a language like all other languages. But English is necessary for corporate world to communicate with other country. Most of the people know English language, therefore we should know English language also but should not feel ashamed in speaking our regional language, through which our emotions are attached.

Thank you!

Sohn said:   3 years ago
In my viewpoint, regional are fading day by day as we asr adopting western culture. Most of the schools teach you in the English language which makes the gap between regional language as we started speaking in the English language as compared to the regional language. Our society also considered English speaking people as brilliant and smart and gives respect to the that people and the people who speak in a regional language is considered as weak illiterate and people neglect it ha happened also because of British rule.

In my conclusion, we should know to learn many languages but never leaves the mother tongue language it is part of our identity.

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