Reforms have to grow up.

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Shiva Gupta said:   2 years ago
Good evening friends,

First, we have to know about what is a form, reform is a thing which has to grow up in the country and have to increase the good thing in our people and also using how to develop the existing rule in the country.

They are awesome steps which country from India to a great country.

1. Everyone should be educated and aware of everything that happened in India according to the constitution. Everyone should know the law of the constitution.

2. There should be gender equality among everyone.

Thanking you!

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Reforms have to grow up in the country. Because reforms have to increase the good things in our people And also using how to develop the existing rules in the country. Government and private sectors also using reforms factors in the business. Reforms are good role play in our society.

Thanking You.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
First, we need to understand what is reform. It is reshaping a sector. Be it agriculture banking or industry. We were told in the time of pm election that reform is in the pipeline but till date it has not happened or if happened that too in little quantity. If we take agriculture. Farmer distress is still there. Farmer suicide is on the rise. Rural sector is still out of the purview of development where govt is introducing smart cities. Most of the parts of India is under water or flood hit during monsoon. So there is no infrastuctural inprovement. If we see the service sector specially banks. They are all in a morbid condition. Banking reforms are only a myth. Industrial sector reform. We were told of make in India mission but govt's freedom phone is already failed. Job creation in its altime low. In last 3 years only 4 million jobs were created in compare to previous govt's 12 million jobs. So in which sector there is reform? Everyday we only hear about new schemes but there is no proper implementation of the schemes. Poor are getting poor and corrupt rich people reaping all the benefits. The reform is needed of people's attitudes. People are lax about corruption. They blatently support corruption and noone takes measure to reform the society. In a nutshell. In every sector of our country reform itself should grow up.

Rajkumar surana said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

My name is Raj Jain, and according to my concern reforms that government is taking are enough but there should be strictly implementation of these reforms and each of us should follow rules and regulations, if we can make this possible India will become a developed country soon.

Government at there stage also trying to connect with people for new reforms ideas and about regulations, we should cime forward and help them to make India better.


Shubham gupta said:   8 years ago
I think that reform has to grow up because the world changes so the government thus their thoughts which bring reforms. Now it depends on how nicely has been reform implemented thus a story of reform may receive claps or stones. But whatsoever reform are need of time & it is an important tool of governance & citizen demand.

Alahari.Radhika said:   8 years ago
Good Morning everybody,

According to me there should be some reforms in education system. To be frank even our Indian Government are trying to bring so many reforms in our education system based on the younger generations and present competition in the world.

So, I think that whatever reforms we are making today are not enough, reforms have to grow up. We have to include some personality development related subjects to children instead of following all the subjects.

We have to teach the children how to compete in the present world with the knowledge and the human ethics to make their character polished. As per me education is not only that what we are teaching the lessons from books it is also something that what we can teach to the student more than that which help them to survive in the present society.

To get this reform everybody has to contribute their part to the society. Parents should take their part properly, Teachers has to play their role properly and even the Government should prepare the curriculum perfectly which help the coming generations to become strong. At least we have to reach 20% of ideas of Rabindranath Tagore I about the education to form a best education system with the our contribution.

Thank you friends for making me the part of this discussion and allowing me to express my ideas regarding the reforms of education system.

A.Lavanya said:   8 years ago
Good morning everybody,

My opinion according to reforms in education system is its a team work of all the three i.e. parents, students and even the teachers. We can't bring the reform in a single day. Anyways bygones or bygones we will discuss what to do now. According to me instead of framing a huge curriculum to students framing less curriculum is much better, that curriculum with practical knowledge should be there.

But this practical thing should be done by students only for this thing teacher should give the student more guidance that how to do the particular project and the parents should ask the children what the project is exactly and must explain them how to do this at least if we are able to do this process up to 10% I think we are into success.

No doubt our education system is 80% framed very efficiently. According to me instead of finding the 20% mistakes in our curriculum first of all we should implement correctly the 80% syllabus framed by the government. I have so many ideas to discuss but I think its now time to put full stop to my discussion.

Priyanka dhote said:   8 years ago
Reform it need to reform yourself also the issues going on. Reformation means treating everyone equally and that is lacking also their should be reformation in each and every sector. Specifically in education sector. If we really want reformation then education is must poor had to reform with food shelter and clothes. At last reformation leads to education.

Rathi said:   10 years ago
Hello friends,

We are discussing about the topic, "reforms have to grow up". We are in a position towards the successful as India is a developed country. We are the responsible person and we should have control over the inflation in our country. In such a way we should avoid corruption at all levels. We are proud to say that, villages are the backbone of india, but for those villages people our government doesn't satisfies the basic requirements. Youngsters are to be motivated to be involved in politics to make the country towards success and developed country.

Ramji Kumar Dubey said:   10 years ago
Hello friends.

We in our topic about "Reforms in india" I have some point to discuss in it.

Reforms i.e. reformation of India is not possible because it required unselfish hands which our country can't have.

We are fund of selfishness only thinking of self by abusing lower and middle class people.

This will widen the gap between the rich and the poor i.e80% of the population will be dominated by the 20% richer people.

How can India will be developed.

Further for development an adequate infrastructure was required from metro cities to rural areas which our government fail to provide so.

You remember the emergency in 1991, when the actual reforms has taken place if that was not taken our country should go insolvent and then the policy of globalisation and privatisation commence. This was only due to emergency. And only when those some types of emergency obtain we will surely see the Reforms. Till then the country will run as usual.

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