Rapists should be given Death Sentence

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Sumit bbsr said:   1 decade ago
Yeah; I Quite agree with Rana. Because death sentence is not the ultimate way to overcome the rape problem. It is said "HATE THE CRIME NOT THE CRIMINALS". So that we should think about the solutions not about the death punishments. Results we can constitute a beautiful society.

It is true that rape is a hardest crime. But it is not the ultimate punishment. So, we can punish the rapist in such a way that it gives profit to the country and the economy. For example a rapist should be used for the cleaning of roads all the life.

Bhagbat said:   1 decade ago
There is nothing to discuss on this topic because honestly I feel that a rapist should be given death penalty or life imprisonment or a more painful punishment. We can only talk about it but no one can really feel the pain what those people had, who has been victim of such dreadful crime. And those words that "women should be stronger" or "they should not go to unsafe places"these are all meaningless because in a country where men and women are treated equally then what these words mean?. For me rape is a dreadful crime and the guilty should be given DEATH PENALTY.

Sneha said:   1 decade ago
Rape the more word sound simple the more painful it is to suffer after one gets through this situation. It deprives the girl who has been raped from their normal life.

And their life becomes not better than a curse to her. In order to stop this dangerous the government should actually take the death sentence to the criminal involved in such heinous crime. This is the only way by which one will think a hundred time before committing this for it will ask for one's life which I don't think one would try to loose. For the life is a precious thing to everyone. For until and unless they are given the death sentence they will continue to have the power to spoil another life once he gets out of his punishment and the crime will continue to stay as long as our society will exist. So to put an end to it and uplift the life of the woman it should be removed right from it root by applying punishment as the death sentence.

SPS said:   1 decade ago
I think for crime like rape, it's important to spread awareness among every citizen to abstain from these type of crime. Anyone found guilty must be punished severely but not death sentence because after death the criminal will not feel guilty, I think life imprisonment is the most suitable option for punishment.

Radhi said:   1 decade ago
I agree that rapists should be given death sentence. How dare those people to do such a inhuman activity. In some foreign countries people doing crimes like this are spot punished. But here just few years of punishment or some fine only. Will this change their mind? Some friends said mostly girls are responsible for initiating such traumas. Ok let it be one reason. Then how can we blame small school girls being given sexual harrassment by some persons. Do they wear dress in awkward manner? do they talk badly? they even don't know spelling for sex. Many times we heared in new about this. The only punishment that can be given to them is death. No one should show pity on those people.

Tanweer said:   1 decade ago
No guys, death is not the only way to give punishment to a rapist. In my opinion there are several other ways by which we can stop such traumas. I think that in such cases girls are 60% responsible for what happens to them. The dressing sense of girls nowadays has crossed every limits and the type of fashion what girls are adopting today can't be ignored and everything what girls are doing today is just to maintain the high society (specially girls from middle class family). I'm not saying that girls are only responsible but they can save them from such situation as Rana and Veena has already explained.

Chris said:   1 decade ago
Yes the rapist has to be given death sentence because no one likes to die if you award him life time he is gonna happily spend the rest of the years in jail. Only this can bring fear for committing such crime by anyone in the future.

Ankita said:   1 decade ago
Death penalty is the only deterrent to a heinous crime like rape. As mentioned by a speaker above it is unfortunate that a women's countenance is being blamed for the crime instead of the man's intention. To value a women's life, to give her justice awarding death penalty to the guilty might be of some justice.

Suresh said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree with Swati. But mainly should be in such away that punishment has to given to the particular person will realize. As should see real taste of death.

Naveen said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I agree with swati to some extent. Women don't need to get trained on karate etc. But death sentence is not the right punishment, because the culprit has to know the mistake he has committed and should be punished severely, very horribly that he should feel even death is better than punishment.

He should be held at jail for life time. And this way of punishment should be campaigned in all public places by the government so that every one fears of committing that kind of mistake.

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