Privatization will lead to Less Corruption

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Shankey Kumar said:   10 years ago
Hello friends, according to my point of view, no doubt privatization lead to less corruption but with the same there is also need to change the thinking of the peoples. If maximum sector in India becomes private but the mentality of the people remain same, then what's the fun of privatization?

I think there are two types of effort are require to remove the corruption in India. First one is from government side and second one from our side. First I would like to discuss the effort of government side. The government should make strict rule for every department and take action immediately to give the punishment to accused person. I think if government take action against only one percent of the accuse person, then the other 99% person automatically do their duty honestly.

Second effort is require from the ourside. Now today, there is a need to change the wrong mentality of the people. If we do our duty honestly, then a large amount of corruption is ended. If we take oath to do any work without taking anything, then how corruption is not ended?

So At last I want to say that, if we want to end the corruption totally, then with the government, there is also need to change the mentality of our mind and then only corruption is totally ended.

J v sandeep said:   1 decade ago
Hello good afternoon my dear friends,

From the topic stated above 'does privatization lead to less corruption?'. I think definitely no. Because privatization only improves the efficiency when compared to that of public sector but cannot completely lead to abolish corruption in India.

Corruption came in India due to mindset in people, so it needs to be changed to overcome this issue. Even after becoming privatized sector, the corruption starts there also. So, we need to eliminate people's mindset and must encourage them not to give or take corruption and should make them aware about the effects of corruption.

Privatization does only make our works efficient and faster but not actually eliminate our global corruption. Therefore, to reduce it we must implement stringent laws over the victims who encourages it and make people aware over certain disadvantages which are caused by the corruption.

Thus, I finally conclude that we need not privatize our public sector to eliminate corruption indeed we can change certain rules and regulate laws by implementing stringent rules and aware the people over this issue to make our India a corruption free country.

Ankit Singh said:   7 years ago
Hi, friends! according to my point of view, privatization is a very helpful idea to control corruption. Because in private sector every person is always worried about their job security. If they don't do their work in a right way, they may lose their job. In the other hand, gov workers have not any fear about their job. Many people want to join government sector just to earn more money without any hard work. Privatization is a good option but if we apply it in all the sectors then it will create very problems for the middle class and lower class family. For example: if all medical sector and education sector will be privatized then it will not be easy to afford good education and good medical facilities for the poor people because we all know the condition of private colleges and private hospitals. Privatization should be done but only in those areas where corruption is a common thing like construction sector.

Mayank Agarwal said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends,

In my opinion, it is true that privatization will lead to less corruption in comparison to the government sector because the job of the employees in the private sector is not secured and they know very well if they would not provide the result to the organisation which would contribute to the growth of it they will be fired or retrenched which will lead to less corruption in the private sector but on the contrary side it is obvious that it depends on the person's mind to get bribe or not but if we talk about the ratio so it 80:20 i.e. there are only 20% people who are corrupt in the private sector but in the government sector this ratio is 80% which turned me to tell that privatization will lead to less corruption but is is also take in the, mind that 100% privatization is not beneficial because every private organisation work for profit but government organisation work for country.

Thank You.

Anup Sharma said:   1 decade ago
Privatization and corruption both are totally different thing. Those people who are corrupt it doesn't matter whether they are in public sector or government sector they will remain corrupt. The only benefit of privatization is that quality of output of different organization will improve. As you can take the example of Indian railway if it will be privatized then you will able to see the standard of the Indian railway.

Mithilesh said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, Privatisation will lead to less corruption compared to government organisations. The reason being Nepotism present in government organisations and pressures on organisations to induct more and more employees as government is concerned more with unemployment then with profits earned. Privatisation will reduce external involvement during working of organisation. Also not all companies should be privatised as they will start monopolising markets for their own good.

Ankur said:   1 decade ago
Stay away from Privatization. Think of it in this way, if a private company is interested in taking over a Service then it thinks that it can make a profit on this Service. These profits will go to the Shareholders who might be outside the country. Wouldn't it be better if the profits remained with the govt i.e. the Nation. We have to better manage these public Sector services and run them like a private company. The only winner from Privatization is the private company and the only loser is the Nation.

Nauhad said:   1 decade ago
Main reason why public sector is corrupted because of less accountability and job security.

When comes to private sector, private sector employees are highly accountable. Because of the accountability and job insecurity private sector employee accomplished their task before time when public sector employee charge bribery for normal duty.

When we hear the word corruption, first things comes in our mind is Delay in road construction, getting license, delay in any types of project etc. In private sector everyone performance is monitored, if electricity, road construction project is given to the private sector there is no doubt that project will be completed with in a short span of time. In private sector if an employee is not much efficient, than he/she is fired from the company and so there is no issue of asking bribery for duty.

Though public sector attract the most talented pool of the country but when comes to utilization of resources we find that private sector is much ahead, FCI is an proper example, When comes to service provider imagine the service of BSNL and Airtel, people has changed name of BSNL to Bhai sahab Nahi lagega. After getting lots of monetary non monetary support from the government public sector fail to work efficiently and also to fail to generate profit in many cases.

But there is a dark side of private sector, we all know the Sattyam case, 2G scam where many private sector company was involved so with respect to the topic I will say that Privatization will lead to less corruption.

Himanshu yadav said:   7 years ago
Firstly I want to tell the meaning of privatization. Conversion of ownership from the public sector (govt sector) to private sector. According to me, privatization will lead to less corruption because-.

- In public sector, they work for political purpose rather than economic purpose. -.

- The manager is more accountable to employer /shareholder and to the consumer.

- in private sector, good and service is more efficient than public, which results in output, more profit, and less corruption.

-in private industry or companies have more profit that why they can invest more and get profit.

- privatization will inc choice to the consumer and also lead to economic growth which inc GDP.

- IF employer gets better salary then chance of involving decreases.

Renuka said:   4 years ago
Privatisation leads to less corruption, I will not agree with this statement because either it is private or Government, it is the attitude of the person to take bribe. In any sector, if the higher authorities are powerful and dynamic then automatically the system will be effective. If we see the private schools, colleges and hospitals, how much cost they are charging for the individuals? Is it not corruption? How the poor people can afford all these?, if all the sectors become privatised. So some specific sectors should be in the control of Government only.

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