Privatization will lead to Less Corruption

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Rajin said:   1 decade ago
I'm not agree this point of view because privatization and public sector important things in corruption that first we change our mind then after we do in public sector or private sector no corruption are here.

Corruption is more in public sector because the main reason no more rules and regulation are here at the other end private sector no more corruption that's leads a very strict rules and regulations that's company employers fear to his company boss. Any looting money he is this company at the time he out of this company.

Rashmi said:   1 decade ago
As the friend said, corruption is not depend on private or government but it totally depend on every individual, just I am adding one example we are usually catch the train for office or college. I have seen approx 70 % people are without ticket so this is also type of corruption but this is a private (individual).

Jayasri nagisetty said:   1 decade ago
Dear friends!

In my point of view privatization may increase country's GDP but cannot less corruption. People has to change their mindset regarding eradication of corruption. For example for any company or a factory construction one needs to take government's permission. In orderly they are offering bride to officers for the approval. So increase in private companies will increase in offering bribes. Hence to eradicate or lessen the corruption peoples mind set has to change.

Jatin m. said:   1 decade ago
Hello! friends,

According to me, privatization can lead to less corruption in India. Because in private sectors every work is done in the supervision of bosses and if bosses try to do corruption and if any one of his company member spread this news to outside then he can not increase its production which effect its economical status.

Gnana prasoona Reddy said:   1 decade ago

Corruption does not lie in private or government it lies in people's mind set. Every individual should change their attitude. Youth must put their hands together to reduce corruption in India. If privatisation occurs it may lead to more corruption.

Mounika Reddy said:   1 decade ago
According to my opinion privatization will not reduce the corruption because corruption is there in private sector for satyam scam. Sometimes, government and private both are responsible for corruption for example coal mining etc.

Priyanka said:   1 decade ago
Both are corrupted in their own ways. Take example of the company "Maytas" - reverse of "satyam". Was not a government body. But it was created on paper by satyam (Raju). Even private organization if they want to cheat they can by creative accounting, mixing up with auditors, top management, account and finance department. Corruption is everywhere, and needs to be controlled.

Sanjay Sahu said:   1 decade ago
The biggest question is why do we need privatisation? Is it because of corruption, inefficiency of the government employees and the low funds.

If it is because of corruption then we need to attack the causes rather than doing the privatisation. For that matter, we can take the following steps :

1. The corruption lies in the mind of the people, so if we have to remove it, we will have to encourage moral values or education in various schools, colleges and business institutions so that we can have good human resources. To inculcate moral values in uneducated people in rural and urban areas, we will have to encourage social NGOs, RSS, vadic samaj, street plays and Media by demonstrating the cultural values of our country for every religion.

2. We will have to reward whistle blowers if they help the police or the spy agencies to nab the culprits who are doing the corruption in any form in the society.

3. We will have to use advanced technology in various government departments where the government employees should be monitored for their working hours and methods to curb corruption. Eg. We can install CCTV cameras, we can have hidden voice recorder devices in government departments.

4. We will have to pass the Jan Lok Pal Bill in the Parliament instead of the Lok Pal Bill to bring transparency in the political system.

5. Employees will have to be given special allowances or leaves who complete their given work on time with good feedback from the customers.

If Privatisation happens, this may lead to further trouble.

1. This will give all regulatory powers to the private companies which may result into soaring prices of daily commodities.

2. This does not give any guarantee for less corruption as we had Satyam and Telecom scams in past.

3. Though people give an example of Delhi Metro for quality of service however my point is it covers a total population of 3 crores and out of which most of them are well educated or well aware citizens and if we implement this in the country the quality of service may decrease.

These points somewhat proves that the privatisation should not happen in the country.

Akash Patel said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, according to me privatisation surely leads to less corruption because, there always remains an eye on each employee who is working in private company. He cannot make any this regularities in his work or regarding the firm in which he is working. Second thing is he is supposed to work in an atmosphere full of values so there are no chances that he can do any false statement to his firm. Third point is regarding salaries, which are probably high and so no chances of corruption.

Poonam said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends, According to me Corruption can be stopped if we internally feel it is bad. Privatization can little bit help to remove corruption but it can be removed completely if every people of our country do their duties with honesty and hard work. We teach students in their school we should speak truth always and do hard work to achieve our goals. Don't use short way to get success.

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