Privatization will lead to Less Corruption

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Mithilesh said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, Privatisation will lead to less corruption compared to government organisations. The reason being Nepotism present in government organisations and pressures on organisations to induct more and more employees as government is concerned more with unemployment then with profits earned. Privatisation will reduce external involvement during working of organisation. Also not all companies should be privatised as they will start monopolising markets for their own good.

Mayank Agarwal said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends,

In my opinion, it is true that privatization will lead to less corruption in comparison to the government sector because the job of the employees in the private sector is not secured and they know very well if they would not provide the result to the organisation which would contribute to the growth of it they will be fired or retrenched which will lead to less corruption in the private sector but on the contrary side it is obvious that it depends on the person's mind to get bribe or not but if we talk about the ratio so it 80:20 i.e. there are only 20% people who are corrupt in the private sector but in the government sector this ratio is 80% which turned me to tell that privatization will lead to less corruption but is is also take in the, mind that 100% privatization is not beneficial because every private organisation work for profit but government organisation work for country.

Thank You.

Neeraj said:   6 years ago
Hi Guys,

I think so "Privatization will lead to Less Corruption" because all the private sectors follow its own rules and regulations so that they can increase their profit ratio and to decrease their possible loss in front of their growth.

Getting jobs in private sectors are base on personal interviews which become a strong lock over the employees to do work honestly and there are many more thinks to do with them so that they don't think about fraud at all inside or out side of the company.

Corruption is all over different way to earn money that is totally illegal activity which we keep on trying in our lives to be a rich personality.

I'm not trying to say that 'BLACK' is strong to apply in our lives but 'WHITE' is stronger than 'BLACK' which gives us peaceful mind.


Nikhil katad said:   6 years ago

Of course, Privatization will lead to less corruption as we see in the private sector if you will don't give a proper service the other competitive companies will easily take over you and by giving better service than you and on those private sector employees there is a proper control to work well or to do well. Rather they only think throughtout the day to finish the target before deadline any how. On the other hand employees of public sector are better known that the common people's don't have choices exepct us, as they don't have the time limits of work if the work is more they just easily postpond their work on next day and leave on time and time after time they start to take a bribe because they don't have to answerable to anyone rather no one have control over them which should be.

But morally I think privatization is not the option it's a time to change people's mind regarding bribe because nowadays giving bribe is just a common thing and until when this mindset will change this Debate will be gone continue to do privatization or not!

Thank you!

Abhinav said:   6 years ago

Corruption is a state of mind, there is no guarantee that privatization will lead to less corruption. Lets take the case of banking sector- there is less cases or reports of corruption in private banks not because people working in the private banks are the most sincere but because the share of private banks in the banking sector is much less when compared to that of public sector banks which leads to less cases of corruption or violations in the private sector banks.

Sruthi said:   6 years ago
In my view privatization, will be transparent and less corrupted than the public sector. Private sector is answerable to govt and work towards specific goals. Whereas in public sector they are answerable to none and work goals are never a priority.

PPP.Premchand said:   6 years ago
Good morning.

Corruption comes from us both from the govt sector or private one. If a country is completely privatised then it may lead to.

Some more problems. Privatisation is just for.

The shake of shareholders. Just imagine if education or transport or medical system is completely privatised then we will face some more new problems especially financial problems. Corruption is not only floated on govt sector but also in private ones. Best example is Satyam computers company.

So what my opinion is, first we should make a step against the evil by stop giving and receiving bribes at any cost. No one comes to change the society we are the young rebels can do magic and make the country as a corruption free.

Thank you.

Ronie said:   6 years ago
Well, it will reduce corruption significantly but on the flip side in the private sector as an employee one cannot grow as high posts will be given to family members of the CEO which will be a spark to the people working under him to make more moneybin others ways and promote corruption.

Himanshu yadav said:   6 years ago
Firstly I want to tell the meaning of privatization. Conversion of ownership from the public sector (govt sector) to private sector. According to me, privatization will lead to less corruption because-.

- In public sector, they work for political purpose rather than economic purpose. -.

- The manager is more accountable to employer /shareholder and to the consumer.

- in private sector, good and service is more efficient than public, which results in output, more profit, and less corruption.

-in private industry or companies have more profit that why they can invest more and get profit.

- privatization will inc choice to the consumer and also lead to economic growth which inc GDP.

- IF employer gets better salary then chance of involving decreases.

Praveen Dhakar said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, if their is possibility of Privatisation Then it must be in action. In our country gov. Sector worker tends to a laziness they do work slowly and couldn't understand the requirement of hard work, If these sector privatised then there is a flow of work, People will tend to work hard for jobs, salary. In government there is no proper administrative, if there is a Proper administrative then the work will be in a strict manner.

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