Privatization of Higher Education

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MaNish rao said:   7 years ago
There is no evidence that privately managed firms that operate public services provide more efficient or less costly service. Another is that privately managed firms, when operating for profit, extract public dollars for investors that taxpayers intended for children, for educational programs that directly benefit children, for reduced class sizes, "and not to enrich shareholders. Privately managed nonprofits often pay salaries that would be unacceptable in the public sector. Privately managed firms tend to exclude the costliest clients to minimize their own costs, thus leaving the hardest cases for the less well funded public sector agency. And last, to destroy public education, which is so inextricably linked to our notions of democracy and citizenship would be an assault on the commonweal. Let us not forget that public education has been the instrument of the great social movements for more than the past half century"desegregation, gender equality, disability rights, and the assimilation of immigrants. Once it is gone, it is gone, and that would be a crime against ourselves.

AVIJIT KUNDU said:   7 years ago
For the reason of huge population now government education sector is less. So I think considering the economical factor if private & government sector should collaborate with each other. Then only the quality of study, as well as monetary issue, will be preferable.

Mukesh kumar said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends, in my opinion, some points are in favor of privatization and some are in favor or government undertaking. Like every coin as two sides. Privatization may increase the difference between rich and poor students and fee and donation too. But the quality of education could be better. Reservation class will suffer and the higher study will be beyond from am admit.

Ankit Tiwari said:   7 years ago
As we know that India is still a developing country and 50% of the population is below poverty. I am totally against the privatization of higher education because of following points.

1. Management of private colleges are demanding donations for admission.

2. They treat education as a business.

3. They are enlarging the gap between poor and rich people.

4. Violating the right to equality.

5. They do whatever they want.

For example,

Increasing the fee, making their own rules and regulations etc.

There are some good private institutions but they are minor in numbers. It is the responsibility of government to provide same quality education to rich and poor. The government should ensure that there must be genuine fee structure, talented faculty, equipped labs in private institutions.

So, at last, I would like to say education system must be governmental not privatized.

Biraj Patel said:   7 years ago
I totally disagree with this following topic. India is a developing country and education is the only key for India which can help to unlock the success in Development of India. At the present time, Education system is governmental & we all know that government has taken many steps to provide education to maximum children of the country. This same would not have happened if education system would have been privatized. For example: If the education system is in my hands, I can do anything. I can simply increase the fees & can also make my own rules & regulations. And if it happens so, the government also cannot take any actions against me as I own the education system. This does not happen if the education system is governmental as we are living in a democratic country and government also have a limit. So, at last, I would like to say that our education system is governmental & there's no need for it to be privatized.

Ravindra Patil said:   7 years ago
I think privatization in education is not good for any nation particularly the developing countries like India because education is an only weapon that transforms the developing nation to developed nation. Once education system went to private hand they treat it like a business, rather than providing the quality in education and boosting the education system, they earning the money form schools and colleges without fear of constitutional laws. Many politicians doing the same job and earning money.

Amit said:   7 years ago
Privatization improves the quality but it does come with a large financial burden. I think under the terms and conditions of government private institutions should be given the chance to improve the overall economy of society accompanied with the education. By doing so employment will also boost up along with education at the minimal increase in the cost.

Ajeet Kumar Singh said:   7 years ago
I totally disagree with the statement of privatization of Higher Education. I think instead of privatization, supervising of Higher Education is the need of the time. As we say about the privatization of Higher Education, somewhere in the close corner of our mind, we think of the teaching techniques of private colleges and universities. They appoint some special teachers who supervise the works of the teachers, their responsibilities towards their teacher and if they find any mistake in them they convene meeting and try to mend properly. I agree with many one of here who are saying that colleges and universities should be supervised by any autonomous body in the field of education and their supervision should be transparent. Electronic media may be a great help in this process.

Thank you.

Shubham satle said:   7 years ago
In my paradigm, privatisation must be favoured because it improves the quality of education. Secondly, it also mitigates the corruption in government schools where bribery and money eating is a common feature. In the meantime, government should have some control over private runner education institutions and school because these privately run schools ask huge fees. They have their commission with cloth seller books and stationery seller. Every year they change the dress code of students, books. People are forced to buy new books and school dresses for their children when older ones can be used. A common dress code and common syllabus should be adopted in all private schools.

Deepesh said:   7 years ago
Hello, my friends,

Privatization of Higher education system is the need of the hour. But this should be done with the good policy such that it does not become a source of earning without any limits. As we can take the example of America and my other developed country where privatization of higher education have been fruitful but it cost like anything. In a growing country like India where education is not afforded by the large section of the society, privatization at starting level should be launched as the pilot project under the watch of some independent body. Government funded Central level universities and colleges have performed well so far but miles to go to improve State funded Colleges and Universities.

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