Privatization of Higher Education

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Md Imran said:   1 decade ago
According to me Privatization of Education is good in one way and has impact in other way.

The ways that are good in view of Privatization are :

* The knowledge of a student increases very much compared to Govt school students.

* As a impact of knowledge the students are getting good jobs and they are in good position in the society.

* Some of the students are able to take a decision individually rather depend on others even at high rate stress.

The ways that impact Education are :

* The students who are getting ranks are very few when compared to the students who are getting mental disorder to not even facing stress.

* There is no time for the students to get physical relaxation by playing sports etc.

Amit Bansal said:   1 decade ago
Privatization of Higher Education in India.

It is definitely one of the crucial topics from yesteryear. The need for privatization finds its way in effective skill development by providing vehicles of several resources. It helps a student to compete in future and perform well. It provides a great deal of amenities in the field of education with demarcated activities. The goal of one gets out of public incarceration through privatization.

The main repercussion we will be able to see is the development of social and cultural perspectives through diversification of the scope of the mind. Private institutions definitely gonna generate a better individual with a firm ambition. Depending upon public sector alone will not grow our country. Role of private functionaries is must for a large democracy.

How to achieve:
In an organization, when there is need to settle for another place, one has to settle with its environment. Going from secondary level in public school to higher level in private college requires a change of mind. Private schools are already made mandated to hire 25% of poor people in their institutions under the well known Right to Education Act. On higher level, several institutions are getting nodes from the education ministry. The government of India should make specific number of institutions to work effectively in the different states.

Feroza Siddiqee said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends. I am Feroza Siddiqee and I am glad to share my view. Privatization no doubt helps in improving the education system by providing quality education but it is not easy for everyone to pay high amount of fees demanded by private colleges. It is the responsibility of government to provide the same quality education to the poor at the cost affordable by them or by providing funds for the same. Besides this govt colleges should increase their level of education so that everyone can get the proper education and exposure as without education there are no chances of development.

Alee Barua said:   1 decade ago
Privatization of higher education is not a very proposal provided there is a national policy to control quality of education and fees structure adopted by the private institute. The effort to provide new orientation and thrust to the system of higher education have been mostly superficial and half hearted. For providing better employment, private institute should adopt measures. So that the degrees don't get wasted.

Gulchain bali said:   1 decade ago
I think privatization of higher education should be there but with certain conditions. Government should have control on the fee structure of pvt. Colleges. Some of seats should be reserved for those students who are poor but are intelligent. Scholarship should be given to the poor students belonging to SC ST OBC

Vinod Anand said:   1 decade ago
I think yes it should & why not. When one can invest to buy a car. When one can take loan to build house then why can't one borrow to get educated after all it will be an income generating asset. Privatization doesn't only mean high fee structure and raising standards of living it also means quality education. In fact we should open the windows and look outside the box we've been living in.

Rajashekar Reddy said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends. I am very glad to share my thoughts here. According to me there is good and bad in privatization. In this competitive world every one wants to gain more knowledge and they prefer to study in good colleges. But all cannot get seat in good colleges, since there are very few seats in government colleges, they depend on private colleges. The management of private colleges take advantage of this factor and they raise the fee as they want. They know that students will take seat compulsory, some where in private college. Government should have control on the fee of private colleges. Some of the private colleges don't have sufficient labs and other materials. Students will have will lack of skills after outcome from college. In-order to eradicate this problem government should campaign the private colleges and they have to check the basic things whether college has or not. Due to the competition private institutes had made education a business. They are playing with life's of the students.

Avinash Rudrakar said:   1 decade ago
Hi. Friends this is Avinash Rudrakar: privatization of higher education is good for some areas and also bad. By privatization no doubt the education system quality improves in our country, it helps in growing the nation in faster time but analyzing our Indian economic condition for all public its not easy and no possible to pay the high amount of fees for collages.

The privatization is best way if:.
* the government gives 50% seats to poor students.
* the collage gives some free seats to distinction students.
* the govt. Provides seats as well as more fund to minor students and backward students.
* the collage gives free seats to all students and take the over all fund by govt.

Deepika ohapatra said:   1 decade ago
According to me privatization is not totally bad because the quality of education provided in private colleges is always better than that in government colleges because in pvt. colleges the teachers know that if they are not giving their best for the students. They are out. Whereas the teachers in government colleges are just working for the sake of their job security. Government collages didn't take much care and conecern on each student the lecturers in these colleges are simplly take the clases and they didn't concentrate on students performance wheather he is uderstanding or not. Where as in the private collages they are concentarting on the student's performance regularly and help him to score good marks.

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