Privatization of Higher Education

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Shivam SIO said:   4 months ago
In my opinion, the privatization of higher education should not be allowed. It promotes discrimination in education because, in India, many students belong to poor families, and private institutions never consider this concern. Privatization promotes fraudulent activity in education, and the value of our degrees also decreases because many private colleges give degrees to non-disciplined candidates. Private institutions should be completely banned when the government improves the standing of their college as they maintain the standing of IITs. Every student would get an equal education based on their performance, and money should not be a concern. In Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal has changed the status of government schools and colleges. So that shows the equality in education. A private institute education is better than a government college education. In government schools, they follow the old education system and do not promote students for other sectors like sports, entrepreneurship, and start-ups. So accordingly, privatisation should be allowed in the current scenario. If the government improves the education system, then privatization must be banned in India.

Anurima said:   9 months ago
Privatization of higher education completely will defeat the purpose of inclusivity. It is said a lot of times that Private institutes provide better quality of study or the infrastructure but does it really? Then why do people die to get into IITs and why a student studying/graduated from Chandigarh University (Private) do not get placement opportunities?

The purpose of the Private sector in higher education is only to increase the expansion of higher education to the students who score medium, or medium to low. It has nothing to do with the quality.

Privatizing the higher education sector would not solve our problem of affordability in the country. So I stand on the side of not privatizing it but making it affordable at the same time expanding it to medium-scoring students.

Naved said:   1 year ago
Good Evening, My name is Naved.

I got the opportunity to start the discussion. Friend, the topic given to us for discussion is the Privatization of Education. In my opinion, it is a topic of interest. I believe that every topic has some pros and cons. As the topic is given, it has also pros and cons.

First, we talk about its advantage. If we privatize education. The quality of education will be improved. And we talk about the cons, we have no other option only to depend on government schools or education. Competition between these, education will be improved.

Rahul sharma said:   3 years ago
Hello Everyone.

1) According to me, the Privatization of higher education is not a solution to this problem. In India most of the people coming to below the poverty line, it is very problematic for them to collect food two times so in this scenario this is not possible for everyone.

2) Govt has to look at the conditions of govt schools, colleges, and universities. If they developed the infra, teaching quality, placements then with the time automatically students will attract to the govt colleges also.

3) By privatization only rich students will be able to pay the fees of higher education. But what about poor but talented students? this is a massive question for everyone.

4) Govt has to follow the education system of western countries in which they give admission according to the talent of the student, not for money.

5) Good quality of teachers, placement are only demand of a student nothing else. So govt should change the model of education so every student would choose to his/her capabilities.

6) It is also true that by privatization things will be arranged in a more systematic way.

7) So both are good both have some pros and cons.


Chandra Dangwal said:   5 years ago
Hello I am Chandra.

Very good afternoon to you all we all are here for a group discussion on the topic of privatisation of higher education about money there should be no privatisation of higher education because it is a level where everyone want to be reached.

But this lack of money lots of people are not able to go to their higher education. And we all know that the education it will be higher or not is only a part of business for the businessman all the private colleges if they really matter the future of the students they have to be decrease the fees but they are not doing that.

There are number of government colleges government should give the facility for higher education to the childrens of the students which we want to educate. At a point we can say that a private colleges take more features because of their profits their facility and all but what about the government has lot of money. Government can do anything they have power they have system and also the power of money so nothing is impossible for the government. Should they have to be arrange the system for higher education.

As I conclude the points that government should give the facility for the students by which the students who have lack of money can be easily study in the government colleges for higher education and they have to be another option in the front of private colleges for higher education they can also choose the government colleges for higher education.

Pranav Chokshi said:   5 years ago
Hello, I am Pranav Chokshi.

According to me, both of have their merits and government education have the advantage of fewer fees and the disadvantage of not proper management.

Private education has the advantage of proper studies, rules and restriction, quality education, proper infrastructure facilities etc. And the disadvantage of high fees.

Some of are saying that private schools have a primary objective of profit. But there is not the only reason for high fees.

Government schools get funding that's why they charge fewer fees. Not all private schools have the objective of profit.

So, I conclude that there must be the privatisation of higher education and both private and government work together and try to low the fees of private schools.

Thank you so much, guys.

Samyuktha said:   5 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Today, my topic is privatization in higher education.

So, in my point of view, that private sectors give quality education to the students. They make the students of improving to gets good marks.

They will take care of the students from morning to evening.

The private sectors also make the students get awareness among general knowledge.

Actually, they are offering more fees money but it gives standard education to the students.

In government sectors, they are having low fees but they are not giving quality education to the people.

In privitazation, the students are under the control of strict rules and restrictions.

But the money offered by the private sectors cannot be bear by the poor and middle-class life people.

Nowadays the private sectors offering reasonable fees payments offering for all type of people.

So, I conclude that the role of the private sectors in higher education plays a prominent role in the student's life.

Divya said:   5 years ago
In fact privatisation of higher education is not but secondary education is also must because in government institutes fees charged is very low so students try to avoid classes and lectures too and teachers also always try to escape from lectures they do their personal works instead of giving lectures.

Satyam said:   6 years ago
I think privatization of higher education should be done so that quality of education may be improved.

Payal said:   6 years ago
Most of the higher education institutes in the country are already owned by private individuals. There are very few higher education institutes owned by government. These private institutes charge huge amount of fees and only a few of them justify with the amount charged by providing quality education whereas in government institutes fess is low and there are limited number of seats. Also, admissions in government institutes take place on merit basis but this is not so in private institutes. So, privatization of higher education to a certain extent is okay but if it is completely privatized then most of the students won't be able to pursue it because of high fees.

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