Privatization of Higher Education

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Rahul Sharma said: (May 24, 2021)  
Hello Everyone.

1) According to me, the Privatization of higher education is not a solution to this problem. In India most of the people coming to below the poverty line, it is very problematic for them to collect food two times so in this scenario this is not possible for everyone.

2) Govt has to look at the conditions of govt schools, colleges, and universities. If they developed the infra, teaching quality, placements then with the time automatically students will attract to the govt colleges also.

3) By privatization only rich students will be able to pay the fees of higher education. But what about poor but talented students? this is a massive question for everyone.

4) Govt has to follow the education system of western countries in which they give admission according to the talent of the student, not for money.

5) Good quality of teachers, placement are only demand of a student nothing else. So govt should change the model of education so every student would choose to his/her capabilities.

6) It is also true that by privatization things will be arranged in a more systematic way.

7) So both are good both have some pros and cons.


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Chandra Dangwal said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
Hello I am Chandra.

Very good afternoon to you all we all are here for a group discussion on the topic of privatisation of higher education about money there should be no privatisation of higher education because it is a level where everyone want to be reached.

But this lack of money lots of people are not able to go to their higher education. And we all know that the education it will be higher or not is only a part of business for the businessman all the private colleges if they really matter the future of the students they have to be decrease the fees but they are not doing that.

There are number of government colleges government should give the facility for higher education to the childrens of the students which we want to educate. At a point we can say that a private colleges take more features because of their profits their facility and all but what about the government has lot of money. Government can do anything they have power they have system and also the power of money so nothing is impossible for the government. Should they have to be arrange the system for higher education.

As I conclude the points that government should give the facility for the students by which the students who have lack of money can be easily study in the government colleges for higher education and they have to be another option in the front of private colleges for higher education they can also choose the government colleges for higher education.

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Pranav Chokshi said: (Jun 1, 2019)  
Hello, I am Pranav Chokshi.

According to me, both of have their merits and government education have the advantage of fewer fees and the disadvantage of not proper management.

Private education has the advantage of proper studies, rules and restriction, quality education, proper infrastructure facilities etc. And the disadvantage of high fees.

Some of are saying that private schools have a primary objective of profit. But there is not the only reason for high fees.

Government schools get funding that's why they charge fewer fees. Not all private schools have the objective of profit.

So, I conclude that there must be the privatisation of higher education and both private and government work together and try to low the fees of private schools.

Thank you so much, guys.

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Samyuktha said: (May 14, 2019)  
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Today, my topic is privatization in higher education.

So, in my point of view, that private sectors give quality education to the students. They make the students of improving to gets good marks.

They will take care of the students from morning to evening.

The private sectors also make the students get awareness among general knowledge.

Actually, they are offering more fees money but it gives standard education to the students.

In government sectors, they are having low fees but they are not giving quality education to the people.

In privitazation, the students are under the control of strict rules and restrictions.

But the money offered by the private sectors cannot be bear by the poor and middle-class life people.

Nowadays the private sectors offering reasonable fees payments offering for all type of people.

So, I conclude that the role of the private sectors in higher education plays a prominent role in the student's life.

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Divya said: (Mar 14, 2019)  
In fact privatisation of higher education is not but secondary education is also must because in government institutes fees charged is very low so students try to avoid classes and lectures too and teachers also always try to escape from lectures they do their personal works instead of giving lectures.

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Satyam said: (Sep 5, 2018)  
I think privatization of higher education should be done so that quality of education may be improved.

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Payal said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Most of the higher education institutes in the country are already owned by private individuals. There are very few higher education institutes owned by government. These private institutes charge huge amount of fees and only a few of them justify with the amount charged by providing quality education whereas in government institutes fess is low and there are limited number of seats. Also, admissions in government institutes take place on merit basis but this is not so in private institutes. So, privatization of higher education to a certain extent is okay but if it is completely privatized then most of the students won't be able to pursue it because of high fees.

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Nagashree A R said: (May 9, 2018)  
According to me, due to the privatization of higher education, systematic teaching, discipline, regularity and quality education can be achieved compared to government sector at the same time to obtain above all advantages we have to pay for it. Today private education becomes a business. From these activities, they reduce their fame. And these sector mixing business, politics with education this affects greatly on educational life of middle-class and below poverty line students.

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Akash Gonjari said: (Apr 3, 2018)  
Hello friends,

According to my opinion, privatisation should be there in India to improve the literacy of increasing Indian population; but there should be a limit of no of privatised colleges to maintain the quality of education. Along with privatisation, there should be audit organisation like HRDC/AICTE/NAAC/NBA to quantify the quality of education and to disqualify colleges failing to possess quality.

So, by this way quality education will reach to every area of the country and the power of government also get saved as colleges will get privatised.

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Sakshi Bisht said: (Mar 19, 2018)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, the idea that privatization of higher education in India is not a good idea at all.

Firstly, privatization of education simply means that government having less control over the higher education sector and letting the private organization work with autonomy. Although the quality of education can be more refined however it limits the check on these organizations whose primary aim is business that comes at the cost of high-end fees, commercialization of education and even misuse of power. And I would like to bring to your attention the quote that says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hence I feel there are chances of misuse of the power given to them which may give rise to corruption and as well as lacking morality among the youths as business is the prime concern.

Secondly, I feel that concept of privatization of higher education is completely against the constitution of India that on one hand promise to give everyone equal opportunities and the other no discrimination. Because the scenario in private is the one handful of money has only better access to education and somehow it does give an idea that a son of a farmer cannot dream high or rather stay a farmer only the one with affluent family and more connections can carve out there path in fields higher studies. It is like India depriving itself of people like Kalam, Ambedkar.

Thirdly, education should be inclusive, not exclusive if one has the skill he/she should be able to pursue no matter what staus he or she belongs to. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Mahabharat but nearly everyone has heard the story of eklavya who being from a tribal background wasn't considered good enough to be taught by a great sage. However, he didn't alienate from his path but the youths today might just put there energy or skill or talent into something destructive if they are denied such things. Then we might have more of Isis terrorists. Hence we need no more left out eklavyas.

Therefore I believe the state or central institutes for higher education should flourish it gives a platform to students from varied background to compete and improve their skills and provided with the equal resources thus paves the way for not just healthy competition but also healthy India, where the power rest not with the privileged one but the deserving ones. I know that the governance of the country in maintaining such institutes isn't efficient but privatization of higher education is also not the solution it might help I short term but in long term, it may lead to increasing rich-poor gap and materialism.

Henceforth with the above points, I would like to rest my opinion.

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Mythological Alien said: (Mar 9, 2018)  
India being a developing country certainly have some rugged edges and the education system is certainly one of them. Firstly, the government institutions are very less in number and do not have enough seats to take in most of the applicants. The private institutions see this as a chance to recruit the remaining students. Although they may be costly in terms of fees the students comply with it since they are the last resort.

With a large number of students resorting to private institutions for higher studies the private sector obviously is on the way of taking over the section of higher studies. Keeping facilities and fees in mind, along with better job placements in certain cases, the government sector is still ahead but that would be because of government funding which if provided to private institutions should be able to bring down their massive fee structure. Also, we need to keep in mind that one of the main reasons behind the high fee structure of private institutions is because they do not get government funding and subsidies, unlike the public institutions.

So in conclusion, I would like to say that in order for the higher education of students to improve the best way would be for the public and private sector to work together since then they would be able to take in more students and also obtain fundings from the government making their facilities less costly.

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Ravalika said: (Feb 8, 2018)  
Privatisation of higher education should be there because in our India there is no proper education in government schools and we have to reduce fee structure in private colleges because there is many middle and poor families are there in our country and provide scholarships to all students and no caste reservations.

Thank you.

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Aniruddh B Benakal said: (Sep 29, 2017)  
Privatization of higher education is a bane because first of all education is a task which should consider all around development of alumni whereas private owned educational institutes concern up on high standards more than moral, ethical, and emotional values. In the real world, there is a greater need for the ethically concerned ones in order to make our selves comfort. And I need to conclude by scripting Education is not a business which most of the privatized universities does. Thank you.

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Alain Michal said: (Aug 14, 2017)  
In France, where education was 90% public, the private sector gained the upper hand. The public universities lack money and is forced not to be competitive for admission.

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Vaishali said: (May 2, 2017)  
Hi, I am Vaishali.

Education is what making anyone's able to live in this world with dignity. Education is most important for the man of every class either they belongs to lower class or higher class without education no one is nothing. But the privatisation of education or higher education is not good. Due to this, it will be out of reach far the person of every class. Everyone is not capable of affording that costly education because privatisation increases the cost of education. Because privatization makes the education business so the owner don't think about the future of the nation and anything, they only think about their profit only. This makes rich more rich n poor more poor. They use so manys ways to increase their profit as we see in the private schools, they use so manys ways to earn money for example they told the student's parents to buy books n copies n dresses from school and stationary things also. They pressurised the children's parents to do that. As same if the privatization of higher education is done they also use this types of cheap ways to earn money and due to this many population of our country that is below the poverty lines do not afford the higher studies. Higher education only become a dream for which they do not achieve. So in my opinion privatization of higher education is not good for our developing country India.

Thank you to all.

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Andrew Romanuk said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
So, in my country privatization of Higher Education has pluses and minuses (My country is Ukraine).


1) First at all teachers can demand money for marks even if you are an excellent student.

2) In my country many poor people which haven't money to pay.


1) About system of education. The Goverment doesn't give useful education system but in private centres it can be resolved.

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Sailes Dasmahapatra said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
As per higher education is concerned, essential is the privatisation. In many places, a university is unable to provide seats to those students who pass the bachelor degree with distinction, from colleges which are affiliated to the pre-mentioned university. Undoubtedly these students do have merit. They go to the private universities to attain the masters. When Government is showing white flag, then the students do not find any places but private universities.

If we talk about the fees structure, yes they are quite uplifted in comparison to their Government regulated counterparts. But it is indeed costly to provide lab facilities or developed infrastructure to the students aspiring for higher education. The government can afford subsidies, but the private university relying on mere individuals cannot afford so.

My opinion is if govt collaborates with these private universities, then both the concerned parties will be privileged,

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Hari said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
Privatization institutes are one of the business of rich people.

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Saptatshi said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
Nowadays privatization university is a trap because most of the students can take admission on their basic economic view. But their merits are poor so that after pass out they are not getting jobs. Others students also can admit in privatization college on showing status. But some others private institute are very stricken, and they take addition on basic of merits. Their faculty are very good & is needupgraded. And as India is a vast country & it has a big population so private its needs. But government should give their license on showing their infrastructure. If UGC takes proper steps then a good private institute will be made. As government, college/institute are very little and for a vast country of India to build an educated society, Private institute is essential. I think price level are very high so government can also collaborate with them and donation reservation must be removed. This private institute can also start a scholarship for economically weak candidate.

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MaNish Rao said: (Dec 11, 2016)  
There is no evidence that privately managed firms that operate public services provide more efficient or less costly service. Another is that privately managed firms, when operating for profit, extract public dollars for investors that taxpayers intended for children, for educational programs that directly benefit children, for reduced class sizes, "and not to enrich shareholders. Privately managed nonprofits often pay salaries that would be unacceptable in the public sector. Privately managed firms tend to exclude the costliest clients to minimize their own costs, thus leaving the hardest cases for the less well funded public sector agency. And last, to destroy public education, which is so inextricably linked to our notions of democracy and citizenship would be an assault on the commonweal. Let us not forget that public education has been the instrument of the great social movements for more than the past half century"desegregation, gender equality, disability rights, and the assimilation of immigrants. Once it is gone, it is gone, and that would be a crime against ourselves.

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AVIJIT KUNDU said: (Nov 29, 2016)  
For the reason of huge population now government education sector is less. So I think considering the economical factor if private & government sector should collaborate with each other. Then only the quality of study, as well as monetary issue, will be preferable.

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Mukesh Kumar said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Hello, friends, in my opinion, some points are in favor of privatization and some are in favor or government undertaking. Like every coin as two sides. Privatization may increase the difference between rich and poor students and fee and donation too. But the quality of education could be better. Reservation class will suffer and the higher study will be beyond from am admit.

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Ankit Tiwari said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
As we know that India is still a developing country and 50% of the population is below poverty. I am totally against the privatization of higher education because of following points.

1. Management of private colleges are demanding donations for admission.

2. They treat education as a business.

3. They are enlarging the gap between poor and rich people.

4. Violating the right to equality.

5. They do whatever they want.

For example,

Increasing the fee, making their own rules and regulations etc.

There are some good private institutions but they are minor in numbers. It is the responsibility of government to provide same quality education to rich and poor. The government should ensure that there must be genuine fee structure, talented faculty, equipped labs in private institutions.

So, at last, I would like to say education system must be governmental not privatized.

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Biraj Patel said: (Sep 25, 2016)  
I totally disagree with this following topic. India is a developing country and education is the only key for India which can help to unlock the success in Development of India. At the present time, Education system is governmental & we all know that government has taken many steps to provide education to maximum children of the country. This same would not have happened if education system would have been privatized. For example: If the education system is in my hands, I can do anything. I can simply increase the fees & can also make my own rules & regulations. And if it happens so, the government also cannot take any actions against me as I own the education system. This does not happen if the education system is governmental as we are living in a democratic country and government also have a limit. So, at last, I would like to say that our education system is governmental & there's no need for it to be privatized.

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Ravindra Patil said: (Aug 13, 2016)  
I think privatization in education is not good for any nation particularly the developing countries like India because education is an only weapon that transforms the developing nation to developed nation. Once education system went to private hand they treat it like a business, rather than providing the quality in education and boosting the education system, they earning the money form schools and colleges without fear of constitutional laws. Many politicians doing the same job and earning money.

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Amit said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
Privatization improves the quality but it does come with a large financial burden. I think under the terms and conditions of government private institutions should be given the chance to improve the overall economy of society accompanied with the education. By doing so employment will also boost up along with education at the minimal increase in the cost.

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Ajeet Kumar Singh said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
I totally disagree with the statement of privatization of Higher Education. I think instead of privatization, supervising of Higher Education is the need of the time. As we say about the privatization of Higher Education, somewhere in the close corner of our mind, we think of the teaching techniques of private colleges and universities. They appoint some special teachers who supervise the works of the teachers, their responsibilities towards their teacher and if they find any mistake in them they convene meeting and try to mend properly. I agree with many one of here who are saying that colleges and universities should be supervised by any autonomous body in the field of education and their supervision should be transparent. Electronic media may be a great help in this process.

Thank you.

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Shubham Satle said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
In my paradigm, privatisation must be favoured because it improves the quality of education. Secondly, it also mitigates the corruption in government schools where bribery and money eating is a common feature. In the meantime, government should have some control over private runner education institutions and school because these privately run schools ask huge fees. They have their commission with cloth seller books and stationery seller. Every year they change the dress code of students, books. People are forced to buy new books and school dresses for their children when older ones can be used. A common dress code and common syllabus should be adopted in all private schools.

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Deepesh said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Hello, my friends,

Privatization of Higher education system is the need of the hour. But this should be done with the good policy such that it does not become a source of earning without any limits. As we can take the example of America and my other developed country where privatization of higher education have been fruitful but it cost like anything. In a growing country like India where education is not afforded by the large section of the society, privatization at starting level should be launched as the pilot project under the watch of some independent body. Government funded Central level universities and colleges have performed well so far but miles to go to improve State funded Colleges and Universities.

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Mehak Saini said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
No, I don't think so privatization education should be there because they are doing business, their main purpose is to earn profits. Not developed the students. me government Should abolish all the private institution and other side government Need to improve the government Institution facilities. Thanks.

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Samara said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
Privatization of basic amenities like health, education, food should never be done. Otherwise, a large section of people will be deprived of it. It is necessary that there should be government interference in the education sector. Else Institutes will just become the profit making bodies.

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Joita The Anonymous said: (Jun 16, 2016)  
According to my point of view,

Private universities are good as well as needed but there must be an equivalence of private universities as well as government universities.

The government must increase their universities and higher education to grass root level so that many students can go for government universities. But there are lakhs of students which can not be always afforded by government universities seats at that point I think private institutions are required either there will be a great pressure on government institutions.

Private universities must keep some quota for the students who can't afford the high fees structure of private universities so that every child get an education and none is left out.

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Sony Minho said: (Apr 5, 2016)  
In my pint of view.

Privatization of education does not give the god results. Because in private colleges they work for god fame for their you = institute but not for every student life.

In that also they are very following good rules and regulations but they are not like with interaction of students. For example, a dreamed university has 1000 students if it is = is soo god means as it provides high qualified education and good faculty all get a good result but many of them fail in a subject. So if the students are interested in learning and if the government provides good facilities and also concern about the result and faculty we can get the result.

But due to lack of that much investment of money government not provide more colleges if private institutions are mingled with government and with some exams give some scholarships more students also allowed to good holders.

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Aakash said: (Apr 2, 2016)  
I think, if all these will be privatized every citizen would not be able to get education, like many people, are below poverty line how will they arrange fees and all and maybe if we'll privatize higher education there will be only business, I'm not saying they won't provide education but somewhere seats will be given to those first who have tight pockets.

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Visali said: (Mar 31, 2016)  
I agree with privatising the higher education. Government college won't provide a better knowledge. They have no facilities also.

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Sarada said: (Feb 27, 2016)  
When we say privatisation, will they do it for free for those who can't afford? Do you have an alternate for those who will skip joining their children in schools as they can't pay fees, in fact they will turn into child labours!

Complete privatisation is a no-no. But, can the government make sure the quality of education in government school is good? Can government open schools in every district covering every single house in our country? It is happening in developed nations like US.

If they can't, I would either like part of school activities are privatised. Even private schools give extra curricular activities to outsiders. Likewise, teachers and teaching privatised including headmasters, whereas inspection/audits should be done by government. If this sounds as though whether private people need watchdog from government, I have an alternative.

Government can provide few basic education which is useful for every citizen and let other activities or skills be learnt from private institutions whoever can afford it. I mean to say that in the basic knowledge, government should make sure everybody gets it equally of good quality for free.

Even if this doesn't seem to be a good idea, we may have to brainstorm more on how does government has to contribute for making education in India better and complete privatisation is not solution!

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Shahid Majeed said: (Feb 24, 2016)  
My mind about privatisation of education is totally supporting the idea but keeping view India as the poor country there should be the reservation of some seats for the poor and the government should interfere at two levels in privatised institutions list by providing an extra constitutional body which can keep eye 24\7 on the management and quality of education in order to curb the commercialisation of education. Second to provide subsidy based education to the needy.

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Gajanan Patil said: (Feb 12, 2016)  
Privatisation in education is not good for nation and society because it is way to get out of low socioeconomic person to high level it is duty of government to give free education and quality education if privatisation is present then expensive education.

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Manoj Adagale said: (Feb 7, 2016)  
When we talk about private agent in any field there focus must on surplus benefits, so its agent not much think about education reform they thing on only infrastructure base and that hamper constitutional interest, Indian ethics, standard of education. Better option is private agent work as agent of state and mostly regulation, rules and some space within school for disadvantaged societies.

Then we achieve target as well as we increase the share of GDP for social sector mostly on health and education. Every country as well as India on paper has great achievement in education but we must look on practical ground we understand we are far away. So privatization is important in some extend but not necessary.

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Shadab said: (Jan 15, 2016)  
Hi everyone, In my opinion Privatization in education should also be encourage to some extent as because corruption is present in both private and government sector and it is not possible for the government to open school in every village or city. We always saw government. Teachers criticizing about the system (lower pay and too much burden) which results in poor quality of education system. In private school quality of education is good but the problem is poor people cannot afford the fees so to make the system compatible they should give scholarships to poor and meritorious student to a large extent.

Thank you for listening me.

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Chirag Jakhodia said: (Dec 15, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

After going through many of the viewpoints of the people, many are in favour of Privatization of Education in India. And the people who aren't in favour seem to have only biggest reason behind not agreeing is 'equality'.

Well, we all know that at present there isn't quality education in India, which is resulting the brain drain. To control this brain drain, we need to improve our quality of education. Many people leave India with the issue that the education is not up to the mark.

Moreover, Privatization in Education will lead to expanding the capabilities of the students. Though it will lead to a rise in the fees but I think everyone will be ready to pay the price for quality as we all are ready to pay in malls the printed price of thousands of rupees but bargain with a poor vegetable vendor for 1-2 rupees.

The problem of brain drain could very well be stopped by privatization and I think it is a way long thing to go but should come as soon as possible which could very well help in the growing of the economy and the development of the country at a global scale.

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Dr. Rashmi Soni said: (Nov 14, 2015)  
The country cannot do away with Privatization of higher education at this stage. Both public and private interference is the need of the hour. The question basically is not of private or public but of good and bad education.

What actually should determine the quality of education is sustained leadership for some period of years. Both public and private education system should have a level playing field.

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Fayis Ponnani said: (Oct 23, 2015)  
Here everybody opined about education systems in their own perspective. In my view, there is no need of privatization of education. Education is a compulsory thing for every citizens of a country. It should be preferably managed and controlled by govt itself.

Finding of requirements is included in the responsibilities of that certain govt. If they determine very positively, our education will fruitful. Then no need of privatization. Its need comes from the failure of govt administration. This only my small opinion.

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Tushar said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
Hi everybody I feel its important that government and private sector should work together as it would be a win win situation for both the sector as well as student enjoy better service provided by the education university at a reasonable price.

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Tushar M said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
Hi everybody I would like to start saying that complete privatization of higher education or handling the entire education system in the hands of government should not be allowed. Privatized organisations are more profit oriented, the only motto is to earn profit on the other hand government organisations are less profit oriented and more into providing service but the disadvantage is the services given by the government is very slow compared to the private sector. As a result there should be privatization of education with regular government interference.

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Asha said: (Sep 8, 2015)  
Hi friends I am Asha.

There are both pros and cons in both the sectors. In privatization there are no reservation issues so that there is equal chance for all the students to get admitted into. The desired one can get chance. Yes off-course we see great hike in fee structures which is too difficult to get through but this is because of providing quality education with highly qualified and experienced faculty, strict rules at discipline unlike the government institutions.

The main thing is that private institutions doesn't put interest in individual student future but the institutions growth. So if developments in some areas like reservation, faculty, discipline are taken by the government institutions there is no need of privatization.

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Aparna said: (Aug 18, 2015)  
Hi, everyone I support privatization with government intervention because in private sector, point of reservation comes to an end and real talent is encouraged and members are exposed globally, and the fees burden on individual is reduced due to government intervention. There is smooth coordination of the institution for further development. Institution can bring real time solutions and becomes part of society which further leads to development of country.

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Dharmendra said: (Aug 13, 2015)  
I think it is good for education must be supported by privates but all government rules followed and all liabilities are for in Indian government.

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Shilpi said: (Jul 20, 2015)  
After reading not all but many viewpoints, I felt that privatization is not a problem but the problem is its direct relationship with fee hike. Because a heavily populated country like ours, which is massively rich in its human resources needs, instates to polish this abundant resource. Are there enough IITs, and IIMs, to cater the need of our country. The brilliant quota system itself kills most of the talent and the rest is killed by the heavy fee structures then what is left?

So only private institutes or public institute wouldn't fulfill the education need of the country. Regulation in fee structures, good employment opportunities and a regulated quota system would be helpful. Why does a good private college needs to have a heavy fee structure, can't that be regulated by our government. We are educated but its difficult to say how are we going to educate our children. In my views instead of privatization, regulation is needed.

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PRAKASH RAUSHAN said: (Jul 1, 2015)  
I am rudely opposed the privatization of higher education. The fees of private colleges is not affordable by everyone. This means only wealthy people take admission in that type of colleges even they are talented or not. This is against our constitutional right. I think our government should try to develop government colleges and education system.

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Momin Fatema said: (May 1, 2015)  
I think there should be the privatization in education because as we know there around more than 100 crore of population in India and it is impossible to provide education only through the government sector and as the world is moving faster to move with that speed we all need the better education. Now youths are going abroad for better studies instead of that there need to open thee best school colleges so that student have good amount off choice.

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Sumit Kumawat said: (Apr 4, 2015)  
Hello everyone my name is Sumit kumawat.

I don't think that we need more professional colleges in our country because more these colleges more student may be good or bad in studies or do have any interest in the field go for engineering or any professional and due to this in colleges no one cares about study and don't do hard work to learn and get pass just by cramming or by cheating or may be with money that why most of the graduate these days don't have enough technical as well as communication skills.

Privatization of higher education has both good and bad. Good is that because in pvt. Colleges every faculty have not a permanent authority. So, They teach their students properly to got a better result. If they not, They can be expelled out. And bad is that Pvt. Colleges has more fees which is not affordable by every person. Everyone have a desire to get admission in good college to become their future bright. In India, there are few Government colleges but syllabus will have not been updated since 1980s. Every teacher in government colleges consider himself a director. They don't care about students future. And wants to get free in whole day.

There is no doubt that privatization will give quality education but it oppose a basic constitutional right i.e. right to equality. Because it will lead to upliftment of upper class or economically strong people. Poor student will continuously decline from main stream.

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Chhitij P Singh said: (Mar 4, 2015)  
Hello friends,

In my opinion when our economy is mixed where both private and govt sector go together in harmony, then whats wrong in privatization in education sector? Privatization motivated many investors to establish their colleges and universities throughout the countries. It provided youth of country with many option or at least have an option.

Imagine if there were only IITS and nits in country is it was possible for many of us to became an engineering graduate? No, because they have limited seats and country is too big. In such scenarios private universities like LPU, amity etc provided good option. So in my view privatization is not a problem but a requirement of country.

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Chhitij Pratap Singh said: (Mar 3, 2015)  
Hello friends, In my opinion when our economy is mixed where both private and government sector go together in harmony, then whats wrong in privatization in education sector? Privatization motivated many investors to establish their colleges and universities throughout the countries. It provided youth of country with many option or at least have an option.

Imagine if there were only IT's and NIT's in country is it was possible for many of us to became an engineering graduate? No, because they have limited seats and country is too big. In such scenarios private universities like LPU, amity etc provided good option. So in my view privatization is not a problem but a requirement of country.

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Faraz Khan said: (Mar 1, 2015)  
First of all I thank to everybody presenting here. I forcibly oppose the privatization of higher education in India. India is a democratic country and our constitution declare every Indian as equal right. These rights are not variable for person to person but equal for all.

There is no doubt that privatization will give quality education but it oppose a basic constitutional right i.e. right to equality. Because it will lead to upliftment of upper class or economically strong people. Poor student will continuously decline from main stream.

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Rounak Bapna said: (Feb 20, 2015)  
Privatisation of Higher Education is not a bloop if used wisely. First I want to take your considerations towards private sector entering in the Food Production field, many will argue that they will be profit oriented, creates gap between poor and rich. But is it the case, Parle G is still available at a price of Rs.5, Atta manufacturer are still selling good quality Atta at economical rate. Do you think you want to really compromise on quality in case of education.

Government schools and their conditions and faculties are well known to each, where are no check on your work, the work suffers. How private sectors works? They always have to work according to consumer demands and if competition is severe, even they have to work in no profit situation. I have educated from a school which is private and charges just 10, 000 Rs. India spends 3-4% of its GDP on education, but instead why does not it gives subsidy on education like it does other sectors of basic amenities like gas, food, ration.

If government is not able to deliver or not able to motivate the government teachers to deliver, then why waste money on their salary, on infrastructure, on bureaucrats to look after primary education in India. Instead give this school to private sectors, who for sake of performance, to sustain in field, will take education as revolution in India.

Needless to say, they will survive only if they makes profit, for making profit they needs students to be enrolled, the students will come if they provides quality at right price. And the price needs to be controlled by Government and they can do it like they are regulating the price for everything in India.

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SUMAIR SAYYED said: (Jan 22, 2015)  
First of all I would like to thank for giving me such a great opportunity to express my views on this topic. I am totally against of privatizing education institute, because INDIA is a democratic country. Every person has equal right for to be educated. But if education is put up in the hand of MNCs, there will be very bad result.

It means that not only Indian companies but also foreign companies will come to make their profit. The poor will remain poor, they wound, t be able to eradicate their poverty. And the private sector including MNCs shall contaminate our great historical background. Please think about the situation when a British teacher will call our national father MAHATMA GANDHI as a rebel. So please save our education. Government should think about.

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Harsh Lavekar said: (Nov 5, 2014)  
Hello everyone my name is Harsh.

First of all I would like to thank you all for giving me opportunity to express my opinion on front of you.

I think that privation of schools is not at all a good step. I agree that the quality increases but it keeps India's future at stake. It means only those who can afford so high amount of fees can only have a secured future.

What about others? Aren't they the part of this country. Why can't they have a good future? We proudly say that India is a democratic country but what we forget is that EQUALITY is a main factor of democracy. Is this equality?

Also if we go to the history. Great kings used to go deep in the forests in GURUKULS to attain education and what facilities where there? they had to do all the works. Which also made them independent.

My point is if government makes some strong efforts then they could give higher quality education too. And India would be a "Private Schools Eradicated country".

But this can happen only if we the. The youth the future generation of India join our hands together and fight for this.

This was all I had to say thank you for listening me so patiently and thank you for giving me your precious time.

Thank you once Again.

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Vivek Sherawat said: (Oct 3, 2014)  
Hi there! If we talk about ideal things then privatization in higher education will really create problems for those who belongs to poor background. But if we look at ground reality of education system in the India. It is not good. Education ratio is less compare to other countries. Somewhere government has failed to provide good and sufficient education, so privatization had born in the field of education and became a business. Although they are providing quality of education but only some students can able to afford their fees. Privatization is also creating jobs. Privatization is good until government has some control over it. Government must apply some rules in sake of poor students. They should apply some reservation system for poor students in fees.

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Pankaj said: (Sep 23, 2014)  
The Government should take over- say NO to privatization, if using only money to buy politicians (Horse Trading) is illegal, so should be the compromise for merit versus money in private colleges- where you buy a degree you may not deserve by paying money.

It also churns out poor quality and false value systems. Like even, if I am not deserving, I get a job in MNC, gloat about myself etc. These colleges falsely rationalize poor quality.

Consider this- IPS/PPS or local police inspector all can become SSP- but they get promoted at different speeds. But Due to privatization of engineering- there being no way to measure or delineate- you will find them getting into senior positions that they don't deserve. This amounts to cheating the system/society.

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Krishna said: (Aug 29, 2014)  
I think privation of education is very dangerous for Indian because in India they are many poor people they can't effort the fees of private school and college then the result of privatisation is many poor child remain uneducated and in this way the development and growth of India is decreased so government is very important for education. And private school and college is only focus on fees. When they going in loss they. Closed their school and COLLEGE so in private school and college student. Bear the main loss.

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Dharam Pal said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
Fist of all I want to thank all of you to giving me this opportunity to share my feelings and emotions on this topic.

According to my perspective, as we all know, education is a must for the development of every country as without education there are no chances of development, so in this respect education is main weapon to improve and eradicate any evils.

Now, I come to the main topic, according to my point of view, as We all know, everything has negative as well as positive factors, so in this way the privation of higher education is good and bad to some extent. Considering all the above points which have been given by my fellow and after reading the above points, I have come to the following points are as under:

Advantage of privation of education in private sectors:

1. Student can't get a better quality education as the teachers in private school, colleges and universities pay much attention towards to students.

2. Student can't do their every work with great management related to their schools work or their personal work joint with their personal life because the private schools pay much attention towards management and discipline as the management and discipline have the major role for every kind of work.

3. They get a better atmosphere with good students.

Disadvantages of privatization of education in private sector:

1. The Private institutions demand for high amount of fees which is not possible for every people as a developing counter like India most of the people are poor so they can not afford so much amount of fees.

2. Money is given prime importance.

Disadvantages of high education in the hands of Government Sectors:

1. In most of the Government Schools, the teachers don't pay much attention towards to students.

2. Because they are interested in their's monthly income and not interested to educate the students.

2. There is no management and discipline and even good atmosphere.

Advantages of privatization of education in government sectors:

1. Because the institution fees are low to some extent, and most the students can approach the institutions in government sector.

2. No doubt, Many of the best government institutes such as IITs, IIMs and NIT.

At last, I would like to say one thing, merit basis admission should be preferred instead of donations.

Thank you, very much to share my feelings.

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N.Eswar said: (Jul 16, 2014)  
Hai I am Eswar. In my view our education system should not be privatized. This is because Private institutes are really squeezing the blood of poor people. If and only if our education system is governed our literates rate never increase. Because we may not find as much of stuff in rich people but we can find in poor. If we provide an opportunity to prove themselves the poor really grow very high.

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Manasa said: (Jul 14, 2014)  
In my view privatization is important, only when it come along with govt. help.

The privatization is best way if:

* The government gives 50% seats to poor students.
* The college gives some free seats to distinction students.
* The govt. Provides seats as well as more fund to minor students and backward students.
* The college gives free seats to all students and take the over all fund by govt.

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Lt.sushant said: (May 26, 2014)  
Friends, making whole education system private is not the end result rather reinforcing the loopholes in government education. Though government education helps us to how to stand like a kid but when the times comes to walk the government system pull its hands back to support. Here in this situation we have population explosion according to which most of student seeks higher education but government Has limited colleges reserved for categories. Therefore privatization in education should come only for a particular duration and it should also link the government Institutions so all of sudden every student then can get a chance to grow smoothly.

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Kallol said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Welcome everybody. I feel glad being the part of this group discussion. As we all know this is time of capitalism. Every person who has money can get good education along with good grades. If we talk about boards, there are state or central boards. As we all know the most of private schools are affiliated from central board and this is very easy to pass and take good grade. For poor and rich people government education is more comfortable. Private education is comfortable for rich but not for poor.

Generally there are more intelligent people among poor. According to me education system should not be privatized whether it be primary level or higher level. Because if system is gone in private hand then the private body treat it like a business and what will happen when the business suffer the loss they will shut down their business means close the college or school whatever the condition. In that case only student suffer. Another reason is that every one can not afford the expenditure if the system become privatized. So in that case actual talent may not be emerged.

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Abha said: (Feb 28, 2014)  
Hello my name is Abha and after listen to all of you I want to say that if we want to make our education system better it is not necessary that we privatised our education system completely but both government and private institution can collaborate to provide better system. We all know that private education institution demand very high fees from children which poor families cannot afford and till India share only 6% of student went to college for higher education and steps like this of privatisation of education may reduce this percentage.

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Sindhumathi said: (Feb 17, 2014)  
According to me, in this present scenario privatization is needed because it will give more opportunities for the talented students. But when we consider the money the private institutions are controlled by the rich person. The persons who are having money they will go for higher studies.

This is the present situation. So my solution is the government will act as a private institution and provide more facilities so that no private institution is there. All the colleges should be managed by only one government not by many managements.

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Trush said: (Jan 23, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I think the higher education must be private because the government is fail to maintain the quality of education. In most of the government colleges the faculties are interested in theirs monthly income. They are not interested to educate the students. Importance of money is higher than education in government colleges. So the quality of students also degraded. The government also started many of campaigns, scholarship programmes for poor students, but they are not reach up to those people who need that, so there's no hope from the government for the education.

My cousin sister won scholarship in NTSE exam in 2011 but till upto this day she did not got this prize money. SO maintain the quality of education privatization is must in higher education.

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Anchal said: (Jan 21, 2014)  
Hello everyone!my name is Anchal and I feel good to be a part of this group discussion. I think privatization is not a bad option either, no doubt private institutions are costly but if more students enroll in these institutions there will be competition among these private institutions hence fee will fall and more quality students will be passed out. Till then scholarships can be offered by government to get admission in these private institutions and lessen the burden of government institutions.

One of my acknowledged partner suggested that education should not be imparted with profit motive, I think there's no harm if education is carried forward with profit motive until it is not at the cost of quality of education. After all profit will come only if students are happy and satisfied.

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Krishan said: (Jan 20, 2014)  
As we all know this is time of capitalism. Every person who has money can get good education along with good grades. If we talk about boards, there are state or central boards. As we all know the most of private schools are affiliated from central board and this is very easy to pass and take good grade. After school we have two ways either give donation to good private university or have good grade for government institution. But both become not possible for a person from state board. So he have to take admission on local university where education is only for money. So no good placement no good money as well. And same cycle repeats for further generation. So privatization first should be stop at school level then it will become easy for good university to take good talent and to form it as future of nation.

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Chandan Sinha said: (Jan 14, 2014)  
The speaker seems to be a little bit backwards in this thinking. Even after 60 years of independence, things have not improved much. Instead, the academic environment is fast deteriorating in government schools and colleges so, the simple answer is that education must be privatized.

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Abhishek Tol said: (Jan 7, 2014)  
Swami Vivekananda quoted "Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men". Education is compulsory for each and every individual who wants to succeed in any area of life.

Primary education till the age of 14 years is compulsory and free in India and is maintained by the government. But when it comes to higher education, the trend of privatization is sadly noticed in India.

The largest drawback resulting from privatization of education is increase in the fees as a result of which most of the students who are interested in continuing their studies are forced to quit.

The question that arises is that why cannot government provide free higher education? We are all aware of the fact that any individual who only had his primary education is not eligible for earning the bare minimum that is required for his or her survival. Though most of the people do not accept this bitter truth but the fact remains.

If we take a close look at the statistics of developing countries we will see that India as a developing country lacks far behind when it comes to analyzing the ration of people with higher education as compared to the other developing countries.

The proportion of the University and College going students is 6% in India while the figure is 20% in Egypt and Thailand, 10% in Turkey, 11% in Brazil, and 16% in Mexico.

In developed countries on the other hand, the ratio of the students opting for higher education is nearly 40%. If India dreams of becoming a developed country in the near future, it is extremely essential that more and more students opt for higher education.

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Pinky Pathak said: (Jan 6, 2014)  
Hello everyone I am Pinky pathak and I am very glad to be a part of this discussion. Almost everyone has given their views regarding privatisation of education and I would agree that almost everyone has to some extent added to the topic.

I would also like to share my view regarding the very topic. It is true that government institutes have a great hand in educating the learners but the situation is not the same like before, there used to be days in the yesteryear when government aided colleges/institutes used to be the main aim of the people but now the present condition is not the same.

Teachers of the government institutes have started focusing only in the money and is giving least importance to the quality of education, but I am not generalizing it, as there are still institutes like IIM, IIT, NIT who are providing impartial and quality education but due to the other govt institutes laziness the people are losing the faith in the govt institutes. On the other hand the full credit of quality education also cannot be given to the private institutes as their main motive is profit making, but still in comparison to the govt institutes they have proved themselves to be far better by gaining the confidence of the people.

I won't completely reject the idea of increasing privatisation as in a crowded country like ours where govt institutes are very few so private institutes have become a must as "EDUCATION" is the main key of development and this can be a reality only when everyone in the crowd is educated.

But the government must put up some criteria for the private institutes so that everyone get a chance regardless of their financial conditions to get the real taste of education. The govt can provide financial help as well as scholarships to the abled students with a bad financial condition. Also only those private institutes who truly provide better quality education must be allowed to impart knowledge and unnecessary institutes who focus only on profit motive must be closed down.

Thus if the above criteria are kept in mind before setting up a institute than privatisation is heartly welcomed.

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Jitu said: (Nov 14, 2013)  
Privatisation of higher education is necessary - as we say govt of India spending lakhs of rupees on students studying in iits and nit and inturn after pass out in aspect of huge money they provide their services to foreign companies and mainly responsible for declination of countrys economy and mainly for brain drain.


Students studying in private colleges are giving their services to Indian companies at cheaper rates without any complaint and giving benefit to country economy and in private colleges there is no such such well equipped labs and professors like iits and nits, from private institutions students also go abroad and providing their services to other foreign companies but their no is less.

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Suraj said: (Sep 17, 2013)  
Hi friends, I think education is basic need of an individual and our country. Either provided by government or private sector. But if the load on government sector is quite large or uneven than it should be transferred to private sector. But with proper monitoring and regulation of government Thus maintaining justice, equality and quality of education privatization will also be a best option to achieve need of education.

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Nandeesh.c said: (Sep 14, 2013)  
Private institutions are very needed to India to improve good human resources. But private institutes should maintain social justice it must be remove the mentality of profit because education field is not business area. So private institutes keep service mind not profit mind.

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Surbhi Shukla said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
Friends along with your points I want to put light on the point that our country's future depends on the youth. So to make them to stand on their feet for the betterment of the country. Government has to focus on this issue. I support the point that private college is quite good like BIT's but all can't afford to get admitted there. Hence some shining students failed to get admission. And hence some were forced to sacrifice.

Hence keeping this point in mind either government have to increase the number of government college maintaining the same standard as offered by private college or by helping the poor one by giving scholarship and loan at low interest so that they can afford private college if they fail to get admission in GOVERNMENT COLLEGES. As youth are the future of the country. Government have to work on it.

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Sayali Patil said: (Aug 30, 2013)  
I think privatization is necessary. We'll get best quality of education. We'll get production of best quality students it also help to rise a standards of living but if and only if the object of privatization is "betterment of poor", because rich person can easily get the good quality education. From last 65 years government Institutes even can't able to expend 6 percent money from over total budget of India when it has already approved. So it is a time to give a shot and re them of right to education to the private sector.

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Kartheek said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
In my view, privatisation of higher education in our country can be acceptable for some extent, because India is democratic country which is developing. There is need to establish private colleges. But at the same time government should take responsibility and implement necessary policies to control the fee structures, which cannot affordable for poor students. Government should take initiative steps to establish their institutions according to the growth rate of private institutions to check the policies of private institutions.

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Bijendra said: (Jun 19, 2013)  
It is my pleasure to say some points on this topic.

I think higher education in India should not be privatised. There are prestigious institutes like IIT, NIT & other govt institutes which produces high quality students who have capability to turn India to a healthy and wealthy state. But there is a minor limitation, as India is a very populated state there are not significant number of these institutes for the students. This point is to considered highly by Govt.

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Sushil Kumar said: (Jun 7, 2013)  
As I personally think, every country has a large population of youth, so it is not possible for government institution to provide necessary and quality education to every youth of country because these institutions are limited in numbers, so there is a need of more number of institutions. But govt should also make some decisions regarding fee structure and scholarships programmes, so that poor meritorious students can also take admission in that and admission process should be transparent.

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Saurabh Agrawal said: (May 26, 2013)  
Hi friends, its my pleasure to have discussion with you all. What I think is at school level we all know our government is unable to provide quality education, many programs has been launched like day time free meal, free books etc to encourage students to come to school but none of them focuses on the quality of education. Teachers don't pay much attention whereas in private schools teachers pay much more attention towards student and hence results in better quality education. Private school has its own limitation of higher fees which everyone can't afford. Also in private school money is given prime importance.

Whereas at college level we have good government institutes like IITs, IIMs etc. And very less good private institutes, which also has very high fee structure. Govt should keep a check on private institute. Also merit basis admission should be preferred rather than donation.

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Anshul Jain said: (May 22, 2013)  
Hello, here everyone talking about the alone privatization or governmental education but my point of view is regarding to the private cum government Education system so that both operational and functional effects takes place in a very systematic manner. Let us take an example if a student having not so much money but standing along meritorious length, govt should help him to provide a better education with the best private institute. Then it will work like a policy body and enhance the chance of development of nation also.

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Sarabjit Singh said: (May 19, 2013)  
As my all my friends discuss about this system, education is important for all whether student is poor or rich else he is willing to be educated men/women. If discussion is about private institution there is no doubt only govt institutes or colleges does not fulfill the seats for all when govt provides approval to any pvt institutes there would be make necessary for them to provide reserve seats for poor students (in case of money) in total seats 10% or more.

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Sarbashis Ghosh said: (Mar 26, 2013)  
Like every coin has two sides, similarly every thing follows with a positive as well as a negative effect.

We cannot deny the advantages that we can get by privatizing higher education, in the same way the loopholes are also prominent.

In order to provide education to these huge population of India privatization of education is necessary. Also the quality of education that students get from these private institutes are much higher in comparison to that of the government institutes.

Looking into the bad part of it, is that able and deserving students with poor economic and financial situation are held back, whereas students with less merit and much higher financial conditions gets the chance to carry with their education. Again, if the education system is privatized completely then it will be a business and we students will get affected from that.

So effective measures should be taken from our government to make it absolutely certain that meritorious students who cannot afford higher education are not deprived and continue with their education with higher compensation or scholarship maybe.

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Naga Siva said: (Mar 20, 2013)  
I think privatization of education is good but it is good only when there are some limitations such as knowledge should be main criteria of admission not money are some other recommendations. Intervention of government as a regulatory check on the private institutions & reducing fee to an affordable level we can privatize education.

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Anne said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
Well I opposed privatization for colleges. As far as I know, as a students could afford to enter a private school and so as they could afford to pay for getting high grades just in order to pass such subjects. What is good education for when it can be paid instead of taking an entrance examination to know the field of studies each students could fit in rather than wasting such a long time studying for years when gaining nothing instead. A paid diploma?

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Divya Kukreti said: (Feb 3, 2013)  
I totally disagree with my fellow speaker. According to me private institutes are necessary. Having a limited number of government institutes makes it impossible for the youth to get admission in them. What do you expect the rest of the youth to do?

Private institutes contribute in about 90% seats are provided by private institutes. Though I think the admission procedure should be changed. Instead of donations, knowledge should be the main procedure for admission. Government should take measures to monitor the functioning of private institutes so that they do not do what ever they want.

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Kamal said: (Jan 28, 2013)  
I think privatization of education will have both good and bad effects. Private institutes have high fees so the poor cannot afford the fee. Admission to the colleges without any entrance tests would compromise the quality of students. But in government colleges have low fee so the poor can also afford but it has limited seats so where do you expect the rest of the students would go. Again in government colleges, teacher doesn't much care about the performance of students. Students are deprived of gaining communication skills. I think with the implementation of entry level test in private colleges and intervention of government as a regulatory check on the private institutes and keeping fee low, we can privatize the education.

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Aman said: (Jan 4, 2013)  
I don't think that we need more professional colleges in our country because more these colleges more student may be good or bad in studies or do have any interest in the field go for engineering or any professional and due to this in colleges no one cares about study and don't do hard work to learn and get pass just by cramming or by cheating or may be with money that why most of the graduate these days don't have enough technical as well as communication skills. Their was a report in the newspaper that 58% are not able to pass basic English test of 7th standard so how we expect from them to get a job in good company and that is the reason that in India 70 to 80% graduate are unemployed.

Opening the Engineering colleges is just a business for some money minded people they do not have any sympathy for these students whose parent spend hard earned money on them and after that again theirs son/daughter are useless unemployed.

So it is very important that the govt should do something to unauthorized some useless institutes and for elevating the quality of education (soft, technical) skills as per the company needs.

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Vikash said: (Dec 12, 2012)  
Hi this is Vikash I totally oppose privatization of education as though the quality of education being provided there be good but the process the use for selecting candidate should be changed from money based to education based through a entrance test. Because if a student get admitted in such colleges with huge fee structure but. Not best for such field will lead to the wastage of money if the don't get placed or don't get job. So if it should then it should take totally refined students for that particular course.

Because taking admission on basis of money can give satisfaction for few time but can ruin whole future of students because student lacking basic knowledge for that education can't be able for higher studies for that field.

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NIJU SRIVASTAVA said: (Nov 26, 2012)  
Hello friends me Niju Srivastava. I myself don't support to the privatization of education. But in contrast to this privatization of education have so many advantages. Lets take a example that you are a good student and at the time of examination may be you are suffering from some situations such as illness, family problem. And due to that you can't get that much of marks through which you can't able to get admission in IIT or government colleges. Then you have another option that is private colleges due to which you can continue your studies without any break. And if you are a good student then you can get a very respectful place in the society.

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Sehastoor said: (Nov 19, 2012)  
No doubt with privatization literacy rate is increasing but are all degree holder people really literates ? I have seen number of people having degrees not because they deserve them but because they can buy them. No doubt as only 5000 people can get admission in IIT but choosing any private college is short cut and success need hard work which is proved when we people don't get deserving jobs.

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Dheeraj Rathore said: (Nov 19, 2012)  
It is not necessary that only private institution can provide better education we have such a big list of government institution which provide better than others. The thing that matters here is the value every institution gives to education, doesn't matter it is private or government High fee structure of Private institution only increase financial burden on a poor student's family.

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Rajneesh Katal said: (Nov 9, 2012)  
I totally oppose the privatization of higher studies. Privatization of studies will replicate shutting the doors to poor students. It will enlarge the gap between the poor and rich. Privatization is beneficial for a particular university or college to raise their funds, but I don't think the emphasis to improve the quality of education is even considered. It will ruin the future and opportunities of many talented students.

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Sidhartha Sankar Nanda said: (Oct 12, 2012)  
Hi friends this is sidhartha. I m very glad to express my views on this topic. Ya no doubt it has been a serious topic of discussion since yesteryear. And rightly so as the privatisation of education is going on at its peak. This should be taken into control before it becomes too late. Govt should take initiatives arising from their proverbial slumber and slam those private institutions for enormous fee charging. On one side they are claiming the reservation as a tool for the upraisal of poor, backward people and on the other side showing their back to those issues that are taking the shape of huge giants making poor people even more helpless ever before. Private coaching institutions, private +2 colleges, engineering colleges where we can't even find a single qualified teacher are being paid like anything. So the need of the hour is to stop the privatisation of education and realise the essence of the bright future of these youngsters who would change the face of India in future.

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Swati said: (Oct 9, 2012)  
I want to add some more points as we all know that in pvt colleges or schools teachers are paid well and they are having threat that they will lose their job that why they concentrates of every student and they are very much serious about what inputs they are giving to their students but in case of government colleges they don't even bother whether students are attending the classes properly or not, their main aim to to get the salary. They don't even think of students future. Due to this lots many intelligent students from poor or middle class families are getting suffered they are having the capability but because of fees structure they can't join the private college.

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Amandeep Dhillon said: (Oct 9, 2012)  
Hi, my name is Amandeep and I am glad to present my views on increasing privatization of higher education.

Now-a- days government is providing money, bicycles/uniforms to the students attending government schools, thus make education free. As a response to this initiative of the government, many students got admissions in government schools. Also girls education got promoted. But unfortunately, no steps are taken to improve the standard of education. In-fact, the number of students is more than the capacity of the class. We cannot deny the fact that, majority of government teachers prefer their children should study in private schools rather than the government schools, providing an example of low quality education being given in the government schools. Private schools, in no doubts, provide better education and exposure to the students, thus making them independent and decisive.

Now if we consider quality of higher education, in government and private colleges and universities, of-course, government colleges are better. The private colleges and universities which provide quality education are few in number and very costly. As a result, many students feel difficult to carry on with their studies any longer. It is the sole responsibility of the government to make policies that can provide impartial education to all the children. After all, education can bring innovation and our nation need youngsters that can work for the betterment of the country.

The government should ensure that the upcoming private universities/colleges/institutes should have genuine fees structure, talented faculty, well equipped labs, libraries, scholarships.

Now-a-days, we come across the news of corruption, making false degrees/certificates, bribes to get admissions in reputed colleges. All these incidents weaken our education system. Government should make strict policies to avoid such incidents and non-adherence to the policies should me made punishable. We need a strong law to impart quality education.

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Varun Daryani said: (Sep 21, 2012)  
Privatization in education is inevitable. I would like all of you to note that in 2011 only 5000 students got admission in IIT out of 300000 students. So what do you expect the other students to go. Take up a field which is of not their choice. As we all know IIT is a government institute so the other students force fully have to go for private sector for higher education or go abroad, which also is very costly. Ya for sure privatization needs to lower its fees, but it doesn't makes privatization bad.

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Privatization of Higher Education

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