Private Participation in Infrastructure is Highly Desirable

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Vaishali Trivedi said:   7 years ago
As we all know that India is an emerging industrialized country in the world so in that case to achieve heights of success one should always be conscious about time duration of infrastructural working as it is a very time taking process.

The Private sector can be helpful in this regard as they assure better conductivity of the process, they manage workforce more properly, they tend to reduce time delays, they look after the progress of working on a regular and in an effective way.

That's why the need of private sector involvement is realized.

Sudhansu said:   8 years ago
India is a developing country, and we all know that we have to cover a long distance infrastructure sector. Our infrastructure is lag behind due to lack of funds lack of technology lack of proper mechanism. So the private participation is the need of an hour. Due to private participation service will be improved in terms of technology. Private player is more concerned with time limit. They take project with timebound manner. There will also be increase in employability.

Anky amazing said:   8 years ago
Actually, I don't agree on the total privatization of the participation in infrastructure and it will not desirable for us.

For example Currently we are not able to pay the toll taxes on the roads as we are thinking that the companies are taking hire charges for the users. But it is not like that the actual reason behind the hiked charges are the growing rate of interest on the project cost, as the money invested on project is huge amount.

Rajat said:   8 years ago
According to Indian policy act in 1991 FDI was increases then it not invite only private companies. To decreasing unemployability, it is ecessary to private participation in India.

Abhishek said:   10 years ago
Private Participation in infrastructure is highly desirable because it will result in effective results due to Proper Utilization of Knowledge and Resources Mutually and Financial Difficulties of govt sectors will be lowered.

Megha said:   1 decade ago
According to me, as the need of becoming a developed country is increasing day by day, the pressure on government is also increasing in order to improve or strengthen the infrastructure that forms a basis for making our country developed. Government alone cannot meet this demand of strengthening the infrastructure of our country so in that case, private companies will play and are playing an important role strengthening the infrastructure of our country in order to make our country a developed one. AS, infrastructure play an important role in this. Hence, both government And private companies must contribute in making infrastructure strong.


Shubham said:   1 decade ago
Private participation is a highly needed demand today to create a state-of-art infrastructure. Private participation no doubt increases the cost of commodities, but this hike is short lived because of strong competition like in the case of Telecom Sector in India which saw a nosedive in prices and huge uplift in infrastructure and facilities. Moreover the overarching facilities provided deserves some hike.

Sachin said:   1 decade ago
Private Participation is highly desirable, because it will reduce the financial burden on the country, also reduce corruption, provide Quality, employment and helps in growing GDP of the nation.

Sudhir said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends, According to me infrastructure is back bone of national development. Without a good infrastructure we can't imagine about the development. As we seen Indian Debt increasing day by day. Which is mainly due to the corruption made by Politician like 2G scam, Coal Block allocation etc. Which weaken the the India Financially. For development India need more and more investment on infrastructure sector. But due to lack of money it unable to provide facility. So introduction on PPP on public sector is a welcome action. It helps Financially on the development of nation. Thank You.

Rituparna said:   1 decade ago
Infrastructure is one of the common field in business administration. And business means the participation on your own, after that you can be succeeded. So private participation in Infrastructure is really desirable.

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