Politics is run by the Barrel of Gun

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Utkarsh said:   2 years ago
There is no denial of the fact that politicians need power to run their politics smoothly and the power of fear often comes in handy. Political parties are a hoard of people with different mindsets joined together by the motto, agenda or principles of their party. They also need that their voters too believe in their propaganda and in order to do so, to lead such large group of people each having his own opinions and way of thinking, they often need someone who can rule with an iron fist, hence the role of power steps in.

In the law of jungle, he who is powerful alone, rules but in our society power must be coupled with responsibility. We humans, are essentially animals and animals are kept in control by power and in many instances we are also controlled by power, we worship power, we fear power. But as we propel into more advanced societies we understand that our biggest power is cooperation. It our teamwork and helping nature.

That has brought our species so far. If the people are contended the party will surely flourish and the true power of armaments lies in the hands that wield it. So it is more important to have the power of the masses with you. The people's trust in their leaders has more potential than having the fear of them.

As we are a developing country we may see some examples where politics is controlled by the barrel of gun but we are on the verge of seeing our politics running on the rails of our nation's development with the fuel of people's trust towards setting up an example for other countries to follow.

Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, that the politics are run with the barrel of the gun. At the time of elections the political parties give the money for their votes.

People elect the political parties in the name of their caste so they don't care whether it is a right party (or) not.

These parties attract people by giving money. These parties can run also media news by telling that the activities of great news in the TV channels.

So, I conclude that the politicians are not good for our state better to maintain a democratic country.

Nikhil shoran said:   6 years ago
Yes, I agree that politics is run by barrel of gun. Its almost common for a criminal to run for elections. Politicians at times use force to get votes. The police is hand in glove with them. It is understood that the police looks the other way when such coercion occurs.

Corruption is choking India. Corrupt politicians, to stay in power, hire thugs to threaten the poor and helpless to vote for them.

Aman pandit said:   6 years ago

In my point of view, politics is run by the barrel of a gun. Just because of if a man commits a crime it becomes the subject of news. And media advertise that man.

It also runs by money and wine. Some people are addicted to wine and they can do anything for wine. Even they are ready to vote that person who can give them some wine. It is a bitter truth.

Sanjeeth reddy said:   6 years ago

I think we have the best democratic system ever.


We never cast our vote, we vote for our caste, we fight with poor but never fight with poverty, we want a strict government when we hear about corruption, but we are more comfortable with closing our own deals with a bribe. We never expect anything from our government, as we know that we lost our right when had our own reasons for voting rather than voting for a right candidate.

We as a society we have lost our right to question a politician because we made them. Every vote has a rate, it could be monetary, religious favouritism, Caste favouritism or fear for our well being. If this is how we are, why do someone need to run politics by the barrel of a gun.


In our country elections are won by media, if the advertising campaign is hit the party wins,

Let's take the example of Prashant Kishore, he was the main person behind the success of NDA and now the opposition wants him to help them win. He helped BJP against Congress, JDU against BJP and now YSRCP wants him against TDP. Till we can't judge between the truth in the news we are just a herd of sheep's.

Yogi said:   6 years ago
Politics is run by the barrel of gun it's true mostly in the rural area.

Vishal said:   7 years ago
Hi, Guys!

It's great to hear your valuable opinions upon such a controversial topic.

In my opinion, it is the bitter truth that politics is run by the barrel of a gun these days. We live in a democratic country where governance is created through the process of voting. Looking behind the curtain we say a darker side of politics ie the application of guns and muscle power in order to seek the votes.

We all are well aware of the fact that most of the MP's & MLA's have criminal records entering into politics to clean their image along getting indulged into various scams.

No one has the power to stop them, nobody questions them because their business runs through the fear created by them in the minds of the public. I do feel that "Power of Ballot is more than the power of Bullet " ie if we people join hands and decide not to vote such criminals then surely our political system will be improved and we will have a better governance for the nation.


Shreyal zope said:   7 years ago
Politics are run by gun. Because they have kept guns for their protection but some members do wrong with them.

Jivan said:   7 years ago
As my opinion, politics is gun barrel because it does work its own satisfaction that means no meaning of live normal people in the world normal people depend on them. Before the vote, he makes some promise and after winging he forget something.

FARUK said:   7 years ago
I don't think politics in INDIA is run through the use of armed violence. But instead, they use their brains to control the whole system. Before a vote, they make a lot of promises but after the vote they forget everything. Government's main purpose is to make the rich richer and the POOR poorer. People are not getting what they deserve.

Actually, politics is run by us, we choose them to lead our country. When we are not satisfied by our governments work we should replace them.

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