PM's vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub - dream or a practical possibility?

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Krishan said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, India is the manufacturing hub we can achieve it practically. The government of India in recent years take many decisions to attract foriegn investment directly in India like the make in India and relief in tax.

Sohan said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, it is possible because there are many steps taken for manufacturing hubs like make in India. It provides support to the people in manufacturing. It also allows a foreign company to set up industry in India and export to the rest of the world. India has a lot of youth who can work and there also many engineers who out of India and help in manufacturing if they will not go then it help in manufacturing. In India, people can work for less wage as compared to large exporter like China. So in my opinion, it will be possible if it will be less political interference and state and central government both provide support.

Monika said:   3 years ago

Today topic is Vision to make India manufacturing hub is dream or practical possibly. Yes, it is practical possibility, after PM modi mission ' Make in India' also help India to manufacture at high level. Also In india, MSME have received many benefits from government for manufacturing in India. Even Many MNC comes in India and set up their manufacturing spots due to huge benefits received From government.

Vishal Jena said:   5 years ago
It is not the dream of PM Modi .as after Manmohan Singh, prime minister Narendra Modi helped the country to increase its economic status a pm Modi started many firms like the digital India project, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan etc. And people even start working on that Modi will help our nation to make it a manufacturing hub like China in some next few years but it will take some time as like train when it goes left or right by tilting the handles it take some time exactly like that India is a big country after all so it will take time to become a manufacturing hun instead of that mainly trade in India is through Indian ocean routes chemicals and elements are mainly expired from our country, if people work together in making India a manufacturing hub then our country didn't take much time to compete with other huge economy countries like China, Japan etc. PM modi started many campaign like increasing the production sector in field, India also started developing ayurvedic products more and more to increase and thus export of these things mainly increases the manufacturing of joining Sims helped India in make it manufacturing hub too Modi do SAAARC summit and take help from other countries in helping India providing them modern infrastructure which also give ideas to our Indian architect to manufacture good and durable skyscrapers which automatically results in giving India a name as of a manufacturing hub.

Surbhi Sharma said:   5 years ago
From my perspective, "" PM's vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub is practically possible". About this vision, our PM gave his idea on 27th January 2017. This great idea attracts many other countries and they started investing on India like Oppo, Vivo etc. The main term which makes a way to put this dream into reality is our youth and talent because our nation is rich in natural resources, talent, land, youth etc. India is a country which is situated between three oceans. So for importing materials from one to another is not a big deal for us. But there are lot of hurdles which comes during the execution of this vision.

1) Illiteracy: In our own India if a person knows how to read and write their own name is known as literate person. But in actual reality, we all know it is an illusion. The literacy rate of our nation is only 74. 03%. To convert this illetracy into literacy GOI should remove corruption from government schools.

2) Reservation: It is like a termite which eats youth as well as India continuously. Because of this reservation system, many young talents stay in home and fools get job. And for getting a handsome job with the handsome package they migrate towards abroad. GOI should change this system as soon as possible. Giving reservation for backward classes is good but on the basis of brain power, it is worst. Because of this system unemployment is on the peak.

If we overcome with these two hurdles then this vision becomes reality. And our India becomes developed country instead of developing country. Because we have the manpower and in parallel poverty and unemployment too. So everyone gets ready to do work if they get fewer wages in starting too. And it is impossible that one man can change the whole system. To make changes in positive way we have to put our hand together.

Shivani somani said:   5 years ago
PM's vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub is practically possible if all of us contribute to his vision. Really our PM is doing much for our country but the others officers are not so devoted to our country. No only one man can make the change he needs support from his subordinates.

Compared to past, in present time various foreign co. Have started their business here and making lots of investment. The other countries are very hopeful to our country They taking India as a better place to invest.

Our country is also making progress but if we provide some more focus on our education then we can do much better and make our India a most powerful and skilful country.

Anita said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion, it is possible to convert India into manufacturing hub. As we all can see there is poverty and hardworking people who are ready to work for small amount of money because of unemployment so if any foreign company is interested to invest in India, it can easily get cheap manpower plus ecological factors are favourable in India. If our govt is taking essential steps so it is also beneficial for all. It will help to remove problem of unemployment and help in good growth of economy plus GDP.


Devi said:   5 years ago

Good evening everyone.

India is still a developing country. There is a lot of poverty. Although we are a self-sustained country in the area of food, there is a lot of unemployment and low GDP, despite the fact that ours is the fastest GDP growing country in the world. The solution for eradicating unemployment and to become one of the developed countries in the world, we have to go for industrialisation in a big way. Dreams can be fulfilled through vision and strategy to accomplish our goal to become a manufacturing hub.

India can certainly be one of the world's most important manufacturing hubs in the world with proper planning and well thought over Industrial policies. It is a matter of fact that various states in the country are vying with each other in attracting FDI for starting various new ventures in their respective states offering various incentives to the corporates/MNCs across the world.

But we have to change of labour laws which are very stringent and shy away from foreign investors.

However, I am very much confident that India will accomplish its dream of becoming a very important manufacturing hub in a very short time.

Bavita kumari said:   5 years ago
Yes, of course "To make India a Manufacturing Hub " is practically possible. First of all, I want to mention, this vision is announced by pm Narendra Modi on 26 Jan 2017. In my point of view, this is possible because we have 1) cheap raw material 2) manpower 3) source of power generating 4) land and not least but last 5) advanced technology. This project will also reduce unemployment which is a big problem for India. To implement it properly only one thing is we have to educate the people. India has very talented people, due to lack of opportunity, most of the talented people want to go foreign. So this will work definitely and it will increase our economic growth.

Ritesh Parmar said:   5 years ago
Yes this dream is practically possible and it is our bright future. This dream reduce unempolyed problem and poverty. We have manpower & talented people & available land at low cost. We also have good environment & regular three seasons & raw material which are required for production. Our country produce large amount of electricity which is needed for manufacturing. Our country India have three side ocean so export of our product is easy. To make this dream possible we have to reduce corruption problem and long term procedure to give permission to foreign investers to start business in our country.

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