Nice Guys Finish Last

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Uttara said:   6 years ago
Nice guys are humble to let others speak first. Nice guys are well mannered to present their presentation in the last cause nice guys know that it does not matter where you go first or go last good things are aways appraised by others irrespective of the timing. More over nice guys take their own time to prepare well for any upcoming venture and they tend to give the perfect touch to their project so it is better for them to be patient rather than fool.

Kavya said:   7 years ago
In my point of view finishing the work perfectly matters a lot. Nice guys first prefer to collect complete knowledge and experience from the ones who already did that work. During this period they develop their brains to think laterally. Nice guys don't care about finishing first or last. They complete the work in their own way. Generally, perfection takes some extra time.

Prajwal said:   7 years ago
Hello, Today's generation is very smart in taking decisions and also has very high potential, confidence, self-belief, try to go fast to reach to the top of the world. But sometimes it could face large implications and due to this confidence losses and there in mind we think that if he/she loses they get nervous, depression by this they fear of losing and they reach at last and the one who takes smart decision and think with proper way and stay in positive thoughts then he/she can win and finish at last or first. In race, there, the one who comes first is winner for world but if someone comes last he thinks there he/she loose and the game is over. There are so many people who are not having all qualities but they develop, train themselves with positive thoughts and win. If someone who is the last rank in previous competition does hard work, thinks where he looses focus and grows with positive thoughts then the last on also comes first. So the nice guy finishes last by proving himself as first.

Prajakta Dhone said:   7 years ago
There's nothing like to finish first or last, a good, hardworking, loyal and dedicated person will always try to do his best. It does take time to finish a perfect work, even if he is last his work is always appreciated first!

AHMED said:   7 years ago
Nice people never finish last. They always emerge as the winner in the end. The problem in today`s world is that most people try to take shortcuts which at times is either illegal or unethical. These people might get the desired result but in the long run, face serious repercussions.

Unlike these people, nice guys always measure the steps they take, make sure they proceed in the right direction and no one is harmed by their actions. They dedicate themselves to everything they do and make sure their actions yield positive results. The whole process might take a little time but the end result will always be fruitful.

Nitin said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends.

In my point of view, the statement "Nice guys finish last" is not always true because being nice in any work produce output which Is far superior from being first without being nice, so whatever things, idea, plan. Nice guys will always be a champion in every aspect.

Dipul said:   8 years ago
Recall the story of tortoise and rabbit. As rabbit lose the race overconfidence but tortoise was a nice guy. Hmmm. People honest, work in proper manner and idea to complete work in a "kind" way are nice guys. Time is not a measure in their dictionary but work completion with the more effective outcome is their highest measure.

So they finish last.

Neeraj said:   8 years ago
Hello all,


As per my understanding, nice person is that person who works hard always with full of attention so taking the first step or last step doesn't matter because whatever will be done so that task will take place as per the situation and that time can face anytime whether it be first or last. We consider always last because whoever will take place in last so that will remain to remember.

Good luck !

Bobby said:   8 years ago
I'm not preferring that "nice guy finish last", first of all we have to know what is the meaning of nice in here. #nice like to be responsible toward his work what he has done, or another hand in nature. Nice guy always complete their work systematically and correct. Doesn't matter last but in a giving duration. That is mine, and the other key point. His work is better than another.

RAJ said:   8 years ago
If I have to consider a nice enough guy then it's really not necessary that he will finish last because I have seen many people who finish 1st because as said by some person above 1st impression is the last impression then obviously when a nice guy comes in front of someone then his 1st impression is counted which is very good and then he finishes 1st.

Nice guy always wants to complete its work 1st. To make good impression. And he never hesitate to work overtime and make it on the time. So from as far as my point of view its never necessary that he always comes last.

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