Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

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M.Muthu Mahalakshmi said:   2 years ago
Good morning,

Today topic is MNC'S were good or bad in our country. I feel MNC is good for our country because Many employees get job opportunities in MNC, various MNC products were getting in our country. I feel MNC are more developing in our country.

Pranav bellal said:   5 years ago
Mnc means multinational company it has facilities and other assets in at least one country other then it's home country there are so many MNC companies are there in that top and companies are;

1. Micro soft.
2. Coca-Cola.
3. Nestle.
4. IBM.
5. Pepsi Co.
6. Tata group.

In my way MNC, are good it gives employ many to the unemployed people.

Vishal tyagi said:   5 years ago
Good evening everyone.

Today we are discussing MNCs are good or not in our society.

So, I think MNCs have benefited too our society. But a coin has a two sides so MNCs have some positive and negative aspects.

Positive aspects:

Create employment opportunities.
Developing work culture.
Maintaining outside relations.
Enhance skills.
Developing skills of every individual.
Provide all necessary services.
Paying tax to the government.
Boost economy.
Increase FDI.
Negative aspects.
Changing in our work culture.
Earn a profit and goes back to our country.
Putting more pressure to our employee.

So, I think MNCs are good for economy because helps to develop our country people efficiency and gaining more and more knowledge and making them productive. At last MNCs are good for economy.

Rajbir kaur said:   6 years ago
In India their is lot of rush of people there for many people are unemployed in India multinational company are boon they provide many facility to the people like quality products, jobs to unemployed people and in last I say these companies help to infrastructural development and growth of company.

Karan said:   6 years ago
I think Multinational Corp is not devil for our country because it helping to our citizens to provide jobs. Unemployment is the one of the biggest issue of our country. Because of MNC so many youths are get rid of unemployment. MNC's provide advanced and sophisticated technology to our country. They provide quality product at cheap cost. But I also want to say that because of MNC's small industries are also get effected. MNC's also helps us in our economic growth. Because of MNC we have both so many advantages and disadvantages.

Shivani somani said:   6 years ago
Multinational corp are not devils because they provide many opportunities to our country and helping us to get rid of unemployment. Our PM's MAKE IN INDIA project also supports the MNCs. MNC gives us platform to compete with other countries. MNC also helps in our economic growth and it gives our youth an opprtunity to perform their skills on global level.

Yes, it's not wrong to say they are eliminating the small industries but its advantages are more than its disadvantages.

Rachna said:   6 years ago
As our country, India is the largest democracy in the world and so its youth population is largest in the world or you can say unemployed youth. In such scenario, the multinational companies are just paving a way for many of our educated youths who. Could not make to the government sector. The rush and competition is increasing day by day and a single sector could not quench this thirst of unemployed youths searching for better prospects better upliftment. The MNC's, on the other hand, provides handsome packages according to individual's skill, better incentives, better additional facilities and last but not the least the name in itself says multinational provides exposure in the way to deal better with the outer world.

Vishakha Rao said:   6 years ago
In my views, Multinational corporate sectors are good in the sense of government services they provide a job to unemployed people to the lower society part of our contry.

Anushka said:   6 years ago
Mncs as we all know are corporations that are operating in one or more country other than their home country. As every coin has two sides mncs too have some positive and negative aspects. Positive aspects include.

They provide high salary and additional perks.

They provide advanced and sophisticated technology.

Indians can get through globalisation only through emergence of mncs.

Negative aspects includes;

We have lost aur culture and values in midst of mnc culture.

We have lost our wealth of manpower to citizen of foreign countries.

NIKHIL DOOHAAN said:   6 years ago

They are just businesses only at a larger scale or small business amplified.

So let's apply this amplification process to every aspect of that business the basic being making profit for a company it doesn't matter how they are getting money until unless it is illegal, so they don't care if they are being devilled until unless the money stop flowing in.

So amplifying this will lead us to a conclusion that yes the devil in Disguise, the devil only interested in money.

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