Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

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M.Muthu Mahalakshmi said: (Jan 26, 2022)  
Good morning,

Today topic is MNC'S were good or bad in our country. I feel MNC is good for our country because Many employees get job opportunities in MNC, various MNC products were getting in our country. I feel MNC are more developing in our country.

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Pranav Bellal said: (Feb 13, 2019)  
Mnc means multinational company it has facilities and other assets in at least one country other then it's home country there are so many MNC companies are there in that top and companies are;

1. Micro soft.
2. Coca-Cola.
3. Nestle.
4. IBM.
5. Pepsi Co.
6. Tata group.

In my way MNC, are good it gives employ many to the unemployed people.

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Vishal Tyagi said: (Oct 21, 2018)  
Good evening everyone.

Today we are discussing MNCs are good or not in our society.

So, I think MNCs have benefited too our society. But a coin has a two sides so MNCs have some positive and negative aspects.

Positive aspects:

Create employment opportunities.
Developing work culture.
Maintaining outside relations.
Enhance skills.
Developing skills of every individual.
Provide all necessary services.
Paying tax to the government.
Boost economy.
Increase FDI.
Negative aspects.
Changing in our work culture.
Earn a profit and goes back to our country.
Putting more pressure to our employee.

So, I think MNCs are good for economy because helps to develop our country people efficiency and gaining more and more knowledge and making them productive. At last MNCs are good for economy.

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Rajbir Kaur said: (Aug 3, 2018)  
In India their is lot of rush of people there for many people are unemployed in India multinational company are boon they provide many facility to the people like quality products, jobs to unemployed people and in last I say these companies help to infrastructural development and growth of company.

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Karan said: (Jul 20, 2018)  
I think Multinational Corp is not devil for our country because it helping to our citizens to provide jobs. Unemployment is the one of the biggest issue of our country. Because of MNC so many youths are get rid of unemployment. MNC's provide advanced and sophisticated technology to our country. They provide quality product at cheap cost. But I also want to say that because of MNC's small industries are also get effected. MNC's also helps us in our economic growth. Because of MNC we have both so many advantages and disadvantages.

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Shivani Somani said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Multinational corp are not devils because they provide many opportunities to our country and helping us to get rid of unemployment. Our PM's MAKE IN INDIA project also supports the MNCs. MNC gives us platform to compete with other countries. MNC also helps in our economic growth and it gives our youth an opprtunity to perform their skills on global level.

Yes, it's not wrong to say they are eliminating the small industries but its advantages are more than its disadvantages.

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Rachna said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
As our country, India is the largest democracy in the world and so its youth population is largest in the world or you can say unemployed youth. In such scenario, the multinational companies are just paving a way for many of our educated youths who. Could not make to the government sector. The rush and competition is increasing day by day and a single sector could not quench this thirst of unemployed youths searching for better prospects better upliftment. The MNC's, on the other hand, provides handsome packages according to individual's skill, better incentives, better additional facilities and last but not the least the name in itself says multinational provides exposure in the way to deal better with the outer world.

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Vishakha Rao said: (Jan 21, 2018)  
In my views, Multinational corporate sectors are good in the sense of government services they provide a job to unemployed people to the lower society part of our contry.

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Anushka said: (Jan 1, 2018)  
Mncs as we all know are corporations that are operating in one or more country other than their home country. As every coin has two sides mncs too have some positive and negative aspects. Positive aspects include.

They provide high salary and additional perks.

They provide advanced and sophisticated technology.

Indians can get through globalisation only through emergence of mncs.

Negative aspects includes;

We have lost aur culture and values in midst of mnc culture.

We have lost our wealth of manpower to citizen of foreign countries.

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Nikhil Doohaan said: (Dec 22, 2017)  

They are just businesses only at a larger scale or small business amplified.

So let's apply this amplification process to every aspect of that business the basic being making profit for a company it doesn't matter how they are getting money until unless it is illegal, so they don't care if they are being devilled until unless the money stop flowing in.

So amplifying this will lead us to a conclusion that yes the devil in Disguise, the devil only interested in money.

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Ankita Karmakar said: (Dec 22, 2017)  
Given this topic to discuss, I would like to first state the age-old saying change is the ultimate constant. In this era of globalization, welcome international relationships and working in sync with the global market is the need of the hour. The establishment of MNC's has created a core zone of employment among Indians. Having headquarters in some foreign land these MNC's offer the opportunities to its employees to get transferred for short or long duration to other countries, resulting in greater career prospects, global utilization of an Indian resource. Sundar Pichai is in the list of world's most successful businessman, he too belongs from India and is today making India proud with his success on the global platform. Moreover these MNC's pay taxes to the Indian government, which is a great cash flow to the Indian economy. Infact, in US or other countries where their headquarters are situated, a large portion of their workforce are Indians who are making prospective careers abroad. One negative impact that I can list down here is the increasing pressure that these MNC's impose on indigenous industries. However, I feel any competition should be treated in a healthy way and success can be more cherishable when achieved in a challenging environment.

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Roberto Stasi said: (Nov 13, 2017)  
There is something wrong in the MNC that needs a real study from people around the world. Too many things are not clear enough and it is not clear to everyone how the MNC without corruption need to work. Actually, I don't even know if there is an MNC without corruption these days or if the MNC is the real devil. All I know is that I was a witness of an MNC that shut down every business outlet of its franchise system.

It was and MNC selling electronics, like watches, calculators and things to bring at school. I don't recall all of the articles. I was in Canada at that time and I did ask the owner why he was shutting it down. He said "I am doing good profit and they force me to shut down because the head office is shutting down". I was very surprised. I don't understand the real reasons why a franchise shuts down a store when doing good and all I can think about is this: if there is mafia they shut it down.

This is only my theory. How would anyone know if there is mafia. I assume that the owners of too many franchise stores are selling products with brand names that a franchise system does not want. In this case it could be Seiko, Sony, Panasonic, etcetera. In a food based franchise system it can be Nutella, Italian salami, prosciutto, mortadella, pasta and things of this kind. My own idea of a franchise system without corruption was that a franchise does not want to sell anything meant to be sold into small stores because it attracts mafia and it brings, probably, counterfeit products into the brand names. I did notice that a food based franchise system, a grocery store, sells very different things in Italy that were not sold in Canada because here in Italy you find easily Italian products of well known brand name.

Amazon is also selling italian food and many other MNCs did introduce italian brand names or high quality electronic products that are meant only for the professional sector and that were usually sold in small stores. If my theory is true this big corporations are all set to their own destruction because they are stealing jobs from the small business and probably keeping mafia connections. My theory is supported by the fact that when a franchise name does something wrong they begin to brake rules: renting a space to another business (i.e. McDonalds selling italian pizza); replacing logo color and design, replacing forniture or style with a different style. Those are all signs of mafia sneaking into the franchise system and turning it into the devil.

The devil exploits those who supply the product, it enslaves them by purchasing merchandise at a very low cost that is impossible to make money with; by removing them from a list if they do not obey their request and organizing with the working word to destroy economically someone that does not comply with their request.

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Saswati said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
MNC's have advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantages are goods are available at lower cost to the customers they get a lot of offers and discounts it also provides employment to the youth of our nation and helps in their career growth and development of the country as technological advancement is also welcomed along with the establishment of the MNC. Disadvantages include the small-scale industry and start-up business has to face a huge competition which leads to closure of the business. Mnc also helps in strengthening relationships along with other countries.

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Apoorva said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
Multinational corporations opportunity for one and threat for other. There are many aspects whom multinational corporations affect. Business class especially small and medium size business and start-ups have to face problem due to multinational companies. They have to face increased competition. Reduced return followed by reduced earnings. They have to fight for their survival for even short run. They have to struggle with large size domestic company as well as MNCs. Whereas job-class gets job opportunity, secured future, better living standard. And most importantly consumer get benefit of more variety, cheaper products and services due to reduced price. MNCs effect economically as well as socially.

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Aishwary57681 said: (Sep 5, 2017)  
The concept of MNC came into India along with Britishers. The first India MNC was the East India company which was run by the Britishers.

At present, there are many Multinational Corporations in India running successfully in India. This MNC has increased the job opportunities in India and helped India in connecting with the world.

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Saarah said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
MNCs as known they help our country in many ways but has always been a threat to many developing countries. Before MNCs came to India every people were working and many of them were farmers who worked for self-profit. But after MNC entered India, as known they used up our resources and draining all the industrial waste in the rivers and polluting them. India has a very large population and water is a basic need for us which is being polluted by many of these companies. Secondly, small industries are affected due to heavy competition with MNCs. Many farmers dying and the small industries closing their industries. There occurs unemployment. With many losing their jobs (because of MNCs) and joining MNCs as slaves only for the other country's profits.


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Krishna Kumar said: (Aug 5, 2017)  
Hi guys,

Multinational companies are not. They are providing so many opportunities to develop the country along with that it provides more employment opportunities to us. For example, if you see the govt sector, there if u want to get the job, you need to put more efforts and there scst, general, etc. but this method is not in private sector. If anyone has basic knowledge, they can easily get the job but they have to work hard and improve their performance. Based on that they can get knowledge and promotion but this method is not in govt. sector.

MNC's are helpful to develop our country by launching new products and distributing it to the market. From that, they will provide a huge tax to the govt. In this ways, MNCs are helping to grow our country.

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Manisha Paul said: (Jul 30, 2017)  
MNC companies gives many employment opportunities to evry qualified people. Salary package is quite ok. But it also has some drawbacks. We have to work for some other country. We become slaves to them. Work pressure is high. We have to work for from morning 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. By this stressfull work, we get depressed, tired, family life has been affected. Health issue had occured. Salary is high but work pressure is more. No holidays will be provided except one day in a week. Especially women has to suffer a lot because before marriage their night shift work is ok but after marriage their husband and mother in law will not accept the night shift. After the birth of baby, they do not have time to take care of their babies. Both husband and wife has to run run to make their living good. So I conclude my saying that MNC is not suitable for people. Thankyou.

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Uttara Deb said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
For me. No it is not the devil in disguise. We see in our country many multinational companies and we have many friends or relatives or neighbours working in those companies. So it is quite clear that it gives high employment to our youth. But we need to understnd their motives and their demand. When a company is run on private ownership the sole intention is to make a profit. And they will never tolerate any kind of non-performing asset in their companies. So as we change non-working machines for our own benefit. When employees become lazy or less competitive MNCs tend to replace them with better ones. So we can clearly understand that working in an MNC is highly challenging but there is immense growth opportunity and remuneration. If one can perform to one's fullest and update one's self along the company's demand. Moreover, these MNCs contribute in building India through their corporate social responsibilities. And govt earn huge amount as corporate tax from these companies. So, it depends on individual perspective. We all know the story of grapes being sour. Thank you.

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Anamika said: (Jun 23, 2017)  
According to me, MNCs are a boon for our economy. It brings new technology in our country makes market more competitive, provide more employment opportunities with good salary package. Provide quality product at low cost, improves standard of living. Yes, there motives are only to make profits and is a threat to sdomestic businesses. But if government comes with few effective initiatives like to make the working hours of MNCs less to make it less hectic and try creating equal competition amongst MNCs and domestic companies. Also doing this will ensure that skilled students from our countries do not migrate to other countries in oder to search for a better job with high salary package.

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Gaurika said: (Jun 22, 2017)  

MNCs are devil's for sure they don't make any profits for the country. I believe.

Cons of MNCs are:
1. They don't want the countries to improve their economic status but wants that their own benefits should increase.
2. Every MNC has the same mindset, " how is the market of the country to be occupied?".
3. It's not necessary that an MNC will give employment opportunities to the people, it will always try to somehow depress the growth of the country.

Think about it whether correct or not.

Thank you.

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Neeraj said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

Actually whenever we try to make a plan to do anything so it is obvious that we get both advantages and disadvantages and after calculating a huge scale if we get more advantages scale than disadvantages so we keep on in the era. So if we have more and more advantages doing that particular thing than disadvantages so it is easy to take a decision that what is right and wrong to do. And if we talk about "Multinational Corporations" so there is a same situation with it I mean there are more and more advantages than disadvantages in many forms abide with MNC. This is a private sector which offers more and more jobs to them who are talented in their life and in other hand if we talk about Government sectors so its job scale is very low I mean hardly people get jobs in the government sectors so if there are not enough jobs so what will happen of all those people who are jobless so in this situation Multinational Corporations are blessings for people in this nation. It doesn't mean MNC offers fewer benefits at all even it offers more and more benefits to the candidates in their organisations. Like: Life Standard, High salaries, Platform to prove our self, Increase GDP rate of our country, Increase employability of our country, Change people vision, due industrialisation etc. And as we all know that our nation is developing nation so at this stage these kinds of benefits are useful to raise our nation very fast because a better employment brings us a lot of happiness in our life.

So over all I can say that Multinational Corporations are boon for the nation not Devils.

"Think bigger get bigger".


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Soniya Choudhary said: (May 20, 2017)  
As all the point have been already discussed here. I also would like to share my point of view. According to me, Multinational corporations have put a great impact on our economy but as well as it involves disadvantages also.

The pros and cons of the multinational corporations are:

1. They provide huge employment
2. Bring new technology and invention to produce good quality products at low cost.
3. Due to multinational corporations, A healthy competition environment is being developed.
4. The taxes which are being paid by multinational corporations help to improve national revenue.

Cons are:
1. The moto behind the multinational corporations is only profit. So at some points, it's not good for our country.
2. They want to occupy market and it's put bad impact on domestic Business.

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Andy said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
It's good to have MNC in our country,

#In the era of globalization we need to collaborate to benefit each others strengths.

# It gives opportunity to get the international exposure how the business succeed.

# This international exposure can be used latter for establishing startups and become Indian MNC with global footprints.

# Its generates the employment.

# MNC's Pays the taxes which can be used for the development of our country.

# MNC's presence Motivate local companies in the same field to enhance quality standards to the global level. Once Indian upcoming companies set up the global quality they can also start the Exporting to the other countries.

# Global citizenship is the next way of getting closer to each other to make the India developed country.

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Bittu Singh said: (Jan 30, 2017)  
As we all know, India is a developing country. There is lake of advance technology here, So if MNC, s set up their business in India, then is will be definitely beneficial to it.

Before 1991 MNC's are not allowed to invest in our country, After that period it can be seen that India's economy and GDP continuously growing up very fast as compare to the other developing countries.

MNC's are beneficial to us in many points of view:

1. It offers a lot of job opportunities.

2. Our youths are learning their advance technologies.

3. It helps to exchange of cultures, civilization, languages, technologies, etc. And such things tie up the.

Whole world, which will take India to the DEVELOPED list.

4. It plays a very vital role in our fast-growing economy, GDP, and technology.

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Devansh Pratap Singh said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
These companies are so helpful for the unemployment people's or persons because it provides a very large no. Of employment by avoiding the caste and grades. It gives the employment only on basis of the talent. And by these companies, we have to get the training and experience for the future life. And we have to open an industry or a company ourself by own experience. These companies are not devil's for the talented persons because they very well know the value of the MNC company. So don't think about that INDIA'S MONEY ARE GOING OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY. Just think positive and look and think about your future life of your children as you got soon. .

Thank you.

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Sathish.R said: (Dec 19, 2016)  
MNC companies are private sectors, private sector owners come for individual profit only, they do not have the responsibility to give job services for the peoples. For eg. (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hyundai company, tollgate collections, Aquafina, Kinley, etc).

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Rahul said: (Dec 15, 2016)  
Hello, friend.

India is a developed country but meanwhile, India is a most corrupted country. Also, India is a world 2nd largest population where youth is 60%. From 60% of youth, more than 30% are jobless. It's not because they are uneducated. It's because of In government job, opportunity and job vacancy are less. Also in government sector, there is reservation quota and therefore the deserved candidate did not get a job and reserved candidate gets a job.

So my dear friend MNC is good for India because MNC company gives the job to the unemployed people and also MNC company also do the project for government sector. If we work on MNC company we will learn and gain the experience and then after we can switch and we can create our own company and we will give the job opportunity to the Indian people.

"Soch Badlo, Desh Badlega".


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Pritam said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
Hi, MNCs are good for development of any huge populated country because only government sector can't provide job opportunity to such population.

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Aniket said: (Dec 13, 2016)  
I think MNCs are better than government because MNCs hires talent, not grades or caste. Its the matter of developed and developing as MNCs are developed while government is still developing. So its good for working with developed companies rather than developing. Which makes a lot of difference. Sense of difference between salary, difference between lifestyle. Greater the salary. Better the future.

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Kiran said: (Dec 10, 2016)  

First of all, we need to holdout the people who are willfully going to do jobs in foreign companies by providing facilities and support. Why! because we can see that most of our Indians are occupied higher positions in MNC (like Microsoft, Google, Pepsi and many more.

Imagine is these people are working in Indian companies how it will be?

And many of the companies are accepted the fact.

Thanks for reading my view.

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Kiran said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
At present situation government can't provide all employment opportunities to the people, there is a need support from through privatization (i.e MNC's). But it should take care of defects from MNC's by preparing proper laws and regulations.

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Neha said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
Hello fellows,

As we know that only 75% of Indians are educated and employment options are not many. According to my prospect, MNC's can't be pointed out as devils in disguise. Every coin has two sides. It has positive as well as negative aspects. If they are providing us jobs and services then it is nothing bad if want their own piece of the profit.

But it also increases the duty of the government to take care that MNC's must not violate any laws and employees should be well paid.

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Sanjay said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
I would like to share my views on topics -

India's major portion of skilled employees and semi-skilled employees are getting better opportunities in the Top MNC and that is great to say and the other country making us of the situation by paying the 45 % approx pay per head when compared to wage rate at their country and our peoples also don't have a choices due to non-availability of the jobs as per their grades thus it is like a situation we are almost having either eat bread nor butter.

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Midhun said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
Hi, guys.

In my opinion the history of slavery is repeating in our India at that time they made us their slave and now we are willingly becoming their slave by getting into the MNCs now the approximately 70% of Indians are educated from that 40% works for MNC and approx 95% of the population depends on MNC product Looking at these factors now we should look forward to our future when India becomes 100% educated then more than 80% will be slaves in the MNC, yeah its sure that at that period India will be a developed nation but think we will leave in a developed country which is controlled by foreign MNC and they will make us slave.

The freedom which we capture from them will be given back by us to them in that developed country.

Thank you guys for reading.

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Saurav said: (Nov 20, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

First of all, we have to know that two third of our nation's software business run with countries like USA, China, Japan etc. This means that these MNC surely earn profit in a disguised manner.

According to Bill Gates if they stop taking employee from India then a new MICROSOFT will be developed in INDIA.

This means what we all Indians have that much of potentials that we can run our business of our own. We should focus that our revenue should go to our domestic market, not to other countries.

Thank you all for reading!

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Loga12 said: (Nov 17, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

It's very good topic for me, MNC that not devils.
They are providing lot of positive things.

- Anyone got job they having better future.
- Its growth ours economics.
- Its a very good platform to learning and developing our skills.
- They have to deal with FDI easily.
- Providing unexpected salary for well-knowledge person.

Negative aspects its nothing but were always known workload and pressure is high,which is always affect physically and mentally.

- So kindly request to all please avoiding the workload and pressure,otherwise its a very good platform to who can got job in MNC.

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Abhi said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
Hi Folks,

Just, I would like to say a few word about this topic in my point of view. Let's we think the present days in our universe is going to fast and getting an opportunity nowadays very difficult for us.

So MNC companies are giving a good opportunity for candidates who are coming out from through the different sectors from the Engineering colleges, it's the 1st step to starts their career in MNC companies. Getting a vast salary and the main advantage for working in the MNC companies is owning a more information from them to move a further significant step in our life.

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Rapunzel said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
Hello All,

Establishment of Multinational Companies in India is definitely a boon for us. This is helping FDI which boosts up the rupee value in international market. There is a lot of business coming to India, which creates huge employment. India, being a nation with huge percentile of educated and unemployed population, MNC's stood as a one stop solution for all these problems. The educated unemployed people are the strength of our nation, when these people get employed, this directly boosts growth contribution from Services sector which indirectly boosts our nation's growth rate. The outsourced processes of Foreign nationals create job opportunities for unemployed youth here. His/her social status improves and therefore MNCs are indisputably beneficial for our country.

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Chiran said: (Nov 4, 2016)  
According to my point, we are forced to choose MNC because of disguised unemployment which prevails. Yep of course mostly people are attracted towards handfull income but not all. We have talent. We can able to create employment opportunities in India itself. We still didn't recognize it. We like to be dependent always. This attitude made them exploit us more.

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Safa said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
Hello everyone.

I think you all have forgotten our history of independence! EAST INDIA COMPANY. SLAVERY.

How foreign companies exploited our human resources that time. The same thing is happening today. The only difference is that they are exploiting in a disguised way. Yes, I agree that MNCs are offering great job opportunities to engineers and attracting them with handsome salaries, their motive is only to make use of our resources and earn a great profit. And they are doing it. We Indians have to wake up. We also have brains. These brains have to be used by its owner :D. Not by foreign companies. The treasure of any country lies in its human resources. I am also an engineer. Yes, no doubt. I also want a good job. I wanna get placed in an Indian company to flourish it. Not in an MNC. Huhhh.

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Sume said: (Oct 26, 2016)  
In my point of view, MNC carryout business with ultimate object of profit making like any other domestic company. The investment level, employment level and income level of the host country increases due to the operation of the MNC's in India. Due to MNC's the country economy also get improved through Foreign Direct Investment.

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Abhay said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
1) According to my point of view, the MNCs are providing employment to the unemployed ones. Day by day if we see the ratio of employment to unemployment is decreasing. The workers who were working at the ground level now have got a chance to rise and present their talents in front of the growing technology and nurture their talents with the aid of MNCs.

2) If MNCs are related to agriculture we all know that India is a land of agriculture and if the MNCs are going to purchase crops from the farmers by some sort of way then in other means they are making the farmers move up and cross the level of poverty and unemployment.

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Bonds said: (Oct 17, 2016)  

All MNC's are not same. Global market is a very efficient way of decreasing product rate and also beneficial for increasing quality. Beside country and country product is another concept of marketization. So whoever stands for country product is another employee or manager working to promote his product. Now the world is having enough opportunities to network with each other. It's time to have a world governance and world policing. For the betterment of all the humans.

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Velappan said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
Hi friends, according to my point of view, MNC companies should be stopped because some skilled persons get into it and adopted it. They never realize the power of them in particular field. This is not meant to criticize working in MNC.

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Aditya Kumar said: (Oct 9, 2016)  
MNC companies are important to us because it somehow decreases the level of unemployment. Since we know that unemployment is the major problem in India so due to MNC's it increases employment rate. In recent day's the things are change as most of the MNC's want to set up their branch in India.


Due to MNC's our Indian money are going outside.

Exploitation of resources.

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Ravi said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Hi, friends, according to me MNCs are not devil in disguise because our country suffering from unemployment because of high growth of population and very slow growth of industries. MNC provides us employment as well as they consumes our raw materials. And government put many limitations on those MNCs so there is no need of worry about it.

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Debashish Adhikary said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
In my opinion, some of the MNCs such as Apple Inc , Coca-Cola and some of the pharmaceutical companies are devils. Apple overprices its products that have nothing special. According to sources, Apple appoints secret police in some nations so that no one can have a comparative advantage. Also, it has a large number of toxic wastes regarding post production, in China, workers had to work under dangerous conditions and some even died. Coke as you all know uses toxic substances in its products. And finally, many allopathic medicines of some MNCs are being banned. That's all I have to say.

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R.S.Veeramanikandan said: (Sep 30, 2016)  
Hello, friends, in my point of view, MNC's are not devil. A country with open market is said to be in right way to progress. But the powers of MNC's should be limited by the policies of the government that make people of India are not affected by the MNC's. But the priority should be given to the own countrymen to start the business.

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Nipun Bansal said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
MNC's are the devil in disguise. Because in our country, the unemployment is the major problem for our company. When we establish MNC in our country the problem is solved nd we gain knowledge nd experience. It should be beneficial for our country and startup India.

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Hari said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
MNC's are not Devils in Disguise.


1) By having MNC's in a country, can have more international exposure and to the technology.

2) After working in MNC's many gain experience and establishes startups.

3) Due to mnc's a countries economy can be improved through fdi.


1) Skilled workers are more interested working in MNC's.

2) MNC's are threat to the local business of the same type.

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Sonu Yadav said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
In my opinion, MNCs in India working for other countries. The MNCs for those who are highly skilled and educated. Since every MNC engaged in making a huge profit so they employ those people who are skilled from the money of Government of India. They are not providing any skill training to the youth of our country. Still, today more than 50% people are engaged in agricultural sector which requires non-skilled laborers. But not a single MNC is coming in the field of agriculture. A large number of farmers are attempting suicide due to heavy debt. They remain poor and those rich becoming richer and richer. MNCs are acquiring huge land of farmers instead of providing training to those whose land has been acquired they are hiring people from top IITs and NITs. Even there are many engineering colleges but they are not able to provide skilled engineers. Due to these MNCs the semi-skilled and street vendors, and other small traders are losing their ground. There are many cases of fake product made by these MNCs. The Government should be made rule regarding MNCs that they have to adopt at least one person from each house whose land they acquired and trained them to work in that MNC. Those whose don't follow this rule should be barred and impose fine. India is an agro-based country so government should encourage the MNCs based on agro-product to invest in the country.

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Rohit Kumar said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

I think that MNC's is not a devil. They came in a country for investments & income. They help's in the boost of the growth rate of the country. They give employment to the people. Some MNC's also do the welfare jobs for the country like social work, give education to the poor etc. In my opinion, it is a boon to our company.

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Deadshot said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
MNCs are not devil's in disguise. They are a boon to our country rather. With more number of MNCs coming into our country, it is benefiting the economy of our country. It is also playing a major role in abolishing one of the major problems prevailing in the country which is unemployment. Working in MNCs can also prove to be helpful for gaining knowledge and experience.

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Sumer said: (Sep 17, 2016)  
I think as far as the government policies are right and in favour of people and do not let them exploit. MNC are good.

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Manvender said: (Sep 13, 2016)  
MNC's are not the devil. They provide the employee with overall development, help industry through technology transfer, help maintain the balance of payments due to increase in exports and helps increase local population income which in turn keeps money flowing and economy growing.

This doesn't mean that they are flawless. They sometimes leads to loss of local companies because of the huge risks MNC's can take but the local competition can't. But overall they are more good than bad for the host country.

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Om Prakash said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

I am in favour of MNC are devils for India. Firstly I want to say that MNC is the backbone of growing country and increase the rate of growth. MNC provides gob for fresher and skill develop. MNC is required for nowadays MNC provides very reliable life style and comfort. And the opportunities is more in MNC and this day developing our country MNC ie devils our honor pm insist make in India and he wants manufacturing of the product is more in India so MNC is provided this require ment. I think MNC is the devil for growing our country and decrease the rate of unemployment.

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Akanksha Gupta said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
I don't think MNC's are devils in disguise. They are here just to make a profit, make money and to do business. That's it. They play a very important role in building nation's infrastructure. They also give job opportunities to the freshers, engineers, and many others. Also, knowledge and skills can be enhanced by working in an MNC. So they are removing the problem of unemployment (which has been prevailing in India for a long time), reducing poverty, economic growth of our country and ultimately our country is benefitted. Even if they are using Indian brains to develop and benefit their company, we people can also acquire their knowledge, skills, and strategies as to how to achieve our goals in the short period. So it depends on us how we tackle with these MNCs and take advantage from them. Obviously, if an MNC is doing business in India then surely they feel that Indian minds are much more creative and profound than any country's people. So it totally depends on us whether we will become a slave or become a master.

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Biswa said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
1. No, they are not devils, they are just here for business purpose and it solely depends on us how we tackle them.

2. MNCs by doing business in our country brings the much required FDI which India needs the most.

3. They provide education to our young brains.

4. They help in some sort of technology transfer into the country.

5. They provide new products in the market at a competitive price for which the common man get benefitted.

6. They bring the competitiveness in the Indian market and stop the monopoly of some Indian companies.

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Anchal said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
Hello, everyone, I'm Anchalpanwar my view on this topic is that MNCs are really very important for us. Most of the Indians get employed through these companies. At the same time, everything is not perfect. They are just ruling over the Indian countries. Making profitable business over here.

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Souri said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
I don't think multinational corporations are devils in disguise. MNC's provide various job opportunities to the engineers. It also plays a vital role in economic growth of our country. In MNC's there is huge scope to express one's skill and also they provide a good salary.

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Twinkle said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
According to me, MNC is better for our country because they provide job to our young mans and gives lots of knowledge. We can't see our country without google, Microsoft, facebook etc.

Thank you.

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Harsh Jindal said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, I don't think that Multinational corporations are the devil because they are investing in our country which helps in increasing FDI it is beneficial for us as new multinational companies provide new technologies which are not yet in India and let the peoples aware about the new technology. You can think how the India would be if there would be no Apple, Microsoft etc. It will be hard to live without technology and gadgets and there will be no globalization at all.

Thank you :).

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Himanshu said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

I want to share my views in the favour of this topic.

In today's time when there is so much of unemployment in India, where the companies have less jobs to offer to the increasing demand, these MNC's are playing a devilish role and taking a huge advantage of this condition.

Although these huge companies have a thick salary to offer, they extract the double or triple of what being offered. There working hours are inadequate which may expand up to 11-12 hours a day which is highly inadequate for human being. These companies only want there jobs to be done either 1 way or the other. This type of working environment creates a high mental pressure on the employers, making them prone to the various diseases at an early age.

Moreover, there is no job security along with the job satisfaction.

Hence we can clearly see that the MNC's are playing devils in disguise.

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Hitesh Sharma said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

Well, I don't think at all that MNCs even closely resembles devils. The devil is our point of view when we see them as threats. They come with their share of negative but who doesn't. Everything present is this system has its merits and demerits. As someone pointed out can you imagine our nation without google, Microsoft, apple, BMW, Audi They bring in technologies our people can only dream of.

We may be ahead of them in other sectors but technology wise, we are way behind them.

For instance, assume that you only have access to products made of Indian companies. Can companies like Micromax, lava or Intex has ever offered the product which can compete with global standard products like apple iPhone has Wipro, TCS ever made an Operating System which can compete with Windows, Android or Ubuntu ?

I am not against any Indian MNCs, all I am saying is that they have a lot to learn from foreign MNCs.

So instead of thinking them as devils, they should work with them.

That's all.


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Riya said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
I agree that MNC's provide job and enhance the lifestyle of our country. But we can not ignore the things that they only make their profit, not the employees. They only take benefit from the work of the people and see if the particular is productive or not and when they find a new one better than existing they give a resignation. So there is no job security if we think that MNC's gave us the jobs and only that is the reason for which we like MNC's.

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Naidu Babu Earla said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
Friends I respect everyone's ideas as they are many uses like our country which is till developing country. But to get an item which is of our won we have to avoid multinational corporations and our Indian govt should take certain measures to improve the smaller companies which are affected due to MNCs. Then only our next generation is going to say that they are using their country products. Thank you.

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Mukesh said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

I would like to add my point, MNCs are actually backbone of our country, imagine India without Amazon: the e-commerce giant, Apple, Microsoft, and many more which help in advancing our lifestyle and economy of our country although we have such giant like TCS, Flipkart, Wipro and many more but we should know how they get their start in India is only due to these MNC.

Our Indian firms have learned so many things from these MNCs and still learning in every field to speed up the profits, stability and also in technology transfer.

When Amazon entered the Indian market only then the growth of e -commerce market of Flipkart came to full flow.

Take the example of mobile markets how it grew in India in last two years, although I was only possible due to the campaign launch by Mr. Modi Goverment "MAKE IN INDIA " but some what's MNCs like Lenovo, Redime, Apple helped lots to achieve this fit of the mobile market in India.

If you go to research about our PSU company of India, you would find the lots of MNCs are working together with different PSU to overcome the different current engineering issue. Take the example of setting of the new plant of NTPC, most of the equipment is provided by MNCs firms only.

Lots of defense precise instruments are supplied to the giant's manufacturers like HAL independently my Indian micro industries and MNCs only.

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Priya said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
MNC's provide jobs to a lot of people in India. Today lots of engineers have got the job and they are living a standard life its just because of MNCs. Otherwise, there are lots of cases of suicide and increase in crime in India. MNCs also provide lots of knowledge during the training period and people learn a lot from. They also give the opportunity for further study. In short MNCs is a big relief to the Indians.

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Rekha said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
Multinational companies cannot be a devil in disguise. They bring in revenue; provide job opportunities to thousands of people. It helps the country to get a global recognition. They undoubtedly work majorly to get profits.

However, it should not be forgotten that they bring quality to the services and raise the economy.

Most of the multinationals provide seamless services to employees like transport, accommodations, food, insurance, crèche etc.

The companies give high salaries to employees that keep them motivated. Few multinationals also provide future studies opportunities thereby assisting employees in their career.

They give onsite opportunities to people which help them interacting with more people.

For some people, all that glitters is not gold! Few people think that they are devils in disguise because of the pressure and the work they expect from their employees.

This pressure leads to domestic issues, violence etc. No doubt they give high salary packages, but even take double the work from the employees.

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Akanksha Nigam said: (Jul 30, 2016)  

I believe that MNC's are doing a great job for the Indians when it comes to a point of employment. No doubt these companies are providing employment to many our Indian youths by which so many people in our country are employed and I believe that we should be thankful to them as because they are providing a great environment to work for an employee as well. We all know that when it comes to professionalism MNC's companies have a good platform to learn it which we Indian must learn to grow. Not only we are employed also we are encouraged by them but also many of our Indians are in a very good designation because of their talent. When it comes to talent Indians always prove their best.

I also believe that many of the small-scale industries are affected because of these MNC's but I wanted to say that to avoid this fact; we need to support Indians products too. Why we can't make in India and why we won't support Indian products when they are making in India. I've seen many people want foreign products to be used as they believe that only foreign products can provide the society status.

Indian always prove their talent Internationally not only in this era also if we go back we can see that we Indians are very talented in every aspect and foreign countries understand and appreciate us. We all have business mind but we didn't get support from us in India only.

I'm sorry to say that Indians are not recognized and also not valued by Indians only when it comes to believing the talent and quality and that is the main reason small scale industries didn't get recognition and not standing in front of MNC's.

I want to say that if we really want to be a developed country we not only to be an entrepreneur but also we trust each other quality and talent and our qualities should be recognized internationally.

To clear it I wanted to say an example of "iPhone" we all wants an iPhone due to the quality of it why we Indian can't make such quality product and a brand which should be recognized internationally and get benefits of it. To answer this the question I must say our Indians are that much talented that they can make more good and best product which can become International brand but where we are losing is that we don't get recognition by us that is the reason our Indian small scale companies are lacking and somehow Indian company are not standing to the International market.

I did a research and find that to grow every individual needs to have his its own business but when it comes to many Indian I'm sorry to say we just wanted to work for an MNC's by which we would be recognized in the society. Do we really need to have such kind of recognition?

I believe that we should take a step and grow through our own thought. We've history that there are many people in past who think different and grow in India with their talent and business mind.

We should be a business minded and not to be stuck at a single company with the A.C. rooms to the rest of their life. I believe that sweat needs to come out from every individual and I want to request to everyone that please believe on Indians product and make them a huge brand.

Thank you for reading this.

I hope and wish that one day we will be able to stand our business to other country and provide employments to their country people.

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Suneetha said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
TO my opinion, MNC's are generally profit minded. They set up their companies providing huge employment attracting the attention of the unemployed people. They extract a lot from those people, develop their companies, and products. It's better our investors to take part actively and give a huge competition to the MNC's. Our govt should also support for the investors for increasing our economic and financial status.

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Amit said: (Jul 23, 2016)  
In today's world, MNCs are definitely very important to meet the needs of the growing population and increasing the employment but the problem in India is that the profit mainly goes to the foreign countries, what should be done is that rather than allowing these MNCs to invest in our country our own investors should come forward and government should promote them to start small business, production firms which will provide employment as well the financial, economic and technological status of our country.

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Teja said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
As everything has its own merits and de-merits, sam is the case with MNCs.

Yes MNC s are profit minded, who is not these days. But on the other hand, they are investing in the host countries and making use of its resources. They are providing employment the youth of the country and lending their helping hand to become financially stable. They are helping in the development of skill in the individuals. They are promoting a healthy relationship between the host country and investing country. They helping the host countries to develop economically.

As always a coin has two sides, one must also accept the demerits.

Due to the deep-rooted establishment of MNCs, the Indian companies lost their significance completely.

But one has to accept this and move forward.

The government should take following measures so that the demerits can be brought down to a certain extent.

I) there should be reasonable competition between Indian firms and MNCs.

Ii) The work of the employees of MNCs should not be too hectic I. E, the working hours should be reasonable and they should be paid with decent salaries.

By following the above steps there is nothing like MNCs "DEVILS IN DISGUISE".


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Noil Max said: (Apr 16, 2016)  
In my point of view, MNCs are the dreams of IT students, because most of the MNCs companies are hiring IT students.

Rate this: +10 -28

Saranya .C.P said: (Feb 7, 2016)  
MNCs are having both pros and cons of course, as everybody said:

In my point of view, the positive side is, MNCs are providing jobs to lots of individuals and they deserve it too. Hence they can improve their lifestyle and their career so faster as compared to the people working in other companies.

Still, there are lots of demerits than advantages. Because the people who are providing jobs to individuals, are mainly aiming for their profit. Yes ofcourse every company's work for the profit but these people are going much extreme in earning profit. And everybody know this. Due to this, our economy has been exploited and our heritage too. This is the leading impact of it.


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Mahalakshmi said: (Sep 9, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

Due to globalization, economy is growing faster. MNCs are part of globalization. They invest their money and use resources of host country and make profits out of them. Those profits are taken over by MNCs to their parent countries. In the due course the host country is benefited in several ways such as employment opportunities, availability of good and services which are otherwise not available at such fair rate and quality, government getting taxes, etc.

And we should reap the benefits benefits instead of avoiding it. In order to get benefited, there should be some repatriation restrictions of profits earned by MNCs. If we are against to MNCs and FDI, we are definitely going to lose more, rupee will depreciate further, adverse balance of trade, etc.

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Kavita said: (Aug 29, 2015)  

I am not so learned person & not knowing in detail about it then to I think it never disguise.

Yes, I am also agree that MNCs are not devil as they bring foreign investment to our country & also providing employment opportunities to unemployed persons. As each coin having two sides, same with the MNCs.

It exploiting the workers in many ways: Giving stipends in compare of their work, etc. But then to it is beneficial. Due to corruption it looks devil but it is lies in every department, In fact it is at each step.

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Lubhanshi said: (Jun 5, 2015)  
Its totally correct to say that everything has its pros and cons but how far is it correct to say that MNC's are the one who has build up our nation? Yes they do have created employment of course but they have exploited our small scale industries and handicrafts too on the other hand.

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Abhi said: (Jan 16, 2015)  
If we depend on the MNCs too much then it will be a problem. MNC are listed in other country and they just doing manufacturing or providing services in our country but the real money is flows from our country. The profit increase the other countrys economy to greater extent.

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Shubhra said: (Dec 27, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I personally believe that MNCs are like benediction in the darkness in our nation, they lend their helping hand to the unemployed people of India with better package and other facilities. So why we Indian unemployed (specially with general category) wouldn't go to grab this opportunity.

Some people has already raised some points against the MNCs but if you think carefully then you would get that ultimately it is beneficial and it is leading us towards the development. Another important thing is, the MNCs are grooming our youths with a good work culture and good management and economic sense as well in compared to any other Indian companies.

And lastly, don't forget it also brings the foreign investments.

Thank you.

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Vamsi said: (Dec 8, 2014)  
Hello friends.

Everyone wants profit in their business. Is their anybody who doesn't want it?

I think there will be no one like this. MNC's have total grip on today's world economy. They control each and every aspect in the economy. Their sole aim is to increase their profits, expand their business, modernize their machinery and managerial skills.

But besides this they are providing employment to many people. It can bring the capital from the world banks or can separate a share from their profits. They provide sophisticated training to managers in that country. It increases country's foreign exports and decreases export which in turn helps to maintain foreign receipts and payments. It also provides scarce goods in a country at a cheaper rate by importing raw materials from other countries.

Thus MNC companies try to reduce regional imbalances and puts its best effort to the growth of the world economy.

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Rahul Rai said: (Nov 30, 2014)  
Hello Friends.

Multinational Corporation (MNC) having business in many areas like BANKING, INSURANCE, MANUFACTURING, MARKETING, AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRIES, IT COMPANIES.


Lets discuss process of MNC.

1. India is a developing country so it need employment of every citizen. MNC have business in many area and they (MNC) provide a huge number of jobs with attractive salary.

2. The GDP of the country also depends on the per capita income of the nation and when people have job in their hand GDP will automatically increases.

3. They (MNC) comes with new technology culture and this make a positive impact over the Indian people.

4. They are also credited for the import, export of goods, culture, education, science, technology from one country to another country.

5. MNC play a major role for bilateral tie between the country.

Here some cons of MNC.

1. MNC brings corruption, since they (MNC) are extreme choosy about what they want, they (MNC) do not care of health of employee, falling of rupee. Every time they (MNC) make their best effort to make all situation in their favor.

2. Small scale industries business man are being defeated by MNC. Since MNC have better technology, better tool to boost their business and they fulfill customer need and satisfied customer as compare to the Indian business.

3. They play a minor role to destroying Indian culture.

4. Drain resources from the country.

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Abhi said: (Aug 26, 2014)  
Hi, the MNC investment is the immediate need of the hour. Because it provides more Employment, enough technical skills to all the budding engineers who will get enough innovative ideas about the recent technology. As our beloved Prime minister SAID, " MANUFACTURE HERE, SELL ANYWHERE ". MNC's which provide enough share with the country, will help in increasing the purchasing value of the money.

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Bikash Dutta said: (Aug 11, 2014)  
MNCs are good as they pay more wages than the Local Companies. For example, one of my neighbour designed a software. It was then shown to an Indian Company who were not willing to pay more than 2 lakhs. But when he showed it to a MNC, he got 200,000 Euros! So MNCs are better!

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Sathya said: (Jul 25, 2014)  
Multinational companies is a boon as well as curse to India. With the interest in joining in the multinational companies the citizens of India are neglecting other traditional fields like lawyer, teacher, etc. The growth of multinational companies may result in the less development of other sectors in a country like agriculture, small scale industries. They are the backbone of the country. There is no safety for ladies as there are night shifts. There is a chance of getting depression due to high competition existing in the multinational companies.

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Raj said: (May 2, 2014)  
As we all know that before 1990 our country was suffering from the problem of low economy but after when mnc's came to our country, the economy of our country increased and in todays life our country has very good economy. Multinationals company provide employment to our country those who were unemployed, most thing I like is they don't give importance to our caste, region or quota for recruitment of employee.

Through MNCs we can buy product at low cost which we get at higher prices because of import duty.

I think in today's world of globalization if you want to stand with others you should know all strategies and all technologies. It is the MNCs through which we have a better standard of living and our lifestyle also changed.

So I think they are not devils but as we know everything has both good and bad aspects. But they have more good aspects than bad. So overall we can say that they are boon to our country.

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Deepti Dhyani said: (Mar 22, 2014)  
I completely disagree with the topic. No MNC are not at all Devils. Rather they are like a hope of ray in dark night. Seeing the cut throat competition across the nation only those who get their education from big institutions are able to Crack those government jobs exams where the vacancies are very less so people getting employed at these posts get their dreams but what about other people.

Haven't they completed their GRADUATION? Aren't they capable for the job? The answer is no. Yes they are capable of doing all these things but what they don't get is the opportunity so for these students the MNC come up like a ray of hope and provide them with good job and awesome salary package. Although it's true that in MNC they make us work for huge hours but it's well said 'no pain no gain' so the more effort we put up, the more we get admired and thus get promoted same way.

One should not forget that although British Empire came into India and ruled over us but it's because of them only that we can see the huge changes in our county be it the great India museum of Kolkata, the big big building in Mumbai, metro etc were introduced by them and to them we are thankful even today. So it's not at all unfair to use manpower for work unless we are not being paid for what we are doing. So MNC are doing a great job in developing a nation regardless of its economy or where it stands.

Thank you.

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Shantanu Ghosal said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Hi Friends.

Firms which have presence in many nations can be roughly termed as MNC's.

These are usually big corporations with vast area of work. They usually provide high salary to their employs, better living standard and a better shot at constantly improving in their life.

However they are often blamed for extracting too much work at all costs, violating human rights, spreading western culture and blah blah.

But still the horde of people to enter into MNC's is not decreasing rather increasing. This trend itself speaks that people are very much dissatisfied with the domestic companies which treat their employees even worse and pay lesser salaries with narrower growth prospects. So before blaming the MNC's we must look into our own economy and industries.

A foreign company when enters a country set up its working rules according to the laws and regulation of the government and also by gauging the mood of the society. And we Indians are from the very onset of our school education are over-worked. Being over-worked has become a part and parcel of Indian society and the MNC's just try to cash on our very tradition. And yet we think that they are the culprits.

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$O@N$ said: (Mar 1, 2014)  
Hi all. I would like to share my view on MNC's and their effect on the economy of the host countries.

Mnc's are large corporations operating internationally engaging in the production of goods and sales.

Mnc's set's it's production facilities in several countries and utilizes it's natural resources which is abundant in host countries, in turn making it cost effective.

So the entry of mnc's globally has led to many positive as well negative implication in the host countries economy.

With the liberalisation of our economy in 1991 we have seen horde's of mnc's entering our economy and making use of it's rich resources.

Now the implications of mnc to Indian economy has been a matter of discussion since then.

Let us understand what the critics and supporters has to say about the mnc's and it's consequences.

Supporter's to Mnc's state the following reasons:.

I). Employment : Mnc's undoubtedly create more employment opportunities.

II). Skilled labours : Not only it create employment opportunities but also trains them to become a skilled labour.

III). Technology : Mnc's introduces latest technologies.

IV). Bilateral ties : it strengthens the bilateral ties between host and the home countries. Critic's argue that.

I). Excessive profits : The main aim of mnc's is to earn profit in a short term by making excessive use of the available resources. Critic's argue that in doing so, mnc's are not worried about the long term implications, which will be affecting the resources of the host countries.

II). Westernization : Mnc's are charged of westernizing the host country.

III). Technology : it is true that Mnc's will get advanced technologies to the host countries, but in turn it also leads to unemployment as these Technologies make use of less man power.

IV). Quality : It is said that quality of the product produced by Mnc's are of inferior quality to That which are being marketed to developed countries.

V). Monopoly: Mnc's are accused of monopolizing the markets and wiping out the domestic companies.

Considering the arguments from the both sides, we cannot rule out the fact that mnc's is both a boon as well as a devil in a disguise.

But I do feel that with proper norms and conditions from the government, Mnc's can be kept at a check.

Steps has to be taken to see to that.

I). Mnc's abide to the laws of the land.

II). Fair competition exists in the market between mnc's and domestic companies.

III). Quality check has to be done regularly from the concerned departments.

IV). It has to respect the Labor laws and should act in accordance to it.

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Richa said: (Feb 26, 2014)  
The term MNC by definition means, any company registered in many countries for its business purposes. Now whether MNCs are good or bad or us, needs to be.

Analyzed in two terms:

MNCS setting up business offices in India.

I find this definitely encouraging for our economy. Ours is a country with youth dominance. Unfortunately, we can not provide employment to all of them, so inviting some reputed international company to set us their business in our country is productive. Moreover we get exposed to the new technology, better processes and international competency.

But here, a certain checks need to be put.

Firstly, such companies should have an increased CSR mandate, so that they are Bound to give back to our society.

Secondly, there should be strict pollution control protocols. For it may so happen, that these guests companies have little consideration for our national natural heritage.

Thirdly, there are lot of complaints about work pressure in these companies, if this is really affecting the health and lifestyle of our people, Govt can set up a regulatory body there too.

Now we talk about our people working at different business location. Even this is good for our country. If our people are that talented, that some business giants are ready to invest in them, why should we stop them? Even when we can't do justice to their capabilities. Our folks working abroad can learn new technology,

Get exposed to better working conditions, earn a lot more, and learn new cultural things too if they are life enriching to make this profitable for our people at home, we can have increased taxes for them. If brain drain really increases, we can put a restriction on the number of years one can spend abroad. Our Indian people are so much talented, that we want to set certain policies with the MNC to increase their payrolls and to give back to our country,

They may happily oblige. If these are taken into consideration, MNCs can not be bad.

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Nagender said: (Feb 24, 2014)  
In my opinion, multinational companies are not devils but boon to Indian economy. I think they bring lot of benefits to our nation. For example, people working in multinational companies are getting lot of opportunities. People are exposed to different cultures around the world. Moreover, when you compare multinational companies to government institutions, They are more advanced in usage of technology.

Government does the job in very lethargic way. But multi national companies do the work in efficient, systematic way. For example, government giving work of the projects to multi national companies. So, government itself recognizing multi national companies work force. But there negatives effects of multinational companies like they give pressure stress to the workers in completion of the work. Moreover, increase of rupee value is of the major ramifications multi national companies. But they are more beneficial than government institutions.

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Ani said: (Feb 19, 2014)  
In my opinion yes it is truth that these so called multinational corpoations are devils in disguise though they never meant to be so.

I will explain It how.

There are many multinationals who expect the candidate to be ready to work for their organisation at a meagre salary. Considering the inflation rate it isn't good for the citizens of our country. They make profit but the employees who suffer like donkeys have no future.

I heard recently that the new bill passed in Loksabha is stating that the workers in private organisations are not given any right to protest against the injustice happening to them. So no more strikes will occur in private sector. It would depend on their management whether the salary hike n some other facilities and privileges are to be given to employees or not. The workers have no right to make unions and then go on a strike for putting up a protest against their issues.

Government needs to have some hold over these institutions. Their should be minimum wages fixed considering the inflation rate which is constantly going up. Such a hold is required for the purpose of employee welfare.

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Parag Tadhani said: (Feb 12, 2014)  
Hello friends,

In my point of view every coin has two sides.

Today's scenario in our country rich person get more rich, poor person still poor and middle level person is struggling for better future.

And another thing is in our country every year passed many of doctors and engineers. So, it is not possible all of get job in government organization.

Positive aspects,

- It provide better employment with handsome salaries.
- Provide better infrastructure.
- Provide better technology.
- Increase economy of the country.
- Provide better quality product at lower rate.

Negative aspects,

- MNC'S always thinking about their profit.
- It effect on employees health because of tension, completion of work before deadline.
- Prize of our rupee is decrease.

But negative aspects is reduce if government makes a rules for MNC.


- Employee do a work in MNC for particular decided hours.
- MNC also support our social work and also in charities.

Thank you.

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Manjit Singh said: (Feb 12, 2014)  
There are always two sides of a coin and it's for us to decide which one we want, heads or tails. I personally don't believe that multinational companies are devils in disguise.

Of course they are here for business i.e. profit and who wouldn't ? Even people in our country migrate to other states to earn a better living and a higher income and people go to foreign countries to earn. These companies are here for earning cash and in the process they do more good to our country as a whole.

Firstly, they provide employment to the locals and have to invest a substantial part of their profit back here. This leads to collective growth of the country economically. Secondly, they also bring new technologies with them in the country which directly or indirectly our people get to learn these new emerging technologies without having to go outside the country to learn them. Their investment should be allowed in all the sectors, but important like defense, medical, etc.

There are ways to regulate the functioning of these companies, by creating new independent bodies to watch over their operations and remind them of their duties whenever they stray off their path. We can learn a lot from them and should not be hesitating in accepting the new world with open arms, or we will be left behind.

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Himanshu said: (Feb 8, 2014)  
I don't think that the mnc are disguise or devil. In developing countries like India the government is not taking proper action to improve the needs (i.e. infrastructure, health, education etc) of a common man they are not taking fair actions to improve the living standard of a common people rather than thinking of personal upliftment and their existence to be in government.

A common thing in India is that those who are rich are getting more rich and those who are poor are still poor and the middle class is struggling for a better future. Since india's population is large many of the peoples can't get job in the government so they are moving to work in mnc. The mnc are providing the jobs and are also improving Economic condition of country.

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Kavya said: (Feb 6, 2014)  
I agree with all the opinions but we every thing has two aspects either positive or negative and in this case positive impact is much more than the negative ones. As these multinational companies are the welcome of new technologies in India. They contributed in increasing the GDP. They are the actual tax payer according to the present survey. It also emerged as a blessing to thousands of people who got employment in this sector and the best part is it never consider any recommendation or any sort of reservations. So I think MNC's are evolved as a boon to India.

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Rohit said: (Jan 29, 2014)  
Multinationals are the backbone of a developing country like India. During 1991 when the countries economic condition was worsened Globalisation was the cure and antidote to the crisis and hence several multinationals were being made to pave their way into India. And the result we can see. We are one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Still to do many things but improved a lot. They have provided employments, better lifestyle by a good pay scale, new technologies and many more benefits to an Indian citizen.

Besides providing new opportunities it also organizes foreign business trips for its employers. Yes, its these multinationals and industries should be enacted with complete preventive steps as nature and environment of the area should not get affected by it. But this is happening in our country just because of mismanagement. If there would be proper management in our country then these environmental problems occurring due to them won't be there. Hence in my opinion they are not devil but a boon in disguise.

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Risha said: (Jan 29, 2014)  

MNC's may have some negative aspects but they are definitely not the devils. After successful completion of graduation or post graduation freshers try to get a job in MNC because our Government don't provide us an employment. We have to give number of exams to join Government service.

These exams are so much hard that any average student could not crack it and face the problem of unemployment. In such case at least the MNC's give hope to such freshers that they can achieve whatever they want with some amount of satisfaction about their work. I also think that every coin has two side but if Indian government would provide us 100% employment no one would prefer MNC's.

Thank you.

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Radhika said: (Jan 21, 2014)  
It is true that MNCs has provided better employment, technology and infrastructure to India but they have taken more than what they have provided. They are exploiting our natural resources at throw away prices doing little for their conservation.

They are inculcating the feeling of subservience among Indians. Their contribution in employment sector can not be doubted but that too is for their advantage as they get cheap labor in India. Indian employees are not getting what they deserve. They play the Invisible hand politics as they get the policies suited to their needs by bribing bureaucrats. Therefore I affirm that Multinational Corporations Are Devils in Disguise.

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Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

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