Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating

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Aman kumar said:   5 months ago
Morals & values are important for us to live life happily. But somehow in the present generation, these values are degrading in Indian society because of many reasons like too much consumerism, a highly goal-oriented approach where we are willing to pay bribes to achieve our target.

One important cause is the Indian education system which is highly knowledge-based and lacks moral & value education. Overhauling the education system and better caring at the home of children are important. Look, most of the incidents of wife-beating, rape, and a crime against women in news are common why these crimes against women are all around India this all shows morals and values are declining in our society where Goddess Laxsmi, and Durga are worshipped in our society.

Aayushi Kuber said:   7 months ago
I think everyone might have faced an issue where the other person took your advantage and you were just shattered because you didn't expect it to come from them. It may be by siblings or by friends. And after that people will just tell you you shouldn't be this good to others. You don't have the sense of understanding who is a nice person and who is not but no one will tell the person who took advantage in the first place that you were the wrong one. I guess that's where India is degenerating its moral values. Yeah, good books religious books will teach you the morals but only through practice and daily reinforcement one can totally understand the true meaning of moral values.

Rajan said:   2 years ago
I don't believe that the Morals are degrading, The today's youth are living in complete different scenario than the our forefather and this Completely Orthodox Society, Just being Influenced By the western world and also exploring New opportunities across various fields, Is this Wrong ?, We all Indians Regardless of present or our past generations had seen a dream of India Becoming World Power which it was centuries earlier, So in the way it also involves Booming of various new industries which at short interval could hurt anyone sentiments But they will themselves acknowledge themselves in future And this is how the revolution as well as evolution takes place, Yeah but I also fully support that Todays youth are Doing things like neglecting spirituality, Doing bad things out of lust and money etc, which they will surely regret now or then Yeah So we along with this also restore our ethics and lost values And At the last we should not associate modernization with lost of moral values and tempt to assume that if someone is modern, they don't have ethics and morals.

Yash Sharma said:   2 years ago
No they really are just not. We are only looking to that part of the society which were never moral or did anything based on moral values. We just need to see the correct perspective of our society and we will surely get the real Indians, the United Indians.

Shreya said:   3 years ago
Well, friends I think along with other measures we can utilize our Holy books in order to sensitize our students in schools for social and moral values. References of quotes and thoughts of our great leaders of humanity, in education can be of great use. I am in favour of referring general social and moral values from all the Holy Scriptures irrespective of religion it is related to.

Nandini said:   3 years ago
India still has these moral values in society but the poor fact now is that. The people who have them are in minority numbers and those who would have acquired in the majority.

Earlier we use to be fit and it was hardly that we fell ill and went for heavy medications because we have access to healthy and nutritional food, a healthy lifestyle where we use to play outside even everyone had a family time where there would have been healthy discussions.

But in present scenarios, we are so much obsessed with the virtual world and western food that it has not only increase risk of diseases because of unhealthy food and less physical activity but also cut short our time with family which makes us lose moral values. Because it is truly said that parents are our first teachers.

Shashi said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone,

Education gives us the facility to survive in society but moral values make a person great like Dhoni, Sachin, etc. Moral value learns to live a better way of our life and India was better in morality from the ancient time but unfortunately, our society is lacking in morality there may have many reasons behind. If we are educated and less value of moral education then I think we can lead our society in the wrong direction.

And our education system there is very rarely given the place of Moral Value.

Anomii said:   4 years ago
Moral values are certainly decreasing and there are plenty of examples to illustrate it. Now you will no more see that bonding between individuals and this has eventually led to the void of misunderstandings and distrust now if you are a good and simple person you will be treated as a bait or the mice of the experiment. Everything now has become materialistic and you should expect a situation where morals are nil and ethics have been sent off to the bottom of the ocean.

Sri said:   5 years ago
Our country has culture, morality and values. But today's constant decline in ethics and values. As a result, there is a growing number of widespread, flawed and child offenders in our country. The reason is that social media, education system, propaganda, and other countries are drowning in culture and poverty and illicit racism can also be attributed. Today's youth has become addicted to luxuries, alcohol, drugs, pornography, violent video games, become slaves and shatters their fortune and shifts to the development of the country. Youth should be taken away from these programs to promote the development of the country. Special programs should be taken to improve the situation of girls and women. Only then can he become proud of the country and say he is an Indian.

Vivek Gupta said:   5 years ago
Yes, it is a bitter truth!

The country that once said to be the epitome of culture, morality, and character, is today continuously degenerating and deteriorating in terms of morals and values. The result is that we are seeing an increasing number of perverts, delinquents and juvenile criminals, across the country. The pro-obscenity mass media, the valueless education system, the obsession with western culture, and poor parenting are the prime culprits for the degeneration of the youth of India. The addiction to pornography, violent video games, alcohol, drugs, etc. , is corrupting the mind of a large number of youngsters and teenagers. If India has to rise and become a great nation, it's youth, needs to be revived. Special stress should be given to improving the condition of girls and women and to make this country a safe haven for them conducive to their growth and prosperity! Then India will surely rise and make every citizen of it proud to be called an Indian!

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