Modern Day Sport in Industrialized Society is an Industry

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Ritesh Kumar Singh said:   4 months ago
Yes, I also agree because various industrial department like JSW is connected to a sport like cricket and football due to this the popularity of the JSW is grown and has become more famous due to which people are active in the industry and various people want to get a job a popular company or industry so. Hence the production of the industry is increasing because more people are connected to it. For example, IPL which is acts as a more profitable business because TATA IPL is the most profitable nowadays.

Thank you

Jogarao s said:   3 years ago
In my view, yes the above-mentioned statement is correct. In the sense that the sports like cricket, kabaddi, badminton, tennis etc are emerging from day to day due to money and fame earning. Nowadays most children's are choosing sports as their career option because of the emergence of these sports. Sports has become an industry in the sense that most of the people earn their living by depending on the sports for example bat making industry, kit making industry, telecasting, also the bets apps like dream11 and also due to the interest creating in the people to watch them, sponsors. I think sports has become the most entertained and relaxed one and providing employment to lots of people and I think there is no problem even the sports has industrialised due to lots of profits it making for the country and also the players should play fair and clean.

Kuraku Harishwar said:   4 years ago
Yes, I too agree that modern-day sport is now an industry where players are the assets on which sponsors invest money. Like every issue we have some advantages and disadvantages here we have more advantages like sports has given the opportunity to earn money by simultaneously following passion new sports and players are emerging like we saw in pro kabaddi. Now when we look into the disadvantages game is losing its integrity and sportsman spirit we have seen many players choosing clubs more than their country rules are being changed to make the sport more entertaining players especially c4icket players are trapped by the bookies which literally destroys the integrity of the game.

Now modern-day kids are choosing games according to the popularity instead of their instinct in order to earn money.

Ravi sigili said:   4 years ago
Yes, I do agree with people saying the industrialized mode of few games especially cricket has dragged many franchisers and even players into match-fixing. But it is not the mistake of a sport getting industrialized but it is the mistake of the people involved in such kind of activities. This mode of cricket which paved the way to the formation of the Indian premier League has opened up opportunities for less accessible and most talented players and even brought more economic benefits to the hosts.

And I do agree to the point that this mode of industrialization of a sport should move onto other sports as well which will result in surging up of untapped potential of India.

Thank you.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
Yes, I too believe that the more a nation progressed in industrialization the more the people got money to invest into sports. Individuals like businessmen and filmstars are buying cricket teams football teams or hockey teams and contesting among themselves. Sports have become to show a power of money. The more you invest the more you get best world class players and the more you earn or make a profit from these games. So it has become an easy money making Industry like a gamble. In contrast other players like tt badminton or wrestlinv, they don't get state support to pursue their dreams. Many a time sports persons need to give up on their dreams to earn a good job. So I would like to request the govt to allocate the better amount in the budget for these players who cannot participate in ipl or epl like matches but still can pursue their dreams to get world wide accolades. Thank you.

Jatin said:   7 years ago
I agree with the topic as today instead of playing with the sportsman spirit, players are playing taking it as their profession for earning.

And moreover a large number of teens instead of watching matches for enjoyment, moving towards watching them for earning money by indulging themselves in practices like bookings.

Even the players are also valued against money while making teams as seen in IPL.

These practices in the race of becoming rich and earning money in today's industrialized societies are turning sports in an industry.

Ajit kumar Nayak said:   7 years ago
Nowadays, sports are played very spiritually, with full of integrity and passion. Sportsmen have full of patience and the facility is also beatifically to the players. Government also lunch so many opportunities for the building of new talents just following as an industry goal. Solidarity is the best published for the modern day sports.

Government should lunch special package for the sportsmen. Sportsmen have the spirit to win-win.

The organizer should create their total format for sport in industrialized society specially like an industry.

Niku said:   9 years ago
Yes, I completely agree with this statement. The rules are being changed to make the game interesting for the spectators, compromising even with some of the strengths of the game. New formats are being introduced and again that is to entertain the public.

Not only this, even the behaviour of the players on the ground is changing to gain popularity and sledging is quite a common thing to see now-a-days. The respect for performance of good team is rare to be seen nowadays.

Even in IPL we see very few youngsters are given a chance to play and the prime aim of the team is to collect money from the game as much as possible.

ADIL said:   9 years ago
Yes I totally agree with the point that the modern day sport in an industrialized society is itself becoming an industry. Due to modernization and social media, sports have lost its sheen. Sports were once played with dedication, competitive spirit and zeal but things are not the same now.

The format has negatively evolved over the years. Top teams are in a battle to buy top players by spending huge amount of money and with more and more celebrities pumping in the industry, Huge amount of cash inflows are pouring in for advertisement and brand endorsements which is destroying the essence of cricket.

Rao lax yadav said:   10 years ago
Yes, I totally agree with this topic. Now a days sports are becoming an industry, people try to get some profit out of sports. For example IPL, during IPL managers of the team try to hire the player by his fame, so that he can get maximum profit out of it.

In other case as well, like when a nation is chosen to host games like OLYMPIC or COMMONWEALTH games, it get a chance to show its hospitality and tourism. It helps to increase the GDP of a country.

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