Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus

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Satyam verma said:   4 years ago
Well, if you ask me about this topic so I would love to say that I agree with throughout the world most of the women manage things in very well mannered whether it is in the corporate world or home along with there domestic church things.

Apart from this she maintains as well as runs the entire family with a limited budget varies from 10000 to 50000 n even more or less good employee in the corporate sector. Moreover, she works 24*7*365 days in-home and corporate respectively. Without expecting any benefits from there.

However, in a home, she does work without expecting benefits.

Although men can waste money very easily before spending money they don't think but on the contrary, women do not spend Cause they Think in both aspects positive and negative side then spend it.

At the end of that debate, I conclude that she is the one on earth who can manage everything.

Bilal Ali said:   7 years ago
If I ask you on the basis of the distance from the Sun which planet is hottest? Mercury, right? but we all know it's Venus. Yes, the first trait of a woman "Unpredictable" if you don't know in detail then Mercury is the hottest planet for you! unlike women, men can't hide their emotions just like Mars's red spots changes its colour in different seasons. So, yes I do Agree with the topic both men and women are different but they are irreplaceable of their kind.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
Venus is a hot planet and in comparison mars is quite in a cooler side. The comparison between men and women is quite appropriate cause women are emotion driven where as men are well thoughtout. They can controll there emotions. Where as women all over the world thought to be mutable creatures with often mood swings. So it is quite obvious that both posseses different characteristics. Women are impulsive in nature and that makes them sweet at some times. Women are more amicable to everything whereas men are more practical and they need time to enter and exit from any situation. As both shows signs of different characteristics so we can say that men are from mars and women are from vanus. Thank you.

Shriya said:   7 years ago
Well, this line can also be interpreted as "men and women are different ". I strongly feel that men and women are not equal not. Why? because a man and a woman are two different genders. Each has their own way of doing things. Men do not behave the same way women do neither do women behave as men. A man has a different approach in solving a problem where as a woman has her own way. Men and women are the two sides of a coin. You cannot expect them to be equal. Women are more efficient at multitasking than men and I am not saying this because I am a woman and I have to take the side. NO. You observe your mother working at home. She juggles her work and still, any of her work has never come out as faulty. She manages the office, home, kids, husband all perfectly. Talking about men. Men have more physical strength than us. Not that a girl cannot have that much physical strength she may have more than that if she is trained. But when we talk about an untrained man and a woman I think all of you will agree that a man has more physical strength. Well, that's how we are made.

Tahseen said:   7 years ago
In modern era, I didn't agree with this statement because the power of women is not less than a woman in any field either games, for being IAS or IPS and so on. In the early days, women can't move for getting an education from one place to another. People say they were only in the earth for secure her child and care the house but today world it's totally different. Today women get an education and do a job for standing their own feet not husband. It's good thinking but they were trying to give respect to her husband, and care of her children is the first priority.

Priyanka said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

Sound is good to hear like men's represent the mars and woman is Venus, But in this century we don't accept it as "REAL", because in every where women can easily beats to men so we can't say softly like that -"Women are from Venus", yes but they are not to low compare with anyone. Men's are pamper to his family and do anything for his happiness that doesn't means they are born to war it indicate only that they are protective from their side for his love ones.

Shobhit tripathi said:   7 years ago
Thankyou you friends for giving your best your best thoughts and also in my opinion that in now days there is no different in gender of man and woman that created by god as we talk about recently held Olympic games in Rio so as we know that in that game India had won silver and bronze only our best player PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik and our man players did not get any single medal for our nation and India's first IPS female officer Kiran Bedi had set the best examples of eradicating these type stereotypes think from everyone s mind and Sunita Williams and many more idol woman had created the history so even woman has second creator of man next to god.

Prajakta kulkarni said:   8 years ago
I do not completely agree with the title of discussion, this title shows the external attire of man and women but is not the actual nature. God has created the gender not based on strengths, beautifulness, hard, intelligent. And so on these could not discriminate men n women, the women can be intelligent or strong but not necessarily also look beautiful, any person that may be man or women should be beautiful by heart. The only difference is men have more physical strength but nowadays we can also see the wrestling champions like Sakshi Malik who are opposition to the above sentence.

Vanshika Garg said:   8 years ago
I totally disagree with the topic men and women are both equal and have equal abilities to work, they cannot be classified on any basis. Mars represents bravery and a robust nature and Venus represents a cool and a loving nature. Your nature depends on your upbringing, thoughts, way of thinking, not on a basic difference between a vagina and a penis.

If you are determined enough to be strong and brave then you are brave and strong irrespective of your gender. So we should surely stop using silly sayings like this one that 'Men are from Mars ; Women are from Venus '.

Mohit Srivastava said:   8 years ago
No, I am partially against with the topic, although men are enlightened as 'mars' which shows bravery and full of strength and women as 'venus' which depicts their emotional and loving nature, all these things changed with time. At present, we see women not only as a homemaker but also a lady who can earn money to help his husband to share hands so that both can run their livelihood for their children and family.

There are several examples like Mary com, Indira Gandhi, Saniya Mirza, Jitu Rai, Lata Mangeshkar. All these ladies not only engaged in their personal life but created history which shows their strengthful nature in their concerned areas of achievement.

Apart from that to men too like Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Mahatma Gandhi shows nature of ''venus''. Mahatma Gandhi adopted 'Ahimsa' which shows his kind nature to love humanity. He never supported ahimsa which is ironed to be 'red' like mars. Thus on concluding my statement men and women don't take birth to be inborn like mars or venus. It is the core values of the family that teaches a child how to be like, mars or venus.

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