MBA in India is highly Over-rated

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Sumodh said:   7 years ago
Yes, it's true that MBA is highly overrated in India. Most of us think by doing MBA we get high salary job and have secure future, mist of them doesn't know the exact meaning of MBA they just follow the crowd.

Shantanu V M said:   7 years ago
Though unemployment is a major issue in India, no on can argue that in India the candidates who possess MBA and BE manage to get a job than other graduates. Yes, MBA is overrated but the fact is this overrated degree gives you a high pay job which no other degree can. I see many people talking about doing MBA for knowledge and all. But the reality is it all boils down to one thing. That is money. Some of the people stated money can't buy happiness. But money can buy the things which bring you happiness. Apart from money, MBA is a great option for career progression as well as self-growth.

Avnish John said:   7 years ago
Though MBA is overrated but there are college who are making management degree worth going for. Like one of the top b-school in Delhi NCR called EMPI Business School helps the student inculcate the habit of managing work-life balance with the help of its serene campus life.

Ajit Kumar Nayak said:   8 years ago
MBA is highly overrated in India. In my point of view, I think it is quite justified. After graduation, one can make his/her career in MBA, because it has vast course full with various human growing attributes and various personal development skills with full of training and development program. That also provide job involvement inside the country and also in abroad. Govt also lunch so many kinds of program for MBA. So friends now go ahead with setting a goal in life and by joining MBA, we are preparing ourselves for facing our goal in our day to day life. Thanking you.

Tanu said:   8 years ago
Yes, In India MBA is highly over-rated. In other part of the world, number of student applying for MBA is decreasing but in case of India it is decreasing. It's become a trend to do the MBA after graduation. One more reason of more applicant of MBA is the non availability of the job for graduate people. People have a believe that they will get the job after MBA. MBA is a good course but it not the only course to succeed in life.

Thank you.

Sampoorn said:   8 years ago
No doubt MBA is overrated in India. But it seems that MBA has very vast scope in our country. Because various business developing day by day and due to that the demand for MBA is increasing. According to economics - INCREASE IN DEMAND : INCREASE THE PRICE OF COMMODITY.

Hemant said:   8 years ago
MBA is overrated in India first we need to understand that we have two parallel in MBA, one is government owned MBA colleges another one is B-School, the student mainly think that if they do MBA they will get job for sure, if we notice in these days the number of B-School in India is just keep increasing, the student who does MBA in govt colleges those students only look for certificate and normal job but don't even try to grab more knowledge on the specialization but in case of B-School they are taking more fees and also placing the student for decent packages but those are like training institution just focusing on teaching the skill which required to do a MBA not concentrating on any moral ethics.

Tapan Shah said:   9 years ago
As a genuine review, people who wants to do MBA should have stuff and confidence in themselves that they are heading towards the "Master of Business Administration" which doesn't mean a high payee Job or some fancy degree.

For freshers, who wants to pursue MBA in specific field, should prepare for entrance tests. They should do MBA (full time) from some reputed institute which gives them value added knowledge.

For working people, distance is the best option and an equal opportunity to grow in current organization where they can doubled their efforts by having management knowledge.

Of course, MBA is overwhelmed now a days, but I bet you if you do MBA with real interest, it will become your life changer decision.

Choice is yours, if you want another fancy degree added on your "linked in" or value added management knowledge!

Naveen dutta said:   9 years ago
Hi all.

Everybody today's wants a successful career and MBA provides such platform to make successful career, reaching top, good packages etc are all such factor associated with an MBA. This makes its a wide options which majority of students chooses in order to attain all this. We can say its a sure fire way if its properly learned and executed.

Secondly today its a globalized world we are living in, with this the whole world is within range therefore being exiting of an availability which makes person equipped with skill required to be global.

Sachin said:   10 years ago
No doubt MBA is over rated in India. But it seems that MBA has very vast scope in our country. Because various business developing day by day and due to that the demand for MBA is increasing. According to economics - INCREASE IN DEMAND:INCREASE THE PRICE OF COMMODITY.

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