MBA in India is highly Over-rated

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Niranjan said:   1 decade ago
Yes MBA is overrated, but overrated because of whom? The money minded universities? No, it's solely and wholly because of the money minded students and future employees. Even my own friends are seeking an admission into the prestigious IIMs in India with their deadly preparations for the CAT. So when I ask them the motive, all they have to say is, "High package, I can own my own helicopter (a fantasy as of now, and in a lighter vein though) , and most importantly my hourly salary in dollars. Goldman sachs my dream company".

Do you see the shallow depth of knowledge they possess about what is MBA actually? And when you ask them why they prefer MBA, they seek asylum by saying "I don't like to sit in front of a computer and spoil my life all day", as if being an MBA graduate allows you to sleep a good 9 hours a day.

So I request all our job seekers to look for other factors like transportation, working environment, time you can spend with your family and friends, journey length and time etc when you think of a "dream" job. Let our dreams not be constrained to only money. As a famous quote says, "Money cannot buy everything" :).

All the best everyone !

Harsha said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends,

I think this is a very hot topic these days. MBA has become the order of the day and shortcut for success. Everyone wants to do an MBA and get into a high paying job.

But the real question is how many really have the ability to excel in this.

These days MBA has become all about money. First of all every institution wants to start MBA even though they don't have the basic facilities and infrastructure.

And all the students just blindly pay a huge amount of fees and join. But MBA is not only about submitting fake and copies projects and assignments, not bunking the classes or just passing the exams. But the real purpose of MBA should be to acquire in depth knowledge in the chosen specialization. In other words one should really specialize in the chosen subject. Only then can an MBA really add any value to any organization.

I think the government really needs to look into the number of new institutions mushrooming and the quality of education being offered.

Vikas said:   1 decade ago
I agree with @Vishu. People want to do MBA just because of the attractive package it offers.

Frankly speaking it depends on the individual whether to do MBA or not. Working in an `industry where you enjoy doing work can also give you a modest package after some time obviously not equal to MBA. But then at least you are enjoying your work and have your personal life as well.

What I have always heard is post MBA life is difficult, although it pays you well yet there is a lot of job stress and long working hours.

A place where you enjoy doing work and love the skills involved in it is much better than doing MBA just for the sake of money.

MBA is only overrated for the people who follow the crowd. MBA is a good option for those who are genuinely interested in it, not because they want money but they enjoy doing that work.

Having a good stress free life with a modest package where you can contribute towards the society by any means is the perfect place to work in.

Follow your heart and not the crowd :).

Tapan Shah said:   9 years ago
As a genuine review, people who wants to do MBA should have stuff and confidence in themselves that they are heading towards the "Master of Business Administration" which doesn't mean a high payee Job or some fancy degree.

For freshers, who wants to pursue MBA in specific field, should prepare for entrance tests. They should do MBA (full time) from some reputed institute which gives them value added knowledge.

For working people, distance is the best option and an equal opportunity to grow in current organization where they can doubled their efforts by having management knowledge.

Of course, MBA is overwhelmed now a days, but I bet you if you do MBA with real interest, it will become your life changer decision.

Choice is yours, if you want another fancy degree added on your "linked in" or value added management knowledge!

Bharat said:   1 decade ago
Now whenever I m seeing surrounding I'm seeing only two one is MBA other is engineers. This two things are very overrated like a hell. & this happening because earlier 5 years back people in India more we're enthusiastic doing engineering because all of us were thinking that engineers have more scope & more money into it.

As time passed automatically quantity started getting increase & because of that more who are not liable for it has got into as failure because not getting good salary, no more scope in job environment. After that not getting in their they started taking ride of MBA boat where most got hallucinated thinking this will give more job prospects & better job life but things won't end here.

People in India are major problem we follow what others are doing we are not seeing what is important to us & what is not, in which thinks we are perfect & which are not. MBA is a good platform no doubt in it it can be good when someone is learning management skills, engrossing more into management subject, improvising their own skills. Rather than focusing on placement & more giving emphasis on money. Eventually person who has a talent & is intelligent is one who is able to break the code of success.

Basudeb Das said:   1 decade ago
Swamiji once said that "the difference between an average man and a great man lies in the degree of concentration". First of all you've got to believe in yourself that yes! you can do. The depth of water actually causes the variation of waves in the river. The greater the depth the smaller the waves. The future prospect of MBA in modern India is very great, all you need to do is just to enlarge the depth inside you and see success will kiss your feet at every step. Never LOSE hope my friend.

Shantanu V M said:   7 years ago
Though unemployment is a major issue in India, no on can argue that in India the candidates who possess MBA and BE manage to get a job than other graduates. Yes, MBA is overrated but the fact is this overrated degree gives you a high pay job which no other degree can. I see many people talking about doing MBA for knowledge and all. But the reality is it all boils down to one thing. That is money. Some of the people stated money can't buy happiness. But money can buy the things which bring you happiness. Apart from money, MBA is a great option for career progression as well as self-growth.

Vivek said:   1 decade ago
I don't think so that MBA In India Is Highly over rated as you can see today scenario after doing the MBA your are not geeting the good job. As per my View If you want to do MBA Than do it from the top 20 institute if you dnt than I Can just suggest that start looking for the job after the graduation take the some experince and than enroll for Distance Learning MBA It will help you in all ways, That is At the same time you are doing your study and geeting the experince also, You are implenting your study in a practical way And will Help you to Develop your Siklls in a effective manner.

Aakarsh said:   1 decade ago
My contention is that MBA is not highly over-rated, its just that if you do your MBA from a good institute like top 20s, it surely has a lot of value, and if you do that no matter what, nobody can stop you from getting a good job. Because I have seen people suffer, who haven't done their MBA from a very good institute, as they are not able to maintain consistency in their jobs. You will find 1000s of institutes in the country but there are only a handful who have value.

Abid Khursheed said:   1 decade ago
Dear friends,

Let us all agree to the fact that India being a developing Economy and a country which is seen as a super future super power has one of the biggest and most powerful resource available, Human Resource. Doing an MBA from an reputed institute is only the tip of the ice berg. People Pay hefty fees, Toil their heads and yet MBA fetches them nothing, At the end of the day you have, 1000 students with merely 10 placements. What a shame! But the Irony is people knowing the Dark side of MBA, still choose it. God knows why?

Lets realize the fact, that its a business deal where students loose and the Mafia (Institute Owners) win.

Its a Win-Lose situation, chose yours wisely.

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