Mars Mission for India Justified?

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Durgeshwaram Argasundaram said: (Jan 17, 2019)  
I do not think it is justified. As India can spend all this money on eradicating poverty and providing education to the poor and unfortunate.

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Mangesh Bhagat said: (Sep 7, 2018)  
Mars mission of India is justified because we have proved our technology. ISRO gets more projects from other country's and institutes to send there satellite through Indian rocket launcher. India can get good market in space industry because India sent satellite in less price compare to other countries and they have confident India can do there project within timelines and less cost. Space research is necessary for future technology and growth of our country. We have received valuable foreign currency through international contract.

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Sumit said: (Aug 29, 2018)  
Yeah, I think mars mission is good for India because of by doing this we are showing our potential to the world. We are letting them know that we have the skill set. Yeah some people say that India is just wasting their money by doing spaceship missions and India is poor country so they have to spend those money on poverty. But I think these missions helping India in improving their economic condition and a country will only become developed if their economic condition improves. And as we all know that ISRO launches the 105 spaceship last year and out of those only one spaceship was ours, so it means others countries paid us to launch their spaceships because our scientist do that at very low price. So other countries get to know about us and they will be eager to invest in our country.

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Nayan said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
In my opinion, not only mars mission but also other space missions are justified because these missions are not only related to those particular purposes for which they are designed, but the technologies discovered and used in those vehicles and equipment are being used in future for benefits our society. For example lithium ion batteries now a day sold are discovered during these missions many other technology which are discovered during these missions are beneficial for us. Particularly if we talk about mass mission then this mission helped India to show its place in the space industry. India succeeded before China in Mars mission, with very low cost .it has shown our potential.

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Bhairavi said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Mars mission for India is justified. Indian scientists have been doing great in their fields. Various innovations are taking place. The research field is catching the interest of many youths too. Many organizations like BARC, ISRO work day and night to develop something new. Mar mission initiated by India, justifies that India is making efforts to level up and match with other developed countries.

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Mars Mission for India Justified?

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