Mars Mission for India Justified?

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Kausik said: (Sep 27, 2021)  
There is a saying, "Do not put all the eggs into one basket". This is true. People have been often saying that we must invest money on the poor people and our basic needs. But the thing is that what will be the benefit of investing money into the poor if there will be no jobs in the country. By that, I mean, let us take the example of free education for the poor. Suppose we invest a huge amount of money into free education for the poor kids. They study and grow up to become engineers or scientists. Now, they will look for jobs and they will find nothing because no money was invested into any sector related to science and technology. Where will they apply their knowledge? That is where we understand the need of sectors like space research. We must focus on overall development and not on a single thing.

And Mars mission helped us a lot. It helped India in expertise in its technologies. It increased further scientific research in the nation. It also helped in encouraging the young generation to take science. A nation can only progress if it focuses on research and technology. And as I have said earlier, overall growth is important.

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Sweta Jha said: (Jun 15, 2021)  
I think it does not justify the word 'success' and development towards our country. Where 1/3 people of India are facing malnutrition, flood, and poverty than how you can say that our India got success. Approximately 40 percent of people come under malnutrition. And 1, 665 children are died due to hunger every day. Is this development? Is this sign of success. We all celebrate the success and proudly say that our country has got big success to innovate the Mars mission. Life was also there when there were no innovations. But without food and clean water "Life is possible"? I request you all work on poverty and hunger, it is the major problem of our India. The development of science is also necessary but after saving a life from hunger. When a single person will not sleep with hunger and a child will not be died from hunger, on this day we would have real success and achievements.

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Silen said: (Mar 25, 2021)  

In my opinion, mars mission is totally justified. If we look at it from the perspective of cost, we all know that ISRO managed to complete this mission with a minimal cost of less than 75 million dollars. This shows the amount of efficiency and optimization in the engineering field that our country was able to achieve.

Furthermore, we have now gained insights into sending probes to mars at minimal cost and with effective engineering methods which places us among one of the most efficient space agencies in the world.

By completing this mission we have not only placed ourselves into the group of elites but also we have developed multifarious technologies for future usage. Job opportunities have been created and there has been a significant technological advancement.

It was said that, the men who found our world, did it not by sitting inside a cave and shying away from danger and natural calamities, but by those who had the courage to venture out into the wilderness with a determined heart.

Sure, there are problems in our country and the money spent on space missions could be spent for the locals, but by developing space technology we are not only helping our country, we are helping our species as a whole. Science grows step-by-step and in between come few people who change the way we think. But to reach there we have to do small incremental changes, and mars mission was one of those.

We can use the ideas and technologies developed, for other space missions in the future and also for satellite technologies. As a big power in the world, surrounded by not so friendly neighbours developing space technology also helps in defending ourselves.

I would like to end my answer by quoting Dr. APJ Adbul Kalam, "Strength respects strength".

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Atul Kumar Patel said: (Dec 2, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

I am Atul Kumar,

Mars mission fully justified. ISRO has completed this mission with a very cheap cost, its shows India's achievement in the field of space research, not only Mars Indian scientists have justified in other mission Eg. Chandrayan, which proves the ability of ISRO.

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Aman said: (Nov 29, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

I think mars mission is Justified. Because it is a successful mission. It shows the talent and dedication of Indian scientists.

The power of India in the world also increases. India gets many offers from foreign countries due to mars mission. It very low price mission in the world. It shows our technology.

Thank you.

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Sangita Bayal said: (Sep 13, 2020)  
I think mars mission for India is tremendously justified. Very few people say that as India is a poor country, they should use the money for the overall development of India, India doesn't need to waste their money in their useless platform but a boy who belongs to a very poor family can never be a do doctor? if he has a firm commitment to his own goals, no matter how poor he may be, he will be able to find new ways to fulfil his dream within his practicability and in this way he showed, the students of more poor families can reach to their goals. Similarly, despite being a poor country, India has been able to carry out the mars mission at the lowest possible cost and has a new path for other poor countries. India first in Asia to reach mars orbit so it is a matter of pride for Indian.

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Pragya Singh said: (Mar 4, 2020)  
Mars Mission is flawlessly justified. Success and failure is another matter, but ISRO has made a very meaningful achievement in the field of research organisation of space. There is a huge difference between the expenditure of INDIA and USA for that MOM. Its the great time to congratulate our scientists who are regularly working in this field and making their country proud and also influencing the current generation to take part in these type of missions which can completely change the achievement level of the organisation. It shows that Indians are the one who can make their work in a cheaper and productive way.


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Nani said: (Sep 27, 2019)  
Mars mission for India is justified. India's mom is the cheapest interplanetary machine. The machine to Mars was announced shortly after China attempt flopped in 2011as it failed at atmosphere.

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Aman Raj said: (Sep 20, 2019)  
Hi everyone.

In my opinion, the Mars mission of India is fully satisfied because it encourages our youth for new innovation in the field of space. It enables India to gain more respect in the international platform. It would have been obtained value and dignity after NASA, ESA. It is not only the mission but it tells us about where our scientist stands in technology and skill at a global level. As ISRO is spreading itself it brings a number of employment for engineers.

I am proud to be an Indian.

Thank you.

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Anjali Akansha said: (Sep 19, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

Mars mission for India is fully justified. Being an Indian, I feel that Mars Mission for ISRO is something which should make each Indian glad for the country. Achievement or disappointment are different things, our researcher has done this at exceptionally minimal cost that has demonstrated our potential to the world. India can accomplish some extraordinary statures in the region of space research too, our researcher remains in innovation and expertise at a worldwide level. A year ago ISRO launched started 105 spaceships out of which just one was of India, this demonstrates other nation paid us to dispatch their space-send on the grounds that our researcher can do it with low cost and that to proficiently.

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Akash Sharma said: (Sep 16, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

Mars mission for India is more justified. Because, if we will think about only in the field of education, health, software Field, then who will think about space mission. Success or failure these are different thing, but we should need to try, that have done our scientists with very low cost, it has shown our potential. Space research is necessary for growth of our country. So we need to support them (ISRO).

I'm proud to be Indian & also proud our research team.

Thank you.

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Upasna Bhowmik said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Being an Indian I feel that yet Mars Mission of ISRO is something which is supposed to make every Indian proud of the nation. It will enable India to gain more respect in the international platform. People who are worried because of the expenditure of huge bucks behind this mission should remember that behind gigantic statues also crores and crores are being spent. Basically a statue or a monument will attract tourist and thus will increase the national income but a space mission is more important as it will create a benchmark for India worldwide.

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Praveen S said: (Sep 5, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

Mars mission for India is more than justified, it is a proud moment for each and every citizen of India. ISRO showed ours true potential to the world, that we can also achieve some great heights in the area of space research. The shocking view for the world is successfully completion of the mission in a very low budget and this shows the true example of utilization of engineering knowledge. Many countries are saying that India should invest the mission money to their proverty stricken area, so that they can get rid of poverty and unemployment. But the ones, who are criticising this mission, are only jealous about India's Mars Mission, they dosen't want India to explore science and technology. Many space organisations having enormously large funding from different sources but our ISRO is so efficient that they are doing all types of space missions in a very low budget profile as they don't have good amount of funding as others.

ISRO is never about boasting or showing the world their skills, ISRO's only motive is to use their knowledge for the betterement of society.

I am proud to be Indian.

Thank you.

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Raj said: (Sep 2, 2019)  
I don't think mars mission is justified. As India, is a developing country instead of spending huge amount of money on the mars mission it should be spent in health and education sector for the betterment of people. The only advantage is the satisfaction of ego nothing else. Mars mission took 300 days for completion of mission and it took 100 days to go out of the earth orbit and if there may be technical fault then it results in the wastage of money and a big threat for the earth.

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Satyam Singh said: (Jun 7, 2019)  
In my point of view, It is justified. It is not only the Mission, but it tells us about where our scientist are a stand in technology and skill at the global level. As we know, India is a developing country so Mars Mission's investment was huge but That's will be Fulfilled by their result. Because by Mars mission every student is motivated that Anything can be Done In India. So there is an increased chance of creating new research in ISRO. We should always Optimist!

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DEEPANSHU SHARMA said: (Apr 13, 2019)  
Mars mission of India i.e. MANGALYAAN is absolutely justified. The time for direct confrontations have been passed long ago. This is the age of space powers and ISRO has been making some very seriously giant leaps over the past few years and recently tested A-SAT system is another marvelous milestone added to the achievements of this prestigious organisation of INDIA. We should be very proud of all ISRO and DRDO because they are the backbones of our national security.

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KOMAL said: (Apr 13, 2019)  
Yes, mars mission for India is justified. India become the 1st country to enter the mars orbiter with investment of lower cost in the project as of being a developing county. The date 24 spetember 2014 creates a world history by ISRO, it would have been obtained a value and dignity after the NSA, ESA etc. Despite being labelled Indian the snake charmers and slum malnourshied children, no one can now ignore the fact the country is heading towards innovation and technology revolution. After this success, the ISRO corporate arms ANTRIX get the better deal and opportunity for foreign contracts. And it all helps to encourage the youth to know the importance and growth prospects in this field and creates a larger revenue for the ISRO.

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Saurabh Kumar said: (Mar 4, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

According to me, the Mars mission for India is justified, because our great scientists proved in the field of space technology. We want to self-dependent otherwise we have to depend on the other countries. Our country launch many satellite and Mars mission one of them. This mission shows that we have come in the list of powerful countries and the last one should be remembered that only strength respects strength.

Thank you!

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Durgeshwaram Argasundaram said: (Jan 17, 2019)  
I do not think it is justified. As India can spend all this money on eradicating poverty and providing education to the poor and unfortunate.

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Mangesh Bhagat said: (Sep 7, 2018)  
Mars mission of India is justified because we have proved our technology. ISRO gets more projects from other country's and institutes to send there satellite through Indian rocket launcher. India can get good market in space industry because India sent satellite in less price compare to other countries and they have confident India can do there project within timelines and less cost. Space research is necessary for future technology and growth of our country. We have received valuable foreign currency through international contract.

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Sumit said: (Aug 29, 2018)  
Yeah, I think mars mission is good for India because of by doing this we are showing our potential to the world. We are letting them know that we have the skill set. Yeah some people say that India is just wasting their money by doing spaceship missions and India is poor country so they have to spend those money on poverty. But I think these missions helping India in improving their economic condition and a country will only become developed if their economic condition improves. And as we all know that ISRO launches the 105 spaceship last year and out of those only one spaceship was ours, so it means others countries paid us to launch their spaceships because our scientist do that at very low price. So other countries get to know about us and they will be eager to invest in our country.

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Nayan said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
In my opinion, not only mars mission but also other space missions are justified because these missions are not only related to those particular purposes for which they are designed, but the technologies discovered and used in those vehicles and equipment are being used in future for benefits our society. For example lithium ion batteries now a day sold are discovered during these missions many other technology which are discovered during these missions are beneficial for us. Particularly if we talk about mass mission then this mission helped India to show its place in the space industry. India succeeded before China in Mars mission, with very low cost .it has shown our potential.

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Bhairavi said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Mars mission for India is justified. Indian scientists have been doing great in their fields. Various innovations are taking place. The research field is catching the interest of many youths too. Many organizations like BARC, ISRO work day and night to develop something new. Mar mission initiated by India, justifies that India is making efforts to level up and match with other developed countries.

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Mars Mission for India Justified?

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