Mars Mission for India Justified?

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NAMAN said:   2 weeks ago
Mars mission is totally justified as we want to become a developed nation, so this is one of the important keys. This will highlight our nation worldwide and will also encourage our youth to focus on such scientific mission and explore it to its zenith.

Such type of mission from our scientists shows effort and dedication toward dominating competition. With this success, many more new missions will be encouraged and soon India can lead the nation.

Meghna Ghosh said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone,

Living in the era of technology and development, India still lacks behind other countries like the USA, Japan, and South Korea in overall development and growth. In my opinion, India's keen interest in the Mars mission is fully justified, this will not only give us a boost in the global dominance race but also help to strengthen the backbone of the country's economy.

India already has the upper hand in the Mars missions, as it was the first country to send a satellite into the planet's orbit for surveillance and to gather knowledge. If we use this advanced opportunity to gain more information, India's global game will be up.

Moreover, working on such types of missions will give a boost to skilled employees, who are unemployed even after getting a well-glorified degree from a well-known institution.

Thus, the Mars mission is beneficial to the development of India.

Sri Ramachandra Murthy said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone.

Yes, the Mars mission is justified. It shows the dedication and efforts of Indian scientists, and it proves the development of science and technology in India.
It is helpful for us to be the global dominant with knowledge and technology.
And I hope many more technologies will come from India, and with all this, India will emerge as a global leader.

Lavitra said:   3 months ago
In my point of view, what you guys discussed is actually different, Mars mission is like a competition for other countries, and we mean our country is one step forward from other countries in technology we support the Indian cricket team to win, like this we support this mars mission also, investing mars mission money into on poor people it's wrong thinking, for poor people another scheme to be the plan.

Anu said:   4 months ago
In my opinion, Mars mission is absolutely justified. As one of my friends said, investment in science and technology is equally important as spending on social issues and basic amenities is. What if we just keep on spending on education and health but we don't have enough jobs and technologies to serve those people? Also, Because of all these achievements, people in the world know our country and respect us, it also matters.

Amit kr said:   5 months ago
Good morning everyone.

In my point of view, on this topic.

We are living in 21 century. Mars mission was justified for India when our country many people living in under the poverty line have no food no clothes why do we say that's how is it possible mars mission?

First of all, govt should be provided their need for the poor population after providing for their need we say that our country is developing rather than its say not working right ways, mars mission is justified for India its the greatest success for our country.

That's my point.

Kausik said:   2 years ago
There is a saying, "Do not put all the eggs into one basket". This is true. People have been often saying that we must invest money on the poor people and our basic needs. But the thing is that what will be the benefit of investing money into the poor if there will be no jobs in the country. By that, I mean, let us take the example of free education for the poor. Suppose we invest a huge amount of money into free education for the poor kids. They study and grow up to become engineers or scientists. Now, they will look for jobs and they will find nothing because no money was invested into any sector related to science and technology. Where will they apply their knowledge? That is where we understand the need of sectors like space research. We must focus on overall development and not on a single thing.

And Mars mission helped us a lot. It helped India in expertise in its technologies. It increased further scientific research in the nation. It also helped in encouraging the young generation to take science. A nation can only progress if it focuses on research and technology. And as I have said earlier, overall growth is important.

Sweta jha said:   2 years ago
I think it does not justify the word 'success' and development towards our country. Where 1/3 people of India are facing malnutrition, flood, and poverty than how you can say that our India got success. Approximately 40 percent of people come under malnutrition. And 1, 665 children are died due to hunger every day. Is this development? Is this sign of success. We all celebrate the success and proudly say that our country has got big success to innovate the Mars mission. Life was also there when there were no innovations. But without food and clean water "Life is possible"? I request you all work on poverty and hunger, it is the major problem of our India. The development of science is also necessary but after saving a life from hunger. When a single person will not sleep with hunger and a child will not be died from hunger, on this day we would have real success and achievements.

Silen said:   2 years ago

In my opinion, mars mission is totally justified. If we look at it from the perspective of cost, we all know that ISRO managed to complete this mission with a minimal cost of less than 75 million dollars. This shows the amount of efficiency and optimization in the engineering field that our country was able to achieve.

Furthermore, we have now gained insights into sending probes to mars at minimal cost and with effective engineering methods which places us among one of the most efficient space agencies in the world.

By completing this mission we have not only placed ourselves into the group of elites but also we have developed multifarious technologies for future usage. Job opportunities have been created and there has been a significant technological advancement.

It was said that, the men who found our world, did it not by sitting inside a cave and shying away from danger and natural calamities, but by those who had the courage to venture out into the wilderness with a determined heart.

Sure, there are problems in our country and the money spent on space missions could be spent for the locals, but by developing space technology we are not only helping our country, we are helping our species as a whole. Science grows step-by-step and in between come few people who change the way we think. But to reach there we have to do small incremental changes, and mars mission was one of those.

We can use the ideas and technologies developed, for other space missions in the future and also for satellite technologies. As a big power in the world, surrounded by not so friendly neighbours developing space technology also helps in defending ourselves.

I would like to end my answer by quoting Dr. APJ Adbul Kalam, "Strength respects strength".

Atul Kumar Patel said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

I am Atul Kumar,

Mars mission fully justified. ISRO has completed this mission with a very cheap cost, its shows India's achievement in the field of space research, not only Mars Indian scientists have justified in other mission Eg. Chandrayan, which proves the ability of ISRO.

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