Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience

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Pranav shukla said:   1 month ago
The outer world is full of challenges at different levels and of different types.

Managerial skills learned in classes conducted can give you a sort of support but practicality is something different i.e the situation act as a conflict for manager.

In the present scenario, it is the mentality of a manager how wisely he takes steps to tackle the challenges and how he satisfies everyone. A manager is totally known: When according to stimulus how he implies his skills.

Avilipsa padhi said:   6 months ago
Hello friends, for me, the managerial skills that we learn in the classroom is the theoretical part. When someone asks you about skills then here you can explain properly but if you have the practical knowledge then you can perform in a better way. If you have the experience then you can handle difficult to difficult situations.

That doesn't mean the managerial skills that we learn from classes have no value. All the top tycoons have MBA degrees from reputed universities. From these studies, we know how to behave professionally, how to manage groups and how to solve the personal issues of employees.

The thing that matters for a manager that how to manage the team. If the employees of the company are happy with the manager's work, that doesn't matter whether the manager has the knowledge of managerial skills or not.

Thank you.

Mansi Gupta said:   2 years ago
I would like to share my views on this too.

It's true that the Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience. For some people, what we learn in schools, colleges are never made use of them in real-life experiences.

The managerial skills taught in the classroom are too theoretical for any real-life scenarios.

They are not taught how to handle pressure, stress etc.

There are many scenarios that obviously cannot be covered in a few months of curriculum.

In a practical experience, we meet different people, & learnt different things.

Managerial skills in theory are very "generic'. This is not the case in the case of real-life experiences.

In real life, depending on the work environment and people, one needs to change the way work can be managed.


It will be unfair to pass judgment that Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience.

It is a known fact that most of the business tycoons have studied from the top B schools.

What is learnt in the classroom may not completely match with real-life scenarios, however, the basics of any manager are patience, ability to motivate and manage a team.

Such basics are always experienced in real life, although in different forms.

What really matters is, how well a manager can handle his company. If the company employees are happy, it does not matter what he learnt in the classroom is being made us off or not. A key to any good manager is to motivate the Employee and consider their personal issues.

B.kuldeep said:   5 years ago
Myself Kuldeep.

Indeed, yes skills never match when they are taught in classrooms subject which is taught to analyze the outer world, but in the real world its everything different as we listen though skills we develop is extremely different and they gonna different from the others. Well, we all study bookish knowledge only to know how managers deal their skills in the corporate sector.

Pankaj singh said:   6 years ago
My self pankaj singh.

Managerial skill taught class room for some purpose. Because these are defined my expertise, managerial skill we learnt in class room can help in our particle life. But experience is also important as the same because it will be tech you to tackle the different kind of situation happening in our world. Managerial skill you need experience and this experience will get you strong when you are class room training is to strong and managerial skill in college or school we have practical. Managerial skill lesion most important than theoretical thought.

MONA said:   6 years ago
Friends, according to me, whatever you study in a classroom is going to be made practical in the real world. Learning will teach you how to behave in a professional world, and how the best manager could be,

If you don't have proper managerial skills then it becomes difficult to work.

So, I think that learning and then experiencing it is very important because if you have knowledge but cannot implement it then it is of no use.

Bharathiraja said:   7 years ago
Hi, friends, I am very happy to convey my thought with you.

In my point of view, the managerial skills half of the part only learnt in the classroom. Once we try to apply in any field. In the first time, they got failed and that time experience will teach you.

Shivam said:   7 years ago
Yes, I agree with the statement because experience will give you the direction in which if you apply your managerial skills, you will get the maximum output. And experience comes after starting a work. So, one started his work using his managerial skills taking some assumptions but you do not get the expected result but you came to know that certain assumptions which you consider are the reason of unexpected results. By experience, you also came to know about the situations where if your managerial skills went wrong, how to overcome those situations. So, we should start working taking help from experienced guys and develop our own experience.

A.Srinivas Rao said:   7 years ago
As my opinion, if you have theoretical knowledge then you can able to explain what you are doing but if you have experience in that particular subject then you can perform better and do that work efficiently.

For ex: If you are learning swimming and you have attended so many swimming classes but in practical you will be failed to swim but after practicing and knowing your difficulties you can able to do better. So for being successful both are important.

Duncy prabha said:   7 years ago
Hi friends, I know that managerial skills learnt from the classroom can never ever match the skills we learnt from experience. And this is one of the reason, even in schools and colleges we have practicals which will be a lot easier. And sometimes these practicals helps us to understand those theories.

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