Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience

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Shubham said:   2 days ago
Managerial can be learn only by experience because in classroom you only learn theory. And in company's you require much experience, leadership quality, knowledge, intraction with the people or how to handle the situation, that can only be learn by when you will go into field and if you will not get experience you will mugged up everything.

Pratik said:   2 weeks ago
Hello everyone.

Our today's topic is managerial skills learnt in classroom can never match those from experience.

In my opinion, classroom skills learnt and teaches for the when we will going to the corporate sector for the working we know about the exactly what to do when problems are arises and how to handle that situation but in the classroom skills all are teaches to how to manage that problems.

And also practical knowledge is good too practical experience when we learn the theoretical skills in classroom and we know that how to handle that situations so, I think both are important to learn the managerial experience and skills.

For developing the managerial skills they must have to leadership quality, problem solving, time management it's important and it can be learnt form the classroom skills to how behave in corporate sector etc.

SHAILI SHAW said:   2 weeks ago
Classroom provides theoretical concepts, definitions which can be mugged up easily and comprehended. However, if he or she considers the managerial skills to be the one that can be learned then he or she may not deal with situations in real life because in a managing field there may be situations that are fresh, new and keeps on changing with time.

However in books there is a limited flexibility of knowledge limited to a particular scenario with no accurate probability that it may occur or not in future and if he/she only focuses on bookish knowledge neglecting real life problems then he she may not work or tackle diverse situations.

Priya said:   2 weeks ago
In my opinion, those who have experience in managerial skills can be a good manager because they have done it practically on the other hand classroom experience is just theoretical until unless you apply the skills in real life you wouldn't know how to be a good manager.

Rajesh Kumar said:   4 months ago
In my opinion, both are the vital role in becoming a good manager. In the Classroom, we learnt about the theoretical part of how business works and how to make it efficient. And in real life, we get practical exposure to this field. Yeah, I agree we get more exposure and get new skills during our experience which help to growth in our life.

Rani said:   6 months ago
Challenging work can be done by improving our managerial skills and these skills are improved by getting practical knowledge. To fulfill the corporate work requirements we have to know how to handle emergency situation and work pressure. Classroom knowledge is also essential to show the way how to work/handle situations but practically we should go through that situation.

Also to be a good manager or team leader the person should have confidence with full of positive energy have faith in his team members, motivate them to do work effectively, and be with them as not only a boss but a guide who understands them & told them the requirements of corporate world.

Nitish said:   6 months ago
The managerial skills learned in the classroom are much more different from the skills that are learned from experience. The skills based on the classroom are on a very small level but these can act as a base for skills that we learn from experience. The skills with experience are precisely known because these skills are known by the decisions we make wrong. The impact of these skills on our lives is much more different.

Abdullapmp said:   8 months ago
Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my thoughts on the topic of managerial skills and the ongoing debate about classroom learning versus real-world experience. As someone who's been in the management field for a while, I firmly believe that practical experience trumps what you learn in the classroom.

Sure, textbooks and lectures provide a solid foundation, but they can never fully prepare you for the complexities of managing real people and real situations. In my journey, I've encountered countless scenarios that no classroom discussion could have replicated. Dealing with interpersonal conflicts, making tough decisions, and adapting to unexpected challenges have been the best teachers.

So, while classroom education is important, don't underestimate the invaluable lessons you gain from practical experience. They shape you into a more effective and well-rounded manager.

Ekta Bhana said:   8 months ago
Firstly, I want to say this is a very good topic of discussion.

Managerial skills learned in the classroom can never match those learned from experience.

Both have different scenarios in their own way. If we talk about the classroom this gives us the theoretical knowledge that provides us a framework for any context. This is also an essential part. Because we have been doing this from our schools, attending classes. In college also we are attending lectures. So from this attending things what actually we are doing. We are getting knowledge about a particular thing.

But real-world experience comes through the experience. It teaches us what actually works in the corporate world, and how to make good or proper decisions under pressure. We face a lot of challenges over there and from this, we get to know, how to get over those challenges and find many ways to do that task. So life experience is totally different from the classroom, how we actually work at our actual work site, how we behave with others, and how we handle all the situations in the corporate world.

Bean said:   8 months ago
As both are at their place in this real world. Where both theoretical and real-life experiences are needed. But the managerial life that we learn in the real world is too good in comparison to classroom knowledge.

As the book provides us the theories the real world provides us with experience on so both have their important role in student life.

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