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Sachin said:   3 years ago
Hello Everyone.

Let's start the topic of Management education in India. I think management is the best education in India. Because this education will provide better communication skills and best motivation. Management is very best and important for the economy and our business. Management is a set of principles relating to the functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling, and the application of these principles in harnessing physical, financial, human, and informational resources efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational goals. Thanks.

Shuhaib ct said:   4 years ago
According to me, all management institution in India has failed to study more important factors such as how to manage work stress, Discipline, Time management and Work-life Balance etc. Because all these things are automatically coming to in any corporate life. So without these points how can be a good manager or organizing any institutions. Even IIM hast to failed to slove these problems so actually what I am saying is reduce theoretical knowledge and spend more time on practical knowledge, be practical. Thank you.

Sushma said:   4 years ago
India has many management colleges but they are teaching theoretical knowledge any of the students does not have practical knowledge. Management education means planning, organising, Directing, controlling if they do not have any practical knowledge there is no use of learning it.

Vipin sharma said:   4 years ago
Management is not a word. It is a process which can do any type of work in a good manner.

Pal bansal said:   6 years ago
Management education in India!

We must not link management with only studies or business. Management is everywhere you can see mgt. In small localities also mgt. Is all about managing things in the very efficient way. Mgt can be seen everywhere in a medical shop, hospitals, post office etc they all manage the work.

But in India what I think is. People think that management education means only studying in aims or any big college just getting.

A degree of management for there future or especially for there business purpose only.

Management is a word comprises of 5 things planning organising staffing directing n controlling. If any person fulfils all these 5 essentials of mgt then he /she can manage things properly. And also coordination management without coordination is nothing.

Akshay kumar Jain said:   6 years ago
According to me, management education is not satisfactory in India. Because in management study we teach the students how to take the work from other person being a manager. But unfortunately we find its unable after doing one's management course. It should be start after 12th in UG and in PG both after each year there should be industrial training at least for one month so that the student could develop the ability of decision making, personality development, communicatiin skill, practical knowledge, dynamic industrial environment, changing govenment policies etc.

MR Shuham bansal said:   7 years ago
Simply management education is the key to developing business, through management education we can enhance our skills which will help us to build up new ideas and will let us know how to utilize them.

Chetan verma said:   7 years ago
According to my own thoughts management is a structure of the study, business, life etc. Management education provides you tips that how to manage your job/business and increase your company to the top level. How to manage with clients, employees, candidates and boss are also include in this. But it's a theoretical knowledge the real knowledge that how to manage the life or a decision according to thoughts or situation. After the study we manage our job/ business, our house conditions and our environment also I think it's called management.

Gaurav said:   7 years ago
Actually, the problem is that the education before management in India is not wide its limited, and that was very bad. 16-17 age of time for a student is a time to decide future may be not a perfect goal but definitely does he do a job or a business. And this decision should we took through learning to search that student should do itself. But what is happening society is telling it which basically have no knowledge about the markets. Job they have very less knowledge the society know BBA BCom MBA for commerce and for science B.Tech. This is very limited now we have to explore the knowledge about business about entrepreneurship about starting the startups about exploring the world about doing something very big.

Management is good. But we need a better education before that.

Amit Wandile said:   8 years ago
According to me management education is all about learning Discipline, Dedication and Determination in Corporate World. Management colleges provide such Artificial Environment where one can Practice himself before becoming a Professional in Corporate. The Personalities One must have developed they are Chanda Kochhar, Indra nuvi, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, these are quite example of 3D which had mentioned.

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