Is there any Point in having a Business Strategy when the World changes from Month to Month?

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Guruprasad said:   1 decade ago
Running a huge organizations involves lot of challenges. Business strategies are not changed month wise and day to day basis. The strategies and decisions are taken by predicting the various aspects such as market, customers ten years down the line. Its not done keeping one month ahead.

Hemapriya said:   1 decade ago
Business strategy is nothing but plan regarding future forecast about our action in a firm. It necessary to prepare strategy based on future and present. If a firm faces an uncertain there, change in strategy is required to make a company survival in long run.

Rohan said:   1 decade ago
A business strategy relates to the future forecasting of the business and its advantages and problems that lie ahead. With a proper planned business strategy. With well defined values n vision n mission. A firm can excel in thier field for sure. So thus business strategy is very important even though the changes taking place. Business plans and strategie can be modified seeking a change in the future.

Chandra Prakash Singh said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

In my opinion business strategy doesn't mean permanent business strategy. Always there should be a strategy for any important step in our life, why not in this very important field where we are going to invest our so much man and money?

Although it is true that in today's environment the market is changing day-by-day so we have a lot of problem in making the business strategies. That is the reason now a days some instant plans are made even by lower management authority at the instant according to the position of the market. It is also true that according to today's market condition the parallel management strategy is suitable.

Puneet bansal said:   1 decade ago
There is nothing wrong in having any strategy as future is uncertain anything could happen but what once decided have to be implemented irrespective of what happen around you. Its only that something drastic has changed that company can be affected by the decision it had taken in that case they can review the decision.

Vishal sharma said:   1 decade ago
Yes there resides a point of having strategies as they are the initiatives. Moreover business couldn't be establish without applying strategies, nearly every moment strategies are required so as to make optimum use of resources lying in our hand.

Moreover world will be changing like this only so believe in yourself and efficiently transform your plans in an era of possibilities.

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