Is the Budgeting Exercise of any Use?

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Nirupa said:   1 decade ago
Although the budget is being revised every year and targets are set the government along with its people do not go as per the budget. there are some or the other diversions taking place which finally reflects on the country's economy and the growth rate.

Mithra said:   1 decade ago
Budget is prepared to reduce the unnecessary expenses and aware of how much has to spent on every decision. If with the budget itself government is deviating and spending more and end up somewhere. Think what will happen if there is no proper budget ?!.

Sreelatha mits said:   1 decade ago
Budget is prepared for maintaining the financial resources for an year. It allocate less amount the fee reimbursement. It mainly concentrated on secondary sector. It is boon to improving the economic growth. Through this year budget employment is increased.

Radhakrishna, MITS, MBA said:   1 decade ago
Budgeting means to allocate the funds premises to every sector at the year base. Its aim very good to maintain every sector, and gives priority to each sector according to growth and dependable people, but these days it maintenance is very critical because funds allocated percentage written only in books fail to implementation, its is bane for our growth.

Navneet kaur said:   1 decade ago
According to my view preparing budget is important in every sector. Talking about the technology sector we see that we are one of the country which is growing and developing and to become globalised we need curreny help by planning our yearly budget we can make some helpful estimation for ourself and our country.

Planning on budget show us where we are needed and by how much we need and how can we fullfil them? whether on educatinal sector, social sector, railway sector etc.

Budget helpful for us and if our goverment prepairing any type of budget they should have deep thing on them they should think about the growth of the country not about themself, they should think about country not about there state as mamta banerjee used to do or any other politician do.

Budgeting should taken seriously according to my point of view.

Sayantani said:   1 decade ago
Budget, though we take it as an yearly affair of which we hardly remember anything in the following months actually from a common people's perspective it's all about price change of daily life product but from the national point of view it creates future path. Budget doesn't only show the last year's data but also provide a chance to rectify the faults. Even in which regard the future policies should be planned is being decided based upon the past data.

In other words along with future planning it gives as the chance to self improvement.

Vishal said:   1 decade ago
I believe if we have check on our pockets and just keep a note of all our expenses it allows you to save a lot of money. This is just on individual basis. This proves the point that budget is imperative, cos if it is so useful at such a root level it has to be beneficial at the state and national level.

Budget makes the government understand its potential areas and also d areas which may not yield profits, so that accordingly we can take a control of expenditures on these.

Channelising the resources in the best possible way so that it causes a gain or if not a gain atleast minimum of the losses is the core idea behind the budgets. And for the developing countries like India, where population is increasing at an alarming rate and so also the food prices, it will b difficult to contain both of them without proper utilisation of resources. Hence Budget is MUST.

Anurag said:   1 decade ago
Actually yearly budget is a tool to track down what the government is doing with the loyal taxpayers hard earned money. With the budget being declared each year a huge amount our money end up in the overseas bank accounts of the politicians imagine the condition if there would be no budget.

Though the budget does not affects the common man to a great extent but it shows what is government planning to do with the public's money so it is very necessary.

And the other thing is that the budget is the most important task of the finance minister. What will he do if he doesn't has to plan the use of the government funds keep remembering his overseas bank account numbers?

Jitendra parmar said:   1 decade ago
According to my view is that budget is very important and necessary for improving economy and development. As per my knowledge budget is prepared for spend the money for maintaining and development also. Budget is distributed according to economy and development for each and every sector. Budget is maintaining the financial resources and economy also.

You know that India is developing country so that's why budgeting is very important for country future development. Budgeting means budget is distributed to each sector per year.

Krishna said:   1 decade ago
Yes budget is most important for example one family man he is working in sugar factory he middle level so he should plan the each and every family expenture and inditual expendure and future expendure then only aviod some problem. Yo must plan for every work then only achieve your goal and live happiness.

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