Is the Budgeting Exercise of any Use?

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Neha said:   4 years ago
According to me, the budget is very important in any field to achieve the best in life. Without exercising the budget we can not get a good estimation of our income and expenditure. For investing anywhere, we have to sufficient amount to invest and some of our basic necessities.

For the nation, it is also very important because the implementation of the budget achieves good GDP and economic growth. For a better future, reputed nation, we have to focus on the budget plans.


IF we maintain the budget we can fulfill all dreams, whatever we want to. We will have to save money for future needs. So, the overall exercise of budgeting is the key to the success of any nation.

Thank you.

Payal said:   6 years ago
Not only government, companies also prepare a budget. It is also used as a tool for controlling costs.

Payal said:   6 years ago
Yes. Budget, though doesn't gives the true picture of government's income and expenditure, gives rough figure of incomes and expenditures that government is going to have in coming fiscal year. It shows that which sector in the economy will be getting more importance by allocating more funds for the development of that sector. It basically shows break up of incomes and expenditures. This also helps people of the country in knowing that how is its government's going to develop different sectors and can assess how will it affect the economy.

Diya said:   6 years ago

Budget is very important for any country. And just now on 1st February our finance minister announced our budget. There is many importance of budget. This data shows the real position of India in the World.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

Having difficult life a proper budget planning gives us a proper way to accomplish our tasks. We all know very well that how many and which types of problems we have to face while completing our goals so at that time a proper planning of budget always be useful to show a better way to do the task. We can not say that we should keep focus only on parliament budget system because our life also runs well with the help of our personal proper budget system in which we use our handsome experience to complete our work on time. Budget is nothing but a pocket of all the people to do something in their life.

Parliament's both houses (House of the people and council of states) every year pass the bill for our nation's growth and they spend money as per requirements of the areas of growth so that our developing country can grow up as soon as possible among the other countries. There are various government areas which are being run well and all the employees having proper management get their salary on time these all proper activities are taking place because of good budget system with us. So there is no doubt in a budget system in our country that it is extremely important.

Anamika said:   7 years ago
Yes, of course, the budget is required for any project to be carried on smoothly. Let's not talk only about government. In our household as well. We need to allocate a certain amount from our salary for meeting various expenditure for carrying out our lives smoothly. Similarly in the government, when new schemes are being launched an estimated budget is allocated for its proper implementation. Not only the schemes, different sectors in our country required funds for carrying out development and expansion processes. Without a budget, country`s development will be hampered. However, the mere allocation isn't the only way to economic development. It's proper and optimum utilisation matters. Thank you.

Naresh kuruba said:   7 years ago
Budget is very important for any nation. For estimate GDP and clear the financial problems of some sectors.

In yearly budget amount infused every sector and this amount should be utilised perfectly. Not any frads.

Main use of budget to undeveloped sector many amount allocate and encourage these sectors for debeloping.

Nagendra babu said:   7 years ago
Hai guys, this is Nagendra. Here I would like to share my feelings about this topic.

Budgeting is required for anything from our pocket money onwards. Even in our family expenditures also based on budgeting planning.

Although the budget is being revised every year and targets are set the government along with its people do not go as per the budget. There are some or the other diversions taking place which finally reflects on the country's economy and the growth rate.

Deepika singhal said:   8 years ago
Hi friends, I am Deepika and I would like to share my views on this topic.

I think budgeting is important in every sector of our life. Like in a family, people plan according to their future that means they plan their expenditure, saving according to their earnings for their future use. They want to prepare themselves for any situation that may occur in the future.

Likewise budgeting on a national level is also useful as if it is planned properly and implemented keeping in mind about each and every section of the society then it could be very helpful for the development of those are not able to perform just because of low resources. So what is the requirement of the time is to properly manage the resources so that people can benefit from that.

Like if village people are not able to afford their child's education in their income then if the budget is in the right direction then we can help the child by giving the help from that budget.

Thank you.

Mahesh Syal said:   8 years ago
Hi Good Evening,

We always need Budget Our life day to day activities as well as long terms plannings. It plays important roles in this in Here is some importance of Budget in any Company or Individual.

As in Routine life.

1) We always By some luxury items as per our incomes sources. If we save something form for income then we use it in other items, but will Saving comes from Budget Planning.

2) Budget is played important role to enjoying Holidays because we decided to where to go and stay as per our limit (Budget).

3) Marriage, we plan it as per our Budget.


Roll in Company/Govt. Sector.

1) Company decides the Payroll as per their budget,

2) and set their limit for Expenses, to achieve the Budgeted Target.

In shot same as in Govt Sect. Income and Expenditure Budget play major role to control the Departments,

Budgets are prepared on the Basis on Past Actual (Experience) and make new Target achieve them.

Although, Actual Expenses are not equal to Budget, there is always deviation between Actual and Budget, But it important to control extraordinary expenses.


Mahesh Syal.

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