Is Swapping Terrorists for Hostages an Encouragement to Plane-Hijackers?

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Uttara said:   7 years ago
It is easy said than done. To my opinion hostages should not be swaped with terrorists. Plane hijacks are carried out with the ulterior motive of freeing deadly terrorists from custody. And for that terrorist groups make hostage of the innocent citizen. And black mail the government I duly acknoledge that citizen safety is the utmost duty of govt but if a miscarriage happens it should be tackled tactfully instead of bowing down to the demands. Almost 200 passengers board a mid sized plane. But if these terrorists are let free they will carry out several other terror attacks worldwide which may cause several thousand lives of other innocent citizen. Military paramilitary personels should be trained to do their best effort to bring back the hostages safely. Citizen must support govt in taking this tough decision but terror master minds should not be swaped with hostages for the sake of unforeseen future.

Shubh said:   7 years ago
In my point of view, punishing law is not soo good in India in other countries we take Kasab as examples what was a need to take care him in luxury life in jail one day expenses was around 1 lac law should be a strict terrorist should be shoot as soon as.

Jithin S said:   7 years ago
Yes, it is. If we swap the terrorists for the hostages. It will surely be an encouragement and they will continue to do so. What we need is a strict law against terrorism. No one should be kept alive in the prison. They have no right to live here. So if we do so we can avoid such situations.

The terrorists are actually mocking with the Indian government. They know somehow we will surrender to them for the hostages. If we take some serious action against terrorism no one will ever dare to do this again.

Harsha Kumar said:   7 years ago
Exchanging jailed terrorists with hostages could be argued both ways. Each one has their point of view. Both are neither right nor wrong. But the consequence is that these terrorists (murders) will definitely kill many more innocent people in near future. That means we are saving known lives of hostages at the expense of many more unknown lives in near future. Also, think about soldiers or policemen who lost their lives for arresting these jailed terrorists. I don't think any Government has that power. Therefore dealing with terrorists is an issue but jailed terrorists should never be released.

Roshan rai said:   8 years ago
Yes swapping will increase their encouragement there is no doubt in it.

What I think is to stop these bloody terrorist to ever do such activity is by "fast shot" method, that is to give no mercy to any terrorist. Means If army catches any terrorist at the cost of their life, then their is no justice in providing life for years to these bloody terrorist and waste our hard earned tax paid money on them. Its better to get all information from them as soon as possible and then send them to hell.

I damn sure this will not only stop their courage to hijack any plane, but also their evil mind to do such activity.

Anupam Shrivastava said:   9 years ago
Hello my friends.

It is for sure that releasing militants in exchange of hostages will definitely encourage the hijackers. As we all know that almost every terrorist attack happens for a particular demand. Terrorist attack somewhere and take innocent people hostage and ask the government to meet their demands. So if govt agrees to accept their demands then attackers will be encouraged and will attempt more terrorist attacks for their other demands.

Rahul said:   9 years ago
Hello everybody. I think it as an encouragement for hijackers. As some of my friends said, the terrorist must be hanged as soon as possible after collecting adequate info from him. Also the security checks must be strict or security level must be high. One of my friends mentioned above to allow security guards in the plane. But who knows if the security guard in the plane is also a part of the terrorist team. You may also come up with the point that this may happen at the airport too. But that's why we are focussing on increasing levels of security.

APS said:   9 years ago
Releasing terrorist for the hostages is often regarded as a weakness of the government but It is not so.

It is the prime responsibility of government to safeguard its citizen and in order to ensure their safety releasing the terrorists can be a choice but not the only choice.

Government should plan a trap so that it could rescue its hostages first and then deal with the terrorists if possible.

Acommentor said:   10 years ago
Exchange of terrorists/militants for people is not good, but view from the angle of hostages. They weren't involved in the crime yet they were captured by barbarians. So, the best way could be to conduct a fast and impartial trial once a militant is nabbed and if proved guilty, hang him immediately.

Sudhanshu said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, I think the swapping of terrorist against hostages is not good. Because those terrorist who got freedom may be more harmful and can able to kill more people in comparison to hostages. I like introduce a point that if they killed our hostages then first we have to give a warning to those terrorist who kidnapped the people. If they kill our hostages then we will kill those terrorists who are arrested by the govt.

Then if they killed hostages then our police has to kill the terrorist also.

By this terrorist got the negative felling about their people. Here govt, has to follow the policy of "TIT FOR TAT". This policy works and the terrorist didn't have the will to do that again. Because if they kill our people then we kill theirs. So they got afraid and do not try to do this type shame thing.

I have a real example of this policy. The example is our armed forces. They do the same if the other country do that. If other country kills our soldiers then our armed force will do the same.

Let us think about the soldiers of our country. They sacrifice their life to our country. It is not only their duty to save our country. We are also the member of this country we also have to think about the country. If security of our country has a price of our life then we have to ready for those sacrifices.

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