Is Reservation in Higher Education Only Alternative for Social Equality?

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Reshma said:   2 years ago
Education is the ultimate weapon to take away the remnants of a caste based society. If it itself discriminates based on caste then that sprouts the wrong idea in mind of individuals. Education must be made cheaper and of more quality so that the deserving students would never miss their chance for education but also make sure that the quality of education is not compromised at any costs.

Reservation based on caste creates new forms of discriminations as the deserving are denied their chances and also create a sense of injustice in them simultaneously creating a feeling of inferiority in the minds of students backed with reservation. So if at all reservations are given they should be based on income. What is more needed is proper awareness about the importance of education and aspirational thinking from a young age itself.

Shankar said:   3 years ago
In my point of view reservation given only that person, who really need a reservation.

Reservation must be given only a financial condition basis, not for a cast basis.

Because of reservation knowledgeable person go back compared to an unknowledgeable person, in our education system need to totally remove reservation so that good knowledgeable person goes to right Place.

Megha Landge said:   3 years ago
Reservation in higher education only alternative for social equality, I think that the system of reservation which is in India is sometimes may not necessarily cause the, suppose the student who came from the poor background but he not able to pay the fees for particular higher education because of financial problems in this situation the loss of knowledge of that student who have really appropriate for it so I think the reservation depends upon the quality of that student not cast of that student hence by this way the students who have the knowledge a lot of which is really required for developing India or their carrier so reservation depends on skill of student.

K.Anjireddy said:   3 years ago
Hai, this is Anji.

I think reservation is not necessary in education because there is a lot of student's who are directly and indirectly affected in their studies, the govt will support the backward classes offering scholarships, fee reimbursement but not by seat allocation.

Prerna said:   4 years ago
The reservation system has helped a lot in the betterment of the society, earlier backward classes were not even treated as humans. It was a very bad scenario. Many of them have actually come out of that poverty line but to say that the problem has been solved is an understatement.

There are still many villages which are in a bad situation, to know the state of the backward people we have to go to the very depth of it. They won't even know about the reservation system.

And the major set back which will follow if the reservation system is suddenly banned is that those minorities are going to suffer massive bullying. Bullying on bases of the cast is still prevailing in schools. People are afraid of disclosing their cast. Dalits are still being the victims of mob lynching.

So, as the topic asks if the reservation system was the only alternative for social equality then I would say no there is still a lot to be done.

Sreevignya said:   4 years ago
Hi, this is Sreevignya. I think reservation is not perfectly necessary for higher education. Because everyone is equal in society. I wish in future, there should be no reservations among castes. Everyone is getting educated. There is no difference between the castes. So, I hope the reservation is not at all necessary.

Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, that reservation is the wrong system in education. Students are suffering from these reservation systems. The candidates who are belonging to unreserved candidates are having more discrimination among the students.

DR. BR AMBEDKAR who was our national leader brought this caste based reservation system in education. He wrote in the constitution book for a period of this will be applicable. But our political leaders for getting sympathy on caste to get votes they are extending the reservation system.

In government jobs also reservation system by putting the cut off marks less for the minority candidates.

In olden days most caste discrimination is prominent due to unawareness among the people.

But nowadays they are having more money and they are well settled in society.

The unreserved who are coming from the poor background they are facing many problems.

So, I conclude that the government should take necessary steps to provide a reservation system to the unreserved candidates also.

HARIKRISHNAN said:   4 years ago
Hello friends, I am Hari.

According to my opinion, reservation in education not matters a lot. It's necessary objective is that, students from all caste, it may be poor or rich should get equal opportunities of getting admission and job and family income is much more evident to caste.

In present reservation scheme, the percentage of seats provided are much proportional to the population of respective caste except for open which has got about 50 percent; and it is appropriate in order to have opportunity to students from poor families, other casts (SC, ST, OBC) which will lead to development of rural areas with SC, ST cast people.

Vishal gulia said:   4 years ago
Reservation is a hot topic today. From teacher to politicians, from students to employees, Every profession is affected by the reservation system. Now India is developing that's why it has to face many challenges. The reservation system is one of them. It is a pol necessity in India.

As we see that many cases are making attempts to be classified as backward to take the benefits of caste-based reservation. And they make riots to get the reservation.

So, I would like to say the government should put a ban on cast reservation.

Vishal prajapati said:   4 years ago
Providing education is important but reservation in education is not important.

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