Is Reservation in Higher Education Only Alternative for Social Equality?

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Rahul said:   8 years ago
It is good that the people talk about merit, equality, giving equal education, has the time come to remove reservation? The answer is no.

1) I understand the pain the non-reservation people feel but imagine it happened with our forefathers, it still happens with us when people taunt us for taking admission via reservation. Then Is your pain felt for one generation equal to pain, discrimination done to us for generations?

2) People who talk about merit should ask their parents. How many marks did they get in school. I know many managers, general managers, CEO from upper caste who can not utter single word in English. When we started studying vernacular medium, you guys started studying in English medium and when we started studying in English medium you went to CBSE and ICSE, and talk about merit based on marks. In IIT JEE 2013 main entrance test, top 20% of the students from each board are eligible. For ICSE cut off was 91%. For CBSE it was 81% and state boards it was 68-75%.

Is it the equality? Is it the merit. What if let say the state board guy who gets 78% does not get into IIT, will he/she get the seat in other colleges before ICSE and CBSE students. Is it merit. You rich father little brats. Go to rich school and pay money to get high scores. In schools like dhirubai ambani international school, aarya vidya mandir the lowest marks scored by student is 95% percent, then these guys come to state college for HSC and based on absolute score get into colleges.

WHERE IS EQUALITY?/ WHERE IS MERIT? Does it mean that the license of talent is given to only to such colleges.

3) When there was no reservation. How much of innovation happened in India. Where there any doctors in villages.

Grow up guys, by mugging and pasting the answers on answer sheet you and your forefathers have got marks and jobs. At least now there is a change happening.

Indian government spends crores of money on IIT and IIM's. How many IITians go to research. Most of them work in consulting, finance. Nothing else. (Don't give excuse that they are creating jobs.).

IIM's are fresher's factories for which people take 1-2-3 years drop to prove their aptitude and talent. I mean have you ever seen person in Harvard, Stanford who has taken drop for GMAT exams.

About people who take advantage of reservation (including people who forge the caste, income certificates) , they should be punished, taunted and not others who actually deserve it.

LEO said:   8 years ago
Well Dr Ambedkar had devised a splendid plan for uplifting the backward classes. He was a great man with good vision but he failed to understand that it would be used by politicians for their own petty purposes. The reservation system is no more helping anyone. The problem is this: People, from the reserved categories, who have already got a job (say like a Bank manager, or assistant engineer or may be even a District Magistrate) are giving their sons every good facility that some of the general candidates can only dream of and they are also taking advantage of their caste.

The result: These new breed of category wale get all the bragging rights and most of them turn out to be spoil lads. But they hold high offices and you can imagine what is happening (from Bribes to God knows what). If the reservation system had really worked the slums would have reduced.

Just imagine the Indian cricket time having reservations and playing against Australia. This is exactly what is happening to India right now. Since the society's progress cannot be directly telecast on the TV screen the real situation is not being perceived.

There is another problem: resources of any nation are constant. Now with the population constantly increasing we are bound to go into a future where there will be a huge crisis of resources, say like fresh water. Now I do not know what will happen then.

Alarm bells in the Indian society are screaming and the divide between the rich and the poor is increasing. Every large industry feels India is not a good place to do business in.

I personally feel that people should try and get out of this country for a better future.

Gayathri said:   9 years ago
As Indian law says that everyone is equal on the basis of color, caste, religion etc. So, why do we need reservation.

1. There are sometimes when a general student is not able to get admission in college because seats for general are full.

2. It also encourage corruption in India. For example general people make fake certificates to get benefits.

Reservation was made to maintain equality among the people, but still there is no equality among us. A general category students percentage should be above 90% and for obc/st/sc category students percentage should be above maximum 60%.

Reservation makes one of the fundamental right of our constitution false that is "Right To Equality". Yes it's bringing inequality to the society. If all people are treated equally then why reservation ?let all to come out and feel the taste of competition. Someone said about history. Yes in past backward classes suffered a lot. Isn't reservation repeating past. Early backward classes where the sufferer and now the general. Should we repeat the same mistake of our forefather? The time, when the constitution was written by B. R Ambedkar was completely different from current time. So I strongly believe that it should be rewritten.

I also would like to highlight that because of reservation the quality of doctors, engineers and other professionals is falling down which is very dangerous for the progress of our country. Development of our country can be achieved only by the uplift of all the sections of the society irrespective of cast, creed and color. Knowledge and hard work should be valued not caste.

Ravi said:   4 years ago
The main objective of the reservation was to remove social discrimination amongst the people which was highly present in our society before the Independence so that the people who were socially and economically deprived can come forward and be the part of our society.

When this was implemented Reservation was really needed at that time for 'Dalit' people. Now the scenario has been changed there are so many general people who they don't have much money to get their proper education and they are not economically rich, and there are several people who belong to SC/ST category are financially rich and have high Lifestyle and still they are getting the benefits of reservation, so for them which kind of reservation is needed and why not the general people who are victims of poverty, reservation is needed for them.

But still reservation should not be completed vanished, because casteism is still present in villages of India and a major part of SC/ST categories are still not strong economically and they have to be humiliated. So if the reservation will not be provided to them, they can never come forward in our society and will have to face social discrimination.

The people who should have got the benefits of this reservation didn't get. Only a specific community of this categories are misusing it. So, there is a need of modifications of this reservation system and should start the elimination from SC/ST people who has already taken the benefits of it and have become economically rich and should be declared creamy layer, so that who really need of reservation can get it.

Subhash godara (sujangarh) said:   6 years ago
In my view, in persent situation reservation system became evil and it is escalating across the country such Haryana Jat Quota Stir, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti in Gujarat and Maratha Aandolan Maharashtra, all third due to politicisation of reservation political parties make promises to particular class (mostly majority community) to enlist them in reservation list to only ensure their victory, actually these parties have no purpose to upliftment of backward classes. In fact this present system of reservation is based on cast which is not fair because every cast comprises both poor and rich we all know that a brahiman who fall in general category is very poor but is being deprived all benefits under reservation similarly at the other side a rich people who falls in lower cast is enjoying all benefits in fact he/she don't require reservations apart from it some people making false document with the help of corrupt officials thus the benefit of reservation is not reaching to right person there should be only one category that is poor we need to review the current system and list those people in reservation list who are really poor no matter caste and religion he/she belongs. All politicians know its bad effect wellfully but don't dare to touch it because of political reasons.

Res in higher-edu deprived real talent to get admission in good institution that later results in halt in county's growth. If govt is relly concerned about poor it should ensure easy access to poor for edu by setting up edu infrastructure in rural and remote areas rather than reservation.

Xyz said:   8 years ago
In my view maintenance of social equality depends on people's thinking and cannot be attained by reservation.

Specially in case of education and jobs, I am unable to understand why seats are reserved!the main purpose of an exam is to identify the better and more hardworking ones and for a healthy country it is necessary that EVERYONE SHOULD BE EQUAL BEFORE EXAMINATIONS.

Every candidate who is sitting in an exam should be treated the same; giving them preference to others is unfair for all those students who secure the same marks as them but are rejected. Every student has a same identity, they cannot be selected on the basis of their caste. They need to be selected on the basis of their ability, not their family background.

Do you think giving extra facilities to backward castes can ever contribute towards our nation's progress? Instead the backward castes in this way would grow negligent towards education as they know there are special seats reserved for them!

How many backward caste students are sitting in an exam does not show their percentage population. There reservation of seats for them specially for education is meaningless.

Moreover reservation can never contribute to social equality- in fact it will enlighten the rebellious spirit between upper castes and lower castes. The tag of "INEQUALITY " will get stamped on their minds and one day will surely lead to a disastrous conclusion.

Instead, for establishing social equality we need to have respect towards everyone. Such preferential steps proclaim "social inequality, not equality".

Rajenderkumar said:   8 years ago
Reservation of SC/ST, is 15% of total seats, I don't know why people are more worried about this small percentage and assume they are doing a big loss to talent people. Why they can't assume 85% person as 100% then they measure there talent. There are days where SC/ST was not allowed to enter into schools, at that time no body was worried, but now when they started reservation, then they wake up and showing bunch of reasons why reservation is wrong way of uplifting backward classes.

Can any body know how many talented people were not allowed at-least to enter school because of higher classes before reservation, and now they got chance to go school, now what wrong if just 15% talented (not backward classes) are not got chance. At that time 100% backward classes were not got change, no body was analyzed things, now 15% talented (not backward classes) are not got change, now every body started analyzing and worried about our country.

Remember Economical backward classes are different socially backward classes are different, don't mix both of them. If you want to correct, please remove weaver for backward classes on tuition fee if they are not economically backward classes, but even though they are not economically backward classes, they are socially backward they need reservation.

Subrata said:   8 months ago
Hi everyone,

I think after the changing of time, and keeping eye on the recent job situation there will need a change after some change in our society. It happens in a large number of cases when a talented general caste student didn't get a chance in higher education or a job for our reservation law. SC/ST/ OBC students also didn't get their certificates due to political reasons many times. We should think about it and need a change or abolish the system. When we speak about equality in society we also see that an sc/St/obc caste student belongs to a good family and has the support of money to bear any higher education but in the opposite site a general caste student who has the same merit didn't get the same chance due to reservation or he has to pay a large number of fees for the same level education.

And, I also support for the change because respected sir, Dr Br Ambedkar write the law in the constitution when the whole system was different there was a tradition for not giving an opportunity to the lower caste people but in modern India, it recover a lot percentage then it not needed that much in our society. For our general level students when we speak about equality then it. Should be maintained for all of us.

Nikhil said:   7 years ago
People said that reservation should be stop its possible every one know they condition of SC/ST in India. Even if they get the higher education after getting the reservation Indian private organization discriminate on the basis of caste system so they only depend on govt Job And Govt institution.

In India there is approximate 27 crores SC/ST in India people think every SC/ST get the job they are not unemployed all get the jobs.

People said Reservation based on financial its possible? When govt give the scholarship to upper caste student they making they fake certificate and get they scholarship first. I Know if govt give reservation on financial bases all upper caste become poor for getting the benefit.

People said SC/ST get job in low merit. Merit is you know why because less no candidate selected so less cutoff. People who make reservation system know the every thing that's why he make caste based system. So most of people called him legends.

Its government fault not creating the job in govt sector making every thing private if you have talent go in private institution show your talent if you have.

Vinay Chaurasia said:   9 years ago
Reservation- what people think doesn't matter, but what the people thinks who lie under obc/sc/st category who can avail the facility of reservation, it matters. Those are getting this facility are in favor of reservation. But RESERVATION, not should, it must be on the basis of income and expenditure of a family rather than caste. Reservation system was made for the benefits of backward peoples, it meant for giving the chance to them who are poor mainly for SC/ST and OBC (it was assumed that SC/ST categories were very backward and didn't have basic education at the time of supreme court decision).

But now the condition has been changed. This is not justified that the son of an IAS officer who belongs to SC category shall get reservation. Government should think about it. What about them who belongs to general but not getting the proper facility or the student studying in MCD school. Otherwise starting line of education should be one. Each and every student get same level of education and it will be proved that who is hardworking and intelligent and no will judge someone on basis of caste.

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