Is Reservation in Higher Education Only Alternative for Social Equality?

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Ashwani agarwal said:   9 years ago
I have somewhat better idea, which can bring both the protagonist and antagonist to a common conclusion, i.e. India can have separate IITs, IIMs and AIIMS for the reserved section, these institute should have quality standards similar to the older premium institutes. This would be definitely justice to both the GENERAL and the RESERVED category. Also the reservation should be done after having a close scrutiny of the income of the family.

Vidya said:   9 years ago
Absolutely agree with all and one's opinion. Reservation should be given to those people who actually need it. Today's world is the competition world. Not a single can afford to lose a single opportunity that may be of getting "A" grade college or good job. If govt want to make India as a developed country then now this is the high time to stop the Reservation on the basis of caste. So that true talent will come out in helping, improving the condition of our nation.

Sameer said:   9 years ago
India 2025 would be like 30_40% of seats for general category in education system it doesn't effect much in school life but in long run for professional n prestigious institutes it matters today a guy scoring 98%ile is not likely to get MBA in finance at IIMs rather a guy from reserved category scoring 75_80% is likely to get the same seat and each govt plays with the life of students just for their vote banks.

Himani said:   9 years ago
I am not supporting the reservation in education system. I increase the inequality between the cast. And I think it just increase the Caste-ism in India. I think Reservation based on intelligence not on Cast. It based on Financial condition of the student. Just because of this reservation system many of the student of upper class can not get a admission in good college while getting good marks and not able to get a good job in Government sector. It is only a agenda for increasing a vote bank of these politicians nothing except it.

LATHIF said:   9 years ago
I hate Reservations. According to the talent, ability and skills, one should be given position in this world but not according to these nonsense reservations. May be 25% of the people getting benefited and the rest are suffering. Reservation in India has to last only for 10 years. But it was almost six times the given period. The people who are getting reservations are becoming lazy because they were confident about their jobs. The others are losing hope for their future.

Reservation less people may not be wealthy and the reservation people may not be poor. Many people were really losing hopes because of this stupid reservations.


SORRY, if I hurt the feelings of the others, but it was really true.

Mahima said:   9 years ago
Reservation in higher education will never be an alternative for social equality. It creates differences between the higher caste and lower caste. All people have same blood and flesh nothing differs here then why should a term reservation create difference between humans. I personally hate reservations since they act as barriers for healthy and friendly relationships between people.

Due to such misconceptions inequality is developing. INDIA WILL REMAIN AS A DEVELOPING NATION IF WE DO NOT ABOLISH THESE RESERVATIONS. We all should act against this criteria since rich are getting richer and poor are remaining poor in these aspect. The people with higher reservation should not be considered as the ones who are wealthy and lower caste are not poor. If we oppose this we can see INDIA as the THE HIGHLY DEVELOPED COUNTRY in a short span of time.

Hannah said:   9 years ago
'Villages are the backbone of our country' - Most of the people living in these villages are people belonging to the backward classes. So in order to attain the status of a developed country, we must concentrate on equipping these people with education and life skills - which is possible only by making reservations.

Sabnam Majeed said:   9 years ago
Friends don't be so self-centred. More than half of the population of our country reside in village. We should think about them also. People coming from rich background who got education from a top-class schools and colleges can't be compared with the people having poor background who got educated in villages schools and colleges. Reservation can be avoided when the quality of education will be same in city and villages and coaching centres should be completely avoided everywhere. Is it possible? Equalities should be made between equals. How can we talk of making equalities between unequals.

Raja said:   9 years ago
Good evening friend.

My opinion I would like to reservation for poor students. Not involving caste. Who is student interest for studying higher education govt will support definitely but present situation are different main reason is govt are following is not correct way.

Thank you.

PALAK said:   9 years ago
Reservation on the basis of caste should be completely abolished. The time when caste reservations were introduced, there was an immense need for it. But the scenario has quite changed now. Casteism no longer prevails in this country. Reservations should be purely based on the economic status of people then only it can serve its purpose.

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