Is India Aping the Western Obsession with Celebrities?

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Monu said: (May 26, 2021)  
I read all opinions from different mindsets one thing which I noticed is culture, tradition, etc.

First, we need to understand what it's really mean and how do they affect our life.

People are saying our culture what culture are we talking about India is not one particular religion based country. Our country is the substance of culture and tradition from all religions. In nutshell our country is secular there could not be one specific cult.

Now, as far as the matter of development with culture concern we should look at china for instance. All cultures which exists in the world today none of them are bad.

Being modern doesn't mean to forsake our culture instead of this we should remove bad customs from our culture with the help of modernism.

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Mouni said: (Dec 16, 2018)  
Fortunately or Unfortunately its true. Movies and celebrity lifestyle have major impact on many people's life. Movies are not only for entertainment, some movies date back to centuries and show us what our historians did, some takes us through present events, educate us. We come to know recent trends through films. Its not that bad to follow or mimic western culture until we absorb good out of it. We shouldnt forget our culture but ofc we should understand every culture has its own negatives. For eg, even now women's feelings are disregarded, can't get to wear dresses they like, can't get to chose their life partner. Some people don't reveal their true interest in men/women with fears of getting insulted/assaulted. But we can't say we should completely follow western culture and date a bunch of people in a year and do whatever we can.

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Shivam said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
According to me, what I believe is that some part is aping whereas some are not, you can see the movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, all these are Indian originated, they are not copied whereas you may see movies which are totally copied, if the things are good there is no problem in coping but the thing is who will decide that whether a thing is good or bad; the sensor board who banned UDTA PUNJAB, for showing true Punjab; the people should decide what they want, all these producers make film to earn money; so to conclude it depends on us, it's in us that we are so much obsessed by foreigners and in doing so we don't value ourself; the nation is from us; do what you want to do; take a step; initiate something; don't copy anyone and do what you want to do.

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Sajjad Uousuf said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Yes, India is appoint western obsession and that is not a bad thing we should have to keep pace both this world if we don't do this than how could we develop ourselves but that does not mean to forget our traditions and culture our culture has its own importance has its own uniqueness by doing so we would vanish our culture so according to me don't fully copy others copy which is good but don't forget our culture create your own with mixing both culture and fashion think when most of the countries look almost same but India will have its own uniqueness.

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Anuradha Roy said: (Jan 1, 2016)  
Yes Indians are aping western culture. But it is good for us. As if we follow our Indian type culture then we will not develop at all. How will we get modernized then we should adopt the good habits, good inventions from western culture which will benefit us.

But really if you can't ape don't act smart. And if you can ape so from today make your self a modern person. Always aping doesn't solve anything. Make something yourself which will be modern and obviously yours.

Thank You.

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Sandeepika said: (Jun 14, 2015)  
Yes, I thinks Indians are aping the western culture. , being a teen myself I also want to look like them and ya we do these things listening those English songs and we adopt so many bad and good from them.

Our Indian culture do not allow the youngster to do so many things which they want to do so obviously they look up to western culture and they adopt it. We see that our tradition culture don't allow girls to wear what they want which I feel is very bad and I too am obsessed from this thing.

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Hemanshi Mohan Aloria said: (May 10, 2015)  
Yes in India people are obsessed with celebrities of western culture my point is we easily get obsessed with culture looks why we do not adopt good things from them like no garbage throw, no spit on roads. People abroad are so disciples why can't we be obsessed with their discipline and cleanliness because we are selective users we only want to pick those things which are easier to be done. There must be something in our culture which declared 9 planets long time ago before astrophysics was born.

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Krithika Vijay said: (Nov 13, 2014)  
In my point of view, western cultures can be adopted but we should not forget our own traditional culture. I mean by limitations. Mostly we have tourists from all over world, who have started to adopt our culture. But according to reality in movie they make it possible in trends, but as Indian its just a bad influence for upcoming generation.

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Shishir said: (Oct 16, 2014)  
Well, all I want to say is that there is wrong as well as right part of everything that exist in this world, we must not take the adoption of western culture by our youths as something wrong or something evil.

Because its quite natural to adopt something that is prevailing in the society but at the same time we must be equally connected with Indian culture. And 1 more thing I want to mention is that our development is hugely connected to them, and we just can't deny the fact.

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Ankur said: (Nov 20, 2013)  
I don't think that India is aping the western countries. Western countries are all developed countries whereas India is developing country. So during the phase of development it has to pass through all the facts and technology that already have been developed in western countries. For example if I talk about LCA aircraft, though it is not as advance as western country have but its also not the copy of the US, france etc. India has its own brains, own technology though weak. So I don't think India is copying some other country. Moreover, there is nothing wrong in looking at others before taking next step. Its seem that India is copying but actually not.

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Sowndarya said: (Jan 1, 2013)  
Ya I agree with the above statement that most of our people are generally opting only for western culture styles such as in dressings and even in food items.

Its a just a sentences but we must not take into a big issues and sorry to use this statement kindly forgive.

Now a days because of wearing tight shirts and pants such as leg ins which causes diseases in future so we must knew well that what is good kind and we should just opt for it.

Thank you.

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Pankaj Adhikari said: (Jul 15, 2012)  
Yes I do agree with the fact that we follow our icons and they are following western cultures but at the same time I want to say that this is also a mentality of take and give. It is not only we people that are following western style even western people are also interested in our culture, in our rituals. So to my mind it is human tendency to do new, different things.

At last one thing I want to quote that right now the world is dominated by developed countries specially the western ones in same respect there culture is also dominated in our mind.

Thank you.

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Sheallz said: (Jan 14, 2012)  
It isn't the movies that are enforcing us to ape the western culture but we ourselves. But, at some point of view it is agreeable that since movies are promoting the western culture indirectly and people are getting affected by what is shown on the screen. They are turning to the western culture plus they are forgetting their own culture which is so sad. So its up to our brains too thin k wisely and act wisely. :).

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Fahim said: (Sep 22, 2011)  
I don't think that our obsession with celebrities is inherited from the western culture. We Indians have been obsessed with film stars and celebrities ever since the history of Indian film industry. We have been immortalising our stars cause we the poor peaple believed that the heroes are fighting for them. We wants the thing in films only to be true. We always want to do what our favourite heroes had done in films. This all was there even before we were much aware about western and foriegn films. Our mausis or aunties would tell how dying they were to see Rajesh Khanna or some other actors at that age.

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Megha Rathore said: (Feb 16, 2011)  
. Great. We ppl are so very good with blaming thing, we blame politicians for our poverty, we blame weather for mahangai,

Always problem begins with I. Nt with third person.

When we blame karn johar fior kank. We simply ignore. Our great kings for having extra marital afairs. Paswan cultur. Having a no of wifes.

Boss. Its nt western culture that is effecting our society. Or celibs exposing it to us. Its olways been us.

Drupadi was in sari. She got insulted. Its nthing like. Influence. Its like what one self like. He/she adopts it. Its nt the celibs ho make ny body do ny thing. Pl doing ditto kindo of things are simply apps.

And one mr thing clothing iz about cmfort. Culture n customs are encraved on hearts. N soul. N are reflected in life nt through cloths//plz///.

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Prasenjit said: (Feb 14, 2011)  
well I don't believe India is aping the Western Obsession.It is 21st Century the era of globalization and we people still stick ourselves with our cultures and values. if a person follow an western trend we say he does not have culture. it is not right as every nation has his own culture and everyone has his or her own rights. Instead of thinking of critisising others we should thinking of how to boost up our economy and think of development.

It is the thinking of us that helps the politicians to make use of controversial topics of religion and other things for their own benefits. So we must use our diverse population in order to understand one another and live in peace and harmony.And stop thinking about criticising others.

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Aditya said: (Feb 12, 2011)  
First of all, Bollywood making films for business and to entertain us, and why we take the wrong part from the movie ? as we all know good and bad is always in the opposite direction, take it from Ramayana & Mahabharata is it our Indian culture ? If somebody think that movies and Information Technology are spoiling our culture, there will be always good and bad factor, thing is we need to learn the right one.

India is a developing country and India exports a huge amount of business from them so called western, if we are talking about to stop following western then we should stop everything. India will stop developing.

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Ravi said: (Feb 12, 2011)  
Well I partially agree with the topic that India is aping the western obsession. But on the other hand its we who have to choose what's right or wrong. And the present picture clearly shows that the people of India like what is been portrayed by the publishers be it western obsessed. So I guess yes India is aping western obsession but until and unless it doesn't harm Indian culture one should go with it as there are many things to learn from that too.

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Kusuma said: (Feb 8, 2011)  
Hi friends, I agree with Rituch. Mostly we are fallowing western culture nowadays. The impact of western culture will affect to our future generation. The corporate world also changing our lifestyles. So according to my point of view movies and Information Technolgy are spoiling our culture.

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Rituch said: (Feb 6, 2011)  
Ya I do agree that India aping the western obession with the celebrities, especially the childerns and the youth. Whatever their favrouit star does in his film for promiting his film like the adult sences, action they perform, the dress they wore in the film, the kind of language they use is really influence the fans. For example now the girls like to wore the jeans, shotrs tops, mini skirts instead of wearing the suits and sarees. Not only girls but also the boys of today stop wearing kurta pyjama and runs towards the jeans which has wore by shahid or akshay in so and so film. People stop spesking national language and started speaking that language, from which we want to get rid of before independence. So its a humble request to all indians not waste the hard work of thos people who have given their lives for making our natin independent.

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Prashant said: (Feb 6, 2011)  
Indian cinema represents the culture & tradition of the country. It is the source of knowledge from which new generations learn the truth of life. Youth follows what movie shows & accepts that. So there are some film makers who shows the bitter facts of life which is not acceptable, but at some point its our responsiblity to understand the thing it is trying to show, inspite of implementing it in wrong way & trying to follow western attitude setting bad examples for others.

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Shiviya said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
I don't think that there is any threat to Indian culture with any movie. Our culture is not so fragile. Please how can you blame any movie for spoiling Indian culture you don't say anything when there is a movie on dowry sati pratha so how come a movie like kank is foul. Its just reality.

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Kumar said: (Feb 2, 2011)  
According to my point of view movie is the mirror of society and culture. The character played by a artist/celebrity is one of us. Yes I am agree with that it's not our present but it is what we are want to be that's why we are trying to follow the path of the celebrity shown on the screen. Because we like it. Not because we do not love our culture but in this way we are loosing our culture so we need to show the way of where we have to be not where we want to be to save our culture because it is precious for us.

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Gokul said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
Each have their own personel interest. Its ones choice to follow or not, no one restricts. As some fundamental rights have been given to people. Some really try to ape. If you take the example of new generations, they always love to make choices, whether it is in hair styles dressing styles or life styles. And for options they look forward to our celebrity life. Day by day we have updating new trends so obviously we will have a slight deviation towards them.

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Leena said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
Our motherland India has its own diversity in culture. we are part of it. many of them forget it,rather they get catched by other cultures.Its horrible. Not only in movies but also in some cities western culture has great influence.its really worse. we should not let our own country go down rather give a rising to it.

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NIta said: (Dec 22, 2010)  
I have same view for karan Johar. Till now what all movies he launched are not with a inspiring message. We can take example of "kabhi alvid na kehna". I felt it very worst out of his worst movies. He is really making youth obsessed towards western culture as well as ruining the Indian culture which is full of lessons and inspiration for other countries too. In globalized world, it does not mean that we have to forget our limitations and obsessed by western culture. We all should try to take good ideas from western culture not the bad. But some Bollywood people are messing up Bollywood and Hollywood in wrong direction. It is really dangerous sign for our coming generation.

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Manoj Kumar said: (Oct 3, 2010)  
In our country there is no dearth of the celebrity crazy people, who thinks that they are superhuman. People starts following every style of their icon. If we see today's cinema, they are mostly influenced by the western culture. Even they are depicting the thing which is not happening in India, like director like Karan Johar. This make young guys obsessed toward western culture.

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Is India Aping the Western Obsession with Celebrities?

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