Is India a Soft Nation?

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Rakesh indian said:   3 years ago
Good evening to all of you, India is not only term it's beauty of well ness goodness of every Indian so toward different to different perspective India is either a short nation or a cruel hearted nation if we moved towards our culture Indian is mixture different languages different cultures every position of our country treated in different to different way along with relationship among.

Ong with neighbour India is the most soft hearted nation by help of setting an example is for providing covid vaccine kit and other medicines also in defence mode Indian is proved is softness by making se secret operation to give the actual answer to a unbearable questions but some times towards some other perspective Indian feels that can we make a big fault by born in India beacuse due to lack ness of job seeking of job timing of right justice etc etc so I concluded that whatever is done with us after all our country is always best and we all are proud of it.

Sahil Sharma said:   3 years ago
It does not matter on our opinion, that India is a soft or hard nation, but our policy matters a lot and according to India's constitution India is a secular socialist sovereign republic country which makes it soft to a little extent but now through a period of some extend now India understands that to live in a greedy world we have to change the policy as other nations does for their benefit. The major example of this is China, as we ban there apps more than 200 till now. So by the period of time, India should understand the need of itself and do some change in their policy for the benefit without harming the other nations to stand in the world.

Alpha Rajeswari Patra said:   4 years ago
When someone is listening to the name of India, they create love, affections in a heart. Because India is a country of Love, Forgive, justice, etc. There, we learn to be the soft heart for others.

Everything have some merit and demerits. Like in India also have.

So let's check the merits:

When there is talking about war from China and Pakistan for territorial issues, India always keeps the proposal of Peace. Because India first thinks about the life of Army men who will give their life. So, in this case, India is a soft nation.

In India, there live different cultural, regional and also religious people. There, give equal opportunity, facility to them. So, in this case, India is a soft nation.

But there is some different context of situations, where India is not fair about.

*General categories for getting a job or good institutions (Because for reservations system).

*Delay in Justice (Nirbhaya cases).

*Lots of Corruption.

Thank you.

Abhirajput(abhinav) said:   4 years ago
Yes, India is the soft Nation and it is not good every time to be soft although that softness keeps us unite even after we belong to different caste creed and religion but only because of this softness we remain in the slavery of Britishers for 200 years and looted by Mugfuls, Dutch, French, and others. That is why softness is not always good, just because of being soft our government is not able to take the decision that should have been taken long ago but even now because of the softness of Indian government and judiciary so many criminals are spared and move freely through the counties only because of softness Rape cases long lasts in court for years wheres as rapist should be shut down like Saudi Arab and other countries. In the end, I will only say that over Softness Kills.

Yedhusree said:   4 years ago
If we trace the history of our country, we will find that India has always accustomed to peace and integrity. It is even replicated in our freedom movement too, where majority of the leaders stood along with a non-violent path to attain freedom from European imperialism.

India's existence can be treated as a world wonder where numerous cultural, linguistic and traditional values exist under the same tricolor flag. Of course we had menacing disputes over the time, but we still remain under the identity of a single Nation.

It is to be appreciated that neither our government nor the defense authorities have propelled to raise an upheaval of war against any country. This evidently shows our interest to sustain peace in international relations. Well, it's not our impotence to rebel against the threatening forces from other countries. We have had vivid surgical strikes that impelled our enemies to retreat their forces from our borders. So that reveals our accelerating potential.

But recent incidents have shown us that this lustrous delicacy of our country is waning. I don't we now have the efforts put forward to maintain the integrity and peace of the culture we followed. It's high time we realize that.

Anirban Nandi said:   4 years ago
Good morning everyone.

I want to divide the topic in three context Internal issues, International issues, Social issues.

If, I consider the Internal issues, India is a multi-religion, multi-cultured, multilingual country where even you change your location from one district to another, culture and language also changes. All the people having different cultures live together happily without any issue. Yes, there are some problems in some states related to religion but it is not able to hurt our relationship permanently. So, yes India is a soft nation.

If I consider international issues, India did not start any war ever with China or Pakistan. It always try to solve these issues peacefully. After URI and PULWAMA attack, I think India change its position of softness and know how to reply back towards the harmful people. I really appreciate this.

In the case of the social aspect, India should provide special attention not only to the reserved category but also towards the general caste people. Due to the wrong reservation, many students from general category don't get a chance in top institutions. So, in this case, India is not a soft nation because if it is a soft nation then it provides special attention towards all cast.

Every coin has two sides. So, I think in internal and international issues, India is a soft nation but change their position of softness in some context but in the social aspect, it fails to prove itself as a soft nation.

Pallavi Rajput said:   4 years ago
Nowadays this is not completely true. Actually, it is our habit to deal with everything with softness. This is in our blood. We always behave like a mature and elder person and believe in giving respect to others. The same thing happens with our government that all thing makes our nation soft But nowadays our government improved this habit and reply back according to the situation.

Kajal Mali said:   5 years ago
Yes, India is a soft nation because peoples are in this country with a different religion, cast, thoughts, even their local languages are different but they live together in a great nation with peacefully. Indians have a soft heart they helped when any people need. Also, this country not involved in to start a war with any country. Nation tries to solve the problem with any other country with peacefully as well as problem solved in the country by discussion and try to get rid of the problem.

Rahul said:   5 years ago
Yes, India is a soft nation at some point of time like it has never started a war with any country till date it has also very good and peaceful relationship with many countries terrorism is also handled calmly but there are also issues like communal violence, mob lynching, women unsafety which needs to be taken care of.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Obviously India is a soft nation. Because it is a developing country in the world. And it does not conduct any war by the Indian peoples. So it well defined country for people's career. Independent India is helping our people and provide security and also Independency. People who are live independently in India. It will be the suitable country for calm life. I am proud to be an Indian.

Thank You.

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