Is Globalization Really Necessary?

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Abinash mishra said:   6 years ago
Globalization is essential for our country as well a it is very important for us due to globalization we can develop our country and in India education system will change.

According to me globalization is very important for us. The business organization is important for us in this condition.

Globalization is not a term it is a process by which we can exchange our ideas from others and get knowledge from them. If you will contribute something then they will contribute in what field you are lack of knowledge.

Jitendra said:   6 years ago
Hello everybody,

I am Jitendra and I would like to put my opinion on the topic globalization.

As far as my knowledge, globalisation creates good job opportunities and it increases the national growth and development globally.

As every cloud has a silver lining so Globalisation too has. It is must for any country to help in the economic as well as the social growth of a country. It is needed to keep place with technological advancements across the world and overall developments in the world.

Thank you.

Diksha gupta said:   6 years ago
Yes, globalization is essential for our country as well as it is very important for us due to globalization we can develop our country and in India education system will change.

Videesha said:   6 years ago
Globalisation is very important for us and we cannot avoid it and it is mainly useful for so may ppl who are suffering for water and for their needs.

Roosevelt Katundu said:   6 years ago
Globalisation is inevitable, its a winds of change. Technoloy has made it easier in the field of telemedicine, education, engineering and biotechnology. We can't brush away these benefits. However, globalisatio has had immeasurable consequences on trade and international economics. In this regard, liberalisation has brought down many national companies in developing countries in favour of advanced economies.

Nayan sharma said:   6 years ago
According to me, the Globalisation is a very important for us. The Business organisation important for us I said some points of globalisation. Example -the globalisation depends on weathers. All people's living in many kinds of weather. The globalisation is must for our country. I think globalisation properly depends on our earth weathers. I tell something globalisation. The globalisation helpful for us. Because the globalisation helpful for weather changing effects. I think globalisation is very important for our life.

Mahika said:   6 years ago
My dear friends globalization is not a term it is a process by which we can exchange our ideas from others and get knowledge from them. Globalization makes the world like a village. Now because of globalization we can achieve many things. With the help of it we live a luxury life.

Naman Jain said:   6 years ago
Today we all are living in the world of hi-tech. In this universe, we have number of countries. Each and every individual has at least one field. We all live like family. So globalization is very important to know each other, share their technical knowledge as well as spiritual knowledge. We can't be selfish if we want to survive in this universe. Globalization helps us to interact others about technology, knowledge and many other things.

Many people may think that globalisation is making poor countries poorer. However, the evidence is very convincing that developing countries that globalize grow and reduce poverty level faster than those that do not. For example, recent study of 72 developing countries shows in the 1990's globalizing developing economies real incomes and output grew faster, on average about 4 times faster than inward looking economies output.

Is it possible to convert 'Manifested Nature' in resemblance with our Will/Desire? In the Manifested World, the so-called sun [Bullet] rises twice and sets twice to cause the alteration of day and night. If I say that the so-called sun [Bullet] as the manifested sign of natural magnetism [Electromagnetic Wave of Einstein's Binary Pulsar] rises once from the East [Gravitational Field] and sets once in the West [Strong Field] to cause the alteration of day & night, then which established fallacy will fail to vitiate this sharing.

Jamir Ahmed Choudhury said:   7 years ago
Respected Participants, I had participated on the question - "Is Globalization Really Necessary?" So far my acquired knowledge goes there are three kinds of antecedent and consequent relation such as - 'is', 'maybe', and 'must be'. This must be relation is called necessary relation like the relation between 'man' and 'mortality'. If it is asked - "Is mortality really necessary?", then what will be your opinions? From the pragmatically correspondent point of view, this is a vague, absurd, and self-contradictory question. But it is being found that almost all participants are answering in favor of this vague, absurd, and self-contradictory question. I think those answers resemble with the question - "Is Globalization Really Essential?" For this reason, almost all discussions of the previous sharing were either contrary or contradictory to the shared concept of the sharer of 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata", but the conclusion was in favor of the sharer of 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata'. So, the question is - "Can a necessary relation be established on the basis of opinions?" If the answer is affirmative, then I am 100% agree with your opinions. But if the answer is negative, then I have nothing to say save a BIG BIG SORRY!

In reality, the question - "Is Globalization Really Necessary?" leads mankind towards another question - "Is common run possible?" or towards John Rawls' Veil of Ignorance or towards Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Statistics of Conspiracy Science.

I am a finite being like you. I had no verifiable as well as justifiable concepts of the Universe, World, Earth, Four Cardinal Directions in resemblance with four basic forces. Probably you have clear concepts of the differences between Rectangular Universe and Hexagonal World, Hexagonal World and Pentagonal Earth, Pentagonal Earth, and Three Ascending Stairs, Twice rising and Twice setting of the so-called sun or what real science calls Bullet or Morning Show & Evening Show of the Sister Planet Venus or Semi-anticlockwise & Semi-clockwise [Equal & Opposite] stages of journey of the Manifested Signs of Natural Magnetism. So, I had conceptualized projected Man-made Nature i.e. Global Trinity as well as Quaternary as Manifested Nature. In other words, like the above mentioned self-contradictory question, I had conceptualized Projected Conspiracy Science as Real Science. Now, I have searched out Irreversible Manifest Truth and shared those searched out Truth from the Depth of Darkness as Solidified Solid Human Rights in the 'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata" in a logical method called Dictum De Omni Et Nullo. Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata'" explores Utilitarian Liberation and Sanctity of Education. Moreover, it sincerely invites all human beings who have the capability to prove that projected Man-made Magnetism & Copernican Universal Mal-Observation are Scientific Certainties to come forward with a view to playing the game of Magic with Equal & Opposite Manifested Signs of Natural Magnetism and Upright Logic openly and publicly. Like this participation, the method of discussion will begin with Neti-Neti Concept of the Advaita Vedanta of Sankara, then it will proceed following three core teachings of Gita - Do what is Right - Choose what is Good - Sticking to what is Truth, and ultimately it will end with Certainty. - Thank You.

Hope that the Web Page authority will not fail to project all shared concepts of the Sharer of "Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata" or "Manifested Nature and the Utility of One's Upright Logic".

Jamir Ahmed Choudhury said:   7 years ago
Almost all the participants share views and opinions in favor of Globalization. People also assigned points +275 in favor of Globalization and -10 in favor of the issue raised for discussion. But unfortunately/consciously the conclusion has been deduced hypothetically in favor of Nationalization. Does it not imply that the issue raised by the share of "Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata" or "Manifested Nature and the Utility of One's Upright Logic" is Categorical as well as Irreversible?

If it is asked - "How many days and how many nights are there within 24 hours [with four options], then what will be your practical answer in pragmatic correspondence with the meaning of Globalization & Man-made Magnetism but contradictory to Revelation [Equal & Opposite Law] & Manifestation [Natural Magnetism]?".

Options are - (a) Once Day and Once Night in pragmatic correspondence with the meaning of Globalization and projected Semi-anticlockwise & Semi-clockwise Full Circle through the introduced Man-made Magnetism in the name of Scientific Certainty;.

(b) Twice day and Twice Night in coherence with [Tawraat] Equal & Opposite Revelation.

(c) Twice Day and Twice Night in correspondence with [Injiil] Equal & Opposite Manifested Signs of Natural Magnetism.

(d) It is self-evident that [Furqaan] both (b) and (c) are true.

If you answer is (d) , then it will verify that Self-evident Truth includes both Coherence Truth and Correspondence Truth.

N. B. - Nature precedes Knowledge. The principle of the Uniformity of Nature and the Law of Causation are the two preconditions [Formal Grounds] of Knowledge. All pen-paper-pencil works and mechanical activities which are either contrary or contradictory to these two preconditions of knowledge can never be understood as Verifiable Truth of Facts [Real Science] and Justifiable Necessary Truth [Philosophy in the Truest Sense], but can easily be proved as Teleological Evidence Sorcery and Unique Epistemic Persecution. Manifest Truth does not require recognition, pointing, rating etc. As it is self-explained as well as self-evident. So, it is the right time to reflect on the Sanctity of Education. "Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata" published by Partridge explores Sanctity of Education and Human Liberation from Self-contradiction, Paradox, Evidence Sorcery, Killing of Faith & Belief in the name of Education called Persecution etc.

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