Is Globalization Really Necessary?

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Ajay sharma said:   3 months ago
1. Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among people.

2. Globalization is very necessary through globalization developing countries become developed and we can share technology and invention.

3. With the help of globalization we can sell our products all over the world.

Angel Mehta said:   5 months ago
In my view, globalization of the Indian economy has helped change the world economy for the better.

And for foreign companies, it presents them with the competitive advantage of accessing massive consumer and labour markets, thus creating an attractive opportunity for strategic investment and expansion.

CR7 said:   1 year ago
Globalization means that whole world is one market. Globalization is necessary because it helps to grow trades between nation. Trade is not only trade of good but it is the trade of new technology, trade of modern values, trade of cultural and many more. Globalist helps to maintain cooperative relations among nation. It gives a nation an opportunity to express itself at world level and make it's presence feel. Globalization has resulted into development of many nations like India who have been struggle to survive in this fast growing economic world.

Harini said:   2 years ago
Globalization can make people to migrate from one place to another. And also it would bring all over the country together. It's like an opportunity that we can express ourselves all over the world. It's really helpful for the developing country into a developed country. But if we want our country India to be developed, then the country should be in the right person's hand not the person who trying to sell the country.

Anything in the world has both advantages and disadvantages. If I come to disadvantages, that is a youngster in the developing country like to migrate to the developed country. So that the developing country gets affected. Also trading goods and products all over the world affecting the climate conditions.

In my opinion, globalization is really important in all the country.

By these only we can enhance our economical growth and make our country developed.

Sana said:   3 years ago
In simple words, globalization means coming together of people from different parts of the world under a single roof.

Globalisation leads to the development of advanced means of communication, increase employment opportunities, helps in rapid industrialisation and thus leads to economic progress.

Globalisation has its own disadvantages. It leads to air, water and soil pollution and fast depletion of natural resources.

Jamir Ahmed Choudhury said:   4 years ago
If our universal acceptance is able to convert equal & opposite apriori framework of this manifested nature into the projected global veil of ignorance [anti-natural framework of natural science or a global framework of sole equal & opposite manifested nature] of United Nations, then globalization is really necessary.

Thakur Sangram Singh said:   4 years ago
Hi All, What have we achieved so far after globalization? Still, everything is in the same place. People speak of IT, traveling abroad, etc. What for? Still, there is competition, fear of loss of job, anxiety, grudges, and even death. We were far better before globalization.

Rohit kuntal said:   4 years ago
According to me globalization plays a main role in development of country as we know globalization means interconnecting of nations various technology and so many things we can also share our ideas thoughts to other country through globalization.

Globalization also helps in creating new things by gaining knowledge from other companies.

Through the globalization many mics companies settle in different country providing opportunities to the people to show their best talent.

Competition rise between the companies after the globalization they try to make best product for market so domestic companies also make good product for marketing.

I think globalization improve the economic condition of a country.


Tushar said:   4 years ago
In today's digital world, globalisation has created an ecosystem in which the countries can interact and transact easily depending upon their unique selling point. Through globalisation, the countries can develop shared value chains which will further contribute towards the economic development and increase the overall GDP.

Vaishnavi said:   5 years ago
Yes, globalization is really necessary because they increase our economic condition. We also exchange the ideas of new technologies.

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